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Disclaimer: Nintendo, Game FREAK, 4Kids, Shogakukan Comics, etc. own pokemon. I do not. So that means Lance, Ash, Dragonair, Dragonite, Gyrados, etc. do not belong to me.

Ash = Red

This is based on the Pokemon Adventure comic series. I always found it odd how Ash could be such a good trainer. It's not just luck or the Viridian Power that Yellow and Giovanni have – we know that. So how did it happen, and who trained him?

Pairings: Championshippy (Ash/Lance) Hey, I figure if I have to do shonen ai, then it had better be a good pairing! And yes, I'm the only person that does Championshippy at the moment that I know of. Oh well. And who knows, it might not turn out to be shonen ai after all (hint, hint!) I sort of need it to be male/female for the plot to work…

Note: In Pokemon Adventure, Ash doesn't have any parents. But he does have a house, and lots of pokemon even before he gets his pokédex from Oak. How does that happen?

Ages at the beginning of the fic:

Ash/Red = 17 He looks 12 though… it's an illusion.

Blue = 12

Green = 12.5

Yellow = 9

Lance = 24

You CAN carry more than six pokemon in this series!

Ash/Red's pokemon: TMTC (too many to count) I'll list a few. Venusaur, Poliwrath, Aerodactyl, Eevee (special!), Gyrados, Dragonite, Dragonair.

Blue's pokemon (he's a guy): Ninetails, Charizard, Scyther, Porygon, Machamp, Golduck…

Green's pokemon (female): Ditto, Clefable, Jigglypuff, Snubble, Blastoise, Nidorina, Horsea…

Yellow's pokemon (Female): Pika, Kitty(Butterfree), Dodrio, Golem, Omastar, and Raticate.

Lance's pokemon: 2 Dragonair, Dragonite, Aerodactyl, and Gyrados. He has more but he doesn't usually use them in battle.

Note: As always, ** indicates thoughts, indicates telepathy, and italics is translated poke speech!

Timeframe: Pokemon Adventure the last volume.

Title: Dragon's Love

Authoress: Shadow

Prologue: The shadowed path

            Yellow was flying in the air, via Butterfree, and holding Pikachu. Pikachu was being charged with power, thanks to the efforts of Red's Venusaur, Blue's Charizard, and Green's Blastoise. All the electricity was building up, in an effort to dissuade the legendary pokemon Lance was talking to from destroying humanity and turning the world into one for only pokemon and Elite Trainers.

            Down below, Red suddenly stiffened. Something felt wrong with this whole scene. Something was wrong, deadly wrong, he could feel the jangling in his nerves, but he didn't know what…

            "Who is Yellow fighting?" Red asked Blue.

            Blue blinked. "You didn't know? Yellow is fighting the leader of the Elite Four Lance the Dragon Master for the fate of humanity. Come on, Charizard, put more effort into your flamethrower!"

            Charizard roared and spat out more flame.

            Red's eyes widened. * No, it couldn't be him. It couldn't be. I can't let this happen! *  "STOP, Venusaur!" Red shouted.

            Venusaur, startled, broke off her attack. However, it was too late. The elemental energy they had already sent up Butterfree's silk thread to Pikachu was enough to power Pikachu up for its strongest attack.

            "Pikachu, Megavolt!" Yellow shouted triumphantly. "We can't let Lance win!"

            Pikachu nodded happily as its cheeks began to spark menacingly.

            Blue and Green stared at Red, who had just collapsed onto the ground, writhing in pain. From far above, they could hear the thunderous crackle of electricity.

            "Red!" Blue said, running over and shaking his friend. "What's wrong?"

            Red stared at them both with blank, glassy eyes. "Lance…" He whispered. He shivered and clutched at something under his shirt.

            Green turned to Blastoise. "Could you please splash him? He seems to be out of it." Her pokemon obliged happily, drenching the young trainer.

            But Red's condition didn't change.

            Green, who, contrary to popular belief, was not just a ditzy trainer who liked cute pokemon or a devious salesperson, managed to extract exactly what Red was holding.

            It was a locket of clear crystal. Inside was a picture, of Red dressed in his standard attire and winking, and… Lance.

            "No way…" Green said, jaw dropping. "Were those two?"

            In the air, Lance was fighting his own battle. The electricity coming from Pikachu crackled through his body, causing him to thrash in pain. It would have killed him, but it wasn't that strong. This shouldn't have happened… unless some of it was being siphoned off to his partner.

            "No! Stop!" Lance said, to Pikachu, despite the electricity crackling over his body. "You'll kill Red!"

            "You're lying!" Yellow said angrily, her eyes flashing. "Don't listen to him, Pikachu! Kill him!"

            Pikachu nodded and pumped even more electricity into the attack.

            Lance screamed. But he couldn't let Red die. "Aerodactyl, we're going back down!" Lance said, trying to ignore the pain. Aerodactyl nodded and they began diving back towards Cerise Island.

            "Come on, Kitty, Pikachu!" Yellow called, they dove down, following Lance.

            Lance landed next to Red and shoved Green and Blue aside, ignoring Blue's complaints. Green was too stunned to say anything.

            Lance clutched the younger trainer to his chest as a pair of steel dragon wings sprouted out of his back. "Shh, it's all right now."

            Red's eyes cleared and he leaned into the embrace. "Lance." He whispered softly. But even Blue, who could be insanely dense, could feel the underlying currents of emotion.

            "Don't touch him!" Yellow shrieked as she landed, kitty's wings flapping furiously as that descent had been rather abrupt.

            "Pika, Pikachu!" Pikachu added.

            "I'm not going to hurt him." Lance said. Pikachu blinked and sniffed him.

            You smell like Red. Pikachu said. But you don't seem to be attacking him, so I won't do anything yet.

            Lance ruffled the younger trainer's hair. "I see that you're beginning to remember, Ash."

            "H-hai." Red said. "I think that seeing you is bringing back my memories."

            "You do know why I did that, don't you?"

            Red bowed his head. "Yes, I remember." He said. His eyes started to fill up with tears. "But you shouldn't have done that! I would have stayed with you, I would have followed you to the end!"

            "Would someone please tell me what's going on?" Yellow spoke up.

            "It's a long story." Red said.

            "Well, we have a lot of time." Blue said. From above the island, a gentle healing rain began to fall. "I don't think any of us will be leaving this island anytime soon." He scowled at the Dragon Master fiercely.

            "Well," Red began. "First of all, I should explain something. My real name is Ash, and I'm not really twelve years old. I'm actually seventeen."

            This brought several startled reactions from the other three 'color' trainers.

            "What?!" Green said. "But I thought we were the same age!"

            "You sure look twelve." Blue said. "I don't think you're a midget though."

            Yellow was just blinking and staring.

            Only Lance didn't look shocked. He had a sad smile on his face.

            "Here's my story." Ash said. "It started when I was seven. My mom was raising me by herself, since I didn't have a father. Poliwhirl and some of my other pokemon can testify to that. She did a good job, I think. We never really went hungry or anything. But then, Team Rocket showed up…"

            Lance knew what was going to happen next, so he handed Ash a handkerchief. Ash sniffled and wiped away his tears. "Anyways, they wanted this special jewel that my mom was had. It was clear and about the size of a marble. My mom wouldn't give it to them, so they used- they used a Scyther to kill her."

            "That's terrible!" Green said. Then, she had a thought. "Wait, wouldn't you have to be sent to the orphanage then?"

            "Green! How can you be so heartless?" Blue asked in shock.

            "They would have sent me to the orphanage." Ash said with a grim smile. "But I ran away. Then, Lance found me. He took care of me for seven years, trained me to be the best of the best, and taught me how to use my full potential. But when I was fourteen, something happened. When I awoke, I looked ten, and I couldn't remember anything. I had Poliwhirl, and I was in Pallet Town. When I asked the children, they said that I'd been attacked by a wild Raticate and fainted. Then, they took me to my house. I stayed there for a few weeks, before I ran into Mew and got my pokédex from Oak. Then, I started my journey."

            "I think you need to go more into detail, Red." Green said.

            "Well, that was just the summary. Since we still have time, I'll start from the beginning…"

End Prologue!

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