Disclaimer: I don't owe Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (unfortunately).

A/N: This is the direct counterpoint for 'I used to have a demon' and they correspond to one another. Basically, same incident, just two very different ways of looking of it. Hope you enjoy!

1b. I used to have a human

Who played with me all day

Even though i was scary

She didn't run away

2b. I used to have a human

Who never cried when she fell

Grinned as she stood up

She laughed through all my hell

3b. I used to have a human

Who understood my songs

Knew that i was depressed

She held me all night long

4b. I used to have a human

Who was bullied by her friends

Ensured she knew nothing

As I raged in revenge

5b. I used to have a human

Who liked to play my games

Pretended to be scared;

we laughed ourselves insane.

6b. I used to have a human

Who loved a sneaky cheat

Her heart got broken so I

Dumped his body in a ditch

7b. I used to have a human

Who was scared of strange things

Isn't scared of me

But of falling from roof beams

8b. I now have a demon

Who couldn't resist a game

So we switched our places

And we were never quite the same.

A/N2: And it's done yay! Although this time the last italic stanza is from Yako's pov instead of Neuro's. Hope that clears up any confusion. It's really amazing how an experience can be interpreted differently by two different individuals. Yes, you may marvel at my ingenuity and heap praises onto my being. XD

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(edit 23/1/15): To snow-cupcake: Hi, to answer your questions, Neuro and Yako are able to switch their minds between them. As for how...well, I am in full belief of Neuro's seemingly infinite demonic powers :) The switching of their bodies is sort of a game to them - imagine Yako's friends talking to her and realising that she(Neuro) has suddenly grown a claw and is cackling to herself/himself. Oh,all the crazy things they would get up to...Hmm what's changed would be practically everything, how people view them, how they act around others since most people would hardly believe that yes, switching minds is possible in the MTNN universe :P Hope I've answered your questions and if you're still unsure, no worries just leave a comment and I'll answer it to the best of my abilities :)