Ace's frozen figure standing in the doorway had Marco panicking. Ace was just standing there, his eyes wide, a look of hurt displayed across his face.

"Ace." Marco whispered gently, moving to get up, only for Ace to blink and bolt out of the doorway.

"Ace!" Marco yelled, jumping out of the bed and running out of the doorway after his younger lover.

At the party, it was still as lively as ever, music was still going, and many were still drinking and having a good time. Marco ran after Ace and made his way back out to the party, scanning the deck, looking for the young fire-user. When his search came up with nothing, he glaned over at Whitebeard, who glanced over at him with a confused expression. Sighing, Marco made his way over the large man and sat down next to his pops.

"What's going on son?"

"Something happened. Ace is upset with me right now."

Whitebeard glanced down at his son, a thoughtful look on his face.

"I don't know what's exactly happened, but to see that desperate, worried look on your face puts me at great unease. All I can say is to find Ace and fix whatever you did to wrong him."

Marco sighed, standing up. "You seen him around by chance?"

Whitebeard merely glanced up toward the crow's nest, making Marco raise his eyebrow.

"He's fast."

Whitebeard laughed a hearty laugh. "That he is."

An unknown sound caught the attention of the young fire-user. Quickly wiping the tears away, he turned just in time to see the blonde who had just broken his heart climb into the crow's nest with him.

"What are you doing up here?" His tone was cold, his eyes, puffy from having just been crying. The sight knocked the wind out of Marco, for a moment he couldn't speak.

Seeing Ace move knocked him out of his stupor, and his focus was back on the black haired man.

"Ace. What you saw-"

"I don't want to hear it! You can talk all you want, I know what I saw Marco!" The tears had returned and were falling even faster this time. It was one to cry when he was alone, but for Marco to be sitting right in front of him after what he had just witnessed was just too much and he couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Ace, Thatch is drunk. I was putting him to bed."

"When did putting someone in bed require you to kiss them?" Ace's tone was bitter, dripping with sarcasm. It was a lot for Marco to handle. He hadn't really seen this side to Ace. The boy was anti-social and a bit hateful when he arrived on the Moby Dick sure, but the Ace sitting before him was something he had never seen, and he could feel his heart clenching.

"If you would listen to me, you'd understand that it was Thatch. He's drunk, horny, and I was just there. You know better. You know that I would have much rather been at the party, hugging on you and kissing all over you. At times, it's tough being the responsible one, but that's the way things are. I'm grouchy. I'm a perfectionist. I nag you and all of the other commanders when you don't meet your deadlines. I read way too much. I'm old. " The last thing was said in a whisper so Ace had to strain to hear what the zoan user had said.

"Ace. I'm a lot older than you. This is something we discussed when we got together. I told you I was old enough to be your father. You said you didn't care. You said nothing mattered as long as we loved each other. You told me that, didn't you?"

A blush began forming on the younger man's cheeks. Quickly looking away to avoid Marco's fixated stare, he looked toward the floor.

"I did. I said that."

"Do you believe I love you? Tell me right now, do you doubt my love for you?"

Looking up, Ace's blush only intensified at the loving look he received from the older man. On one hand, he knew that Marco's love for him was pure and absolute. On the other hand, seeing Thatch kiss Marco tonight was almost too much to handle.

"I do. I believe you love me." Tears found their way back to his eyes, and without caring, let them fall.

Moving forward, Marco pulled Ace toward him in a tight embrace. He could feel the tears wetting his shirt, but decided he could care less. The tears were because of him, and though the situation was a grave one, he couldn't help but smile a little at the fact that Ace truly loved him enough to cry over him. Tightening his hold on the freckled man, Marco tilted his head ever so slightly to bite gently down on Ace's ear earning a surprised yelp in response.

"M-Marco!" Ace whispered, pulling back to stare at the blonde in shock.

"I think I've reached my limit yoi." Marco murmured, leaning forward, pressing his lips against Ace's still ones. After a few moments, when Marco recieved no response, he opened his eyes to see a flushed Ace with his eyes shut tight. Pulling back ever so slightly, he sighed.

"Ace. What would you like me to do? I'll do anything for you to forgive me."

Ace opened his eyes, finally seeing the blonde haired man he fell in love with. Moving forward tentatively, Ace gently pushed Marco back on to the floor of the crow's nest, moving forward so he was straddling the blonde's waist. Marco glanced up at the fire-user with a crooked half smile.

"This is different." He smirked, reaching up to caress Ace's face.

"Shut up." Ace whispered, running his hand down the tattooed chest of his older lover. The mark was a symbol of Marco's freedom and his devotion to the ever growing family that is known as Whitebeard. Staring down at the man who had claimed his heart sent it racing. Marco the Phoenix of the Whitebeard Pirates had chosen him of all people. The amount of love he felt for the man could not be measured. He wanted nothing more than to please the man lying below him.

Leaning forward, Ace began trailing kisses along his lover's jawline, slowly moving down toward his throat, where he nipped at it, earning a chuckle from his older lover. Sliding down, never taking his mouth off of the man, the fire-user's mouth made its way all the way down to the blonde's waist line. Pulling back slightly, Ace glanced up at Marco, gasping when he saw the lust filled gaze that dominated the zoan-user's face. Marco was propped up on his elbows, that famous smirk of his on his face.

Ace knew that Marco wasn't teasing him. Far from it actually. Marco was ecstatic that Ace was taking the initiative. When the two were intimate, Marco always took charge, doing everything in his power to ensure Ace was satisfied. Here tonight though, Ace was the one calling the shots, and the commander was excited.

Unbuckling the blonde's belt was easier than Ace had expected. Whether it was his intense focus on the situation, or his growing need to get the offending clothing off he didn't know. Once the buckle was pulled apart, he slid the blonde's pants down, releasing his erection. The flush on Ace's face intensified as he stared down at it.

Sensing Ace's discomfort with the control of the situation, Marco moved to sit up and take charge, when a simple look from his younger lover stopped him. The look he gave him spoke volumes, but summarized into one simple plea.

"Please, let me do this." Marco smiled, leaning back once more to let Ace continue.

Lowering his head, Ace licked up Marco's member, causing the commander to shiver. Feeling encouraged, Ace wrapped his mouth around the blonde's member, taking it all in, which honestly surprised the blonde. Not to be conceited or anything, but Marco knew he wasn't of average size, so for Ace to take him all the way in without gagging made his smile grow even wider. Leaning back and placing his head on the floor, Marco closed his eyes and simply let himself feel the things that Ace was doing to him.

Pulling his head back with a 'pop' Ace glanced up at Marco and smiled, removing his pants completely. Leaning back, Ace began pulling his own pants down, not liking that Marco was the only naked one in the room. When his pants joined Marco's, Ace turned back to meet a lustful stare, causing him to look away quickly.

"Don't look away." The tone was soft, comforting. Opening his eyes, Ace leaned forward and rested his head against the zoan user's chest.

"Marco, I don't exactly..." Squeezing the younger to him, Marco hummed in response.

"It's okay. You did good. Let me take over for now." He murmured, gently easing Ace on to the floor beneath them, turning his head slightly to bite his neck, causing the younger to moan. Turning his head, the blonde pulled the fire user into a searing kiss, his tongue fighting Ace's in a dance for dominance.

With the younger momentarily distracted, Marco reached over toward his discared pants, not once breaking the kiss, and fumbled around for a few moments. Pulling back slightly so they could both breathe, Marco quietly popped open the bottle, and squeezed the lotion on to his fingers, coating them.

"Marco, please, hurry."

Three words. That's all it took for the commander's willpower to diminish. Pushing one finger in the tight heat of his lover, he heard the younger groan at the intrusion. Impatient, Marco added two more fingers and thrust them inside, earning a startled gasp from the freckled man beneath him. The blonde began scissoring the tight hole, trying to make it as comfortable as possible for his love.

Curling his fist around Ace's length, pumping it a few times to get it nice and hard. Pulling his other hand out of Ace's tight hole, he pressed his aching arousal into Ace's thigh, causing Ace to moan out in need.

"Marco...please...fuck me!" He moaned, unable to keep his need for the blonde at bay any longer. "I want to feel you inside of me, please!"

Smiling wickedly, Marco positioned his throbbing arousal at Ace's entrance, rubbing it against him. Irritated, Ace tried to push himself back on to Marco's length, but the blonde held his lover's hips firmly in place. Tears began pricking at Ace's eyes once again. How many times did he feel the need to cry tonight?! The overwhelming need for the man above him was unbearable.

Marco loomed over the young fire user, trailing kisses up the boy's stomach until he reached the boy's ear. "Can you see how badly I want you, Ace?" The zoan user asked, pushing the tip of his arousal into Ace's entrance. "Do you feel how hard I am for you?" He questioned, pushing further into his younger lover.

Ace lay beneath Marco, a writhing mess as Marco thrust into him, over and over again. Every time he pulled back, Marco would whisper into his lover's sensitive ears.

"You are the only one."


"Only you can do this to me."


Ace began panting, the intense heat of having Marco inside him was becoming too much for him to handle. He raised his arm to cover his reddened face, but felt his arm being pushed above his head, where the other soon joined, pinned by merely one of Marco's hands.

"Don't ever look away from me. I want to see the blush spread across your face because of what I'm doing to you." He whispered, leaning forward to smash his lips down upon the younger below him.

Ace moaned into the kiss. He couldn't resist this man. Marco was his everything. He would do anything for the blonde.

Marco brought his hand down to Ace's neglected length and began pumping it furiously.

"M-Marco!" Ace yelled, cumming all over his and Marco's stomachs. A few thrusts later, Marco joined Ace as he reached his own orgasm.

Time seemed to have frozen as the two just lay there, coming down the high the two just experienced.

Once Ace's breathing returned to normal, he glanced up at his lover, and smiled. Marco let go of Ace's hands, sliding his hand down Ace's cheek, letting his rest there.

"Never doubt my love for you, yoi." He smirked, pulling the younger into a warm embrace. All Ace could do was smile.

...I'm gonna go hide now. Bye!