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So internet friend AU, why not. Mostly gonna be in chats, and... yeah. Wee.

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He stared at the computer screen.

The black line blinked. The form was empty, taunting him with the prospect of... er, anything, really. Hiccup still didn't know why he'd signed up for the Anonymous Interactions program (lies, he totally knew why: he was curious).

It wasn't, like, required, or anything, but Hiccup figured it would be fun. Besides, he didn't have anything to lose, considering the entire program was anonymous (unless you didn't want it to be), and he didn't exactly have friends, you know?

The system was set up as a social exercise by the school: open to all enrolled students as an effort to "forge bonds between and amongst the student body during the challenging years of high school".

He wanted this to a be a fresh start, and heck, it was freshman year, and a lot of people were signing up, and maaaybe he'd get paired with a girl who miiight want to go off anon. Or even better, someone who would publicly acknowledge his existence.

The possibility was enough for him, really. Gotta be an optimist during trying times.

So he logged on.

September 4. 8:03 p.m.

NightFury is now online.

StormChaser is now online.

NightFury: hi

StormChaser: Hey.

NightFury: so... how does this work?

StormChaser: Dunno.

StormChaser: Are we staying on anon?

NightFury: i am if you are

StormChaser: okay. i am.

NightFury: cool

"Okay, now what?" Hiccup said to no one in particular as he sat in his-messy-room, suddenly aware of the odd reality of their conversation.

How awkward the situation was.

"What do we even talk ab-"

StormChaser: So... Freshman?

Hiccup considered lying; he considered making a fantasy world where he was the star football player-and he meant the kind where you actually use your feet-football, not American football, by the way-scoring goals and generally being fit and whatnot.

He wanted to pretend he was popular. Accepted. A junior or senior, not a lousy freshman with zero hand-eye coordination when it came to ball-related sports.

But then, that would ruin the whole point, wouldn't it?

NightFury: yeah. you?

StormChaser: Same.

StormChaser: Big school.

NightFury: yeah, lots of pressure

StormChaser is typing something...

He waited, hoping maybe the next message would be a clue of some sort to this person's identity.

Mostly because he was double-hoping it wasn't Snotlout.

"Too nice, though," Hiccup whispered to himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Cancels out all the populars, I guess."

StormChaser: Oh, I gotta go. Do we exchange numbers, or...?

NightFury: oh

NightFury: sure

NightFury: 735-903-2673

StormChaser: 735-246-9024

StormChaser: Cool.

NightFury: will you be at school tomorrow?

StormChaser: Def. First day.

NightFury: right. will i see you?

StormChaser: Def. Will I see YOU?

NightFury: probs not

StormChaser: Haha. This will be fun.

NightFury: what, a "where's waldo" but with real people?

NightFury: at Berk Academy?

NightFury: you don't say

StormChaser: No, "Where's Waldo" is easy. This is a challenge.

NightFury: bring it

StormChaser: You're going down, Night.

NightFury: i really doubt that

NightFury: didn't you need to leave?

StormChaser: Oh!

StormChaser: Right.

StormChaser: I texted you, by the way. Did you get it?

NightFury: hang on

StormChaser: Hanging.

NightFury: harhar

He liked this StormChaser person already. Spunky.

"Guess I'm not a lost cause in the 'making friends' department."

Hiccup checked his phone; it beeped, and an unknown number lit up the screen. The message read: StormChaser, here. Please don't be a creeper.

"Well, I guess I don't know you, Stormy," Hiccup breathed, unsure if he was relieved or not. "Then again, I don't think I have any of our classmates' numbers. Welp."

NightFury: yeah, got it

NightFury: and im not a creeper

StormChaser: That's what a creeper says.

NightFury: ...

StormChaser: It was a joke!

StormChaser: I'm joking.

StormChaser: ...Well, half.

StormChaser: Please don't be one of the Berserker kids from the South Wing.

South Wing was reject country-not the kind Hiccup was accustomed to, mind. It was hardcore crazies, kids who liked bringing on the hurt and doing a bunch of illegal things. Their group leader was called Dagur-pronounced like the knife you use to stab people.

Funnily enough, his full nickname was "Dagur the Deranged", as if the group's "Berserker" status wasn't scary enough.

Funnier? Dagur started paying attention to Hiccup when he found out the scrawny kid was going to be a freshman. "If you need anything taken care of... Well, you know," he'd said, grinning like a rabid wolf minus the frothing.

Hiccup still had nightmares about that day.

NightFury: nope, not a berserker

NightFury: but they wouldn't touch me anyway

NightFury is typing...

StormChaser: Ugh, gotta go for real now.

StormChaser: Text me!

StormChaser is now offline.

NightFury: cause dagur considers me his lil bro now for some reason

NightFury: oh whoops

NightFury: okay

NightFury: wait

NightFury: does this thing even register messages after you log off

NightFury: ...no it does not

NightFury: *rambles to self*

NightFury is now offline.

Hiccup took to his phone-there was one thing he wanted to ask before he forgot.

totally unimportant, but g or b? he typed.

To be honest, the thought of landing a girlfriend directly through the site had completely left his mind-at this point, and with Stormy being a fairly chill person, he just wanted to know if he could at least extract some girl advice.

From, y'know, a girl.

Right as he sent it, his phone beeped with an identical message from his new friend.

"Huh. Whaddya kno-" he was cut off by his phone beeping again, this time containing a message that said, Haha. Jinx. G.

b, he texted back. and still not a creeper.

Another familiar beep: Still what creepers say. Talk in a bit. Or later. Or tomorrow. Not really sure.

Hiccup laughed, replying, i'll be here. lounging. being a bum.

"This is gonna be interesting," he said to himself, the faintest of creaks coming from his bedroom door.

A black cat entered, jumping up onto the boy's bed, turning round before nuzzling itself to sleep on the pillow.

Hiccup walked up to his bed-still in his pajamas-plopping down beside the feline. "Mm... Good idea, bud."

And to snooze-land they went.

...Accidentally waking up the next morning instead of, say, 20 minutes later.


(He totally missed the next few texts from ol' Stormy, completely thought he made himself look like a A-class jerkface to his new friend, and gosh darn she might think he's Snotlout now.)

(Like, not as bad a Berserker, but still pretty bad.)

So much for fresh starts.

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