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Swift moving darkness. Soon fading to reds and oranges as sunlight rests on red speckles. R.E.M is a beautiful dream. But sleep and quiet couldn't keep him asleep. A mini-earthquake shook him out of his slumber.

"Hello Hermione, Harry. Do you know the time?" Ron grumbled as the two remained dog piled on him.

"It's 7:48 in the morning, sunshine." Responded Hermione.

"Oh. Are you insane? It's too early in the blasted morning. Why would anyone wake me up this early?" Ron buried his head under his pillows.

Harry pulled the pillows off of him, "Come now. The husband-to-be refuses to get up? Well, we'll just have to cancel everything. The wedding, the pastor, the guests...the honeymoon...."

"I'm up!" Ron wriggled his two best friends off of him, sending one on either side.

The Gryffindor trio laughed and giggled; they soon settled down, taking in the fact that their best friend was about to get married. The first in the bunch.

"Oh, Ron!" announced Hermione as she clasped his hand in hers. "You're getting married. You're leaving our little group."

"Yeah," Harry innocently took his left hand and held on gently, "you're going to leave us, go see the world with your husband and come back to little old us."

"Speak for yourself. I will never be little or old." Smiled Hermione.

"I won't leave you. I don't think that's humanly possible for us to do." Ron yawned.

"Cover your mouth."

"See! Hermione, I'll need you to keep me in line whenever I come to fault. And Harry, I need you to complain to. I would be nowhere without you guys, believe that. I'm not going to just desert you. I love you guys; always have and always will. If you can only depend on one thing, set your life to one thing, it would be the fact that I will always love, care, cherish and need you. Just because I'll be apart of some old married couple means nothing. I mean it." He whispered as the three just stared up at ceiling.

This simple action was one they did very often whenever they were over, or as of recently, whenever they were in his room. They would lie on their backs, stare at the ceiling and talk. Never look at each other. If they did they would laugh or cry and crying will be saved for the wedding.

"Oh, I love you too, Ron." Sighed Harry.

"And I you Ron. Love you, Har-bear." Hermione giggled.

"Love you too, Hermy. Love ya Ron."

Silence soon permeated the room.

"Ron! I hate you! You are messing with our balance, our harmony. You are not supposed to get married now." Rushed Hermione as tears began to envelop her.

"Hermione, I know. Don't you think I'm a bit freaked out about this. I'm getting married. But I want to do this. Always have. Ever since our fourth year I've contemplated this. My God, we've been engaged since, basically, our 5th year and I'm fine with that. I love Draco. I've been without and I can't do it again. I need him. Just as much as I need my arm, my heart, my two, I need him.

The only way I can describe it is an addiction, I guess. I must have him every single day of my life and when I go without, like when he goes to the market with my mum and I stay here, I crave him to be here. Yet, when he's here, I don't need him anymore because I can take comfort in the fact that he's right there. I don't have to worry about him leaving me forever. I know he won't, he knows I won't. Rather selfish but that's the way it is." Ron sighed, finally letting that one thought, emotion, surface.

"You really love him, huh?" said Hermione meekly, laying her head on his chest.

"I love him so much that I have to numb myself. Because if I let myself feel everything single bit of my love for him, I'd die." (A/N: 2 points and a cookie to whomever can figure out where that quote came from!)

"I hope I can find someone like that."

"You will." Ron grinned. "Harry, you alright?"

"No. I'm just so sad to see you go. Yes, you'll be here but you have a husband to spend your time with. He is first and foremost. I guess I'm rather jealous that he'll get more of Ron than we will." He smiled grievously.

"I agree." Hermione whispered.

"You two! If you don't stop moping about, I'll never talk to you again! I'll spend time with you. How about every Friday we spend time together? No matter what, husbands or no husbands. Deal?"

"Deal." They said in unison. And silence was once again an occupant of the room.

"I'm not going to do it." Ron whispered, anxiety constricting his voice.

"Ronald Benjamin Weasley, you are going to marry Draco! I don't care what you say. You love him, as you just explained. It's just pre-marital jitters." Protested Harry.

"I'm too young."

"You were too young to get involved with Draco. You were too young to fall in love and you were too young when you experienced true love making at 14. I don't want to hear about this 'too young' shit now."

"Hermione, help."

"Nope, he's right." She acceded.

"I know. I just wanted to be reassured."

"Ron," Hermione playfully hit him.

"Hush. Let's just enjoy this moment."

The three Gryffindors fell into silence, though not letting it last. They continued to reminisce about the past year, their final at Hogwarts.


Ron sat in the kitchen, mulling over his cereal. He had finally left his friends to go eat, didn't want to be starving while getting wedded. He inertly watched the spoon weave through his cream of wheat.

He was going to get married. In less than 5 hours. In 5 hours, Draco will be his for the rest of his long life. The prospect of growing old with him...freaked him out. He was young right now, but it was okay with him, as long as Draco could do half the things he could in bed now, then. Ron looked down amused at his hot cereal. He didn't know why but he was just plain happy. Maybe it was because he was getting married or maybe because he was about to have consecutive sexual experiences with Draco that would make him cry for his mum or maybe it was the fact that he was hungry and his cereal was awful. He needed milk to thin it out. But with so many people in the house, who would think that the milk would still be there.

He viewed the scenes outside. His mother was buzzing about the yard fixing the white wicker tables and matching white rose centerpieces that adorned each table. He was so giddy! Just wait until Draco found out who sponsored the wedding reception because they will be there.

Ron continued to watch the outdoors, unaware of who was behind him. Shortly, two slick arms twined themselves around his neck loosely.

"Draco," Ron sighed as warm lips pressed against even warmer skin.

"Hey Red." Draco breathed back, draping his towel around his neck. He had just gotten out of the shower, a white towel wrapped around his waist.

"Just took a shower, huh?" Ron was pulled into Draco's arms. "Ewww. Wet." Ron laughed as Draco nuzzled his nose against his love's.

"So, we have flowers." Said Draco, peering out the window, Ron still in his arms. "Roses and lilies. Who got all those? I mean I didn't, seeing as how I'm no longer made of money and I thought you're parents didn't want all that fluff."

Ron grinned mischievously. "I know something you don't know."

"Tell me."

"Nope." Ron kissed Draco's nose innocently.

"Fine," he smiled, peering into soft brown eyes he grew accustom to. For without seeing them at the beginning of the day, the rest of it would be shot. "Didn't eat?"

"No, tasted weird."

Draco disentangled himself from his fiancée, walked to the ice box, pulled out a little glass of milk and poured a bit into the cream of wheat.

"There. Now eat and be merry." Draco smiled triumphantly.

Ron sat back down and took a grateful spoonful, "Where did you get this? I thought there was no more."

"Fred and George hid some behind a few items. Come here." Commanded Draco quietly. Ron embraced him quite like the way they did that faithful day when Ron told his feelings in 4th year. But this time, he knew, that Draco wouldn't take anything back, wouldn't run away. Or at least he hoped he wouldn't. "I love you."

Draco leaned in to carefully place his lips over Ron's. As the two were but an inch apart a sudden "STOP!" rattled throughout the kitchen.

"Mum?" questioned Ron, still very close to Draco, intent to kiss him, as it was their daily morning routine.

"Don't you dare Ronald Weasley." She scolded as she put a chair between them, standing on it to conceal Ron from Draco's prying eyes. "You know it's bad luck for you to see the person you're going to marry within 24 hours of the wedding."

"Mrs. Weasley, I assure you that that tradition can be cast aside seeing as how we are a very unorthodox wedding couple." Reasoned the former Malfoy.

"You two are going to be the first to get married, officially. With this new law that says homosexual marriages are legal, you should be proud to be the first. You'll go down in history."

"Yeah, well, Rudolf went down in history and what did he get in return? A clown nose. Mum, let me just give him one little kiss. It doesn't matter to me if I see him or not." Ron grumbled from behind his mother.

"You had better listen to me. As we all know, without me signing that parental consent form, this day would not be happening until a few more years past."

"Sorry, Mum."

"I understand hun, but you should be proud you two will be the first gay couple to be legally married."

"We are," they sighed in unison.

"You should be. And Dean is coming which is great luck! Now you two won't have all those impersonal, annoying reporters and photographers getting in your way. It's wonderful that Dean is interning for the newspaper."

"Yes, Mum, but can I-"

"No! Now get going, get ready and dressed, you have so much to do."

"Mrs. Weasley, I doubt it will take us 4 hours to get ready." Laughed Draco.

"Yes, well, you and Ron will be having people coming in and out of your rooms, prepping you and telling their pride and happiness for you. Because we all know you will not have time for that after the wedding." Smirked the matron of the house.

"Fine," Ron sat back down eating, "we'll go and get ready."

"Oh no! You will take your bowl upstairs. Draco will stay here and you on your bedroom landing. Now scoot, scoot!"

She shooed Draco out the room then proceeded to escort Ron to his room, to insure no funny business.


"I can't do this."

"Yes, you can." Ginny was smoothing out her dress, watching Draco frantically try to pull himself together, in amusement.

"This isn't funny! I'm about to get married in an hour and I'm scared as fuck."

"You'll do fine! If you think that something horrible is going to go wrong, like my family saying that they don't want to do this anymore....well that's bullock. If they felt like that, they would've thrown you out when you asked all those years ago. They understand you and Ron. They understand that you are it when it comes to Ron. We all know how much he loves you and you him."

Ginny walked up behind him, resting her chin on his shoulder. Looking at him, in the mirror, she was about to cry. This was the smarmy bastard who made her school life hell, for a brief moment in time, this ex-Malfoy who was now this marvelous man. He made Ron happy, which made them all happy.

"Look at yourself. Can't tie a tie." She began work on untangling the knots.

"I'm just nervous. I don't know if I can do this."

"Do you love him?"

"With all my heart."

"Then you'll do it. Finished! Now, I'm going to help Mum get ready, so relax. In a few moments you'll be getting an instant family!" Ginny gave him a small kiss on the cheek and left.

Draco sat in a chair, next to the window. He watched as some of Ron's family, those of which will be his as well, soon enough, wonder around the yard in preparation. He couldn't wait until that was going to be possible. The Weasleys, his family. Though, for the past three years, they have been. They graciously took him in, though he was so evil and mean to them.

A knock soon came to the door. Draco opened it and there stood Harry, Hermione and Percy.

"Hi you guys, come in." He moved out of their way so they could get in. "So, you here to say that you've finally realized that you still hate me and what to kidnap and murder me. Because I really wouldn't mind that right about now."

"You nervous, too? This morning he was like, 'I don't want to do this anymore'. But, you know you do." Reasoned Hermione. "We're just here to tell you how we feel about you, everyone wanted to tell but, well, that's a lot of people to tell you the same damn thing. We just want to tell you how you've really changed us. But the whole Weasley family loves you dearly.

"But, Draco, I never thought I'd see the day that you would actually call me by my first name. I never thought that I would actually enjoy you calling me 'Mione'. I especially never thought that you would appreciate, understand who Ron is. But you did, I have, you appreciated. It's a wondrous thing, time. Over time, you have metamorphosed into this funny, compassionate, loving thing, person, who has enlighten my life. But more importantly, you've enlightened Ron.

"Ron was a boy I knew. That was all he was to me, sadly enough. He was a brave boy, a lazy but intelligent boy. But when you entered his life, he became much more. He spoke up and out. He was happy! He was in love. He was never like that. And because of you, you've made my best friend the happiest I've ever seen him. And all of this came from him loving a Malfoy.

"You have protected him from so much, from so many people. Ron was the protector of Harry and me. You were the protector of Ron. Essentially, you protected us because you preserved him. Thank you, Draco. You made him a happy boy, now make him a happy man." Hermione hugged him tight. "Make him a happy man." A tear slide down her angelic face.

"Oh, Hermione." Muttered Draco into her hair.

"Alright there, Herm. My turn." Harry called from his position in the doorway.

"Oh great! What do you have to say?" joked Draco.

"I hate you." He smiled back. "Not really. I love you as if you were my brother. Mainly because I was forced to. I hated you, I was jealous of you, but now, I see past all of that. What's left is just Draco. A guy who just wants to live happy. And for you to live happy is to see Ron live happy. He has, you have. You made him realize the best of the best about himself. He had, has, will always have low self-esteem. But you are like his pick-me- up. When you're around, his whole demeanor lightens, becomes stronger. I've heard him talk to me with such attitude. Not anger like it usually would have been from with us, but speaking from his heart. What he liked, didn't like, what he knew about, what you were to him.

You have unknowingly become his drug of choice, you could be slowly killing him and he would be unable to leave. He would make the choice to die by your hands. Though I don't condone you to do that but...he needs you. No matter how much I care about him, love him, be there for him, he needs you. Now, be there for him. I trust you to do that one thing for me, for the greater cause that's between us: Ron."

Draco looked at Harry straight in the eyes and instead of taking his hand in a handshake, like usual, he pulled him into his arms. Now, he realized that though he still couldn't stand Harry, he respected him.

Now, there was Percy. He was actually afraid of him. Percy was the brother that Ron spoke to, trusted the most. If he didn't like him, this day would be Hell. Though, Percy did like him, it was a more stiff kind of like. Never as easy-going as it was with the rest.

"So, you're taking Ron away from us." He chortled. This threw him off guard. Percy laughing, with ease, with Draco. "You're taking him away, and truthfully, there's no one else I trust with this task. Yes, crazy as it sounds, you are the only one who I trust to marry my brother. Love my brother to the best of your ability. Funny though, there really isn't anyone who will love him to the best of your ability. You treasure him, clutch him as if he is your finest silver."

"Much more that that. He is my life."

"See! It's things like that that you say that make me believe you know how to cherish him. Take care of him. That's one thing about love. It doesn't let us pick who we love or let love us, it just appears. And I haven't seen it become so apparent as it has between you two. I know I usually ramble but there isn't much I can say that can correctly describe what you two share. So all I can say is...welcome to the Weasley family." He pronounced.

Draco had never felt so much truth and love and compassion as he did with this family. He never thought he could be friends with Hermione, never thought he could be in love with Ron. But look at him now.

"Thank you all but I think that Ron needs more of your support than I do, no offense."

"You want time to convince yourself that you're a big brave ex-Malfoy." Harry stated.

"Yes, yes I do." He laughed.

"Well, see, practice saying that and you'll do great during the ceremony." Percy said.

"Yeah, thanks again." Draco gave them another hug each. "Next time you see me I'll be a Weasley."


Ron buttoned his last button, smoothed out his last wrinkle. He was ready to get hitched, as they say.

"You ready, Ron?" Asked a man who sat on his bed, fiddling with his own tie. He was Collin, a wonderful Muggle American man who had recently entered the ever-growing Weasley home. Well, actually, he had known the family for one year but hadn't moved in until this spring.

Collin was a special sort of Muggle. He had always found a liking to witchcraft and wizardry until he stumbled upon a magical world shop. From then on, he was allowed to work in certain sections of the magic community. And this past new year he was given a slip of paper from the Ministry of Magic that allowed him to walk freely around their world, as long as he held on to the secret.

And now, the brown haired man with the Shaggy (A/N: From Scooby Doo! What other Shaggy is there? LOL) goatee, was here with Ron, as his main supporter and his brother's lover.

"A half-hour 'til showtime." said Ron nervously. "I can do this."

"Yes you can. Come on! You are like my idol man." The young man walked over to Ron, beside him, so he could look into the mirror and finally figure out how to work the blasted tie! "You becoming the first gay man to legally marry! I can say that I live with the new gay idol!" laughed Collin.

Ron liked him and his American humor. He was free of worrying about Voldemort, seeing as how Harry defeated him a few months before he arrived, so he was untainted by blackness, darkness and pain. He could laugh at anything. Also, he brought a new point of view to the house. He was a theatrical actor. Only an actor of the stage, he would proclaim. He was very good for they had been to a few of his performances. He also brought about a new dangerous sport to the house: skateboarding. It was very foreign and strange to Ron but he was interested and now he could do a sex change, switch Japan air, grinds and ride vert like any other Muggle. Now, going to the skate park, was a daily ritual Ron must partake in or his day would be ruined.

"Come here," sighed Ron half-heartedly. He quickly began work on the tie.

"Sorry, but I can't help it if I wasn't forced to wear school uniforms." He chuckled, his hazel eyes sparkled. "Woah! You did that pretty quickly."

"Col, I'm about to get married. I'm nervous. Help." Ron asked frazzled.

"Okay, think about all the hot monkey sex you'll be having in a little less than six hours from now."

Ron smiled a little. "Thanks, I guess."

"Don't worry. You've been with this guy for a long time. You love him. He loves you. The next step is marriage. Duh!"

There came a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Collin opened the door. "Well, look who it is."

A steady stream of red haired boys flowed into Ron's room. Fred and George on the bed, Percy in the doorway and Bill and Charlie next to Ron.

"I guess I'll leave you alone." Smiled Collin as he left the room, not before giving Percy a small peck on the cheek.

"What now?" tittered Ron as he surveyed his elder brothers' expressions. "You going to tell me how much you're against this whole marriage."

"No," spoke Charlie, "we're just here to tell you how proud we are. I suppose each of us will speak our minds, our respect for you. I guess I'll start. Bill wanted to speak as well, but I think that he'll just screw it up, so we complied our feelings toward this, if I keep saying 'I' it really means we and." he took a deep breath.

"You graduated tenth overall in your class, you could become a world renown mediwizard if you started working for it now. You could go to medical school, come out in two years and be at the same level as any doctor whose been at it for years. Above all that, you've fallen into true love.

"And for that, I'm, Bill and me, are jealous. I never thought I would ever say that out loud but I'm jealous of my little brother. Yet, I feel like I've failed. I failed you because I made you feel horrible while not being here. You couldn't come to me or Fred, George, Percy, Ginny or your two best friends; you let yourself feel darkness. I don't think I can ever truly handle that. But the way you were found out. All because of a former Malfoy.

"When he came to us, ranting about you cutting yourself last summer, I didn't believe him, I hated him. How could anyone say that about my brother? But when he told us how you felt overshadowed, you felt like you were always an association, never a name, it torn me up inside. When I did realize that he was the only one to see the real Ron, the melancholic boy who sat around crying and brooding over that uncharacteristic action of crying over nothing, it scared the shit out of me. It made me understand why you were the way you were, and that Draco was the one for you. If you could open up to him, then he had to be the real thing. Now, I'm glad he stuck it out with us and is marrying you today."

Ron stood there, shocked at his brother's thoughts about him. "Jealous of me? Don't be. Come here." Ron embraced Charlie, Bill following behind him.

"Okay, let's not get to emotional yet. We have to speak." George interjected.

Fred and George went up to Ron and embraced him.

"Draco was always a brother to us." Confided Fred.

"And now he will be one officially." George finished.

Ron slowly pulled away, "Thanks, you guys."

"I guess it's my turn to speak of this." Professed Percy. "You hate me."

"No I don't!" Ron vocalized with passion.

Percy held his hand in a silencing manner. "You hated me until two summers ago when we finally connected. Now, I know why you and I opposed each other so much. We were too much alike. Everything about you, I did. I hurt myself, just like you, I hid my true, dark self, just like you and I like boys, just like you." He smiled. "You found a diamond in the rough. You were able to nurture and craft it until, over time, the beauty within finally shone through. This is what love is, changing someone for the better while they change you without you realizing it. It takes many years to do this but you, it took you your first try. I love you Ron, you keep, going.

Yes, we still have Ginny to look after but she's Ginny, she's gotten through without us; she doesn't need us. You are one of us, a big brother who must protect. But all the while you are being protected by Draco. He's a naffing Malfoy and I love the little bugger. He's a good Malfoy, if that's even possible. He's a good one, remember that and don't ever let him go. Now, go get married and leave us behind."

The room stood quiet, Ron crying, as he understood that his brothers did care about him, loved him and accepted Draco as one of them.

"I love you all." Ron murmured as Percy held him. Bill cradled Ron, laying his head on his shoulder so that his head brushed against Percy's. Fred and George held those two as an outer shell, then Charlie wrapped his arms around everyone.

Ginny passed Ron's room nonchalantly glancing into Ron's open door. What she saw touched her. Her older brothers hugging one another with Ron as their center. In all actuality, Ron was secretly their center since he was the last of the boys. He was everyone's center; he was hers as well. She silently strode to the huddle mass of brothers and joined in.

As the moment passed through time, their father found them as well.

"Oh, Dad don't tell me you're going to give me another speech. You've given me six within the last 24 hours." Ron sniffled.

"No, son," he also added his arms into the mass of comfort and love.

The woman and stronghold of the house wandered up the stairs to finish getting ready but she rose higher for some reason to Ron's room to find that her family was involved in a group hug. Of course she had to join suit.

Ron finally felt like he was apart of the family. He wasn't the scared, jealous boy looking into their world anymore; he was the elated boy looking out so he can help others in his position.

A meek knock came at the door. The Weasleys turned to the soft noise to find Harry dressed in a plain suit and Hermione in a simple powder blue dress.

"It's time." Hermione said lightly as not to completely disrupt the family togetherness.

"It's time?" Whispered Ron anxiously.

"It's time." Mr. and Mrs.Weasley said to one another.

"It's time." Repeated Fred, George following.

"It's time." Percy nudged his little brother.

"It's time!" The two eldest proclaimed.

The family reluctantly broke away and Ron headed down to destiny.


(A/N: I got Draco's middle names from the Black Jewels Trilogy written by Anne Bishop. It's really good! I would go out and read it if I were you. Also, Ron is younger than, yeah.)

The day was bright and happy; nature was overjoyed to witness the union of their ill-fated lovers. Ron in a plain buttoned down shirt and dress pants, Draco in the same. Both pairs of eyes on the other.

Rows of their friends and family sat on either side of the aisle. Many smiling faces of those who came along on the path to Ron and Draco's success. Many were speed bumps, stops and helpful passerbys. And now they were honored to watch, as the path was about to join, with Draco and Ron now together.

Ron had finally closed the gap between him and Draco at the front of the audience. They were outside under the glimmering June 20th sun. A light breeze blew, ruffling everyone's hair delicately.

"Welcome everyone." Began the pastor. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Draco Lucivar Daemon Malfoy and Ronald Benjamin Weasley. Today, these two men wish to celebrate their love in the most beautiful and glorious way: marriage, with thanks to parental consent." He joked lightly. A small fit of stifled giggles and laughs echoed through the little valley.

"If anyone here has justifiable reason as to oppose the marriage of these two, speak now or forever hold your peace."

A momentary pause of silence was welcomed to Draco and Ron. The less hold ups the quicker they could be wedded.

"Well, good. At this time, the couple has decided to prepare a speech, to try and justify the reason as to why they have decided to come into union. So Draco, would you please begin."

Draco and Ron turned to each, allowing the audience a glimpse into the faces of the couple.

"Ron, where do I begin. There's so much to say and so little time in this life to say it in. I own every good thing that has happened to me to you. There are two sections of my life. Before Ron and After Ron. Before Ron was a period of cold, an Ice Age of sorts, where every emotion was in suspension, bidding their time until you, my sun, my fire, would melt it all and send my passion into a spring. Growing and sprouting into spectacular shades of color. Without you I would be evil. Purely. That day when you found me at Diagon Alley, you changed the course of my life dramatically. Yes, when I first met you, you changed me but that day, well that night, I was supposed to be marked. To become the youngest Death Eater Voldemort had, you probably didn't even know that, but when I saw you and found out you still cared about me. I knew then I was for you. Made for you.

You taught me how to love, earnestly. You showed me who I really was, honestly. You loved me, showed me the good in the world, let me see the real you, truly. And for that I promise to make all that up to you. I pledge here and now that I belong to you. Only you. Body, mind, heart and soul. I love you. I'm honored to spend my life with you." Draco sighed, he had finally he let his true love out and in the open.

"How can I follow up with that?" Tears flowing freely from his eyes, not caring though as he wiped away his fiancée's. "All I can say is I never knew you felt that way. I thought you loved me, of course, but for you to feel that you are for me. You belong to me. It sounds so bizarre coming from you, Mr. Cool and Suave. I never did any of those things. You developed on your own. I just pushed you. You also did so much for me. Boosting my confidence was the top priority for you and you achieved it. I was never happier than with you. Yes it was hard, it still is because you do incase your self in ice at times. I'd say that I warmed you up a bit. But allowing me to see the inner you is all I want. You, honey, are my greatest strength and my darkest weakness. I love you and I'm ready to make that 'plunge' with you."

"Beautiful," the pastor said to the nervous couple. "Now, do you Ronald Benjamin Weasley take Draco Lucivar Daemon Malfoy as your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and health 'til death do you part?"

"I do." Ron slipped the plain gold ring onto Draco's lithe fingers.

"And do you Draco Lucivar Daemon Malfoy take Ronald Benjamin Weasley as your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and health 'til death do you part?"

"I do." Draco slid the ring on Ron's rough, loving hands.

"With the power invested in me, I now pronounce you a partners in life and love. You may now kiss your husband."

Ron leaned into Draco's embrace, as Draco was finally able to kiss his new husband. It was the chastest of kiss but that's all the reassurance they needed.

"I'm am honored to present to you Mr. and Mr. Ronald Weasley."

The audience clapped and cheered as the two turned around as a marital couple. No longer lovers or engaged but one. They were married, they were adults, they were ready.


"Ron, where are you pulling me to?" Whined Draco as he wove through the crowd on the dance floor.

"I'm taking you to see your surprise. Close your eyes."

"Fine," the new Mr. Weasley did as his partner told him to do. He soon was at a halt.

"Drake, open your eyes."

Slowly but surely a picture of a woman in slivery-blue robes and platinum blonde hairs pulled back in a perfect French bun stood in front of him.


"Yes," she spoke in her airy voice.

"Mother," cried Draco as his mother embraced him. "Were you here the whole time?"

She simply nodded her head.

"And you paid for all this?"

A nod, a simple gesture that was so elegant when she preformed it. Ron began to inch away from the scene, letting the two reacquaint with the other.

"Don't leave, young man. I want to thank you so much for allowing me to come to this when all I've been apart of is the negation of this wedding. Though if my son is happy, I'm happy."

"You're welcome, Mrs. Malfoy."

"Don't. It's Ms. Sharlow." she said.

"Excuse me?" Ron questioned.

"Didn't you hear? I got a divorce from the bastard. Took him for all he's worth."

Draco looked into her gentle blue eyes, "Really?"

"Yes. I want to offer you a chance to stay at the Manor, take a good job in the Ministry. I want you to be monetarily sound."

"I can't. I want to..." He looked over at Ron. His love. He wanted to go through hardships with him. He wanted to be a Malfoy again, with all the money and prestige, but being with Ron and building their own life was what matter.

"I understand. You have a great husband here. Take care of him." She said to Draco. "And take care of my son, will you Ronald?"

"I will."

A soft clink of a fork hitting a glass broke through the cheer and fun of the reception.

"I want to make an announcement." Shouted Harry over the chitter-chatter of the group.

The family members and friends went over to their assigned tables. Ron and Draco went to the front table.

"Well, who would have thought that a Gryffindor and a Slytherin could ever talk to each other civilly, let alone marry?" Harry joked as the former Gryffindors in the audience laughed along with the group of Slytherins who had come to accept them. "But these two beat the odds. I want to congratulate you two on that feat. Also, I want to congratulate you, Draco on protecting Ron when none of us could. For preserving him so he could see this day. And I hope this day, will be the beginning of many more for you. So here's to love, life and happiness."

"Love, life and happiness." The group repeated as they raised their glasses.

'Thank you' Ron mouthed to Harry was he took a sip of champagne.

"Let's dance," Draco suggested as he set their glasses down.

Ron got up, followed Draco but was stopped as Dean came along.

"Hey you two. I need another photo of you."

"How about we give you a good one, when we cut the cake?" suggested Draco.

"Sure," Dean smiled, spontaneously giving them both a hug. "Congrats!"

"Thank you," they spoke in unison.

Draco grinned. "Now, we're going to go dance."

But before they were able to, Ron spotted Harry, who was making his way over to the couple.

"That was real nice of you, Harry." Said Draco.

"Thanks," he gave the blonde a hug. "Remember to make him a happy man." Whispered Harry into his ear.

"Oh, Harry, leave them be." Teased Dean. "Now, did I hear you two say something about a dance? I think I would love to dance as well. But I can't seem to find a partner. Would you like to join me?"

"Not a bad idea. But you will let me lead this time?"

"Of course, love." Grinned Dean and the two disappeared into the crowd.

"Those two are great for each other, huh?" asked Ron as he swayed with Draco to the melodic tune that was playing.

"They are. As long as Harry stays away from you, I'm fine." Said Draco, with slight anger dripping in his voice. Ron needed to get him away from that subject.

"Why are you older than me? You couldn't wait until I was 18? You are." Ron complained.

"Nope, I wanted to make you my wife as soon as possible!"

Ron's mouth hung in a perfect 'O', "Why must I be the female of the relationship?"

"Because I proposed to you. Don't complain, you are still taller than me."

Ron smiled, it was true he was 6'1" and Draco was 5'10". His husband. It felt good to say that.

They fell into a silence, dancing with the music. Ron shared a secret smile with his brothers who were all on the dance floor. He especially had to give Percy a smile. Without Percy to guide him, he'd be lost. He was also glad that Percy had found himself a nice American young man who made him giddy and feel wonderful, just like Draco did for him. Ron was delighted to know that Collin and Percy were contemplating marriage as well.

"Come here." Ron just got an idea.

"Only I can say that!" Draco mocked, faithfully following him to a secluded part of the yard.

"Sit," commanded Ron. "This is my favorite tree." He stared up into the hanging branches.

Draco sat down; Ron quickly nestled in between his legs, scooting down so that his head rested on his love's chest. "I wanted to do this since the summer before 5th year." Fingers intertwined. Silence passed.


"Yes. I don't know. I just always wanted to share this with you."

"Well, thank you." Draco kissed the top of his head.

Ron began playing with Draco's left hand. "Your middle names still scare me."

"I know. Ain't it great!" They laughed.

"Draco, how come you can eloquently say how you feel about me yet all I can say is: I love you?"

"You tell me everyday when you stand by me, everytime you defend me, everytime you make love to me, protect me. You say how you feel about me in your actions. And don't actions speak louder than words?" he whispered lovingly into the redhead's ear.

"Yes, but the way you speak. You should be a writer."

"Maybe I will be. I'll sit at home, writing while you're off saving lives. Agreed?"

"Agreed. You know, I once said that my love for you is so intense that I must numb myself of it. Because if I allowed myself to completely love you, I'd die." Ron turned his head so that he could look into the eyes of his forever.

"It hurts that bad?"

"It's a good hurt. I love the way I feel about you. Did you know this is the first summer out of the past three where it has been pleasurable? No fights, no drugs, no murder." Ron mumbled in agreement.

"It is, isn't it?"

"Yeah. It all started with you." Ron joked.

"Oh, hush. You know, *if I were to fall in love, it would have to be with you. Your eyes, your smile, the way you laugh, the things you say and do. You take me to the places my heart never knew. So, if I were to fall in love, It would have to be with you."*

Ron smiled. This was his favorite poem Draco wrote for him. *"If I were to give my heart, it would have to be to you. For you bring things into my life, so beautiful and new. Love, so soft and warm beside me that I know it's true. If I were to give my heart, it would have to be to you."*

*"I was looking for an answer. I was looking for a way. To keep the magic that you bring to each and every day. To live our lives together, as only lovers do. It started with a feeling and every day it grew. So, when I knew I was in love, it had to be with you."* Draco finished.

"Hey Drake?"


"I love you."

"I love you too, my one and only fire."



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