Title: When He Forgets
Details: AU with pre-established Revolutionshipping relationship in canon

When he kisses her, he forgets.

He forgets his problems, his issues, how inconceivably lost he is or how he doesn't belong.

Because when he kisses her, he feels found. He feels like he belongs and everything feels right. All he can think of is her soft, pink lips against his, the smoothness and texture of her lips rubbed against his and the taste of her peach flavored lip balm. All he cares about in that moment, is that she's close in his arms, that she's with him and how much he loves her.

He forgets that he's a 5000 year old spirit from the past. He forgets that he's really a pharaoh and he forgets that he'll have to leave one day. He forgets everything for that one moment.

Only when her lips part from his does recollection of all these thoughts occur. He cradles her in his arms and he feels at peace with his temporary surroundings, but in turmoil with his heart and the greater outer world. He doesn't want this to end and he doesn't want to hurt her. But he can't help, but be with her at the same time.

She knows the consequences of this love, but it doesn't stop her. She doesn't let fate get in the way of what she wants in the here and now. She knows he's hurting and she tries to alleviate it whenever possible. So whenever she spends time with him, her lips find a way back to his, because she knows.

When he kisses her, he forgets.

I tried to make this a sweet drabble that was more happy, but it ended up being angsty again. I'll probably try for a happy drabble again some other time. :/ I've found that I like not using any names for drabbles and using just he/she though.

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