"Mom!" Misaki's voice resounded throughout the small house. "Mom, where are you?" Misaki looked through all the rooms and found her little sister, Suzuna putting together an envelope for a magazine contest no doubt.

"Suzuna, where's mom?"

Suzuna looked up from the envelope. "She had to work the night shift again."

Misaki sighed, coming into the kitchen and sitting down. "Again? She shouldn't overexert herself."

"Sometimes she has to. Oh," Suzuna finished off her envelope and gave it to Misaki, "your manager called. She says one of the maids called in sick last moment, and that she needs you to come in. Could you drop this off at the post office on the way?"

"Huh?" Misaki sat up quickly. "Then I need to leave right now!" She took the envelope and gathered her stuff to leave for work. "See ya'!"

Misaki sprinted out the door and started toward the train station. Half-way there she sighed. She had forgotten to tell Suzuna about the letter she got. She pulled it out of her pocket and looked at it. Se recognized the seal, anyone would, it was of the elite school, Cross Academy. Misaki slowly opened it, making sure not to rip it. Pulling out the contents, she reached the train station.

"Oh, no, the train!" Misaki thought. She caught it just on time and began reading the letter.

Dear Ayuzawa Household :

We have recently began watching Misaki's progress in school and have noticed her excelling grades. We humbly offer her a scholarship for her remaining high school years at Cross Academy. That being, if she wishes to attend.

We greatly hope that she will accept this offer. It's a very rare chance that someone would be recruited to go here. Although, if she declines we understand, so don't make it your priority to attend.

If you do so wish to come, please send us a letter in advance of your arriving date. I will meet you personally at the gates and discuss the school. I hope to see you soon!

Sincerely Yours,


Kaien Cross

"I can barely read this. . . ," Misaki mumbled. Once she did though, she was shocked to say the least. Her, receiving a scholarship for Cross Academy? Sure, she was offered the same thing for Miyabigaoka, but . . . that was different. "Cross Academy." Misaki thought in astonishment.

The train came to a halt at her stop and she stuffed the letter back into its envelope while stepping off. She walked with a skip in her step and waltzed into Maid Latte through the back entrance, greeting her manager before going to change.

Misaki thought in a daze while getting dressed into her maid uniform, "I'll have to remember to tell mom and Suzuna when I get home . . ."