Part 21!

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Chapter 21: The end? Not so…

Back to the present…

            "You're a girl." Blue repeated for the millionth time.

            "Yes." Lance said, crossing her arms. "What's wrong?"

            Ash snuggled tighter against Lance, earning a raised eyebrow from Blaine. "What?" He asked defensively.

            Green looked contemplative. "Well, it's not that far-fetched of a theory."

            Yellow finally got over her shock and turned to Lance. "But why are you trying to destroy the world?"
            Lance sweatdropped. "Have you not listened to a single word of the story?" Her eyes blazed a silver color as her clothes were replaced by silver armor with dragon patterns on it over an ice blue robe. Stylized silver bracelets appeared on her arms, and her white boots changed into silver armored boots. From her back sprouted a pair of metallic silver wings, like dragon's wings.

            "I'm the Dragon Master!"

            "And what does that have to do with anything?"

            Lance sweatdropped. * She's really dense… I cannot believe this. This is so not working… *

            "Never mind." Lance said. She flew upwards. "I think Lugia's still waiting for me. I have to do this."


            Lance hissed angrily. "This age is over!" She vanished from view and soon, the ominous crackled of electricity was heard. Waves of destruction spread out in all directions.

            "This is bad." Blue said, voicing the concerns of all present.

            Green hugged Blue. "I'm scared…"

            "Shh, I'll protect you…"

            Yellow went into angst mode. * Oh no! I couldn't stop him! I mean her! I was trying to show him – her, that the way of thinking was wrong, but! *

            Blaine looked worried. * That bird must have been Lance's secret weapon! *

            Ash closed his eyes. "Illusion down." He reverted back into a seventeen year old, dressed in black.

 From his back appeared a pair of semi-transparent wings/fins, silver-streaked clear sea-green color. His clothes changed into a pure white robe with a dark blue sash. His feet were bare, but his legs were covered with a pattern of scales. So were his arms.

            His eyes opened. They were a clear sea-green color.

            Pika gasped. You're not Destiny! You're Hope! I knew that there were two forms of the pokemon, but…

            "Correct." Ash said, smiling. "Destiny destroys and Hope restores." He spread his wings? Fins? And flew up after Lance.

            "RED!" Yellow shouted.

            "Let him go." Blue told her.


            "This is the way its meant to be… I think." Green said, grinning.

            Blaine sweatdropped, while Blue bonked her on the head affectionately. "Baka."


            Lance watched the destruction impassively.

            Ash landed behind her and touched her on the shoulder. Soon, a new age will begin. Don't look so worried.

            Yes. Lance replied. When the earth is cleansed of humanity's power. And I'm not worried. This has always been the duty of the guardians. We are bound by fate, just as others are, strange as it may seem. But with guardianship power comes a price…

            The price of forgetting, and remembering, and having to make the right choice, even when it seems wrong.

            The price of being torn apart, and being put back together, even though there are missing pieces…

            The price of dying, and living, and dying, on the whim of capricious fate.

            Still, as long as you are by my side…

            Ash's cheeks were tinged slightly with pink as he blushed slightly. I wish…

            Now, you know Fate won't grant us our wishes.

            But I have Hope. Ash said, touching his heart.

            Lance smiled slightly. Yes, you do, for you are hope. And that spark of light in you will never be lost, though your magic is shadow.

            Ash sighed and snuggled up next to Lance as the waves continued on their path.

            Who knows how long they sat there? But after the earth had finally been cleansed, Ash opened his mouth and began to sing.

            As he sang, his wings/fins opened and a healing rain began to fall. Soon, lush forests sprang up, and fertile grasslands. Pokemon appeared and danced happily in the beautiful new world.

            The two smiled at each other.

            Our work is done. Lance said. * We didn't need Fire this time… that's good, she's really weak right now… *

            Yes. Ash replied.

            I love you.

            I know.

            Lance kissed Ash on the lips lightly. Really?

            Of course! Ash said. Clouds appeared and shielded the pair from view.

            Time passed, and then the cycle of rebirth began.

            Don't forget me. Lance whispered as they stepped through the gates of reincarnation.

            I won't. Ash promised. He handed her his starlight orb locket. I promise.

            Remember, I will always be forever yours.

            As will I. Ash replied. They kissed one last time. Then, white light surrounded the pair and they were no more.

End Story!

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