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Chapter one: A Day with Edward

June Twenty-First

Beep ... Beep ...

"Get your ass up, Eddie."

Alice's voice shrills across the room.

"You need to wash some of your clothes. All of your nice clothes are dirty. God, boy, I swear you have no fashion sense!" she shouts going through my closet.

"Well, this will have to do. Come on Eddie! It's six in the morning and you still need to: shower, shave, and eat breakfast. Are you listening to me?"

I wave at her motioning for her to go away.

"Get your ass up! Here are your clothes, you better wear them. GET. UP. NOW!" Alice yells, as she storms across the room.

"I'm going to help Emmett now. You have thirty minutes to get ready, or I'll be back," she says as the door slams shut.

I lie back down on my bed and close my eyes. Not five minutes pass when I hear Alice in the hallway.

"It's not your birthday anymore, so get up now!"

She is perfectly dressed already and running around military style to get everyone ready. She's a bossy bitch. I feel sorry for Jasper. God, I bet she keeps up the ordering during ... ugh, stop that thought right there.

"Stop talking bad about me to yourself and get up now!" The tyrant screeches through the door before going off to finish her morning rituals.

I slowly get myself out of bed and flip her off for good measure. It's not like she can get to school without me, since she's still grounded and has no car. I laugh at the thought of what she did two weeks ago. I turned nineteen yesterday and got a day off from her shouting and telling me what to do for a full twenty-four hours—It was bliss—the best present I had ever received.

Every morning is the same old thing. Tink gets up, orders everyone around, and gives them clothes to wear. God, I remember once when I rebelled.

"Fuck you, Alice. I'll wear what I want."

That was not a good day. I will never do it again. It took three weeks of one hour visits to my therapist, to get over what she did to me. Stop, not going there, can't deal with that memory. Yes, she has mentally scarred me for life.

As I get ready I think about my life. I'm Edward Anthony Cullen, but I wasn't born a Cullen. I turned nineteen yesterday, happy birthday to me! I live with Carlisle, his wife Esme, and their children Alice and Emmett. My mom and dad were killed when I was six, so I moved here. Carlisle, who I lovingly call dad, was my mom's only sibling. Esme, who I proudly call my mom, is the best mother I could have ever asked for. Yeah I'm a momma's boy, I love that woman.

I go to Forks High School with my sister, who's really my cousin, Alice. Alice is my morning nightmare, she's eighteen. Alice is two inches over five feet, and looks like a pixie. That's why some of us call her Tink. Alice and I are both juniors, and she just stared dating my best friend, Jasper, in March. I don't know who to be more worried about.

Then there is Emmett. He just graduated a semester early. He's nineteen too, and starts college this fall. He's going to attend college two hours from here, but plans on coming home every weekend. His long-term girlfriend Rosalie, whom I call the devil bitch, is going off to the same college as him.

I put on the clothes Alice had put on my bed and start to make my way downstairs to the kitchen.

"Here's your breakfast, dear. Are you all set to go? You leave at six in the morning tomorrow for your flight," Esme asks as she hands me my breakfast.

"Yeah, I just need to pack, and I'll be all set, Mom."

"What? You're not packed? Oh, Edward, I'll do it when you're at school today. I thought you were looking forward to going."

"I am, but I'm just going to miss you so much. I've not washed some of the clothes I need to take, what can I say I'm a mess."

"Well, I'll do that too then," she said.

"Mom, you're the best. I don't know how I'm going to get through the next ten long weeks without you."

"You're so sweet, my dear, Edward. I am going to miss you too. You better get going, Alice is in a hurry. Give this to Mrs. Cope, so the school knows that today's your last day."

"Thank you, I will. I'll see you tonight."

I give her a peck on the cheek and make my way out to my car.

This is my last day of school. Everyone else has another two weeks to go, but I am going to Chicago for a music course that lasts for ten weeks. I'm coming back to Forks two days before school starts again, and then I will be in my last year here. Thank God, I can't wait to leave this town that's for sure.

I hate school in Forks, there are so many issues it is terrible. The jocks – bullies are: Mike, Tyler, Eric, Paul, Sam, Jacob, James, Laurent, and Riley. I've had a talk with each of them about bullying younger, weaker students. Most of my talking was done with my fist, but hey, I have to get my point across. Jasper, Emmett, Ben, and I are also on the football team, but we don't do the shit they do. Emmett is the team captain, and I have just been voted captain for next year. It pissed Jacob Black off, but I will be running a tight ship with the team.

Then, there are the cheerleaders. Rose is the head cheerleader, Alice was voted head cheerleader for next fall. Besides Alice and Rose, there are only two other cheerleaders that are decent girls. There is Bree, who is a sweet girl, who gets picked on a lot. Then there is Angela, my team-mate Ben's girlfriend. The rest of the cheerleading squad is: Tanya, Lauren, Jessica, Kate, Irina, and Victoria. They bully the girls of the school. Much like the boys, take every opportunity to try and rule the school. They flipped out when Bree was given a place in cheerleading just because she has a mild form of Down's Syndrome. Alice, Rose, and Angela were on the enrollment committee so they had to deal with it.

At lunch time the jocks and cheerleaders, and our group is split up. We always sit at different ends of the room. At my table, there is Emmett, Rose, Jasper, Alice, Ben, Angela and me. At other end of the room are the douches and bimbos. Bree sits with us Mondays and Wednesdays, as those are practice days for her. On the other days, she sits with Bella Swan. Ah, Bella Swan. Bella does not fit into any of the groups in this school, apart from being friends with Bree.

Bella took Bree under her wing two years ago, when Bree came to school here. Bella doesn't talk much to anyone. She's the smartest girl in the school, very pretty and wears what she feels like. She has never had too much trouble with the bullies. Jacob and his crew call her names now and then. That bitch Tanya, and her coven of skanks, push her around and try to trip her now and then. Bella pretty much always has a comeback for most of their bitchy comments, or sidesteps their attempts to trip her, though.

I know for a fact it was Bella that talked to Rose and Alice about Bree trying out and even came to support her. She comes to the home games for Bree, too. I think Tanya and a few others beat Bella up one night after a game we lost. They were calling Bree names and pushing her, Bella stood up to them. Two days later, Bella turned up at school, black and blue. We tried to get her to tell us who it was, but she never did. After that, we make sure Bree was with us at the end of the game. We are sure to keep an eye out for Bella too.

"Okay, fairy boy, where's my homework? I told you I wanted it done for today. You better have done it, or so help me and I better get an A too."

"Ja-Jak-Jake, it's in my locker. I'll g-go and get it for you, but I don't know about that A. My mom ..."

What the fuck?

I had to stop this. As I turn the corner, I see Seth pinned up against his locker by Jacob Black.

"Now, fairy boy, I better get an A. My dad said he'd buy me that part I need for the Rabbit. I don't give a shit about your mom..."

"Seth, you're going to be late for class. I'll give you a lift home today. Wait for me at my car, okay?" I tell him as I stride right up to where Jake has him cornered.

"Su-sure Edward, n-no problem. Thanks," Seth says, he is a good kid.

He has asthma and he's quite smart, gets B's all around. He could get the odd A if Jacob would do his own homework. Two years ago, he came out gay and proud. Jake and his pack of mutts picked on him relentlessly when he came out, but we put an end to it. A few months ago, the picking started again. I don't have a problem that he's gay, and neither do the rest of my friends. To each their own, right?

"Jake, I told you before about Seth. He's out of bounds. You know that."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Was I picking on your boyfriend again, Cullen? Sorry. Maybe you should go and kiss him better. After all, you're both freaks. He's disgusting. How can you defend him? He should not be allowed in the school. He could give us stuff."

"Don't be ignorant, Ja…"

"Ha, you know the guys that say 'Get me away from the gay guy', and 'Hate the gay' are really closet gays themselves," says a sweet voice.

Both Jake and I turn to see Bella come around the corner.

"Hope you're not saying that I am gay, Bella. I'll knock you into next week, I don't fucking care who the hell your gramps is. Then I'll fuck you good and hard to show you that I'm not gay," Jake says.

He said it with so much anger I put myself between Bella and him. Bella being Bella, sees his anger. This girl has a death wish. I never talk to people, but hey, big, angry, fucked up jock, sure, I'll piss him off. Just to tell you how bad it is, Jake is like six foot seven and weighs just under three hundred pounds. Bella is five foot two, if that. She might weigh a hundred and two pounds if she was wet holding a brick, but is she scared? Nope! Me? I am shitting myself. I'm six foot two and weigh about two hundred pounds. I'm fast and can always predict any attack Jake is going to try. I can win fights against him, but I want to come out without a scratch.

My mental worrying is cut off with Bella laughing.

"Sure Jake, now come on. I saw your 'thing', and well, it's nothing to be proud of. I wouldn't be surprised if after I had sex with you, I'd still be a virgin. There's no way that thing you call a penis would break my hymen. Yeah Jake, I know it was cold and you fell in the river and had a leech on it, but fuck. You could not see the penis under the leech, and it was a baby leech."

A part of me wants to laugh, but I'm worrying about Jake hitting her. However, Jake just turns red and storms off.

I turn to Bella. "So, do I need to give you a lift home, too?"

"What? No. Jake's an ass. I can't believe he's messing with Seth again. He just got out the fucking hospital on Sunday. He should stay at home, but Seth being Seth, he had to come to school."

"Yeah, Seth seems to love it here. I don't know why. So you have seen Jake's penis?" I say not really asking

"No, I was kidding. Why do you think he never showers here after practice and games?" she replies, raising one of her eyebrows.

"So, do you want to date him?" I have to ask this, as everyone in the school knows that Jake has a thing for Bella.

"What? NO. GOD, NO! There are many reasons why I don't want to date him, but here and now is not the time to get into that. I better get to class. Thank you, Edward. It's nice that you're always helping Seth out. You said you're giving him a lift home?"

"Yeah, that's right. I like Seth. He's a good kid."

"Edward, if you have time, can you take him to the hospital instead? His mom got taken in on Friday night. It's not looking good. Seth had an asthma attack and got admitted himself. I mean, Grandpa and I picked him up on Sunday and he stayed with us. Now Leah is on her way back, and she should get here tonight."

"Poor kid, and that asshole knows this?" She nods her head.

"Fucker! Yeah, no problem. I'll see you later, Bella."

"Yeah, bye."

I talk to Jasper and Ben about Jake and Seth. They're going to keep an eye on him. I tell Seth to call me if he needs me, or if he just wants to talk. I let him know that I'm going away for the next ten weeks, and that Ben, Jasper and Emmett will watch out for him.

Seth is only fifteen, and his mom has breast cancer. She's going through chemo. It's hard going, just her and Seth. Leah is at college. Sue, Seth's mom, told her that she needs to stay and get her education and that if she came home, she'd find herself homeless,

Sue's a strong woman. She'll fight tooth and nail to win this fight. I hope she makes it for Seth and Leah's sake, as much as her own. She stuck up for Seth when he came out and said he was gay. A lot of La Push was very unhappy with him. She told them to go fuck themselves.

When I get home, we have dinner. I'm still worrying about Seth. I know that Jasper, Ben, Emmett, Alice, Angela, and Bella are looking out for him. I go to bed. Esme has packed my bag, and I am ready to go.

After a long flight, I am in Chicago. My dorm room is more like an apartment. It has a living space with a kitchen attached, a bathroom, and two bedrooms, so I know that I am sharing—probably with some douche. I hope he's a tidy douche. I'm here for Music Appreciation. There are a hundred of us, ages from sixteen to nineteen. Out of the hundred, only seven are girls. Thank God for that. I'm not gay, even if most of the school thinks I am but I don't want any bullshit girls hanging on me.

I just date older girls; college girls. I do not do one night stands. I like to know a bit about the girl before I stick my cock in her. My first was when I was fifteen, she was twenty-one. We dated for six months. I've slept with seven other girls, and dated them for three to six months. The youngest was twenty-one the oldest was twenty-six, and none have been girlfriends. I stopped seeing them when I got bored with them and don't feel anything other than friendship. Since I get bored easily, nothing has lasted for more than six months. I'm thankful that I've only had seven girls to fight off. I'm not being cocky, but girls seem to love me without knowing me.

I'm looking around my new home. Well, home for the next ten weeks, when I hear a familiar voice say, "Edward, what –"

I turn around. "Bella?"

Someone interrupts her - "Good! You're both here! I'm Mr. Turner. There are an uneven number of girls here this year, and since you and Bella know each other and go to the same school, we thought you could share. We have spoken to your parents, Edward, and your Grandpa, Bella. They said they are happy if you share, but there are rules. Bella, you're only sixteen, but, we gave you a pass to come here because we heard great things about you. Make sure you stick by the rules. Let one of the teachers or staff members know if you are going anywhere. You each need to stay in your own bedroom. No hanky-panky, or we will have to contact your parents to come get you. While we wait, we will go over the 'birds and the bees' talk. Understood?"

Both Bella and I turn around and say yes at the same time. Mr. Turner leaves. Bella is standing there, bright red, looking down.

This is going to be an interesting ten weeks. Sharing with Bella is going to be fun. I'll get to know her as we share the apartment. I should get to know her pretty well. Unlike that dipshit Jake, I just find her interesting. Yeah, she's pretty, but I just turned nineteen. She's not seventeen yet. Well, not until September thirteenth.

Okay, okay, so I know her height, weight, and birthday. I saw her driver's license. I am not a stalker.

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