"Misaki? Are you alright?" Cross's voice broke through Misaki's thoughts as she looked up from her lap to meet concerned eyes of the headmaster.

She tried to smile reassuringly, "I'm fine, Headmaster. Sorry to worry you."

His eyes lingered on her for a moment before he continued his story, "Oh, okay, if you say so." He perked up, trying to lift the mood, "So, as I was saying, I'm sure it must be hard work. Dealing with student council affairs, and on top of that, a part time job! Although, I forget what he said your job was . . ."

Misaki gained some hope, feeling relief that he forgot what Tora told him. Even if he didn't say she worked as a maid, it was better off Cross forgot. She mentally sighed in relief and spoke up, "You've forgotten?"

Cross gave a nervous laugh, "Hehe, it seems I have. So, what was your part time job, Misaki?"

Misaki smiled, but then realized she had to come up with an answer, "Umm, well, uhh-"

"I paid for her services," Usui cut in bluntly.

Misaki made a strangled noise and blushed. Everyone at the table just stared at the blonde in shock. Yuuki stuttered out, "Her . . . 's-services'?"

Usui nodded like it was no big deal, "She was my bodyguard."

A beat of silence passed before everyone eternally sighed. Zero participated in conversation for the first time that evening, "You might wanna be clearer next time. People get the wrong idea."

Another beat of silence and then Usui tilted his head to the side, "Huh?"

Everyone looked at him, minus Misaki, who was hiding her face in her hands. She was way too used to this sort of behavior from him. Yuuki muttered, "Seriously?"

Cross waved her arms, "Anyways! Now that we know that. Igarashi-san also told me that he recruited you to come to Miyabigaoka on a full scholarship."

Misaki nodded and swallowed a bitter sigh, "Yes, he was trying to get me to join their student council." She smiled nervously. All this talk about her made her anxious.

"Ah, but you declined?"

"Yeah, Seika needed me. I couldn't leave them just because of a silly offer."

Kaname broke in, "Then why did you accept Cross Academy's offer? That is, if you don't mind me asking?"

Misaki redirected her gaze towards him, "No, I don't mind at all. Umm, how do I put this?" She folded her arms, thinking, "There's a great difference between Miyabigaoka and Cross Academy. Miyabigaoka was so prestigious, but I knew from experience that the core of the students was rotten. Cross Academy, on the other hand, seems to be the complete opposite. The students, from who I've seen so far, are all so . . . innocent." She shrugged and unfolded her arms, not knowing the irony of her own words, "I don't know. It might just be me, but I would choose Cross Academy over Miyabigaoka anyday."

"Oh, I see," Kaname smiled, seemingly amused.

Cross cried fake joyful tears, "I'm so glad!" He wiped his eyes and turned to Usui. "Tell me, why did you decide to accept our offer?"

"Because Misaki did," he answered bluntly.

He blinked in confusion before answering, "Oh, well . . . okay! I'm just happy you came!"

That ended most conversation and everyone finished their meal, making small talk here and there. After everyone finished Yuuki and Zero took the plates into the kitchen and then came back to sit down shortly after. Cross cleared his throat, "Ehem, so, I'm sure you two have some questions?"

Misaki spoke first and Usui let her, he didn't really have any questions that were that important anyways. Misaki spoke, "There's a uniform, correct?"

"Yes," Cross smiled, "and I'm glad you brought that up. I asked Kaname to bring you two a couple of uniforms." He looked towards the night class student, "You brought them, yes?"

"I have them right here," he held up two boxes and got up to walk over to Misaki and Usui. He handed the respected boxes to each of them and smiled as he returned to his seat.

Misaki opened her box and held up apart of the uniform, as did Usui. Misaki marveled, it looked quite expensive. The embroidery was especially amazing along with other minute details. Usui fingered at the cloth and took a look at the cuffs. He looked up, "This is actual silver, isn't it?"

"Yes, I'm surprised you noticed," Cross grinned.

Usui hummed and folded his uniform back into the box, and Misaki did too. Usui remembered something and closed up his box. "Oh," he looked at Yuuki and Zero, "by the way, a question's been nagging at me since the headmaster mentioned it. What's the 'disciplinary comittee'?"

Yuuki piqued up, "The disciplinary comittee are the people who keep order between the day and night class. Making sure that they don't get into any trouble."

"And it's just the two of you?" Usui quirked an eyebrow.

She rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly, "Well, yeah, but it's fine. It all works out smoothly."

"I see," he nodded.

"It must be exhausting," Misaki was amazed at their work effort. "To monitor the night class, and have regular classes on top of that . . . don't tell me you stay up throughout the whole night," she gaped as Yuuki only nodded.

Usui was quite astonished himself. "When do you two get sleep then?"

Yuuki laughed nervously, "Well, you see-"

"We catch a few hours of sleep during classes," Zero explained.

"Yeah . . . what he said," Yuuki rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly.

"Oh," is all that Misaki could say. She thought about it as they carried conversation among themselves. 'Couldn't they just recruit new members? Splitting shifts among many people would be much easier . . ," Misaki scrunched her eyebrows together in thought until she was bumped playfully atop her head by Usui. She was pulled out of her thoughts and looked up confusedly at Usui. "What is it?"

"If you scrunch up your eyebrows like that you'll get wrinkles," he bopped her on the head once more.

Misaki blushed and retaliated, "And what's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, nothing, just an expression . . . " he trailed off and Misaki left it at that.

The two former Seika students just watched and listened as everyone conversed and stayed there for another hour or so until Cross checked his watch. "Oh my! It's already nine! I'm so sorry to have kept you two so late, you must be exhausted," Cross bowed and apologized as he got up from his seat.

Misaki waved her hands in front of her, "No, no, it's fine. We enjoyed having dinner with you."

Usui nodded in agreement and got up as well, picking up his boxed uniform as he did. Misaki followed suit and bowed. "We'll be taking our leave then. Thank you for the dinner, Headmaster." She stood up straight and smiled, making her way to the dining room doors with Usui close behind her.

"Wait!" they turned around as Cross spoke up, "Kaname will accompany you two to your dorms. You don't mind, do you Kaname?"

Kaname got up and made his way over to Usui and Misaki, "No, not at all. It'd be my pleasure."

"Oh, no, we'll be fine. You don't have to go through so much trouble for us!" Misaki spoke up in protest, but Usui had interrupted her half way through.

"Thank you," with that Usui began walking, ignoring Misaki's attempts to decline the help.

She gave up as the front door closed behind them and sighed. She walked behind Kaname and beside Usui respectfully. She looked around at the forest as they treked on forward along the cobblestone path in silence. The silence draped itself around them like a thick fog.

Only the sound of their footsteps resonated around them. They were about half way to the boy's dorm by now. Misaki repositioned the box in her arms, creating some noise to differ from the otherwise silence. Misaki looked off to the side, searching within' the forest for no other reason than to pass time. She even counted how many trees there were along the way.

Meanwhile, Usui was distracting himself with his own thoughts. He was thinking about the Disciplinary Commitee. 'Why only two people? Why not more? Is there something special about them? Or, maybe they were the only ones who volunteered," thoughts like these ran through Usui's mind until Kaname came to a halt in front of them. Stopping in front of the boy's dorm.

Usui thanked him and before disappearing completely into the building bidded Misaki good night, "Good night, Misaki."

She quirked an eyebrow at the odd behavior, but replied anyways, "Good night. . ?"

With that Usui closed the doors behind him, making his way down the hallway and around the corner. He walked up a flight of stairs and rounded another corner before finding his room. He took out his room key to unlock it, but found that he didn't need the key to begin with. The door had been left unlocked, so he opened it as quietly as he could as to not disturb his sleeping dorm mate.

He shut the door behind him and stumbled his way around the dark room to flick on his bedside lamp. Usui sighed as he threw his box somewhere along the ground and sat on the edge of his bed to remove his shoes, discarding them to the side afterwards. He then changed into some pajamas and collapsed on his side, letting his eyes close with sleep on the mind. With that, he was emerged into darkness, beginning a dreamless night.

Misaki, meanwhile, was now following behind Kaname in the same deafening silence. She fidgeted with her fingers awkwardly, making sure not to drop her box.

"So," Kaname's voice tore through the silence and Misaki gently sighed with relief, "I know you haven't officially started school here yet, but I hope you'll enjoy it here."

Misaki smiled, although he couldn't see her, "Yeah, I hope so too . . ."

Silence once again pursued and they continued walking. Misaki took to counting the blocks one by one as she stepped over them, keeping her eyes pointed at her feet. She didn't hear Kaname stop and ended up walking right into him. She stumbled, almost dropping her box, and immediately bowed down to apologize, "I'm sorry!"

"No worries," he hadn't even flinched and smiled in reassurance. Misaki straightened and hesitantly laughed.

"I hope you rest well," he gestured to the building behind him.

Misaki nodded and thanked him, "Thank you."

"It was no trouble at all," he replied courteously. He turned around and started to walk off in the direction of the night class dorms.

Misaki stood there for a moment before opening the door to the building. She silently walked through the dimly lit hallways and counted each door she passed, trying to find hers.

After a minute more of walking she found the room she was looking for and opened it, seeing that it was unlocked. Haruka was snoring away under her covers, so Misaki made an effort to close the door silently behind her. She tiptoed across the room and set her box on her nightstand. She sighed as she slipped off her sweater and replaced it with a t-shirt.

She finished changing and slid underneath her own covers before drifting off to sleep. Tomorrow would be Usui and her's first day. Misaki was excited, but . . . she couldn't help but feel uneasy about this school's atmosphere. She shook her head and turned to lay on her side, shutting her eyes tight.

"I'm probably just overthinking this . . ."