Sooooo I decided on an epilogue suddenly.



That first kiss happened just three years ago and we both never forgot that day. Now I was 27 years old and married to the man of my dreams, not forgetting to mention our two-year-old daughter, Carlie. She had silky chestnut brown hair like mine and Edward's forest-green eyes. She was beautiful and the main object of our affection that we gave her the best of everything we could offer her.

Edward & I got married a few months after we dated and for our honeymoon, we really went to his parents' holiday chateau in the South of France. We stayed there for a few weeks, relaxing under the warm summer sun and tasting wines from nearby vineyards. Sometimes, we'd taste too much strong wines that we'd forget to take some aspirin before going to sleep. When we came back to Seattle, nothing quite changed. We'd have a few drinks at Crowley's every Friday with friends and he certainly kept to his promise about paying for every drink I wanted.

A few months later, I found out that I was pregnant for almost seven weeks. It was unexpected since we never thought of trying, but we were enthusiastic enough about the baby. Edward was so eager about the news that he immediately booked an appointment with a gynecologist the next week. He held my hand in the doctor's room as we both watched the monitor. The gynecologist had spread some gel onto my stomach and was using the wand on it. The moving images on the monitor made my heart race and I clutched onto Edward's hand tightly. There was our little seed of life, the one we breathed life into.

The doctor printed out photographs of the little baby growing in my belly and we both kept our photographs our wallets. Mine still remains inside, remembering the unexpected miracle we had made.

"Daddy help," Carlie said as she slipped on her pink ballet shoes by herself, leaving the pink ribbons untied on the floor.

Edward bent down on one knee, lacing up the ribbons up her calves. He did a perfect bow that a Boy Scout couldn't beat.

Carlie grinned, her perfect baby teeth showing. "Pretty."

He smiled a crooked smile at that word and kissed her forehead. "Not as pretty as you are."

Carlie shook her head in reply, but didn't bring it up further. She stood up and twirled in her pink tutu to show us her moves. "Mommy!" She exclaimed and I looked at her. "Here." She pointed to the spot next to me and I complied.

"Ballet teacher?" She asked.

"Soon, baby. She's coming soon." I assured her. I heard the door open and our heads snapped. "She's here."

Carlie's new ballet teacher was a young blonde probably my age with a statuesque figure. She wore a light pink top with grey leggings appropriate for dancing. She had her ballet shoes on already. She approached Edward & I and shook our hands.

"I'm Rosalie and I'll be teaching Carlie." She introduced. "Mr. & Mrs. Cullen, your daughter is in good hands. Do you plan on staying here and watching or leaving us alone for the lesson?"

"We'll watch her." I replied.

Rosalie smiled. "Okay. I've got to introduce myself to Carlie first then we'll start the lesson." She immediately bent down to Carlie's level and held her hand out. "I'm Miss Rosalie."

"Miss Rosie?" Carlie frowned as she tried to say her name right. She placed her small baby hand in Rosalie's and shook it softly.

Rosalie didn't mind her name being wrongly pronounced as her smile didn't waver. "Let's start on stretches, shall we?" She then looked at us. "There are seats provided for the parents. You may take a seat."

We sat down at a bench and I placed my bag down. Edward wrapped an arm around me as we observed Carlie's dance class.

"I think we went a little overboard on getting a world-class professional ballet dancer to teach our two-year-old." I mused. "We even rented out a studio just for her use too."

Edward chuckled. "Probably."

I leaned my head against his shoulder as we watched Carlie do her stretches on the polished wooden floor. I took his hand in mine and he rubbed circles at the back of my thumb lovingly. I relished in the feeling of it, smiling contently with my eyes closed.



I placed his hand on my flat stomach, hoping that he would get the message. It took him four seconds to realize what I was trying to tell him.

"Bella, are you pregnant?" He whispered.

I opened my eyes to look up at him. "Yes."

He broke into one of the brightest crooked smiles he had ever given me and grabbed me into a hug. I hid my head in the nook of his neck and smiled.

"There's finally a use for the empty room on the second floor." He chuckled.

"Yeah, there is." I pushed my hair behind my ear. "How about we leave for lunch later and tell Carlie?"

"Sounds perfect." Edward replied.

After Carlie was done with her class, we stood up from our seats. Edward removed her ballet shoes for her and I packed it up in her small pink bag. She wore her glittery black flats and we said our goodbyes to Rosalie before we got out of the ballet studio.

Edward insisted that he carried Carlie's bag even though it was small and pink and decorated with ruffles. I laughed at that— he loved our daughter as much as I did to carry anything girly for her. We were either side of her, holding her hand as we walked to the café down the streets of Chicago. When we arrived, we ordered for ourselves coffee while Carlie wanted orange juice.

"Carlie darling, how do you feel a little brother or sister?" I asked her as she ate her sugar roll.

Her ears perked up when she heard my question. "Brother?"

Edward gave a smile of humor when he saw her reaction. "Looks like she wants a little brother."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Carlie, do you want a sibling?"

She nodded enthusiastically. "Baby?" I saw her eyes glance at my stomach and back to my face.

I grinned. "You're getting a sibling, sweetheart."

She reached up to the table to place down her sugar roll and her toes struggled to touch the floor for a few seconds. When she landed, she hugged me with her left ear against my tummy.

I combed out the tangles of her chestnut hair with my fingers as she listened to my stomach. "You can't hear anything yet, Carlie. You'll have to wait a few months."

She looked up at me with her green eyes and smiled. "Baby."

"Bella, you've got to be more careful," Edward told me softly. "You're still recovering."

I rolled my eyes. "Edward, just help me out here. Carlie, come on baby."

Carlie mumbled sleepily, so I couldn't catch her words. Edward unbuckled Carlie's seatbelt and lifted her up from the child seat in the car, carrying a tired Carlie in his arms. We were finally home with our latest addition to our family.

Camden slept soundly in my arms and I rested my arms on my baby bump that was soon going to disappear. I was in my silk white maternity dress and some kitten heels that matched. Pearls decorated my neck and with the baby boy I was carrying, I felt like everything was complete.

The little sprout of bronze hair on his head was adorable and it was hard to see who he looked like for now— me or Edward. He had my brown eyes though, so I guess the genes were balanced equally just like how it was with Carlie since she had my hair and Edward's eyes.

Edward opened the door to our house and immediately walked up the stairs to Carlie's bedroom for her bedtime. I walked up too and entered the newly furnished bedroom for Camden which was baby blue adorned with child-friendly furniture. I placed him into the white crib at the side of the room and turned on the nightlight for him.

Once I was done with the children, I changed into my nightdress and slipped under the duvet of the bed. I was joined in bed with Edward a few minutes later who gave me a tired smile.

"How was Carlie?" I asked.

He got into bed and yawned. "She was sleeping. No problems at all. How was Camden?"

"Camden was the same." I replied. "He's gorgeous when he sleeps."

He kissed my forehead softly. "All thanks to the genes of his mother."

I giggled. "Edward, shut up."

He chuckled and pulled me in closer so that I was lying on his bare, sculpted chest. I traced the planes of his abs, admiring how beautiful he was. He played with my hair in the meanwhile.

"I still remember what you wanted to drink at the bar that first day." He murmured.

"Champagne." I responded quietly.

"It was the very first time I entered the bar, and I was lucky enough to have met you." He continued. "I thought that boasting and acting arrogant would make you fall to my feet, but in the end it was you who made me fall to yours."

I smiled. "It was a terrible day at work."

"But you're always cynical— at least, not to our family."

"You guys know me well while others don't." I replied, then placed my chin on his chest, looking at him. "You were vain, blind, a dick and an asshole."

He laughed. "I love you."

"I love you too."

He yawned once again. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For carrying our children nine months each." He said.

"It was a teamwork— I couldn't have make it through without you." I told him. "Anyways, you're welcome."

"Come on," Edward started. "It's been a long day. We should sleep now."

I reached up to kiss his lips for a second and then I pulled back, my head on his chest again. I closed my eyes and listened to his steady heartbeat, falling asleep in the process.

For some, falling in love was a first-sight kind of thing. For us, it wasn't. We had an unusual start to our relationship, and that was what made it so special. I was happy beyond words just by being with him and now that we had children together, I think that brought us closer as a couple. Camden & Carlie were now a huge part of our worlds and my heart felt like it expanded, making space for our children so that I could love and cherish them my whole life. Edward was a vital part of my heart because without him, I wouldn't have had anything to love and our children would have never existed, preventing me from experiencing such joy. Edward was my world and I loved him more than words could ever express what I could say.

And together, we stayed in our happy little worlds forever.