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***** Land of Fire ****

The village of Kurohime was a simple one. Located in the Land of Fire, their main exports were various vegetable goods. After that there, was not much value. Their only odd feature was their larger then normal population, where as most villages had a population of five to ten thousand, Kurohime touted a good thirty thousand citizens and growing.

The reason for this population boom was their proximity to Konoha, the Shinobi village hidden in the leaves. They weren't close by any means but they were at least within the patrol zone of the powerful ninja village and that had kept their town safe from bandits and the likes.

It was here that a girl in tattered rags walked out into the street, her body covered in splotches of blood with nothing on but a ratty looking red shirt of oriental design.

"Oh dear," Sasuki, one of the elderly women of the village, muttered at the sight. She had been out on her morning stroll when the sight of the little girl, no more than six years old, grabbed her attention. She'd been shocked at the sight of the blood.

The other villagers were giving the girl a wide berth, hoping that ignoring the problem would make it go away. Meanwhile the girl in question appeared to be looking at their village in wide eye awe, as if she had never seen a village before.

Still, Sasuki was never one to let a child suffer like this and so approached the girl and kindly said. "Hello dear, are you okay? Are you hurt?"

The child, upon closer inspection, was a dirty looking little girl who's bright red hair was still distinguishable despite her condition. However when Sasuki made eye contact with the child she was taken off guard as a set of deep blue eyes turned to meet her own questioningly. A puzzled, "Wha?" was all the girl managed.

Sasuki had seen a lot of things in her long life, she was one of the few lucky enough to live as long as she had. She still remembered Konoha's alliance with the Land of Whirlpools. Two of the traits that were dominant among all of their kinsmen were bright red hair and blue eyes. The same traits this little girl had. "It can't be..." She whispered in doubt before shaking her head and giving the child a gentle smile. "Are you hungry dear?"

As if in answer to her question, the little girl's stomach growled loudly. "Ah heh heh heh," The little girl laughed, embarrassed. She blushed red to match her hair.

A few minutes later, Sasuki was all but convinced that the girl was Whirlpool village survivor. Another one of the primary traits that she remembered from the Whirlpool clansmen was their voracious appetite. The little girl for all her size had eaten more than her body weight and then some.

"Thanks Lady!" The blood covered redhead said gratefully as she downed her seventh bowl of Ramen.

"My pleasure," Sasuki said warmly before thinking of a delicate way to approach the subject. "If you don't mind my asking," she started slowly, "where are your parents?"

The little girl froze at the question and looked sadly down at her bowl. "They... they're somewhere where I can't reach them." The girl replied somberly before being surprised when the older woman hugged her gently.

"It'll be okay young one, Konoha will take good care of you I promise," Sasuki murmured in gentle reassurance before letting the girl go. She would have to send a letter to the local Shinobi village, they owed Uzu after all; and the Hokage, Hiruzen, was a good man. He would make sure this girl was taken care of.

"Leaf Village?" The red hair girl asked confused.

"The strongest Shinobi village in the land," The old woman said proudly and saw the little girl snort ruefully at her statement.

"Ninjas?" The little girl muttered to herself.

"Would you like to stay with me for the time being? I don't know what happened to you but you could use the bath at least," Sasuki offered kindly, taking the girl out of her musing and redirecting the dirty girl's attention back to her.

The little girl thought about it for a few moments before nodding. "Thank you."

"Well, since you will be staying with me for a while, mind if I ask you what your name is? Mine is Sasuki Oga." Sasuki introduced herself as she held out her hand to the redhead.

The little girl seemed to look pensive for a while before bowing low. "My name is Ranma Saotome, sorry about this..."

"Ranma?" Sasuki asked surprised. Clearly a very male name. "In that case it is nice to meet you Ranma Saotome."

++++ Ranma, Several Hours Later +++++

Ranma looked at her little girl body and frowned. She'd had a hot bath drawn for her but the instant her body touched the water it turned lukewarm. Sighing, she scrubbed off the rest of the blood and dirt from her body.

It wasn't hers by any means; she had been wandering in that damnable forest for the past week, eating nothing but indigenous wildlife for food. Heck she even used a wolf's pelt for an impromptu blanket during the night but had discarded it shortly after she saw the village. She hadn't wanted to scare the normal people after all... that was until she saw the village, it's people and their dress style.

Ranma's first reaction had been that she had somehow traveled into the past. She'd heard from one of her cousins, Kagome, that she had traveled back to the past from time to time. However, everything felt slightly off as if she was looking at a parody of ancient Japan.

Then the old lady had approached her and offered her food and if there was one thing Ranma Saotome never does, it's turn down food. Unless, of course, it was made by Akane. However for right now she was stuck as a girl for the foreseeable future, not because she was locked. Nope, it's because what was inside of her now...

Of course Ranma only consolation for the entire thing was that Herb's gambit paid off and that her family was safe. Akane got the water before Saffron transformed into his phoenix form and started to pull a Godzilla in the Jusenkyo valley.

"Stupid overgrown chicken," Ranma grumbled to herself. Still she somberly recalled Herb's sacrifice and bowed her head in respectful silence.

"Are you done dearie?" Sasuki asked from the door.

"Yes ma'am," Ranma replied politely as she got out from the bathtub and toweled herself off. The moment she exited the bathroom the old lady had clapped her hands together.

"My Word! You're going to be a real heart breaker when you grow up," Sasuki gushed as she took a good look at the formerly filthy girl that had exited her bath. The girl, Ranma, had more hair then Sasuki thought and it cascaded beautifully mid way down her back. Her skin, which had been smeared with dirt and blood, was now revealed to be beautifully white giving her a dainty look.

And her eyes, those eyes now shone beautifully with the red mane on her head making her down right adorable. Surprisingly to Saukui, the girl looked a bit distressed at her comment.

"R-right... heart breaker..." Ranma said with a sick look on her face. Her? With boys? Yeah right.

"Oh you might not like boys now but when you grow up you'll want a husband all of your own," Sasuki said with an indulgent smile. The girl was obviously still in the 'I hate boys' stage.

Ranma could only smile politely as this lady was the one that fed and clothed her. She must not lose her temper.

"Well, how about dinner?" Sasuki asked still seeing the girl's ill look and watched as it transformed into a big smile at the thought of food. 'Just like an Uzu.'

****** Konoha, A few days later *****

Hiruzen was busy dealing with the fallout from the Uchiha clan annihilation. It was bad business but it had to be done. He now had to show that Konoha was stronger than ever with the loss of their founding member clan. That meant more Shinobi had to be sent away so they could flex their muscles, in a manner of speaking.

Taking a puff from his pipe it was then he noticed a letter, marked urgent, from one of the local Shinobi commanders on station in Kurohime village. Picking up the letter, Hiruzen Sarutobi the Third Hokage of Konoha, read it's content and his eyes widened.

Though known as the God of Shinobi, he had always felt ashamed of Konoha's role in Uzu's destruction... or, it should be said, inaction. That was why he was happy when Kushina came. Though she was given special treatment by most of the council elders because of her Jinichuriki status, he still doted on her because she was from Uzu. Now years after her death there was apparently another Uzu survivor and a little six year old girl at that. Where had the girl come from however? Was she really an Uzu? The local commander appeared to think so as she presented their most obvious traits. Still, better to have the girl brought here.

Glancing back down again, Hiruzen's wizened face frowned at the report given by the local who found her. The girl had been found, covered in dirt and blood, and had said that her parents were no longer alive. The child had refused to talk about anything regarding her past, not that Hiruzen could blame her. She probably saw her parents get killed in front of her.

Still this could be good news. Once this girl, Ranma, got here it should make the council a bit happier having an old bloodline for them to cultivate. After all, most clans could benefit from the vitality that all Uzu seemed to possess.

Of course, it wouldn't hurt that maybe Naruto could have a playmate his age who was technically a fellow clansmen.

***** Kurohime Village, a week later ****

Ranma, dressed in a short blue kimono decorated with a floral pattern that left her legs slightly exposed, was a bit nervous when she saw the cat masked woman and dog masked man standing before her. She could sense them looking at her. Something was going on that involved her.

"Now dear don't be nervous, they won't hurt you," Sasuki said comfortingly to the little girl she had grown to love in the short amount of time they spent together. Ranma had insisted on helping out with everything as a way to say thank you.

Ranma wanted to retort that she was not SCARED of the two figures and that, if anything, it was the damn cat mask that was off putting.

Apparently Ranma's unease did not go unnoticed and it was the cat masked woman who knelt down. "Don't worry, we're not here to hurt you," She said in a kind voice, "Where we're taking you is the safest place in the country. You'll never have to worry about getting hurt again."

"I'm not scared of you!" Ranma shot back immediately and sensed the amusement from the white haired dog masked man and the cat woman. They were treating her like a kid! And, damn it, couldn't the woman take off that stupid cat mask already?

"Whatever you say Uzu-hime," The Dog mask man said flatly before turning to the woman and giving her some money. "Your reward."

Ranma looked on in shock, thinking she had been sold out, only to see as Sasuki pushed the money back into the dog mask man's hand. "Oh no, give it to her instead." She said looking at the red haired girl.

Surprised once more by the old woman's kindness, Ranma was left speechless as the cat masked woman placed a hand on Ranma's shoulder and nudged her along.

Looking at the kindly old woman once more, Ranma bowed to her before she left with the two masked Konoha shinobi.

The three companions walked in silence, which was just fine with Ranma, as she tried to get a bead on the two figures. Raking her knowledge of ninjas in general, she tried to compare what she knew with what she was seeing before her.

The two figure in front of her were powerful. Not as strong as she was when she was normal, Ranma mused cockily, but respectable in their own right. However it was their ki signature that felt all wrong, as if it was... corrupted.

Then again this was not the first time Ranma felt the corruption of ki. She swore everyone that she had encountered so far had a dark taint on them, on their ki. It was... odd.

"You have really pretty hair," The cat masked woman said, obviously trying to make conversation with the redhead after two hours of silence.

Ranma was taken out of her thoughts at the ca-creature masked woman's comment. The old woman had refused to let Ranma bundle her hair back up together into a pig tail and instead had let it fall in curls all around her back. After a week Ranma hardly gave it thought anymore. Besides, she only needed the dragon whisker when she was a he... which looked like it wouldn't be for a while until... well... she'd get there when she'd get there.

"Thank you, Sasuki-san did it for me," Ranma replied politely and leaned toward the man with the dog mask more, surprising both of the masked ninjas.

"She does not seem to like you much Cat," Dog said as he noticed the girl had visibly tensed earlier when Cat had addressed her and when Cat touched Ranma's shoulder. Now, once again, Ranma had that same startled expression when Cat talked to her. As far as Dog knew Cat was as kind as could be to children, yet this little girl was wary of her.

Cat actually looked a bit dejected, well as much as one could with a cloak hood and a mask covering their face.

"It..." Ranma started seeing the woman monster look give off a very visibly depression aura. "It's not you... it's your... mask."

"My mask?" Cat asked startled when the girl suddenly addressed her. "What about it?"

Ranma debated whether or not to tell 'Cat' but decided she should and hopefully convince the woman to take it off for the rest of this journey. "I don't like c-ca-caaaaaa- feline things..." She finished.

Dog looked at Cat, who looked over at him sharing the same surprised look. Most children loved cats but the girl's reaction to just a mask was troubling.

To Dog's surprise Cat took off her mask, revealing her face to the redhead girl, and smiled. "There how about now, am I still... troubling?" She asked.

Ranma was surprised that underneath that monstrous mask was pretty dark purple haired girl in her teens. Her smile appeared friendly and she looked quite anxious for her answer.

"Cat, you know we are not supposed to take off the mask!" Dog said harshly.

"Well then it'll be our secret won't it?" Unmasked Cat said, winking at Ranma.

"Well, I ain't no snitch," Ranma replied, feeling much more comfortable around the girl now. So much so that she did not realize she had walked up to unmasked cat of her own volition.

Pretty soon unmasked cat was fawning all over Ranma's hair and the cute, if loose fitting, clothes that she was wearing thanks to Sasuki dressing her up.

Dog, for some odd reason, felt a bit miffed that he was now excluded from the conversation.

++++ Later that Night ++++

After the party of three made camp and Ranma had inquired more about this Konoha place, they rested. It was just as Ranma was about to get some shut eye that her danger senses warned her of hostile killing intent nearby. Opening her eyes immediately, Ranma saw Cat put her mask back on, with Dog looking warily around.

"She's awake," Dog said to Cat who turned to look at the little girl.

"Oh hello," Cat said bending down and looking at Ranma, trying to comfort her. "Everything going to be alright, don't be afraid."

Ranma looked offended but reluctantly nodded along, what could she say? She was currently in no position to help fend off the group of fifteen strong corrupted ki signature coming their way.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Konoha's lap dogs," A gruff voice sounded out as an imposing figure dropped down from the tree in front of the two Ninjas. "I heard an interesting rumor, is it true you have an Uzu brat with you?"

Dog got into a battle ready position while Cat looked at Dog. "I believe you were mistaken," Dog said in a flat tone of voice.

"Oh I don't think so, at least that's not what the letter to the Hokage implied. It's too bad, I had been on my way to kill her at that village but now that she's here... I guess killing you two would be an added bonus!" The big man gloated as more merc-nins started to appear from the woods, surrounding the group.

"So, who are you?" Dog asked the big man with a sword strapped to his back.

"Zabuza Momochi," The giant man stated, grinning as he pulled out his sword. "I will be getting paid quite handsomely for this."

Dog stiffened at the name, as did Cat, before they both fell into battle ready stances. Dog, however, shouted as loud as he could to the surrounding area. "Run! Run and don't Look back!"

Ranma cursed her weak, young body but knew that there was little she could do. Already in this new land people wanted her dead. Par for the course. Silently she ran from the battlefield, leaving the other two ninja by themselves.

Tactically it might seem like a cowardly thing to do but if they were not weighed down with concern about protecting her then they could escape easily. The truth of the matter was that Ranma was a liability, so she did the only thing that would give them all the best chance to live. She ran for it.

Already Ranma could hear the sound of battle as she moved quickly and stealthily. She sensed at least seven presences tailing her and smirked. Sure, as she was, Ranma knew she was in no shape to fight them off. However there was skills in her arsenal that didn't need her to be her old super-powered self.

Killing her emotion, she mentally blend into the Umi-sen-ken and felt her pursuers pull up short, confused.

"Where did she go?" One of the men asked.

"I don't know! It's like she just disappeared!" Another voice answered, clearly perplexed.

Ranma continued to stealthily move through the forest, not even leaving footprints, as she got further and further away from her pursers.

She did not stop until it was morning and even then Ranma still stayed within the Umi-sen-ken. There was no way she could go back to that village now. The guy pretty much said he was going to Kurohime to find her and she couldn't go back to the other two because she didn't know where they were...

'Well... looks like it's going to be wild game for a while then.' Ranma lamented to herself.

***** 2 Weeks Later ****

Once again, Ranma found herself on the edge of a village. It appeared to be almost as crowded as Kurohime however, unlike the previous village, there was a big casino at the center of the city. What pulled her up short was the fact that the Casino was being advertised with florescent neon lights.

This place, or world, land, whatever... was weird. The people lived in simple villages that could be found in ancient Japan but then they had big neon lights and electricity advertising their casino. Still, she didn't want to get to close to the village. Her once tidy hair was now a mess, so much so that she had bundled it back up into a pig tail to keep it from falling in her face.

The once nice, clean clothes that the old lady Sasuki given her were little more than dirty rags at this point. Sure she tried to clean them when she could but the fact of the matter was the need to hunt the wild life and stalking the untamed woods. It was simply too much stress on civilian clothes that were never meant to put up with that sort of punishment.

It was then that she noticed a little pink baby pig sniffing her ankle as she watched from the woods. The pig itself had a nice little bow tied around its neck signifying that it definitely belonged to somebody.

Still, Ranma had only eaten wild pigs up to now and contrary to popular belief, they were gamey. This pig looked like the nice domesticated kind. Which meant good eating as far as Ranma's concerned.

"Here Ryoga, Ryoga, Ryoga," Ranma said in a friendly, saccharine voice.

The pink little piglet, hearing the sweet call, happily bounded over to the red haired girl only to black out a little later.

Grinning ear to ear, Ranma picked up the pig by its bow and nodded after she knocked it out with a pretty strong punch. "Hmmm, now what would go well with you little guy?" She questioned as she tucked the pig underneath her arms and walked away, not noticing that she had been spotted by a few local children.

++++ Casino ++++

"And don't ever come back until you settle up, SLUG princess!" A man in a stripe yellow business suit with a cigar in his mouth barked angrily at the big busted pale blond woman before him.

"You should be lucky a Sannin would deem fit to visit your Casino!" Tsunade, Medical Nin extraordinaire, veteran of the third shinobi war and one of the legendary Sannin of Konoha shot back just as angrily.

"Sure I would be, if they had MONEY!" The gangsta man shot back. "And until you settle up with me, I am going to make sure you won't be welcome into any other Casino in the Land of fire!"

"You monster!" Tsunade accused in shock as the Casino door was slammed rudely in front of her.

"Tsunade!" Shizune, apprentice to the legendary medic nin, shouted in a distressed voice.

The pale blonde woman sighed as she no doubt was about to get another lecture from the short brown haired girl. What was she, her care taker? "Yes Shizune?" Tsunade asked. Best to get it over with.

"Have you seen Tonton?" Shizune said looking around frantically. "She wasn't with you was she? I only took my eyes off of her for a second!"

Tsunade blinked and hmm'ed. "No I thought she was with you," She told the younger girl. "Beside it's a little baby piglet how far could it have gone?"

"I don't know!" Shizune wailed in clear distressed. "She was just here with me, I mean just right here!" She said pointing at the spot next to her.

"Hmmm, excuse me but did you say you were looking for a piglet?" A little boy, no more than six, asked the distressed brown haired medic-nin.

"Yes!" Shizune replied immediately. "Where is she? Where did you see her? Can you take me to her?"

"Uhh..." The younger boy said sweating a bit. "A girl took it into the forest." He said pointing in the direction of the forest.

"Girl?" Shizune asked confused and looked at the boy. "Do you know her? What does she look like?"

The boy cupped his chin as if in deep thought. "She was dirty looking, might be homeless. But she had the reddest hair I've ever seen and nice blue eyes." He replied after giving it some serious thought.

"We'll could you point to us which way the girl went?" Tsunade asked the little boy who stared wide-eyed at her sizable bust. "My eyes up here brat."

"Oh uh, in the forest," The boy said still unable to tear his eyes away from the big titted blond's... well, tits!

"Let's go get your pig Shizune," Tsunade said as she crossed her arms across her breasts denying the little Jiraiya his view.

"You're coming with me?" Shizune asked surprised. A small girl was something she could easily handle, there was no need for a Sannin.

"Might as well, Casino kicked me out, got nothing better to do," Tsunade said before marching off into the forest where the little boy had pointed.

+++++ In the forest ++++

Ranma had 'acquired' a pot that was now sitting over some fire. A tied up pink piglet was struggling next to her. Ignoring the little critter's plight, Ranma chopped up some onion looking things, potato looking things and other stuff into the pot.

"Alright buddy! Time for you to feed me!" Ranma said cheerfully as she grabbed the struggling piglet to toss him into the pot.

"Hey! What do you think you are doing to Tonton?!" An outrage voice demanded.

Ranma cursed her carelessness. She was so busy preparing food that two decently high level people were now on top of her. Turning around, Ranma's eyes bugged out as she saw the huge breasted pale blond in simple ancient style clothing. There was big and then there's BIG, now apparently there was another size.

The person next to the top heavy blond looked about Kasumi's age but her expression was anything but Kasumi-like as she glared at Ranma just as she was about to put the pig inside the boiling pot.

'Shit, must be the pig's owners, think quick!' Ranma mused to herself as the pale haired blonde appeared to be looking at her in surprise. "Uhh... here!" She said and tossed the pig at the less endowed woman before running away.

Attempting to focus, Ranma tried to embrace the Umisenken but the hunger pain was distracting her too much for her to focus on the technique. Still what happened next surprised her as, before Ranma knew it, she felt a powerful presence had closed in on her and grabbed her by the scruff of her collar.

Reacting instinctively Ranma's fist punched at a pressure point on the offender's wrist, forcing them to release her. Rolling away immediately, Ranma dashed into the forest, zig-zagging to try to make her attacker lose her trail. She was surprised to find that she could sense an overpowering presence right behind her every step of the way.

"Are we really doing this brat?" A voice said in a casual, almost amused tone.

Ranma turned to see that it was the top heavy blonde that was running behind her with her arms outstretched, imitating an airplane's wingspan and easily matching pace with her. Needless to say Ranma was a bit surprised at how effortless the woman made it look.

"I can do this all day," Tsunade said wryly as she matched her stride to be next to the little redhead. For some odd reason the little girl, her defiant attitude and her fiery mane reminded her of another redhead she once had the pleasure of knowing.

"Yeah, well, you'd probably look stupid all day doing it." Ranma retorted as she looked for a way to shake off of the woman. Seeing an area of dense foliage with narrow trees, Ranma ran into the patch confident that it would stall the woman.

To Ranma's complete surprise the blond continued running directly through the trees, not even batting an eye as she bulldozed her way directly behind her. That was almost Ryoga-like, Ranma instantly compared as the pale blonde continued to break the trees in her way. Amazingly enough, she did not suffer any drop in speed.

"Well then I guess we'd end this little merry chase now," Tsunade said with a smirk before speeding up and plucking the redhead by the scruff of her shirt again, only to be surprised when the girl slipped out of it and continued to run stark naked. Well, one thing that the little girl did not have in common with Kushina was her apparent lack of shame as the girl was darting into the forest buck naked. "Come back here and put this back on!" Honestly, didn't the girl have any modesty?!

"Help! A pervert's trying to molest me!" Ranma shouted hoping for someone, anyone, would head her cry and delay the big breasted bimbo.

"Shut up brat!" Tsunade growled as she speed up once more. She aimed to grab the girl by her neck but was surprised when the little brat sensed her attack and ducked under it. Then with agility that should not have been available at her age, the squirt ran up to a tree and jump onto it. She then expertly used it to spring board to cover more grounds in the forest.

"Nyah Nyah!" A naked Ranma taunted as she weaved through the trees, jumping back and forth while being sure to keep up same momentum. Still she was never one to leave insult without injury, so in one of her springing motions she slapped her behind and pull down her eye lid at the big titted blond.

"Oh you little shit!" Tsunade growled as a tick mark formed on her forehead. That brat was DEAD the moment she got her hands on the girl. Still it was amazing how the brat was keeping up the pace. A regular six year old should not be able to do this at all... unless their name was Itachi, Tsunade amended. Everyone knew about THAT prodigy. But then Itachi had the ancient Uchiha bloodline to draw from, what did this little brat have?

"Kiss my ass ya dummy~~~~~" Ranma drew out until she spring-boarded off her last tree. She found herself clearing the forest and apparently over a very deep cliff. "Oh shit."

"Brat!" Tsunade said as she saw the tiny girl's figure falling to, what she assumed, was her death. "Damn it, You'll owe me brat!"

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Ranma shouted as she started to fall and comically flap her arms as if they were wings. After a moment she remembered she was a Saotome, aerial techniques were what they did! Still, Ranma had expended a lot of ki in trying to lose the pursuing blond and wasn't sure if she had enough to cushion her fall.

'Damn, might have a broken leg or two after this,' Ranma thought to herself as she curled up into a ball and channeled her ki to her legs to distribute her weight on impact. What happened next however surprised Ranma, when she felt someone embraced her in mid-air causing her to panic; surely that blond woman wasn't crazy enough to follow her off a cliff!

"Don't wiggle around so much brat, I got you," Tsunade assured as she flipped at the last second, to land gracefully with the red haired brat tucked under her arm.

Blinking at the skilled landing, Ranma actually clapped in admiration before the woman let her go and grabbed her by her neck. "Gah!" Ranma grunted as she tried to pry the woman's hand off her neck but it proved to be futile. "Let go of me ya old hag!" She shouted as she continued to try to struggle and wiggle out of the big breasted bimbo's grip.

Tsunade had a little tick develop as she heard the girl's comment. "O-old hag?! What old hag do you know looks like me?!" She said offended.

"Only old hags are this strong!" Ranma retorted as she still struggled to free herself. That was when she felt the woman sit down and before Ranma knew it her body was stretched across the woman lap and she found herself looking at the ground. "Wha?"


"OW!" Ranma shouted. Did that bimbo just smack her ass?!


"OW! HEY CUT IT OUT!" Ranma shouted angrily. Those hits stung her ass something fierce.

"You are a potty mouthed little girl who needs to learn a lesson in manners," Tsunade said in a tone that brooked no argument as she brought her hand down onto the girl's bottom again.


"Ow! Hey! Cut it out you crazy bi-"


"Arghhh! You Pedo-"


"AHHH! Stupid big breast BI-"


"ITEEE! You Whor-"


"ARGH- You du-"


"YOW! Okay You cra-"


Now Ranma may not have been very smart in some area but she was smart enough to realize when she was beat. At least for now. Simply put, her body in its current condition couldn't stand up to this extremely powerful woman and the spanking that she was receiving was starting to sting like a bitch. So for now, it was time for her to us the Anything Goes style most fearsome technique to get her out of this situation.

"Okay! Alright Already! I'm sorry! Please forgive me!" Ranma pleaded as she executed the Crouch of the Wild Tiger to perfection, her bent over position showing her submission. Why, there were even watery tears in her eyes.

The legendary Sannin stopped her disciplinary action when she heard the redhead's sincere plea. "Good." She said satisfied. "So am I an old hag?"

"No ma'am." Ranma replied exhausted from her ordeal.

"Am I a stupid big breasted bimbo?"

"No ma'am." Ranma replied, again, swallowing her pride for now.

"Will you be running off your potty mouth to me again?"

"No Ma'am." Ranma said in defeat.

"Good," Tsunade said satisfied. She then stood up and placed the girl on her feet. "You will be coming with me got it?" She asked.

"Yes Ma'am." Ranma said too tired to care. Already Ranma was plotting payback in her mind. Once she was strong enough at least but for now, best to just go along with everything.

"Now let's get you something to eat," Tsunade said kindly. Normally she wouldn't take in strays but this girl. That red hair and those bright eyes, so similar to Kushina in her attitude. Judging the by the state the little redhead was in, she probably had horrible things happen to her.

Ranma had to blink at the pale blonde woman's offer. "Really?" She asked in disbelief. She thought she was going to be tortured or something, not get fed. Well that changed everything.

"'Fraid not little one," said a familiar voice that Ranma recognized as it echoed around them. A moment later a scruffy haired man with a bundle strapped to his back revealed himself.

"You!" Ranma accused after recognizing the man, Zambini or something, from the ambush weeks ago.

Tsunade, however, narrowed her eyes as she felt the various presences all around her. Instinctively she tucked the little girl closer to her.

"I have no quarrel with you, I just want the little girl," The scruffy haired man with the big sword stated.

"And what could a powerful merc-nin want with a little girl like this?" Tsunade asked darkly, not intimidated in the least by the man.

"What I do with the little Uzu princess is my business," Zabuza said as he signaled the other merc-nin to get in position. It was a pity to kill such a nice looking big breasted woman but money was money. "I am giving you this one last chance, hand her over and you'll live."

Ranma saw the exotic pale blond woman look at her with an odd unreadable look before she turned back to the Zucchini guy.

"Since you were so generous, I feel that I should give you fair warning," Tsunade said calmly. "Leave or else you'll regret it."

Scoffing at the woman's bravado Zabuza unsheathed his famous blade, Kubikiribocho. "Do you know who I am? I am Zabuza of the Mist," Zabuza proclaimed loudly. "And it is unfortunate that you did not take my offer when you had the chance."

At his announcement multiple merc-nins emerged from the shadows, all radiating killing intent. Though some had lust in their eyes as they leered at the blond woman's chest. To their surprise, a moment later the woman laughed throatily.

"Ah, one of the 'famous' swordsman of the mist." Tsunade grinned as she cracked her knuckles. "Good, I wouldn't want this to be too easy. After all, you are facing Tsunade Senju."

Zabuza's eyes widened. The other merc-nin froze in mid step, their killing aura wavering. Everyone had heard of the legendary sage of Konoha. Taking a better look at the woman, he matched it with the known profile of the lengendary nin and cursed himself for his carelessness. Despite his ability, he wasn't even sure if he could take on a sage. Even with all these merc-nin as fodder and judging his nin-for-hire, they looked uncertain also.

"Well," Tsunade added punctuation as she smashed a thick tree trunk next to her into splinters effortlessly, "which one of you do I have to pleasure of breaking apart first?"

"Forget it! I'm out of here!" A merc said as he turned tailed and ran. That triggered the cascading effect as the other merc-nin started to make a run for it, leaving only the Swordman of the Mist and the Legendary Sage facing each other.

"Bah!" Zabuza said as re-sheathed his sword. "They didn't pay me enough to fight a sage."

"Oh, are you sure?" Tsunade asked playfully of the swordman. "I am, after all, only a woman." She smiled when she saw the swordsman snort.

"It was an honor meeting you Senju-hime," Zabuza said to Tsunade and surprised her when he bowed respectfully to her before leaving.

Ranma however looked at the blond woman feeling a bit of trepidation, this woman made those guys back off and run away. Gulping, she started to feel nervous as to what horrors would now await her with this woman.

++++ Later that Night ++++

Ranma lay awake as she listened to the two women snore on either side of her. Technically, now that she was fed and no longer as hungry, she could blend in with the Umisenken and escape. Yet something held her back from doing so.

Looking to her left Ranma looked at the brown haired girl with the piglet in her arms sleeping soundly. To her right was the pale blond who was facing her, snoring lightly. From the way they were able to sleep here in the wilderness, Ranma figure that these women were wanderers of some kind.

When Ranma saw the brown haired owner of the pig again, she thought she was going to get a beating at least. To Ranma's surprise, the girl had introduced herself as Shizune and ended up treating her very kindly. In fact, her kindness reminded Ranma of Sasuki-san.

"Mmmm, don't even think of escaping brat..." Tsunade mumbled in her sleep as she rolled onto her back.

That surprised the redhead as she stared at the sleeping profile of the big breasted woman who had introduced herself as Tsunade. Whoever this woman was she was apparently famous or feared enough to get the hunters to back off and Ranma knew those hunters were not weak fighters. Ranma also swore they called the blond a princess but then again, the 'Zebra' guy also called Ranma a princess... so maybe he was being sarcastic?

Still, with both women asleep, all it would take for Ranma to escape would be to use the Umisenken and she could be gone before this woman could react. Yet, Ranma had to admit she was sick of being alone and Tsunade seemed intent on keeping Ranma by her side. Besides, Tsunade had proven to be very strong. Much stronger then the two masked people that had escorted her a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe, just maybe, she'd accompany them for a bit longer Ranma decided. Just to see where things went, of course, she could leave any time after all. Closing her eyes Ranma let herself fall into a slumber, for once able to drop her guard to get some real rest.

The moment Ranma fell asleep was the moment a slug with blue and white stripes crawled on top of Tsunade neck and whispered. "She's asleep Tsunade-hime."

Tsunade cracked an eye open to stare at the tiny redhead then smiled as she realized she wouldn't have to keep an eye on the strangely named girl anymore. Who'd name their daughter Ranma?

The girl in question was a stray in every sense of the word, yet Tsunade could also see that there was a certain exuberant spirit about her; much like Kushina. Had the girl ran, Tsunade would have tied the girl up but thankfully she didn't have to. That meant progress has been made, no matter how miniscule.

Tsunade had debated about whether or not if she should send the redhead to Konoha but then that would mean she would actually have to go back to Konoha. Tsunade was pretty sure the only person able to escort the girl safety to that village would be herself after Ranma told her about her previous Anbu guards. Still, that was something she just wasn't ready to do. After all, she didn't want to set foot in that forsaken place any more.

Briefly Tsunade thought of Naruto, who was under the care of the two perverts. She couldn't be in the village to watch over him but maybe out here she could take care of another Uzu survivor.

A light snore let Tsunade know the little redhead was now in deep slumber, letting down her guard and making the medical sage smile.

"Goodnight brat," Tsunade whispered and then after a moment snuggled closer to redhead, for warmth of course, it wasn't that she wanted to protect the little girl or anything. Yeah that was it.


Author Note : Well why do a Ranma/Naruto fic? Well, a right of passage of sort? Everyone done one so I figure now is my turn to try my hand at it. Yes there is a lot of unanswered question but that is my writing style as I will revealed it when it's right. Most however will be revealed in the next chapter along with some new impact on the Naruto verse.

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