Evening fell upon the Pie Hole in the usual manner, with late shift workers shuffling in, and date night lovers shuffling out. Emerson Cod, private eye and keeper of the pie maker's secret sat at his usual table, eating his usual slice of rhubarb pie, shuffling through the usual paperwork associated with the usual grisly murder.

Olive Snook, former jockey, current Pie Hole waitress, and wannabe gumshoe continually glanced over the shoulder of Emerson Cod as she made her rounds from table to table. When the opportunity presented itself, Olive seated herself in front of Emerson with a bright smile and a characteristically curious stare.

"What's on the menu today? Disaffected lovers? Missing persons? Triple Homicide?" Emerson Cod sighed, slowly lowering the bite of pie that had made it halfway to his mouth.

"Don't I even get a hello anymore?" Olive rolled her eyes in a fashion that nearly made the stoic private eye smile. Nearly.

"Why do I need so say hello when there's a case to work on."

"What do you mean a case to work on? The case has been worked. It isn't on it is off. Solved, Signed, sealed, delivered."

"I'm yours." Olive Snook giggled, but quickly quieted herself when she saw the lack of amusement on Emerson Cod's face. "I thought that we were doing the song lyrics thing but clearly I can see that I was the only one doing the thing and you were not."

"Clearly." The Private I noticed the forgot forkful of pie and quickly ate it, hoping that a face full of food would force the feisty female far away from this conversation.

"So anyway answer my ask. What was the case? And how did you solve it?" Emerson groaned, gritting his teeth as he cleared his throat and very concisely conversed the fatal facts.

"Juniper Jenkins, 23, was jabbed by a jilted jealous Jezebel with a jutting jagged jardiniereover some jacked Jack at the gym."

"And then? How did Emerson, and I'm assuming Ned, and probably Chuck to, solve the jilted Jezebel jabbing?"The Private detective looked at the imploring gaze of Olive Snook, and found himself defeated.

"Alright Itty Bitty you win. Dead Girl and I cased her casa while the Pie Maker checked the corpse. Ned noticed something backfield about the body and we found some stalkerish stuff stuffed in her window sill that pointed a pretty painted finger at her roommate." Olive grinned and excitedly leaned further onto the table, now fully entranced by Emerson's Epic.


"And-" He drawled, silently chastising the waifish waitress for her impatient interruption. "-Dead Girl didn't think that the dainty dame did the dance with the devil, but I found a bloody sweater under her bed, and a diary with confessions of murderous amor. The rest is right here." Emerson waved at the strewn papers and stacked folders barricading his pie plate.

"Wow. That's really something. " Emerson let himself smile at the waitress that he had reluctantly befriended.

"Maybe next time you can tag along." Olive grinned, leaning back in the booth bench and swinging her feet onto the table.

"Cod and Snook, private eyes, peering into the souls of criminal scum everywhere." The keeper of the pie maker's secret let himself laugh even as the Pie Maker halfheartedly yelled for the waitress to get back to work.