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Title:All At Once

A/N: I took a little break from writing. I'm having the worst case of Writer's Block Syndrome.
(Cough*Cough*) So please forgive me...enjoy the final chapter

Chapter 5

I am walking into my office. I didn't see Harm in the bullpen. He's usually late
anyway. It hurts to even think about last night. It's my fault. If I just took it slow
everything would be alright. But we're not alright. I didn't follow the rules of engagement
when dealing with Harm--I didn't take baby steps.

I sit down to my desk and look the pictures inside the silver frames. I wonder what
will happen to us. Maybe nothing will happen to us. Maybe nothing was ever meant to happen
with us. On that note, I feel like having a drink...but I know that this is not the option, so
settle for working instead.

Thank God for lunch. Harriet's out today, so I settle on having lunch by myself in the
cafetaria downstairs. My stomach is feeling so weak, so I decide to have a cup of coffee.
Sitting down, I take my novel to clear my thoughts. I randomly grabbed one of the shelf
this morning. Figures...it's a romance novel.

"This spot taken?" I hear a deep voice waking me from my revery.

I look up to see is gentle eyes staring at me.

"No." I say softly and look down at my coffee.

He takes the seat across of me empty handed and wonder if he's not eating either. After
a few moments of silence, he speaks.

"I shouldn't have left." He closes his eyes as if it hurts him to think about last
night before.

"I wish you didn't either." I reply.

"I'm sorry."

"We're never going to work this out, Harm."

"Why do you say that, Mac?"

"We have this rollercoaster relationship. One minute we are together; we can't get
enough each other. Then the next we're angry. This THING we have is breaking my heart.
It's breaking you'rs too."

"I never meant to break your heart. "

"It hurts you too, Harm."

"It hurts when you're not there. I need you, Mac. I was stupid last night. I initiated
something, then I took it back. And I'm sorry for that, Mac. I really am."

He places his hand over mine.

"We can do this Mac. I know we can."

I'm starting to cry. As much as this man fustrates me, I can't live without him. He
knows it.

"I love you, Harm, and I know you're not ready to say that to me, but I needed you to
here it anyway.

He looks at me for a brief moment with this loving look. I've seen that look before.
But today, at this moment, it's intense.

Suddenly he grabs my hand and walks me to a long hallway. He opens the door to an empty
conference room and looks the door. I am looking at him in amazement. Harm then leans me up
against a wall. His hand rises and he extends a finger to caress my cheek.

"I love you."

He whispers this and his lips grace mine. My hands cradle his face when the passionate
embrace has ended.

"I just wanted to tell you in private. This moment is for us. It doesn't belong
to anyone else."

I smile at his gesture.

"Where do we go from here?" I ask.

"Anywhere, Mac. Anywhere."