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Chapter Three

We both made our way happily to the front door laughing and talking about random things when we heard a cough behind us. I turned to find Klaus leaning on a doorway looking at us with a raised eyebrow.

"And where do you think your going?" He asked us or well me.

"Out you know to find out what New Orleans has to offer!" I smiled sweetly.

"Well then I'll come with you!" He replied all to happy, I sighed and rolled my eyes but made no move to argue against him. Just as the three of us were about to leave Elena and Elijah came out of the study.

"Where you lot of too?" Elena asked curiostly.

"To sample the joys of New Orleans. You want to come?" I asked her. She nodded in answer, she then looked at Elijah raising her eyebrows in qestioning. A small smiled graces his face barley noticeble but there all the same and gives a small. A much larger smile comes from Elena as we all make our way to the car. Elijah and Klaus in the front and us three girls sat in the back. Klaus finally pulled up outside a bar called Rousseau's. They all got out of the car.

"My personal favorite bar around here!" Klaus came up behind me and whispered in my ear. I jumped not expecting him to be so close. He laughed at my reaction so I hit him playfully in the chest which caused him to laugh harder and I couldn't help but join in. We all walked into the bar and sat at a table.

A waiter came around asking for all our drinks and Klaus quickly ordered scotch for everybody.

"Brothers!" Rebekah called walking over to us and next to her was Kol...wait what.

"Hello Bekah , Kol care to join us?" Klaus asked.

"Sure, our other halfs will be joining us soon!" Kol smirked. The waitress came around with our drinks and I quickly downed my figuring this is going to be a long night. Just then the doors to the bar opened and in stepped in two people I thought I'd never see again.

"Davina" I said in shock. She looked over to me in shock also.

"Caroline!" She breathed. I jumped out from my seat and rushed over to give her a hug. I could feel the tear begin to fall as I sobbed into her shoulder and she mine. She pulled back and I looked at her with tearful eyes, her shock and happy eyes suddenly turned to a look of anger and betrayal and before I could even realise what had happened she slapped me hard across the face.

"I though you were dead!" She screamed. "Why the hell didn't you tell me you weren't" She continued.

"Becasue my mum didn't tell me about what we were until after I was a vampire, she told me she ran away from the coven for a reason and she told me to never come or contact any of you!" I hissed out at her.

"We were best friends for 17 years and then everything just suddenly stopped. No texts. No calls. No e-mails. No nothing. You abandoned me when I needed you the most Caroline!" She sobbed.

"I never abandoned you D, my mother made me take an oath" I mumbled. It was then I glance around and I saw that anyone who was not in our little group had been kicked out of the bar and the doors had been locked behind them. The ones left were watching us all with confused expressions.

"What oath!" Davina asked horrified.

"If I ever set foot in New Orleans again I would lose all my memories and be made to start over and that would happen every single time I walked across the border, I've been searching for a way to break the oath and it took me 100 years but I did it." I explained.

"Caroline, please tell me you didn't go to him" She pleaded.

"I had no other choice left D he's the only one I knew that could do it" I hoped she would understand.

"Caroline what did he ask for?" She asked.

"It doesn't matter" I told her but as soon as I saw her glare I changed my mind."He never told me what he wanted, he just said he's come to collect when the time was right!" I muttered.

"Why would you do something so stupid!" Davina hissed.

"Because I missed you D, I had to find out what the hell happened to you, I did it to find you" I shouted. "I didn't care for the concequences" I whispered at the end. Suddenly the doors to the bar were flung open and Tate walked in. The devil I made a deal with.

"Hello Caroline I'm here to collect the payment I just heard you talk so kindly about" He smirked over at me.

"And what is it?" I asked, I noticed Klaus edge closer to me ready to defend me if needs be.

"Nothing that will harm you and I wouldn't if I were you Hybrid!" He said as if he was bored.

"Now I've been waiting a long time for you to return to here, it's time I reverse the spell your grandmother placed on you!" With that he flicked his wrist and a sudden pain erupted in my head. I fell to the floor clutching my head and screamed, there was a pain in my gums that wouldn't go away and a pull to nature I couldn't deny. I could hear Emily and Elena trying to comfort me but I just couldn't block the pain out. Then it just stopped, just like that. I slowly lifted my head up and saw everyone looking at me concerned. I held my hand out to Elena and Emily and they helped me up. When they let me go I tested the waters and took one step forward but my leg buckled under me, but before I could hit the ground someone's arms caught me. I looked up to see Klaus and smiled as he pulled me up but didn't move his arm from my waist and I appreciated the gesture.

"What did you do to me?" I hissed at Tate. At this paticullar time Elijah held him by the throat against the wall.

"Do you not feel it? what I just unleashed" He asked.

"Stop speaking in riddles and tell me what you did!" I shouted.

"I guess I was wrong you are just as usless as your mum was!" He smirked and with that I saw read, I let my vampiric feactures shows and I rushed forward shoved Elijah out of the way and savagely bit into his neck. His screams were a sign that I was not at all being gental about it. I could hear his heartbeat slow down so I let his body drop down to the floor. I looked over to everyone to she they were looking and me in awe, shock and even a little fear in there.

"What?" I asked.

"Caroline...Your..." Elena trailed of.

"Hybrid" Davina finished.

"No she's a Tribrid. A witch, vampire and wolf all in one girl!" Tate laughed from the ground.

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