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Here's Ranma!

Timeline: Sometime between Episode 1 of Naruto Shippuden and Episode 400

**** Unknown Place *****

Ranma was once more smashed into the walls of the Tendo Dojo painfully. Normally such an impact should have put him through the wall but not here, not in his own mindscape.

"Okay, you fuckers, you want it rough today eh?" Ranma said as he got up and charged back against the two smug looking beasts turned human.

Sweeping his legs underneath the first one, who immediately hopped over his strike, he felt the incoming attack from the flame hair man. He grabbed the attacking limb with his hand, stealing the momentum, and immediately launched himself to connect with a vicious flip kick that caught the blue haired woman underneath her chin.

Twisting his head aside, he felt as the red haired man's fist barely missed his face. Feeling the pressure from the attack, he countered it with a punch of his own directly into the phoenix beast embodiment's face.

Recovering from the earlier kick, the elegant blue haired woman cupped her hands together and fired a beam of blue ki at the pig tailed boy. "Koryu Kame Ha!"

Ranma saw the attack coming and moved to twist out of the way but was surprised when Suzaku grabbed a hold of his shirt by the shoulders. Having had his momentum shifted in midair he was guided directly in front of the beam.

"URRGHHHHHH!" Ranma grunted in pain as he was struck dead on. Unfortunately he felt Suzaku grab his body and locked him into place as Seiryuu's ki beam tried to drill a hole through his chest.

"You will have to do BETTER!" Suzaku growled in Ranma ears as he held the boy in place for his rival to finish off.

Ranma struggled but the Phoenix beast was too powerful and he could already feel his chest starting to cave in from the concentrated beam of ki Seiryuu was firing out. "ARGHHHH!"

However before Seiryuu's attack COULD finish off Ranma, twin beams of ki and a wave of flame struck the two beast gods breaking their concentration.

A dazed Ranma felt himself picked up and taken out of the Tendo Dojo. Immediately he felt his shirt ripped open exposing his chest and felt a pair of cool feminine hands on it a moment later, channeling her ki to heal his wounds.

"I think that should be enough for today." Herb-chan said as she looked down at Ranma's wounds and nodded. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Saffron, still in his child form, barring the Tendo Dojo door shut. The Gekkaja and Kinjakan making a cross shaped barrier at the entrance.

"They've gone back to fighting each other now," Saffron said after a moment of leaning his ears against the door.

Ranma breathed easier, despite this being his mind scape, as he felt Herb gradually healed the damage to his soul. "Damn beasts..." He muttered then noticed that Herb and Saffron were giving each other uncomfortable looks. "What?"

"We- ah..." Herb said looking away before looking back to Saffron. "You tell him."

"Why me? I hate him, you actually respect Saotome, you tell him." Saffron said in a childish tone of voice looking at the dragon princess.

"Tell me what?" Ranma said worriedly as he looked back and forth between the two dead spirits.

It was Herb-chan who exhaled a deep breath as if she was about to deliver some bad news. "So you know how you asked us to look into why you are prevented from changing back?" She asked softly.

Saffron suddenly got up and ran away from the two into another part of the house, making Ranma even more nervous.

Gulping, Ranma nodded. "Tell me." He said getting ready for bad news.

Herb-chan nodded before leaning into Ranma's ears and whispered.

Ranma's face, despite this being a dream scape, took on a pallor fit for the dead, his eyes turning wild as he looked at the dragon princess and said the only words that sums up his thought on the matter.


++++ Konoha++++

Izumo Kamizuki and his best friend, aka partner in crime, Kotetsu Hagane were doing what they did best. What was, in their opinion, the most difficult job in all of Konoha. Guarding it's front door.

"Move it along people!" Izumo shouted over to the caravan as they continued to move at a slower than normal pace. It was causing a small traffic jam to form as Kotetsu was checking over their paperwork and making sure everything was in order. "Okay everything looks good here. Next!"

"Hmmm so this is Konoha." A soft female voice said as she handed Izumo her papers. Always one to check out new girls, he glanced up and saw the female cloaked herself with a hood.

"Sorry honey but the hood stays off," Izumo said kindly as he saw the girl had expertly shrouded herself.

The girl paused and Izumo could see a slight hesitation in her demeanor. With a quick nod to his partner, he saw Kotetsu slowly put his hand on his kunai pouch ready to attack at a moment's notice.

"Sorry," The girl said softy, "I didn't know."

With that the girl put her small hand on either side of the hood and revealed her face, making several of the younger teens in the caravan gasp while Izumo stared a bit.

The girl was exotically pretty. Flaming red hair cascading down her back, crystal-like blue eyes with pale white skin, her lips were naturally pink and not a single smidgen of makeup could be seen anywhere on her face.

"Oh my, am I hideous?" The redhead asked softly looking distressed.

"Huh? Oh, NO! No!" Izumo said quickly and saw that his friend Kotetsu was nodding along with him. "Well, looks like everything checks out, enjoy your visit in Konoha Miss Saotome."

"Thank you!" The girl gushed, favoring Izumo with a smile making his heart skipped a beat.

As soon as the red headed girl a few blocks between herself and the gate she glanced back at the village entrance and frowned. "Wow, those were like the sloppiest guards ever." Ranma assessed that if any pretty face could get her into Konoha without further scrutiny then the town could be put in danger.

Turning around she saw her reflection off a piece of metal from a weapon shop.

Normally Ranma would prefer to have her hair in a pigtailed bundle but had it out for now to give off an aura of submission so people would think she's harmless. Grinning at the deception she recalled how that had been common ground between her and Tsunade. It was an important element of Anything Goes after all and ninja were... well, ninja.

Looking around Ranma saw the civilians bustled back and forth up and down the street going about their business. She was finally here, in Konoha at last. The last known position of Tsunade and Shizune.

It had surprised her. Tsunade had told Ranma before, during their time together, that she would never ever step foot in her home village again. Train her and Shizune as members of this village sure, set foot in it? Never. And she hadn;t been able to find out why. But the villagers had been insistent and most of the civilians she'd passed had not known or were not sure themselves. Ranma would never ask any passing Shinobi, they tend to be an untrusting and paranoid lot.

Not for the first time, she thought the information she'd gotten from the old man in Wave country about Tsunade's last known position was bogus. Especially when he fed her that line about Tsunade being the Hokage of Konoha. That had to be bullshit as far as Ranma was concerned. Try as she might, she could not quite picture Tsunade as the leader of a rat pack much less an entire nation of ninjas. "Yeah, Tsunade the Hokage," She snorted in amusement. "And I'm really Uzu nobility."

After breaking down in laughter at the thought, Ranma took a look around the village and saw what looked to be Mount Rushmore in the distance. "Okay, that's new." Ranma said as she squinted at faces on the monument. IF she didn't know better she would have thought one of them look like her Sensei. Shaking her head, she decided to look around and subtly ask for some information.

No sooner had Ranma started moving again, she instantly felt several pairs of eyes on her. Turning around she noticed that there was no one in sight. Closing her eyes she felt with her senses and sure enough there were some powerful corrupted ki signatures in fixed positions around here. These must be the Anbu guards of Konoha who's job it was, she was told, were to keep an eye on suspicious looking individuals.

Maybe they weren't as lax as Ranma thought they were. Sure she'd gotten past the front gate but now she could feel maybe two pairs of eyes on her. Acting normally and like a tourist would, Ranma went from stall to stall looking for something to eat.

It became apparent to her that she was not being followed as the corrupted signature remained in the same spot. However the moment she got to a new area she felt anther set of eyes on her. While the corrupted ki signature was similar, their presence clearly felt different from the other two. Putting two and two together, she deduced that each section of town was monitored by a different set of ninja. Their purpose, Ranma speculated as she ate some dango, was probably to keep an eye on new faces in the area.

Ranma managed to be impressed by that level of dedication shown by the local shinobi. Was it something she would ever do? Hell no. But to put that effort into being able to know who's who at a glance, that was pretty impressive.

"Sorry Anko, that red head bought the last my stock for the day." The Dango stall's owner said as he pointed directly at Ranma. He felt sorry for tossing such a good customer to the wolves but Anko was scary.

Ranma looked down on her hand and sweated. Maybe she shouldn't have bought so much to avoid suspicion as now one very angry scantily clad kunoichi was headed her way. But it was some damn good dango.

"You there!" The purple spiky haired ninja shouted at the red head. One hand extended and pointing at her keeping Ranma frozen, Anko stalked up to the pretty teen.

Schooling her face to look meek and submissive, Ranma took on a fearful anxious look and inwardly cheered as the ninja no longer looked as angry but was still agitated.

"You gonna eat all of that?" The one the stall owner called Anko asked looking at the treasure trove in Ranma's hand.

"A- Ah, n- n- no ma-ma'am," Ranma stuttered and pitched her voice to come off as submissive. "I j-ju- just accidentally b-bought to-too much."

Anko examined the red head searchingly before breaking out into a smile. "I'll buy half of it from you, wadda ya say?" She offered as she took out some bills.

Ranma made sure to nervously nod as she handed over half of her dango to the fishnet wearing ninja, adding just enough shake to her hands. "So-sorry for any tr-trouble." She said shyly, eyes looking downcast.

"Bah! Don't worry about it. You must be new in town." Anko said as she started to devour one of the dango sticks on the spot. "Got that uneasy feeling of being watched do ya?"

"Oh? I-Is that what it was? Ho- how can you tell someone is new?" Ranma asked with shy curiosity.

"The village may be big but we know who's who so any new face to us shinobi is tagged for monitoring." Anko explained as she worked on her second stick. "Don't worry, after a while you'll be pissing without realizing they're still watching."

Ranma had to blanch at that but nodded her thanks to the kunoichi before making her way around town, taking in the sights. Finding a natural place for a rest on a park bench, she observed the ninja still watching her diligently and took note that she was not the only one they were looking at. Some of the people in the crowd were nervously looking over their shoulder or at the empty building tops.

"Konohamaru no bakaaa!"

Ranma snapped out of her observation from her park bench at the sound to see a group of children chasing each other. In particular, she noticed a small boy with a Konoha headband running from a girl that was no doubt intending to harm him bodily. Unfortunately the boy was not looking at where he was running and was making his way toward her. Ranma, not wanting to attract undue attention until she was sure Tsunade was here, sighed and resigned herself to taking the hit. As she predicted, the little boy tried to jump over the bench and knocked the dango out of her lap.

"AHHHH! Baka Konohamaru, look what you did to her food!" A small girl with a funky, gravity defying hair style shouted at the boy.

The boy, Konohamaru apparently, turned around and his eyes widened at what happened. "Ahhh! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!" He said bowing before the red head over and over again.

"It's okay," Ranma said softly but inwardly was seething. Punk ass brat wasting her food like that! NO ONE wastes Ranma Saotome food! "Accidents happen."

"Ummm, we don't have money right now but if you want to hit baka-maru you can," The brown hair girl with the funky hairdo said.

"It's okay, Just watch out next time okay?" Ranma said kindly but was mere inches from booting the little brats away.

"Thanks Onee-san!" The three genin said happily before bowing to the redhead and running off.

Ranma's eyebrows twitched at the word 'Onee-san' but calmed herself down as she reached down to grab the Dango from the ground. Blowing on it, she tried her best to dust it off. After all, Kami made dirt and dirt don't hurt.

"You really shouldn't be eating stuff off the ground like that." A male voice said from behind Ranma.

Turning around, she noticed that it was a boy about her current physical age that had addressed her. Immediately one thing stood out to her, he had freaky milky white eyes. This must be one of the Huuyga, the people with the Byakugan eyes.

"Well it's not all that dirty," Ranma said evenly as she saw the boy was looking at her strangely. Thinking on what Tsunade taught her about them Ranma casually noted that she didn't notice any veins bulging from the area around his eyes, which meant he had not activated it to look at her. For a moment she was curious if he would be able to see her ki reserves or not, the chakra however was a given.

"Still, it is not clean." The boy insisted again, looking at the offending item in Ranma's hands.

Blinking, Ranma finally realized why this boy was pestering her. He really felt it was dirty and unsanitary of her to eat the picked up food. Sighing, she got up and dumped it in the public garbage can near her. As if that was all he needed to see the white eyed freak gave a self-satisfied nod before turning his back and walking away.

Ranma got up with a sigh and decided to do some more sight seeing, letting her feet take her aimlessly around. Even after years living in this world it amazed her with it's duality. The homes and stores that would not be out of place in ancient Japan yet with electricity, running water, plumbing systems and they had radios and T.V! It was just more obvious here, as it seemed such luxuries were more common in Konoha. Walking a bit more, she realized she was getting closer to what she'd dubbed Mount Rushmore. When she got her first good look at one of the faces on the mountain side she did a double take that threatened to give her whiplash.

"No fucking way..." Ranma said in shocked disbelief. There, plain as day and literally for all to see, was Tsunade's face carved in stone. She wasn't imagining things, it REALLY was her Sensei's face carved into the mountainside!

Unfortunately for Ranma, she was so shocked about seeing her Sensei's face etched into the rock that she failed to notice an argument between a blond boy and pink haired girl had escalated to violence. On the pink haired girl's part of course.

"Watch out!" A coarse scratchy voice shouted in a panic.

Ranma's senses warned her of an incoming projectile and reflexively moved her body to dodge it. Unfortunately the projectile in question was bigger than a kunai or shuriken. It was a body, a boy to be exact, as he collided into her roughly.

Automatically, not wanting to be smashed into the wall, Ranma rolled with the momentum so that the boy in question could bear the full brunt of the impact against the wall in her stead. To her great misfortune, the boy seemed to have some idea of trying to protect her from the impact as he closed his arms around her tightly in an effort to shield her just as Ranma was about to spring board clear from him.

The two teens smashed through the wall and tumbled trough the debris before they came to a complete stop.

"Ngggh," Ranma groaned as she felt a heavy weight on top of her. Ranma blinked her eyes to clear them and try to see through the dust kicked up from smashing into this, apparently abandoned, home. Ranma found herself looking up at a spiky blond haired boy with light strange whisker marks on his cheeks. It was then she felt a sensation on her chest, one she had not felt for quite some time...

"Are you alright?" The blonde boy asked looking in concern at the pretty redhead who was looking angrier by the second at him. Sweating bullets he then noticed that his hands were on the girl's breasts and he had a pretty firm grip on them.

"NARUTOOOOOO!" Sakura of Team 7 bellowed as she came upon the scene of her teammate sexually molesting a civilian. She had intended to deck her perverted teammate once more but then the red head on the ground grabbed Naruto's throat and to her surprise, lifted him up off his feet despite her short stature.

"Any last words?" Ranma asked in a calm manner, not realizing that she was imitating Tsunade exactly when she dealt with a certain perverted Sannin.

Naruto, Orphan, Kyuubi Container, Prankster, student to the legendary Toad Sage and all around good guy gulped. "They... they felt really nice?" He offered with a nervous smile.

"Why thank you," Ranma said in a false cheery voice before her expression fell into a murderous one a second later. "Please die now." With one hand wrapped around a nervous Naruto's neck and another with her arm cocked back to dish out divine punishment, a loud animal sound made itself known to disrupt Ranma's train of thought.

"BUUUUUHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIII!" A familiar animal squeal sounded close by making Ranma's eyes widen.

"Tonton come back!" Another familiar female voice called close by as Ranma slowly turned her head to the entrance.

Ranma, with the boy Naruto still in her hand, watched as a pink pig ran in and started to bump her nose against her ankle in an angry manner.

No sooner had Tonton came in then a very frantic Shizune followed before freezing up at the sight of the red head.

"Shizune-senpai!" Sakura said on seeing her senior's arrival but was surprised when she saw the stunned look the woman was giving the red head.

"So it is true, the red head really was you." Shizune said softly, as if not believing. Ignoring Naruto's plight for now, who was starting to look a bit blue from the smaller redhead's powerful grip, she walked up to the girl and pulled at the girl's cheek and elicited a response from the girl.

"Orrrw..." Ranma slurred as her cheeks was pinched then pulled.

"You're really here..." Shizune said wonderingly, looking at the redhead as if not believing her very eyes.

Nodding softly the redhead nodded to her senior and smiled. "I'm ba-urkkk!"

Sakura's eyes widened as she saw her senpai, the normally nice and gentle Shizune, gut punch the redhead with enough force to double the girl over her arm. Then taking out a paralytic needle from her pouch she stabbed the back of the redhead's neck with it, making her slump lifelessly over her arm.

"Wha! Wha?!" Sakura said looking bugged eye as her normally kind Senpai's face took on a vicious expression while she tied the red head up. Looking over at Naruto, she saw the freed boy scrambling away quickly from the usually nice woman in fear. Even Tonton had a mean furrowed expression on her face.

Slinging the red head over her shoulder like a sack of rice Shizune nodded at Tonton, who also looked pleased by what had happened, before the elder medic-nin noticed that she had company. "Ah, Sakura, Naruto. I didn't see you there, greetings." She said cheerfully, not realizing that she had frightened the two teens with her brutal actions.

"W-wh-what's going on? Wa-wh-why'd you hit her so hard?" Naruto recovered first to exclaim loudly while he eyed the unconscious girl.

"Family matters Naruto-kun." Shizune answered in a dark tone of voice. Her eyes glinted with malice before turning back to the frightened blond boy with a pleasant expression on her face again. "She's not an enemy."

"Who is she Shizune-senpai?" Sakura asked. She'd never seen her second mentor so vicious with strangers but clearly the girl was not an enemy or else she'd be dead or turned over to the torture division already.

Shizune gave the two teens a pleasant smile and pointed to the redhead over her shoulders and said. "This here is your baka senpai, Ranma, Sakura."

Sakura eyes widened while Naruto had a look of revelation on his face. No wonder that monstrous grip felt familiar, it was just like Sakura's!

"Se-Senpai?" Sakura asked in amazement. She didn't realize there was anyone else besides Shizune ahead of her. "Wait, why did you knock her out and where are you taking her?"

Suddenly the two teens hugged each other as Shizune's expression, once serene and peaceful, turned down right mean and nasty. Even Tonton was imitating her expression, making it look more like a devilish boar than a pig.

Grinning with a disturbing glint in her eyes, Shizune looked at Sakura and grinned. "Why, we're going to see the Tsunade-sama of course."

"Oba-san?" Naruto said confused. "Why?"

"Baka, because if's she my Senpai then that means she was Tsunade-sama's student too." Sakura explained while looking at the red head uncertainly and the evil smile that still adorned Shizune's face.

"Ohh!" Naruto said finally realizing it as he saw Shizune walk out of hole in the wall.

'Brat!' A familiar growl chimed in Naruto's head.

'What do you want?' Naruto mentally shouted back and saw Sakura follow the head medic-nin respectfully.

'Follow that girl,' The Kyuubi, better known as the Nine Tailed Fox that had wrecked Konoha years ago, ordered gruffly. 'There is something about that girl...'

Naruto heard the tone the Kyuubi used. It sounded like... it sounded like it was baring it teeth as it was talking, much like the Inuzuka dogs when they sensed something was off. 'What got you on edge?' He asked curiously.

'NOTHING'S got me on edge!' The Kyuubi roared in Naruto mind scape. As if it would EVER be put on edge, not even Madara could put him on edge much less this slip of a girl.

'Then why you want me to follow her to Baa-chan's office?' Naruto challenged his tailed beast internally.


The silence from the Kyuubi made Naruto grin. It wasn't often he could get the fox to shut up but because he was who he was, he decided to follow Shizune anyway. After all, trust had to begin from somewhere.

'You're welcome' Naruto projected inwardly and grinned as he heard the snarl from the fox demon.

'I never said thank you brat!' The Kyuubi roared in indignation. Him thanking the hairless monkey?! Outrageous!

'You just did,' Naruto said in a sing song manner inside his head. He then began to hum a happy tune knowing it was going to annoy the nine-tailed fox.

Sakura turned to see Naruto, who had both of his arms behind his head, whistling a tune and following along. She had thought he was going to visit his apartment like he said earlier.

Turning her attention forward she glanced at the red head and studied her supposed senpai, who was currently draped over Shizune-senpai's shoulder. Right away she noticed how pretty the girl was, long red silky looking hair that had a natural curl, the exotic redness to it only accentuated the almost pale creamy skin she had. In fact, the redhead's face didn't look like she had a smidgen of make up on it.

Then, of course, there was the one thing that really stuck out to Sakura. Well, TWO things to be exact. The girl was big for her size. Looking down at her own chest, Sakura bit her lower lip in envy. 'Cha! She really is Tsunade's student!' Inner Sakura confirmed.

A few minutes later after passing the Anbu guarding Hokage's Tower and passing by the secretary. Naruto, Sakura, Shizune along with Tonton watched the leader of Konoha lazily stamping the pile of paper in front of her, not even bothering to glance at the content.

Shizune's left eye twitched at the carelessness of her mentor as the woman was looking out the window stamping away. Still, they had bigger fish to fry. "AHEM!" She cleared her throat startling the bored Hokage.

"Hmm?" Tsunade said before turning to look at the group. She had sensed them and dismissed them as a non-threat before they even got to her door. It was then she saw what was in Shizune's arms, that red coloration.

Naruto and Sakura jumped a bit as the fifth Hokage of Konoha's eyes widened and stood up at her desk, knocking the chair haphazardly on the floor behind her.

"Is that-!" Tsunade trailed off looking at the bundle over Shizune's shoulder.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama, it's her." Shizune said respectfully as she gently lowered the red head in her arms. One needle stab later and the redhead's eyes fluttered opened and immediately took in her surroundings.

"Wha? Where?" Ranma said before her eyes locked on the figure of Tsunade wearing a Happi with flame symbols over it. "T-Tsuande!" She said in a strained voice before gulping.

"Ranma-chan," Shizune said in an eerily soft voice as her hand fell on the redhead's shoulder before beginning to squeeze tightly. "You've been a very, very naughty girl..."

Gulping harder as she knew what that look from Shizune meant. Tsunade, amazingly enough, was just looking at her with no heat in her eyes. "Look, I can explain! It's a long story but, ummm, I had a good reason for leaving!" She blurted out quickly.

Time to execute the greatest move EVER invented in the Anything Goes School. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Forgive me!" Ranma pleaded as she executed the Crouch of the Wild Tiger to perfection. Even the hardest of villains would have taken pity and forgiven her.

Sakura and Naruto just looked at the girl who was, well there was no two ways about it, groveling in front of Tsunade for mercy. Naruto knew firsthand how scary the Slug sannin could be, having been on the receiving end of many of her punches. Sakura, on the other hand, could only imagine what the girl must have done to grovel like that. Surprisingly her Sensei was still looking at the red head with an unreadable expression.

Ranma continued to grovel when she felt a shift in movement as Tsunade's presence got closer. To her surprise she felt a soft touch on her shoulder. Looking up she saw Tsunade's other hand cup her cheek as if searching her face.

"You've grown so much." Tsunade's tone was soft as her eyes took in the changes the girl had gone through.

"Yeah..." Ranma said before she felt herself lifted up like old times and hugged by Tsunade.

"We were so worried," Tsunade whispered softly in Ranma's ear. "Shizune was inconsolable for a time and Tonton was devastated when you left."

"I... I'm sorry," Ranma said ashamed as she heard the soft whispers from Tsunade. "It was a good reason, I'll tell ya about it ya know."

"Good, I want to hear all about it and what you have been up to for these past couple of years." Tsunade enthused, still hugging Ranma tightly to her.

Naruto and Sakura were surprised by the genuine affection the legendary woman had for the redhead.

"Not a problem," Ranma said smiling before her eyes shot open in concern. "Ummm. Tsu-chan, your kind of hugging me a bit too tight here..."

"Oh, am I really?" Tsunade said in a kind tone of voice, seemingly genuinely shocked. "I'm sorry, here tell me if this feels better."

"Urkk! Nu-No!" Ranma said as the hug got even tighter. "It's beginning to hurt... Tsu-chan."

"Really?" Tsunade said surprised before her kind expression made a completely one eighty. "Good."

"URRRKKKK!" Ranma choked as she look at Tsunade's face in fear while the bear hug got tighter and tighter.

"You've been a bad girl Ranma-chan and you know what happens to bad girls..." Tsunade said in a soft deadly whisper.

Sakura and Naruto hugged each other in fear. They had thought a demonic looking Shizune was scary but they were wrong! The agonized cry and the sounds of breaking bones seemed to fill the small room.

'Baa-chan scary! Baa-chan scary! Baa-chan SCARY!' Naruto mentally screamed as he was unable to tear his eyes away from the scene even as the redhead's scream became louder.

'Oh shit, Oh shit, Oh shit, Oh shit!" Sakura shouted with Inner Sakura saying much of the same. They didn't know what the redhead did to displease their master but she was going to find out and NEVER do it. EVER!




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