Author's Note: Hi, everyone. I decided to make this since a lot of you readers enjoyed my other 'Kiss' stories. There will be twenty short chapters in this story. If you haven't read my other 'Kiss' stories, I suggest you do before you read this one. If not, then that's cool. :) Anyway, I hope this is enjoyable! If there's anything you'd like to see happen, let me know and I might consider it.

Everything is Nice

The sunlight kissed her skin, warm and tranquil; and the calming, light breeze caressed her skin and strolled through her long hair. She walked slowly along the ground, through the towering trees while the grass tickled her bare feet. Something caught her eye; it was a dying branch of a tree. Without thinking much of it, the winged female reached her hand out and touched the tree, healing it with her magic.

"What does it feel like?" a voice suddenly touched her ears, a familiar one and something that she looked forward to hearing every single day.

Maleficent whirled around to face Diaval. She could see him leaning against a tree, arms crossed over his chest. At the sight of him, her heartbeat increased in its speed and her belly fluttered with unexpected butterflies. Whenever her vision captured the raven, it made her feel this way.

She and Diaval had been continuing on with their relationship for several months more. The only thing that their relationship brought to her was immense joy with lessening pain. Thoughts of her previous relationship with Stefan and the way it had ended were slowly disappearing from her mind. It was as if Diaval removed those horrid thoughts from her mind whenever he was near.

"What does what feel like?" Maleficent answered her companion's question with one of her own. She was flummoxed by it.

The dark haired man gestured around them at the nature surrounding both of them. "Healing life. What does it feel like?"

"It feels…" the faerie thought about it for a few minutes, a contemplative expression dancing along her features. "…it feels nice." She finally decided.

"Nice?" Diaval asked, trying to imagine.

Maleficent gave him a short nod. "Yes."

"Like our love?" queried the raven, removing himself from the tree and trekking over to her. When he reached her, his hands found hers and they were joined.

Maleficent allowed her eyes to move down to their joined hands. "Not quite."

"I'm confused then…Maleficent," Diaval spoke, still getting used to the fact that he had to use her real name instead of calling her 'mistress'.

Maleficent put her eyes on his face, giving him a small smile. "It is difficult to explain, Diaval. Why don't we just leave it at that, hmm?"

"Well, alright," the male didn't have a problem with that. "I still believe that our love is nice…probably nicer than you healing life with your magic."

Maleficent was about to respond to that, but Diaval's lips were suddenly pressed against hers gently. The winged female did not take too long to answer his kiss, returning it while shutting her eyes.

Yes, everything was nice.