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Of course, King Théoden was not at all pleased with the news of Éomer and Paige's wedding. He said to Éomer, "If you had but TOLD me of your earnest desire to wed her above all others, I should never have objected!" He soon came round to the new reality, and settled into having Paige as a daughter-in-law.

The newlyweds ventured to Minas Tirith for Aragorn's wedding, and was happily met there by their dear friends. Merry and Pippin were disappointed that they had not been able to attend the wedding, but Merry was much happier by far that the event had actually taken place, and that he would not be losing her forever. In the years that followed, he and Pippin often visited Rohan, and likewise did Paige and Éomer venture forth to the Shire, a place Paige never thought she should ever get to see (as well as the long-fabled Bree, her once so-called home).

Lothríel was vexed beyond anything upon the wedding announcement, but quickly found solace in Faramir. They discovered that they got along rather well, and were soon betrothed. Paige thought they suited each other perfectly. Of course, she made up with Faramir, but never called him a 'friend' again.

Two summers passed before Paige gave birth to their first child, a girl, who they named Éowyn Xena. When asked why the name Xena, Paige replied, "Because she's a badass shield-maiden, of course!" Her aunt by that same name returned just once to Rohan, upon King Théoden's deathbed, three years later.

Now Queen of Rohan, Paige is pregnant again with their second child, and was even so bold as to insist the law of succession be changed, that their daughter be queen before a possible son. At first, Éomer thought the idea quite mad, and naught but one of Paige's newfangled ideas, but in the end, when staring into his wee daughter's beautiful blue eyes, he saw reason.

On dark nights once they lay down to sleep, Éomer sometimes cannot help but ask her, "Paige, do you not think what might've happened had I not come through that door? How your life might be different?"

And every time, Paige replies the same. "Nope. 'Cause nothing can be better than this."

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