The Re-Creation Of Starscream

Chapter 1: Soundwave Arrives

Warnings: Non-con (although not graphic).

The Decepticon base was abuzz with excitement and not a little bit of fear as word quickly spread amongst the few soldiers and mini-Cons based there; Soundwave was coming. The lone newcomer, Sideways, was curious as to why everyone was terrified but no one would answer him. Starscream looked terrified at the mere mention of the name while Cyclonus and Demolisher just shook their heads and went back to scrubbing the walls in a futile attempt to clean up the base. Even the mini-Cons sensed the fear in the air and huddled close to their respective partners while the unbonded ones clung to each other, not speaking unless they absolutely had to.

"So what's the big deal?" Swindle finally asked from his perch on Starscream's shoulder as the jet straightened up their quarters, subspacing all personal effects in an effort to hide them.

"The big deal about what?"

If he was capable of it Swindle was positive that he would have rolled his optics. "This Soundwave dude. Why are all of you so scared of him?" if he really wanted to Swindle could use their link to search through Starscream's mind and find out on his own but didn't want to risk losing the tentative friendship that the two had struck up.

Starscream hesitated then let out a long sigh. "Soundwave," he said carefully, "is a telepath. He can read a mech's mind and find out all of their innermost secrets and desires."

Oh. That didn't sound very good and Swindle said as much.

"As long as you have strong mental shields you should be just fine," Starscream reassured the little race car. "He can push his way through if he needs to but even Soundwave has his limits. We just need to hope that Megatron doesn't order him to search somebot's mind on a whim."

"That wouldn't be good," Swindle agreed. Megatron already knew that Starscream wanted to kill him but, still, it could permanently damage the jet if Megatron decided to tip the scales in his favor once again. Besides, Starscream was mentally unstable enough as it was; he certainly didn't need any more damage done to his circuits.

Two days later all of the Decepticons and mini-Cons were gathered in the throne room as they anxiously awaited Soundwave's arrival. When the warp gate activated all of the Decepticons (including Starscream who had never before stood at attention since Swindle's arrival) stood as tall and as straight as they could while trying to look like hardened, loyal Decepticon warriors. Even Sideways had polished his handlebars and Swindle tried not to laugh at how ridiculous they all looked. Well, he wanted to laugh but considering the fact that Starscream had spent two hours polishing Swindle until he positively gleamed, gave him extra rations and even spent half of the night before upgrading his firewalls the mini-Con thought it for the best if he kept his opinions to himself and drew no attention their way. Of course once he actually saw Soundwave he forgot all about keeping calm and mentally freaked out. That dude was scary looking! Over half of his face was hidden by a mask and he had a huge cannon resting on his shoulder. Starscream felt his nervousness and tried to send some reassurance through their bond but, seeing as how he was scared to, couldn't do much.

"Ah, Soundwave, good to see you again," Megatron greeted cordially as he rose from his throne.

"Pleasantries: unnecessary," the blue Decepticon said in a monotone.

"Down to business as usual I see," the Warlord sighed. "Well it's good to see that some things never change. You remember my elite troops of course?"

"Observation: elite is an overstatement. None of your troops are very efficient at what they do."

"That's not a very nice thing to say about your fellow officers," Sideways spoke up.

"Fact; truth hurts."

"And that is Sideways," Megatron said. "And then of course there are the mini-Cons but they're not important."

Starscream fairly bristled at the insult as did Swindle but the Second-In-Command remained silent.

"Observation; Starscream disagrees with you about the importance of the mini-Cons," Soundwave said suddenly as he turned to face them.

"Oh really?" Megatron's voice sent chills up and down Swindle's spinal strut as he walked over to them. "Is there anything else that you disagree with me on?"

Tell 'im no, boss, Swindle urged.

"Well now that you mention it," Starscream began much to Swindle's dismay.

Megatron's optics narrowed. "Soundwave," he hissed.

Soundwave stepped forward and grabbed Starscream's helm. The Seeker's orange optics widened momentarily then narrowed in determination. Swindle could feel firewalls moving from Starscream's processor to the link that led to his.


Don't worry, Swindle, I'll take care of you.

Then the link between them abruptly shut and for the first time since they had joined forces Swindle was left with only his own thoughts to keep him company. He watched as Soundwave ripped through Starscream's processor, tearing down the non-existent firewalls and digging through his deepest, darkest secrets. Then Soundwave stepped back and Starscream fell to the floor, Swindle just barely moving out of the way in time. The other Decepticons looked uneasy but none of them moved to help Starscream in any way or stop Megatron when he forced himself on the Seeker. Through it all Starscream didn't make a sound; instead he just stared straight ahead, his body shaking and orange optics wide but he didn't say anything. Swindle's attempt to break through the barrier separating their minds was futile. He wanted to stop Megatron but knew that he stood no chance against the mighty Decepticon so he just watched, his tiny fists clenching in fury. After what seemed like forever Megatron finally got up and walked out of the throne room, the other Decepticons following him.

"Boss?" Swindle asked as he knelt next to his partner. "Can you…can you hear me?"

Starscream still didn't speak; fluids ran from various parts of his body and his exposed wires sparked faintly. Swindle couldn't do much but he could at least replace the interfacing panel which he did, wincing when Starscream didn't even react. A sudden noise behind him had Swindle spinning around, half-afraid that Megatron had returned to finish the job and was vastly relieved to see the Star Saber mini-Cons instead. Despite having been linked to Starscream for only a short period of time before joining with Megatron the three mini-Cons had maintained their mind-link with the jet and he returned the favor by keeping a close optic on them and protecting them when necessary.

"We need to take him to the Autobots," Sonar said seriously.

"Agreed," Runway nodded.

"He needs medical attention," Jetstorm added.

"Will you help me take him?" Swindle asked. He knew Starscream would be appalled to learn that they had sought help from their enemies but they had no choice.

The three mini-Cons exchanged looks then nodded.

"Perhaps this will teach both factions that we choose our own fates," Sonar mused then flew over to the warp console where he punched in a series of coordinates.

"Just hang on, boss," Swindle whispered as he and the other mini-Cons somehow managed to drag the much larger Transformer over to the warp gate. Seconds later they disappeared from the base, leaving behind only a pile of energon to show that they had ever been there.

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