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Grey Skies

The Quidditch field was deserted and quiet in the early hours of twilight. Well, almost. A stranger paced about the perimeter of the field. Mumbling his sorrows or letting out his rage, no one knew, or so he thought.

"How dare he! Putting his name in the Goblet and getting chosen like that! Doesn't he know how much trouble he could get himself into? Obviously not! He's got You-Know-Who after him including his group of sadistic followers but he keeps living dangerously!" a flame-haired boy shouted to the darkening sky. The boy, Ron, paced rapidly, letting the situation wash over him.

While Ron shouted out to the sky, he quickly noticed a slight change in his surrounding. The sky grew darker; not like it's usual everyday occurrence of night but it faded ashen in color.

"If it isn't weasel." Sneered a certain snake. "Telling his trouble to all nature to hear. Isn't that a little daft? Oh, wait. I forgot to whom I was speaking to. Weasley here couldn't afford proper help so he turns to the sky. Very ingenious, I might say. I'd probably do the same if I was in your situation."

"Malfoy, don't you have anything better to do than waste your time doling out your quick wit on a Weasley such as I." Ron stared at Malfoy, shooting daggers of anger out towards him. He quickly gave up on his latest distraction and went back to brooding over his present status on Harry and his entry into the Triwizard Tournament. He was soon back to pacing when he was sure he was alone.

As Ron began to head back towards the bleachers he realize he wasn't as alone as he thought.

"Malfoy!" Ron interjected. "What the bloody hell are you still doing here?"

"Watching the amusing spectacle that is Ronald Weasley." Malfoy chuckled as he leaned back on the seat behind him.

"It's good to hear you are getting great amusement from my predicament!"

"You have a predicament? Well, I would thoroughly enjoy hearing this! Weasley, in his blissfully dim world, has a problem."

Ron glared over at the reclining Slytherin with a look of utter annoyance on his face.

"Sorry Weasley. I was just trying to help." The blonde sighed as he recollected himself and set out on his trek to the castle. Yet, once again he couldn't bring himself to leave the boy in distress.

"Leave," grumbled Ron when he noticed that the boy had yet to leave him to his musings.

"I'm feeling compassionate tonight."

Ron couldn't believe his own ears. Even though Malfoy's voice was laced with ice, he thought he heard a hint of true compassion in his voice.

"Before you begin let me guess what your troubles are. It's about Potter. Am I right?" Malfoy smirked.

"Yes! Okay! It's about Harry-fucking-Potter!" Ron exploded. "I'm sick and tired of Harry putting himself into dangerous situations when he's got enough on his plate as is! I'm upset over the fact that I'm jealous of Harry. He's my best friend, I know every hardship he's gone through but I wish I were him! I would love to have the fame, the glory, the recognition, the money he has!"

"Trust me. Money isn't everything." A voice whispered in the wind.

"Sure. Whatever you say. I can't stand being known as the friend of Harry Potter. Always a friend never a name. I'm just not important enough to have my name said by all." The red head sighed as he dropped to the ground, lay down and gazed up at the pale, cloudy sky.

"You are important."

"You're right. Did I ever tell you that I'm actually a prince? I'm from a far away land where unicorns prance around majestically wear polka dots and accordions, where people wear shoes on their hands, gloves on their feet and hats on their arses."

"No need to get sarcastic. I was trying to help you know! You are important. Without you Potter would have been long since dead if it wasn't for you."

"And how would that be, Malfoy." Murmured Ron was he notice the cloud form together to form massive clouds.

"If he had taken my hand in friendship, I would have made fast friends with him, somehow convince him to convince the Sorting Hat to place him in Slytherin House. Of course, Father would soon figure out who my new acquaintance was, persuaded Potter to stay at the Manor over holidays and sold him out to Voldemort himself. If it weren't for you he'd have worm chow by now."

"He met you before me."

"And? I would have weaseled my way into his friendship if it weren't for you."

A long silence developed between them.

"I believe it's going to rain." Informed Ron nonchalantly. Soon, Malfoy was standing over Ron, blocking his view of the developing weather.

"What's your point?!" exasperated Malfoy.

"I want control in my life. I-" Ron was interrupted by something colliding into his mouth. A soft caress that made Ron hastily forget his troubles. With his suddenly clear mind, Ron realized who was kissing him.

"Oy! Malfoy!" He shoved the boy off him. "What was that for?"

"I wasn't in the mood to hear anymore of your Potter problems. I wanted to shut you up. It worked for a period of time." Malfoy gathered himself up, straightened his robes and turn to leave.

Within five steps, Ron had stopped him. "What do you want, Weasley?"

"Do you think you were going get the last kiss.word.whatever?"

Before Malfoy was able to answer, Ron laid his lips upon the shorter boy's. Nothing too emotion-filled or mind-boggling. Just a kiss to show him he wasn't afraid of his scare tactics.

"If you wanted me to stay, all you had to do was ask." Malfoy whispered huskily while looking up through his lush eyelashes.

"I want you to stay." He whispered as a little boy does when he realizes he's lost a fight.

Malfoy closed the space between them and pressed his body seductively against Ron's. "Now was that so hard?"

"Malfoy," Ron asked sheepishly. Obviously he was uncomfortable in his present situation.

"Call me Draco." He whispered softly into the Gryffindor's ear.

"Draco," Ron gulped, "what are you doing? Why are you all over me?"

"I see potential in you."

"For what?"

Draco was tired of words, so he relied on his graceful actions and sensual ways to answer every question Ron had. He leaned up and softly pressed his lips to Ron's once again, letting Ron savor his soft touch. As the taller boy regained his composure, he allowed himself to enjoy what was happening. When Draco felt it time, he dragged his fingers up and over Ron's shoulders. Ron thought the touch as a wisp of air brushing past him.

Ron finally stepped up in the interaction and cautiously traced Draco's luscious lips; his tongue was graciously allowed admittance into the warm chamber of Draco's mouth. As the tongues dueled and explored one another, Ron could only wonder what Harry or anyone else for that matter would say if they say him and his archenemy in this lover's embrace. No matter to him. At this moment in time, Ron could only focus on Draco and wrapping his arms around the small lean frame, temporarily claiming him for this evening.

They broke apart to catch their breaths but they were soon back to the exploration of the other's mouth. Reveling in the fact that their mouths and bodies fit perfectly together, was an amazingly shocking thing to the rivals. Moments later, Draco yearned for more contact with the red-haired boy. With deft hands, Draco stripped Ron of his robes and began to focus on his work on the blasted red and gold tie.

Ron upset by the disturbance of lip on lip contact, protested. "What are you doing?" he looked down and the boy who had finally taken the tie off.

"Giving you some relief." Draco recaptured his soon to be lover's lips. Ron mimicked Draco's previous actions and progressed further by pulling the sweater vest up over Draco's head, leaving blonde hairs to stand askew.

Ron stared into Malfoy's darken eyes, noticing the cloud of lust that shaded the irises. A drop of rain fell onto Ron's hand that was sliding across the smooth plane of skin at the base of Malfoy's neck.

"Told you it would rain."

"Kiss me." Draco demanded as he pulled Ron onto him with such force that they fell onto the softening ground with a thud.

"You okay?" questioned Ron has he hovered over the Slytherin, sincerely worried about him.

With one quick upward thrust on Draco's part, Ron felt the answer. "Do I feel like I'm okay?" whispered the boy on the ground, his breath fluttering against Ron's face.

Ron was surprised at the physical result of their passion filled kiss. He was even more surprised at the reaction he got from the simple thought that he could arouse the boy beneath him.

Feeling compelled to continue this role of causing sexual desire in the boy under him, Ron devoured Draco's mouth, causing a moan to push pass both their lips. The Gryffindor began to trail down Draco's neck, making sure to mark his property. The smaller boy arched in pleasure as Ron lightly nipped at his collarbone, heading down towards the top buttons on his shirt. With each kiss that lead further south, a new button was undone, leaving Malfoy exposed to the rain. Seeing Ron's hair darken as the rain began to pour steadily set Draco afire.

Stripping them both down, not wanting to waste another moment, Draco, then, flipped them over so that now he dominated over Ron. Slowly grinding his rock hard erection into Ron's, Draco examined Ron's almost black eyes. Looking into those two pools that were so willing to unleash their pent up sexuality, forced Draco to crave to be taken by this boy.

"You want control? Control me. Fuck me. Let me do whatever you please." Growled the smaller boy wanting to please him so he could reciprocate later on.

"Suck me off."

Rather surprised and intruged, Draco did as he was told. He listlessly glided down Ron's body, making sure that every body part touched another. When their erections slipped and slid passed each other, Ron sucked in a short breath. "Hurry up," was all he was able to get out before the angel- hair licked at the engorged organ. First, starting at the head and ending at the base of his shaft, Draco licked and kissed his way down, enjoying the heady scent permeating from the head as the first drops of pre-cum leaked out. Now, A wet chamber encased Ron's thick cock. The Gryffindor watched as the blonde boy bobbed his head. As the pace quickened, Ron felt his point of release soon come into reach.

"Stop," he moaned, "I want to feel you as I cum inside you."

Draco quickly stopped. "What makes you think you'll do the fuck?"

One lust-filled stare was the only answer he needed. Draco was once again on the now muddy ground. He felt the mud saturate his clean white-blonde hair, his back, his arms but he didn't care. All he cared about was Ron putting his legs on his shoulders and pressing his saliva slicked cock at his entrance. Ron didn't prepare him, just took him. Before Draco could scream in the pain-pleasure he felt, Ron pressed his lips lovingly against Draco. The soft strokes of Ron's tongue and hard, steady thrusts gave the mewling Slytherin a delightful contrast that he didn't believe this boy could posses.

The rain beating down on his back, Draco's hands leading him to his cock was purely divine to Ron. Taking control like this was all he needed. With each thrust, Malfoy's hips meet his perfectly. With fervor he stroke and thrust, Ron soon came into Draco. A few last minute rubs to Draco's weeping cock caused his release.

Ron lay on top of Draco, letting the rain clean him off, calm him. This was what he needed. He then moved out of the Slytherin, quickly regretting the loss of body heat. Both got up from the ground, cleaned themselves off and got clothed. Draco looked over at Ron as he put on his pants.

"You could have warned me about your full frontal assault on me. I won't be able to sit properly for a few days."

"That sounds like your problem not mine." Ron smiled back. Draco countered with his own winning smile.

"You won't say a word about this, will you?"

"No. as long as you don't. Goodbye Weasley. " Draco sauntered off.

"Hey!" Ron yelled as he ran to catch up with his new 'lover'.

"Yes," he turned around.

"Seeing as how we basically made it official that we are lovers back there, I think we should be on a first name basis, privately."

Draco sighed. Then waltzed up to his rival or ex-rival, he'd figure that part out later, and gave him a brisk kiss on the cheek. "Goodbye Ron."

"Bye Draco."