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Uneasy Waiting

Wade sung the Jeopardy theme song as he filled in the blanks of a MadLib book. He glanced over the top of his book at Laura whose eyes were fixed on the barred door in their ceiling.

"Noun?" He called out.

"Hell." Laura replied without looking at him.

"Russia? Okay, if you say so." He shrugged and wrote down the word in the last blank. He opened started to read the short story aloud, but the heavy door somewhere at the back of their floor opened and slammed shut. Laura leapt off her cot and approached the glass. Wade sat his MadLib book on the table and followed her. Murmurs and clicks sounded through the hall, and Laura could see the faint outline of people through the darkened glass again. The lights came on at once, and they were bathed in white light. The cells they could see on the opposite side of them were empty now, but the tourists that wandered through the halls looked in other cells where they clearly saw other people they talked about.

"Where are they?" Laura asked.

"I think they're dead." Wade replied.

"I wonder how many are left." Laura spoke up.

"Enough to keep this going." Wade shook his head. The second half of the tourists stopped in front of their cell and read their biography boards. A couple of grown men in expensive suits nudged each other and pointed at Deadpool and a couple of the ladies with fur wraps made disgusted faces at X-23.

Wade groaned and jerked his guns from their holsters and pointed them at the glass wall. The group jumped back but didn't move. One of the men made a daring move and stepped forward. He walked towards the glass. Laura didn't recognize him until he stepped up to the glass wall and pointed at her and winked. He rubbed his thumb against his fingers in the universal sign language for money, and he pointed at her. Laura scowled and extended her claws as she balled her hands into tight fists. The man smiled wider.

Wade pointed the gun in his left hand at the man's face and pulled the trigger. It hit the glass and sparked before falling away without leaving any sign of damage. The man had already jumped back into the group as he saw the bullet headed for him, and the crowd shielded their eyes as it sparked but when they saw they were unharmed, they broke into laughter and continued to the next cell.

Wade holstered his guns, and he approached Laura. He almost rested a gloved hand on her shoulder to get her attention, but she grabbed his wrist before he could, and she twisted it so hard it cracked three times before she let go. She jerked away and stepped back when she realized what she did to him, but she couldn't apologize.

"Fucking hell," He groaned and held his hand back into place while it quickly healed.

Without anymore words, Laura returned to her cot and sat in the corner against the wall. Wade scratched at his head at the back of his mask, and he returned to the table and continued to work on his MadLibs as the door at the end of the hall closed and the lights went back out.