Correcting My Mistakes…

By: Enja

Ages: Ash: 14, Misty: 15, Brock: 19

Chapter: 1


             I looked around the PokeCentre room and admired the pictures on the wall, they reminded me of a boy I used to know. I used to love, but that was all over. I had a new love now. At least I thought I did…

            "You alright, Misty?" Ash asked as he sat down next to me.

            "Yeah, I guess…" I answered weakly. I looked at him and smiled to show I was just fine. He smiled that sweet smile back. God he's cute! We sat there in silence and stared at the wall for a few minutes.

            "Ready to go, Misty?"

            "Yeah, where's Brock?" Brock was barely on earth anymore. Ever since he found this girl on the internet he would be in a trance all day or on the computer!

            "He's getting off the phone with Lina. They exchanged phone numbers." Ash concluded. I nodded. We sat for a few more minutes, waiting. Brock turned up a few minutes later with tears running out of his eyes.

            "She was so beautiful… I want her! WAHHH!" Ash and I sweat dropped and we pulled Brock out of the door, each holding one ear.

            "Wait here while I get Pikachu." Ash disappeared into the PokeCentre and returned a few minutes later with Pikachu following right behind, happily.

We all headed off towards Tulia Town. Ash was going to get his next badge there and I was going to spend the day in the famous mall there. It was supposed to be really big. I think the biggest mall in the world! I was going to be there all day and probably be back the day after that. I would not miss Ash's gym battle for the world though.

            "Brock, how long should it take to get there?" Ash asked.

            "If you don't get us lost…" Ash's face got really red and I could see his temper rising. "it should take us about two days." Brock smiled.  "The quickest way to the phone in the PokeCentre is that WAY!" I fingered my mallet while Ash sweat dropped.

            "Well let's hurry then." Ash said, probably hoping that I wouldn't get my mallet out. We head out down the path.

            Wonder what I will get? What will they have? The Tulia Mall sounds like shopping heaven. I hope I can get Ashy-boy to come!

            Ash then stopped in the middle of the road for no apparent reason. I watched him eagerly.

            "What's up, Ash?" I asked.

"Prepare for trouble!"

"Make that double!"

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all people in our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth, that's right!"

            "TEAM ROCKET!" Ash called, ready to battle.

            "That's our name, don't ware it out!" James snickered and continued. "Hand over Pikachu!" He called, threateningly.

            "You wish!" I called. "Why do you even bother? It's not like we're just going to give you Pikachu!"

            "Hmph! It would be a lot easier if you just did! You wouldn't have to battle us all the time and we would stop bothering you!" Jessie called, hotly. She was obviously annoyed about this and the same routine almost everyday.

            O-boy, here we go again!

            "Pikachu, thunder!" Ash called while grinning. Shocking electricity shot in the sky towards Team Rocket. I watched as they yelped in pain.

            Gosh! That must hurt! Luckily, I have never really been shocked. They deserve it though.

                 "SEE YA! WOULDN'T WANT TO BE YA!" Ash called happily as Pikachu fell back into his arms. Team Rocket soared through out the sky and you could hear a 'ding' in the distance.

            "Great job, Pikachu!" Brock complimented. "That delay of time could have expanded longer if you hadn't gotten Team Rocket away so quickly. I would have had to wait about twenty more minutes until I got to hear Lina's sweet voice once again!"

I fingered my mallet once again. I looked up to see if Brock was still in LaLa land. His face was still red, his eyes had a spark in them (how?), and his smile was as goofy as ever. I pulled out my mallet and swung it as hard as I could, sending Brock flying into a tree. Ash  and Pikachu giggled as I put my mallet back.

I clapped my hands and smiled. "Well, let's go!" I say happily. A few minutes later Brock caught up to us, breathing deeply.


We had been walking all day and I was really tired now. Cramps were running through my body. My feet were screeching in pain and I felt like I was going to faint. Ash noticed this right away.

            "You okay, Misty? You look really tired." I nodded.

            "I'm okay, I'm just beat…" He smiled.

            "Do you want to stop for the night?"

            "Yeah, thank you, Ash…" He nodded and showed off his victory sign. This made me practically melt.

            "Anything to keep my friends happy!"

            "Are you KIDDING? We have to get to the phone!"

            "May I?" Ash asked me.

            "It would be my honors." I handed him my mallet and Ash swung it real hard at Brock's head.

            "How'd I do?" He asked blowing the ends of his fingers.

            "Couldn't have done better myself."

I sat down on my sleeping bag and watched the stars above. Ash and I had not fought all day. It was a record and it had to go in my diary. I pulled it out right away at the thought. I took a pen and started to write.

            Hey Diary,

How have you been? Why am I asking you? You are an inanimate object. Well I have come to spill my daily thoughts to you. I'll stop rambling now and get on with the point.

          Today is the first day in the history books that Ash and I had not fought. It feels great that I could actually control my temper for once. I feel slightly different today. I don't know what it is, but I really don't like it but I do. I feel in physical pain most the day. Maybe it's just a little cold? I dunno. I forgot the rest of what I was going to fill you in with, I think I'll just go to sleep.

                                                                   -Misty Waterflower


I put my diary back in my bag. I watched Brock work on diner while Pikachu helped Ash polish his poke balls. He saw me looking at me and flashed me a smile. I smiled back and lay back on my pillow. My eyes slowly start to close and I fell into a deep sleep.

            "Misty? Misty?" I felt a warm hand nudging me. "Are you asleep?"

            "I was." I grunt, sarcastically. I open my eyes to find Ash hovering above me.

            "Follow me."

            "Why? It's the middle of the night…" He ignored that remark and walked away, still gesturing me to follow. So I did.

            We walked for awhile. We were soon traveling up a hill. "Where are we going?" I ask, out of breath.

            "You'll see." I saw a small light at the top of the hill. When we reached the top I found a small fire and a beautiful view of the sky and forest below.

            "Ohh…Ash, it's beautiful!" He smiled and sat down and directed me to sit by the fire too. I glanced at him looking up at the sky. He looked so cute and innocent.

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