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Title: Tragic Love
Details: Set during the night before the Ceremonial Duel
Warnings: Super-Angsty

She takes a deep breath as she stares at the paneling in the wall, only inches from her face. Her hand is tightly gripping the outer edge of the wall. "You're leaving tomorrow." She breathes out. She's avoiding looking at him, because this pains her so much.

"I know." His voice seems hoarse from behind her.

She lightly strums her fingers on that paneling and presses her lips together. She swiftly turns around with her eyes brimming with passion. "You can't act like I'm fine with that." She says. Her voice contains some anger, but he can tell she's more sorrowful.

He steps forward grasping her body and wrapping his arms around her. She leans her head on his shoulder and she sniffles. "I can feel it." She admits. "I can feel that you're leaving tomorrow. I...I..." she stutters. She picks her head up, leans back a little and looks into his face, clenching the front of his shirt with her hands. "I keep trying to tell myself that there's still a good possibility that you won't...but I can't. Something tells me that this is the end...and that you'll leave me forever."

His lips quiver, but his hand reaches out to cup her cheek, slightly lifting it up some more. She responds by affectionately pressing her face into his hand. "No." He says and her eyes flutter open, her long eyelashes rimmed with tear drops displaying her apparent sadness. "I'll still be here with you, always." His voice and his eyes promise. He kisses the top of her forehead and once again embraces her tightly.

She knows that he's in a sense being sentimental and a bit cheesy, but his words provide her comfort. His words have always been a tiny bit dramatic, but he always means what he says. He will always be with her, in some form or another, it just won't be in the way she wants.

She decides to put his happiness first, by letting him go on because she loves him unconditionally. Except what she doesn't know is that his happiness lies with her and seeing to it that she remains happy. This is the pitiful part of their love. They each give up their own happiness for each other, as they display the true meaning of what love truly is: sacrifice. It's the tragic part, that each of them takes a part of each other's happiness when they separate.

What they retained out of this is a part of each other's heart's. Once taken, it can never be given back and in this way, the boy was right. He would be with her always and she would be with him always, so long as he had a piece of her heart and vice-versa. He had nothing to fear, because she had already promised it to him as he did to her. However, this part did nothing to subdue the tragic part of their love. Tragic it was, but true it was too. Their love was in every way representative of a story of true and tragic love.

Yes, right now I'm is a super tragic mood for Revolutionshipping/Vanishshipping. Leave me and my OTP alone to weep.

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