Scenes From Season 4

By: Souris

Rated: T. Nothing that would be out of place onscreen.

Author's note: This is a series of vignettes of things I'd love to see in the first half of Season 4. It's mostly Captain Swan relationship-building, though some plot may sneak in later. Romance, angst, humor. I know, I tone-shift a lot.



The apartment's view of the water was from the master bedroom. Emma stared out the large window at the boats bobbing in the Storybrooke harbor. It would be perfect to wake up to this view of the morning sunrise, snuggled deep in the covers, wrapped tight in a certain pair of strong arms…. She sighed.

Mary Margaret came up beside her, the baby cradled against her chest. "It's a beautiful view." She glanced at Emma, then made a decision. "I was surprised Killian didn't join us on the apartment hunt today. Last night you two seemed rather … close?"

"That was before we knew about Marian."

Mary Margaret tilted her head quizzically. "Marian? What does she have to do with you and Killian?"

Emma continued to stare out the window. "Nothing, really, but … it doesn't seem right for us to be … like that, not when I just single-handedly destroyed Regina's relationship with Robin." She turned to look at her mother with stricken eyes. "It's all my fault! Killian warned me there could be repercussions, but I didn't listen. I really screwed up. Again."

"Don't you dare!" Emma started at the unusually harsh tone in her mother's voice. "Don't you dare let Regina ruin your happiness! She stole years of my life because she lost love once, there's no way I'm going to allow her to do that to my daughter, too. Any more than she already has!"


"You listen to me, Emma. You are NOT to blame. You did the right thing. How could you possibly have left that innocent woman behind in that cell to die? I would have done the same thing. So would your father. And I'm sorry it worked out badly for Regina, but she was only able to be with Robin because she had Marian killed in the first place. I can't imagine he would be with her if he knew. If he ever learned the truth, that would have ended their relationship just as surely. And now there's at least one less murder on her hands."

Emma chewed at her lower lip. "Maybe. But how can I be happy when I've made someone else so very unhappy? I feel like a terrible person."

"Emma! You are in no way a terrible person! A terrible person would not save someone from being killed. A terrible person wouldn't feel bad that someone got hurt as an unintended consequence. Someone who has brought a lot of pain to your life, by the way." Mary Margaret's face softened. "Believe me, I know how you feel. I know the guilt. But sacrificing your own happiness won't change anything or make things any better for anyone. You'll only feel worse, because you'll be denying your feelings. That will gnaw at your heart even worse. I know that, too."

"It just doesn't seem fair for me to start something with Killian when I ended Regina's relationship." Emma's tone was less sure, though, as if she no longer quite believed what she was saying.

Mary Margaret was quiet for a moment, regarding Emma thoughtfully. The she busied herself with adjusting the fuzzy blue cap on the baby's head. "Well, it is up to you, of course. Killian seems quite persistent in pursuing you, though, so you'll probably have to be very firm and make sure he understands you're not interested in a relationship with him and he needs to let it go."

Emma's brow crinkled. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, obviously you don't have strong feelings for him if you're going to give up on him so easily. So it's best to cut him loose completely, for his sake. I'm sure he'll be heartbroken, but I doubt he'll be lonely for long. I always thought he and Tinker Bell—"

"He and Tinker Bell are just friends!" Emma snapped out.

"Really? Even back on Neverland?" Mary Margaret shrugged. "Ah, well, Ruby said she thinks he's hot, so maybe–"

"Ruby said WHAT?" Emma's brow was deeply furrowed now.

"I believe her exact words were, 'If Emma doesn't want him, I wouldn't mind walking his plank'—"

"Stop it, that's enough! I get your point!" Emma glared at her mother, who gave a small, satisfied smile and stroked her son's head.

"What's going on in here?" David hurried in. "I could hear you two from the kitchen. Luckily Henry's too excited planning out his room to notice."

Mary Margaret arched her eyebrows at him. "Emma's feeling guilty about saving Marian."

"What?" David burst out. "Why?"

"Because of Regina and Robin," Mary Margaret informed him.

"What about them?"

Two sets of eyes stared at him pointedly. For a moment he looked confused, then the light dawned. "Oh. OH! They were—? Oh."

"Yes, they were," Emma said. "And now, because of me, they aren't anymore."

"And I'm telling her not to feel guilty about it. I mean, it's unfortunate that Regina was hurt, it's an unusual situation, and I'll be her friend about it and try to make her feel better, but there was nothing else for Emma to do. And she shouldn't punish herself — or anyone else — over it."

"Well, of course not!" David looked positively affronted at the suggestion of Emma feeling guilty. "Emma, your mother's right. You saved an innocent woman from being murdered by Regina for helping Snow. You did a good thing. It was the right thing to do, no question. I'm proud of you!"

"You are?" Emma asked, hope dawning on her face.

"Absolutely!" David put his arm around Emma's shoulders, and she relaxed into his embrace. "This family saves people!"

"Yes, we do. And we shouldn't have to apologize for it," Mary Margaret added. "And don't forget, because of you, that little boy has his mother back."

"OK, OK!" Emma smiled. "You've convinced me. No more guilt. But what do we do if Regina, you know, goes all Evil Queen on me again? I don't fancy being turned into a slug."

"Well, we'll worry about that if it happens. We certainly have experience," Mary Margaret stated. "But I don't think she will. I think she's truly changed."

David and Emma exchanged a look. Before they could say anything, though, Henry ran into the room. "Mom! We're going to get this place, right?"

Emma looked out the window at the water. "You bet we are."



Emma knocked firmly on Killian's door. As she waited for him to answer, she shivered. God, it was chilly this evening. It had been chilly the previous night, too. What had happened to spring?

Then the door swung open, and warmth spread through her at the sight of him. It hadn't been even 24 hours since she'd seen him, but how much she had missed him hit her with the force of an avalanche. She realized suddenly that his absence was part of why she'd been so off-kilter all day; it hadn't completely been her guilt over Marian. She had gotten so used to him being beside her that it felt wrong if he wasn't there.

"Swan! What—?"

Without a word, she stepped forward and pressed her lips against his, molding her body to his and tangling her fingers in his hair to pull him even closer. His arms went around her instinctively, hook against her spine, and he kissed her back, their lips sliding and dancing against one another, somehow managing to seem tender and fierce at the same time.

The world made sense again. What the hell was I thinking? Emma asked herself. Why would I have even considered letting Regina get in the way of this?

When they finally drew apart — but not too far — Emma smiled at him sheepishly. "I'm sorry."

He gave a small laugh. "Lass, trust me, you never have to apologize for a greeting like that."

"No, not for that. For leaving so abruptly last night. And not seeing you today."

"I understand." He gently tugged a strand of her hair. "You were upset about Regina and wanted to be with your family after returning from the Enchanted Forest. I know I don't belong—"

She felt a twinge in her heart at his words, at how she had made him feel. Her mother was right — it hadn't been just herself that she'd ended up punishing. "Don't say that. You do belong! I just … I felt so bad about bringing Marian back and messing up Regina's relationship with Robin. I was punishing myself."

"Emma, you couldn't have left that woman in that cell to die any more than you could stop your heart from beating. You wouldn't be you if you could." Killian stared at her intently, his eyes like blue flames. "Heroes save people. It's what you do. And now a family is whole again."

"I know. My parents made sure of that. I'm done feeling guilty. But God knows what Regina's going to do now."

He shrugged and fluttered his hand as if the possibility were of little concern. "Whatever she does or doesn't do, we shall deal with it. You have your magic back, and I've seen how strong it is, how strong you are. If she reverts to her previous evil incarnation, you'll simply defeat her."

She gave a small shake of her head. His unassailable faith in her never ceased to amaze her. Sometimes, he could make her actually believe it.

"It will be a challenge for her," he continued. "If she tries to hurt you or anyone you care for, then we'll know that she never really changed at all. It's easy enough to be good when things are going your way. But when things go against you, that's when a person's true nature is revealed." He ran his hand along her arm in comfort, but frowned when he touched her hand. "Swan, you're freezing."

"I am. It's cold out." And that, she thought, was the perfect opening. She licked her lips, then looked up at him through her eyelashes, motioning toward his bed with her head. "Why don't we go over there and see if you can warm me up?"

She almost laughed at how wide his eyes went and how strangled his voice sounded. "Swan ... are you planning to have your wicked way with me?"

She brushed her fingers against his shirt front before taking hold of his chain. "Henry's staying with Regina for a few days. Maybe he can help keep her from going down the evil rabbit hole again. So, yes, I am absolutely planning on having my way with you tonight. No more wicked around here, though."

The smile that broke across his face was so deep and pure and beautiful that her entire spirit soared. "About bloody time."

She did laugh then and slammed the door behind them with her foot.



Emma lay on her side, watching him sleep. His lashes were startlingly long on his cheeks, his hair tousled in a dozen directions, and he looked so young at rest. Impossibly young for 300-plus years, she thought, surprise hitting her as it always did on the few occasions when she thought about just how long he had been alive. What were the odds that they would end up like this, finding one another across all those generations and realms? It defied all odds, all logic — and yet it felt so incredibly right.

She wasn't one to sentimentalize sex, but they had fit together so perfectly last night, in every way, physically and mentally and emotionally, each time, like they had been made to fit together. It had been glorious and blazing and soul-shaking, even more that she had ever let herself dare fantasize about. And she had almost thrown it away, so many times. She had tried so hard to run away from him, from her feelings — but he was still here. He hadn't left her. It took her breath away, what he done to find her. He had given up his home to restore her to hers. It was beyond anything she could ever have imagined someone doing for her.

She still wasn't sure she was quite ready to admit fully to herself how much this truly meant, but she knew it meant more than anything in her life ever had. It scared her how much it meant — but she wasn't going to run from it, from him, anymore. This was new and real and precious, and she would fight for it, for them, with everything in her. She reached out to curl one wayward strand of dark hair around her finger.

"See something you like?" he asked drowsily, eyes fluttering open.

She flushed a bit at being caught staring, but smiled. "Very much."

He quirked up one corner of his mouth. "Good."

She leaned over the few inches between them for a kiss, and he buried his hand into her hair. The kiss started soft and quickly escalated, but she pulled back before it progressed to its inevitable result. She had something she needed to ask. "Will you come with me to New York?"

His entire body stiffened. "Emma, you said you were staying! If this is about Regina—"

"No, Killian, I'm sorry, not like that!" She mentally slapped herself at how she had thrown New York in his face so often and so cruelly since they had returned to Storybrooke. "We found a place to rent here, and I need to go pack up the New York apartment and bring our stuff back. I didn't bring much with us, and Henry will have a fit if he has to go without his PlayStation much longer. David said I can take his truck."

"Oh." He visibly relaxed. "In that case, I will accompany you. If only to make certain that you actually DO return."

"I told you. No more running." She smiled and stroked his cheek, before dropping another kiss to his lips. This time, she let it progress further. Much further.