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A relaxed sigh escaped the empath's lips as the summer breeze caressed her hair. Her mantra flowed with the rolling tide. The empath's body relaxed when the warm glow of sun rays embraced her skin. She was always the first to arise among the Titans. Although she got the least amount of sleep she enjoyed the sweet silence of daybreak each morning.

"Hey...pssst...Rae?" The changeling whispered. I uttered a low groan. So much for silence I thought. I continued to chant my mantra ignoring the green pest until I felt something poke my cheek. Letting out a frustrated sigh I acknowledged him by opening one eye mentally stabbing him with my signature glare.

"My name is Ra-VEN. What do you want Beast boy?" I deadpanned. I felt a wave of nervousness wash over me. I curiously turned my attention to him. He shifted awkwardly while twirling his fingers. "Beast boy just spit it out!" I angrily stated. He took a deep breath and stared into my eyes.
"Don't get mad" He said with his hands out ready to block an attack. I felt my heart skipped a beat.

I shot him an angry look that could kill. "What did you do!?" I hissed.

He gulped nervously. "Well…I…sorta volunteered you to go food shopping with Star...heh...heh"

"Beastboy!?" I snarled as I bawled my glowing hands into fists taking a step towards him. He yelped as he stumbled backwards. Before I could land a hit on him Starfire busted through the door and squealed excitedly.

"Friend Raven we must do the hurrying if we are to acquire everything on the list." She beamed. I gave an inaudibly sigh. "Sure Star I'll be right there" I said in my usual monotone. Starfire animatedly nodded before flying back into the tower. I walked past my shaking teammate currently frozen on the floor. I looked over my shoulder with angry glowing eyes. "You got lucky this time….watch yourself" I hissed before slamming the door with my powers.

I teleported myself into my room then quickly changed out of my uniform. I walked out wearing white convers, a pair of black shorts, and a light blue D.C Nation hoodie. Don't ask how I got this sweatshirt. I don't even know.

I phased into the common room where Star happily waited for me. She had gold gladiator wedges with white waist high shorts and, a black crop top with super bad written on it in gold letters.

"Glorious! Friend Raven you are ready?" Star inquired as she floated towards me. "Yeh let's get this over with" I deadpanned. "Ight little ladies don't get into trouble "Cyborg teased. "How would Friend Raven and I get into the trouble" Starfire asked innocently. Robin smiled at her comment but it quickly turned into a frown when Cyborg began to howl with laughter.

"Oh Star your too cute hopefully you won't get hit on too much" Cyborg mocked as he strolled out of the room. Robin oozed of jealousy at the comment. "I am confused what does friend Cyborg mean by the hit on? Surely he knows that I am the too quick for the punches" Starfire questioned. "Don't worry about it Star" Robin smiled while hugging her tightly then creeping in for a passionate kiss.

I took this chance to slip out of the room.

I strolled into the garage where cyborg was working on his "baby". I grabbed the keys to my car off the key holder and walked to the white jaguar also known as my "baby". I stepped in and started the ignition and began to adjust my mirrors.

The giggling Tamaranian shortly arrived and sat in the passenger seat apologizing for making me wait. I shifted to drive and sped off into the underwater tunnel.


"Starfire could you please hurry up we've been here for over an hour" I deadpanned. Starfire has been intently staring at two brands of mustard. She was unable to find the difference between the two. "Please, friend Raven which do you think with taste the better?" Starfire inquired I pinched the bridge of my nose before giving her an indifferent answer. "Why not buy them both?"

She floated into the air and squealed excitedly. "Glorious friend Raven an excellent idea indeed!" She beamed.

I pushed the over filled cart to the checkout counter. I rolled my eyes when the guy at the counter tried to flirt with me. My irritation grew when he started hitting on Starfire. She gave him a puzzled look when he asked for her digits. A small smirk escaped my lips, but quickly faded when a stack of magazines toppled over. I quickly paid for the groceries and pushed the kart out of the supermarket. I impatiently sat in the car waiting for Star to come out of the store.

"Friend Raven I apologize for the lateness but look at what I have gained from various males" She giddily stated. She held out a numerous amount of phone numbers. I did my best not to snicker at what Robin's reaction will be. "That's great Star" I answered in a monotone voice.

As I drove off she began to talked about her and Robins relationship I wasn't really paying attention and occasionally gave her a nod, an uh huh, and sounds great.

"Glorious simply glorious friend Raven I am most happy that you shall attend!" Star cheered. "Wha?...What are you talking about Starfire?" I glanced at her from the corner of my eye. "Does that mean you will not partake in the traveling to the club of night this evening?" she innocently asked.

I nearly swerved off the road.

"Friend Raven might you be the okay?" I stiffened as we entered the underground tunnel. "Ah Star when exactly did I agree to this?" I stated threw my clenched teeth.

"Not too long ago I did the asking and you responded with the sounds great" She beamed. I pulled into the garage and turn the ignition off. Star got out of the car and began to unload the groceries. I felt my left eyebrow twitch before I slammed my forehead onto the wheel.


I uttered more curses to myself as I picked up the last of the groceries. I fumed on the elevator ride up to the main ops room. How stupid am I?! I should really pay more attention to Starfire's babbling from now on. I entered the room just as hell broke loose. I grumbled as Robin adopted an agitated aura as Starfire told him and Cyborg what entailed at the supermarket.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAH OOOO AH AHHHH AHAHAHAHAHAHA" Cyborg boomed Robin clenched his teeth and balled a fist. "Ah I will check you guys later…" Robin seethed. I rolled my eyes at his jealousy before steeping into his path.

"And where might you go Robin" I asked. "To whip some civilian ass" Cyborg howled before collapsing on the floor in a fit of laughter. Robin turned bright red at the comment. I can't deny that a small smile escaped from my lips.

Starfire gasped.

A playful smile graced her lips.

"Robin…perhaps you are having the jealousy hmm?" She smirked. Our fearless leader turned beet red then let an aggravated sigh before turning around to face her.

"Well maybe if you didn't dress so…" He angrily began. Starfire's eyes went from hurt to anger in an instance. "I do not need your approval on what I may wear! I shall wear whatever, whenever I please!" she hollered. In a moment Cyborg was right behind her. "Mhmmmmmm Tell him girl!" he chimed. Starfire nodded confidently before sashaying out of the room.

Robin looked at me with pleading eyes. I shook my head before leaving the room. Idiot. I turned the corner hoping to get to my room before something else idiotic happens. My pace quickened as my door came into view. I felt a calming relief wash over me.

Flashing red lights and that heinous bell made me groan and sink to the floor.