Jules takes a clue from the look on Donna's face that it is time to give her some space to read her creation. Jules heads out into the evening to Charles' London headquarters to make some long awaited calls to plan what is next. There are advantages to being the consort of a billionaire which is international real estate at her disposal. On her way out, Jules arranges for a champagne dinner to be sent up in a few hours for Donna. Jules heads to the car as she rings up Charles for a chat.

Donna settles into the couch staring at the cover of her book. She is almost afraid to crack the cover. The reactions of the women at the bookstore affected her more than she would care to admit. The stories she had told to her keyboard were the story of her and Jules, of her and Harvey, Jules and Sean, her and Josh. The stories were intimate and oh so very real. She changes the names but the details... those were too good not to convey as they actually happened.

Memories flood Donna's mind as she turns page after page of her creation. Emerald's staff may have fixed continuity and context but this is her story as she wrote it. Donna relishes the trip back into her history. After a few hours, Donna realizes that the presence of Mark basically aborted any attempts to eat at lunch. She is famished. Almost as if on cue, there is a wrap on the door from room service. The butler rolls in a grand service for dinner. The reveal is steak au poivre with baby parsley potatoes, salad, chocolates and cheese... all of Donna's favorites with a lovely bottle of champagne. Donna smiles at the presence of coupes over flutes which is a quirk of her Jules. Jules hates champagne in flutes, she likes the Great Gatsby feel of a coupe in her fingertips and flutes direct the bubbles right up your nose. Donna dives into the decedent buffet before her with sufficient enjoyment.

Jules settles into Charles' office with a smile that they all look the same. Charles had each and every office created as a copy of his office in New York. The continuity makes Jules feel oddly at home at a time when she is a bit homesick. Jules boots up Charles' laptop bringing Emerald to life upon her screens. Emerald and Jules dive into a strategy session for Donna's European debut. After a lengthy session with her sister, Jules rings up Pepper for wedding plans. Jules is still feeling the weight of the world in regards to the upcoming wedding.

It takes her hours upon hours but Donna finishes the book as the first rays of morning break. Donna is quite ready for a nap as she heads to her bedroom. Across London, Jules is fast asleep with her head upon Charles desk. Jules is roused from her sleep by the smell of a cup of coffee placed next to her head. Jules rubs the sleep from her eyes to see Charles smiling down at her. "So an all nighter?" Charles sits on the edge of his desk, nudging the cup closer to Jules. Jules smiles as she takes a sip from the cup.

Charles leans down, kissing Jules on the cheek as he takes her hand to pull her from his chair. "The jet is prepped and ready for you and Donna as requested, my love. So we are doing this?" Charles has a wicked little smile on his face that is soon matched with a smile on Jules face. "Go big or go home." Jules sits back taking another sip of the offered coffee. "You know, you should come work for me. People think I am scary... you, my darling Jules are a freaking force of nature." Charles pours himself a cup of coffee with a laugh. "Well Wall Street is not ready for that..." Charles turns to face Jules with a laugh. "No... no it is not."

Jules straightens herself as she gathers her things off of Charles' desk. "You staying in London?" Jules inquires. It has been a long time since she has had a normal routine with Charles. "I will be home tomorrow." Charles circles closer to Jules. "I have missed you, Kitten. The house has been lonely without you." Charles circles in for a kiss. Jules has missed the routine of her life. The life of a reckless abandon is a bit hard to get used to.

Jules waltzes into the hotel room with several members of staff to prepare Donna's things for departure. Jules walks into Donna's room, placing a cup of coffee on Donna's bedside table. She pulls up a chair and waits for Donna to rouse. Donna begins to stir, wiping the sleep from her eyes. As she begins to focus on her surroundings, she is startled by Jules sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed. "Jesus, Jules, do you come with a bell." Jules smiles down at Donna. "Kinky, I like the way you think." Jules points at the cup to direct Donna's attention. As Donna picks it up for a sip, Donna spies the bags being gathered in the next room. "My dear Jules, are we going somewhere?" Donna straightens in the bed. "Shower up my dear, we are headed home." Jules taps Donna's leg as she exits the room.

A grand smile crosses Donna's face. She is thrilled to hear those words roll off of Jules' tongue. Donna has profoundly missed Harvey. Donna knows that she needs Harvey by her side to navigate what is coming next. To navigate the future of this crazy book nonsense that Jules put into motion. Donna bounds off the bed, heading straight to the shower. The warm water feels so good against her skin. Donna is almost giddy with the thought of going home. For a moment, the thought crosses Donna's mind. Is she going to her home or to Harvey's? "They" do not have a home. She has a home and Harvey has a home perhaps it is time that they had a home. Donna's mind drifts through the thought of what she would want. She tries to envision her home would look like with Harvey. Donna is surprised by the fact that it is much harder to envision than she thought.