Rings that lead to pools in a wood,
A boy and girl who end up there,
A Lion; never tame, but good,
A witch who lives to make terror.

Four siblings, one who will betray,
An ice world melts when Aslan comes,
The Lion's love will save the day,
Narnia will become their home.

Narnia and the North their goal,
Four fugitives must join or die.
They will have a very large role
In the Lion's plan by and by.

The Four return to a changed world;
They will help a prince gain his throne.
Into a huge war they were hurled,
They trust the One they have known.

Three cousins arrive in a sea,
From island to island they go,
Their ever-present help is He,
They must leave the world they love so.

To a girl, four signs are given,
Alas, they will be forgotten,
Nearly in a giants' kitchen,
A prince saved from where he's fallen.

Two children come for one last stand,
Against the greatest evil yet,
With few allies within the land,
Now in His Country; no regrets!