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It has been years sincee the legend of a trainer that conquered not just the legend of being a Pokemon Master, but also conquering the Pokemon league in such a young age. The legend of the trainer that not only conquered Mt. Silver which was named the hardest mountain to climb let alone enter. He was said to have visited to Kanto, Johto and Hoenn. Now the legend was known as Red, Pokemon Trainer and Champion.

Pallet Town

A young man with shaggy obsidian hair in his early twenties sat on top of his bed looking at the window as if something was happening. Over the years the young man had traveled to three regions not just for the fun of exploring, but to feel the trill of fighting in Pokemon battles again. This trill only happened once through out his travel and it was made by Ethan a Johto trainer that had manage to beat Lance and made to tie with him the supposed legendary trainer. He was more or less impress and left to other places to see if other trainers were just as good as Ethan, but sadly their was a few that can last with his Pikachu. So, now after a decade of traveling in the three regions he find himself bored agian.


Shifting his gaze from the window to his electric mouse Pokemon, Red looked at his Pikachu.

'Yeah. I know Pika it is boring just sitting here, but what can we do,' Red thought to his Pikachu. Ever since his fateful meeting with Mewtwo he has been given the ability to talk to Pokemon similar to Sabrina in Saffron City, but to a lesser extent.

'Could we visit Saur and the others then! Please!' his Pikachu cried out loud. (Note: just think Pika saying Pika talk)

Sign. 'Alright lets go and please don't prank the professor this time.' Similarly to Red, his pokemon also got the ability to cause mischief to people they know especially Red to which they found out to be not affected to any mischief or pranks.

Standing up from his bed and going to his closet, he took out a black shirt, blue jeans, and his signature jacket, but to a larger scale. Over all he look like an older version of when he was young, but more mature like. Walking down from his Room to his living room where his mother used to be at. Thinking about his mother hurt. Not because of anything trivial like a fight, but because she died when he was thirteen just two years after his championship. Ever since then he tried to forget about it and left to Mt. Silver to forget about it. Though it still painful to see how his mother was so happy for him to take care of himself when she died with a smile. Now he was alone in his own home with millions of poke-dollars, but with no mother.

Sign. 'Get a grip Red, and start getting over this problem just as mom would say.'

Walking to the door, he took his hat (look at profile picture) and opened the door just as Pika scurry to his shoulder.

"Ready." Red said quietly.

'Let's go!' said the energetic Pikachu.

Walking to Professor Oak's was an easy thing considering that even though he was the youngest champion and legend in Kanto, the people in Pallet Town just knew his a Red and he was quiet grateful for that. The walk was a quiet one and peaceful one with a few people saying hellos to Red and Pika and his saying Hello as well though a bit more quiet.

Reaching Professor Oak's lab door and knocking twice.

No one answered.

'Red! Come on lets go.'

'Hold it Pika we can't just go in.'

'Well, I'll just go in then if you don't.'

Signing Red prepared to opened the door, but the door opened up to itself. Cautiously Red entered the lab and saw the professor working on a machine of a kind similar to the PC and the switching between Pokemons, but in a larger scale. The screen was more or less covered the whole back wall of the the lab and the transporter was right beside it which was cylinder like.

While the professor was working an Alakazam was helping him carry things with Psychic. This things range from crates of metals, tools and from the look of things the Pokemon was the one that open the door using the same move.

Red looking slightly confuse considering that he never saw anything like this before, but maybe the transporter in Sevii Island, but it wasn't this large. Walking up to the professor who was still busy building the the machine with his Pikachu looking curious at the hard working professor.

Clearing his voice a bit. Red coughed.

"Waaa- Ouch! My head! Ah!"

Red who saw this sweatdroped. The professor held his head from the aching from hitting the large machine with his head when he got spooked. Slowly getting the pain out of his head and asking his Alakazam to get him some ice, the professor look at Red.

"Ah! Red my boy what do I owe the pleasure to see you again. Is it another adventure you are seeking."

"I'll think about that professor, but for now could I just visit my Pokemon at the back considering that you are busy." Red said quietly.

"Sure! Sure! But can you help me once your done with that. I need you to go to Lavender Town later to get me something."

"Uhm. Sure."

"Great! after you are done talking and meeting your Pokemon you can talk to me to get what I need in Lavender Town later." With that the Professor went back to building on the machine.

Meanwhile Red was already walking to the back exit of the lab which lead to the the professor's personal backyard. To the professor the definition of a backyard meant the backside of any building to Red he called this the Safari of Oak. Shaking his head for the professor's term and meaning he continued to find his Pokemon. In the Safari of a yard Pokemon from both Blue's and Red's were found here. Considering that both of them catch as many as they can with their pokedex and pokeballs. The winner of the match was him for a good percentage considering that he tried to catch as much as he can before going to the Pokemon league while Blue just caught what he considering was a Pokemon that was not weak. Walking down the grass both short and tall grass he found his Venusaur on it's belly looking at him and before he knew it a strong grip was on his feet and waist and was pulled to grass-poison type.

' I miss you G.'

'Hello Saur.'

'Yeah! Hi Saur!'said Pika who was now on Red's shoulder.

'Hello, Pika.' Said the gentle giant.

"Pika and Saur you guys wait here. I'll find the rest." Red said.

'Sure,' both said though the Pikachu was more enthusiastic than the Venusaur.

While Red was looking for the all the Pokemon he captured and his championship team. He thought of how his life was like before his mother died and before he was the champion for that matter. He thought of how nice it was to live and go around where no one knew who he was and was just a kid enjoying the Pokemon world to the fullest. Now though he was quiet well known through out all the region and other regions he had never heard of. He was nickname the Pokemon Master; the ultimate trainer to beat in this generation. He knew that he was going to get a lot of fan and be a celebrity, but he was young and quiet frankly he was not good in camera and the only time that he was or any at all was when he would battle either in the League Stadium at Indigo Plateau or his battle with Blue when he wasn't traveling and finishing up his pokedex in Johto or Kanto.

He also thought about how their were fewer trainers that can beat or compete in the Indigo Plateau. Not only were the Kanto trainer need to be their best to fight the gym leaders, but one of the Gym leader is a former Champion and was quiet busy and will eliminate a whole team with just one Pokemon. Meanwhile in Johto the trainers had to fight on with Clair the dragon type gym leader of Blackthorn City which was the cousin of Lance the champion before Blue.

The only reason why Ethan got to the fight him was because he manage to defeat both Blue and Lance and manage to tie with him though Ethan could have won if they weren't on top of Mt. Silver and it's cold temperature.

Red was broken from his taught when he heard a roar and a explosion. Quickly running to where the explosion happened in a matter of second before he saw what caused it. At one side was a Blastoise about five and a half feet tall and it's eyes completely obsidian with dents on its shell. On the other side was a Charizard with a hard look on its face and had a necklace around it's neck. These Pokemon were about to duke it out again, but stop when they saw Red. Before any of the pokemon could react a blur past by with the color brown. After the blur tackled Red it was revealed as an Eevee. Meanwhile the two large Pokemon walked up to Red. The Blastoise eyes were more Jolly than before and the Charizard was more happy as well.

"Hello, Vee, Bob, C." the quiet trainer said softly.

'Hi! Are you staying over to play! Are we going to another adventure! Are we going to Saffron City! Are we-'

'Slow down Vee and breath or you will will turn purple and become an umbreon without shifting.' Said the Blastoise

'I have to agree with Bob there Vee, it look like you will pass out if you didn't breath.' Said the Charizard.

'You guys are mean! Tell them G, that they should stop picking on me!' said the Eevee

'Calm down Vee you know that Bob was just teasing you and C stop making thing worst than it is.' said the cap waring trainer. Looking around he notice something odd.

'Guys where Lax. He is usually with you.' Red said through their thoughts.

'Oh he's over their by that tree sleeping.' said the Eevee.

Just as what the Eevee said the sleeping Pokemon was indeed sleeping below a tree though it was no ordinary tree it was a berry tree which by the look of the fruit it was a Sitrus Berry Tree.

Red sweatdrop at this. For his one of his strongest Pokemon to be a lazy Pokemon even though it had muscles, legit muscles for a fat Pokemon must be his own fault. Now that he thought about it he was slaking off considering that no one else was willing to fight him and Ethan the Johto trainer became a breeder ever since the tie. So now he had to bring his Pokemon up to speed or else they would be to rusty to battle a full coarse battle against other powerful trainer such as Lance if he hadn't stop training that is.

'Wake up Snor.'

The sleeping giant opened it's squinted eyes to see his trainer and waved at him. Slowly the Pokemon went to its trainer and his other Pokemon friends to meet up with Pika and Saur.

Just as they were going back to the place Pika and Saur was they heard chatter of Pokemon of different types coming from the same direction. And before Red could wonder what was going on he saw most of the pokemon he caught over his travels from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. He saw the bug types Butterfree and his beedrill to Beautifly in Hoenn. He saw the poison types in all three regions that he caught Muk to Swalot. He can see all of his Pokemon about 300 plus Pokemon minus the legionaries that can only be found in those regions. Though he did capture the legendary birds of Kanto, but he let them Roam to do as they want similar to Mew and Mewtwo. Though thinking about Mewtwo made him shudder considering that every-time he was in a bad mood he will release a dream like trans that made you relive the most embarrassing or horrific moment of your life which was bad enough for him.

When the chatter stopped and his Pokemon to hear him he then stated.

"Alright guys I got free time the whole day so lets have fun with this," he said softly.


The whole day was fun for Red not only did he manage to bond with all of his Pokemon, but he also manage to make them stronger and gave them ideas of how to win battles. To Red it didn't matter if you were the strongest Pokemon or the most brilliant trainer though this traits were useful, the only thing he really cared for was that if he or his Pokemon did their best. So even if the Pokemon he trained failed to finish a task or finish a move, he was more than happy to the fact that his Pokemon were willing to do their best and trust him.

The day wasn't just wasted for fun and training. It was also use as a time to bond together more and allowed all of his Pokemon to relax.

While relaxing he was relaxing he thought of how he got all of his Pokemon. He thought about his main team first C, Pika, Saur, Bob, Vee, and Snor.

He first had C which was given to by the professor. Pika was caught at Viridian forest when the Pikachu was lost and forced Red to take him and train him as well. Next was Saur when he was given by a girl in Cerulean City for having a Pikachu for a gift. Next was the oddest gift that he had and it was from officer Jenny in Vermilion City where she gave him squirtle for helping her and achieving to get the thunder badge. Lastly Snor was just a Pokemon that was blocking his way until he caught it using a pokeflute. He reordered all of the Pokemon that Kanto could offer and the professor was quiet happy about it. As to how he got a Raichu or a Pichu that would be Pika's way of persuasion and his own ability to record Lt. Sarge's Raichu.

Now that sun was setting and his Pokemon going back to their den and grass to sleep in. Red went back to professor Oak with Pikachu sleeping on his head. The Professor was sitting and looking at the machine that he had just manage to almost finish. That's when he heard his back door to his lab opened and came a peaceful Red and a sleeping Pikachu.

"Ah! Red just in time. I want to present to you my unfinished masterpiece!"

"Hello professor. But was is this machine. It looks like a large version of a PC transporter."

The old man huffed. "This is no ordinary machine. This is the multiverse transplantation device that transport not only Pokemon to another universe, but also people as well."

"So it's like a PC."

The professor cried. Not because of Red understanding it, but because he was belittling it. Meanwhile Red sweatdrop when he saw the professor cried.

"Anyways its almost done. I just need a few Gems that I need you to get at Lavender Town." The professor continued as if nothing happened.

"What do these Gems look like they are supposedly red, blue, and yellow. They were used by are kept by the late ."

"Wait. Mr. Fuji was on with this."

"Yes, before Mr. Fuji became a helper to all Pokemon in Lavender town, he was also a professor just like me. He was a researcher of Pokemon just as I am he studied Pokemon behavior and the things I am studying now. Though over the years when he became the most well known professor and my rival when I was younger. We competed with things such as finding new pokemon. Recording new types and so on. But one day Team Rocket the very same Team Rocket that you took down forced him to research on creating the ultimate Pokemon. Though now I understand where Mewtwo came from considering that Fuji was the one created him for Team Rocket by force. Now though before his disappearance now his death, he and I worked on a multiverse theory that what if we combine the PC of teleporting and the the abilities of Mew with Celebi. Then you can create a small gate between dimensions. Though we never tested it, but it is possible. Though I am finish with my part, the only thing I need now are the Gems that are in Lavender town."

"I... think I lost you in the Team Rocket place professor."

"Uh! Nevermind. Youth these days and their short sighted ability to comprehend the theories of the Pokemon world."

'I should leave.' Red thought. Slowly, but surely he exited from the lab without the professor knowing considering that he was back on his talk about the wonders of Pokemon and their abilities to be used in life. Before Red can walk out of the professor's lawn his Charizard, Snorlax, Venusaur, Blastoise, and shifting Eevee came to him.

'We'll go with you G.' said Saur while the others nodded.

Signing. He smiled at them and took their pokeballs which they were holding on and got on the back of his Charizard.

'Where to,' said the dragon like pokemon.

"To Lavender Town."

Alright people. First Pokemon Story I made.

If your wondering which universe I am putting this on I will put it on Anime Universe. Though currently Red is in Gameverse and Origin universe with some Pokemon Manga here such as the names.

The nicknames of the Pokemon comes from Manga and 92fireDemon's Stepping out of the Shadow since I love how this dude portrayed so bad.

Anyways yeah. Red is twenty-ish. He will have a pairing in the Anime world. And No I will mostly center it on Red or his Pokemon as of now until I figure out the pairing.

As for my other stories the chapters for The Return of Uzushiogakure is done for three screens and I was to lazy to post it up so yeah.

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