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'Scuse me while I go fold laundry in a very excited manner whilst listening to the awesome. Oh, and here's part two of Separation Anxiety.

Credit goes to Summer Hartwell for one particular line in this story as it is written nearly verbatim to the way she recommended.


"This isn't over."

Her words were a mantra in his mind. He kept his eyes locked on the communicator clutched in his palm. The screen was grey and silent, mocking him for sure. He paced the length of his bedroom, groaning at the little yellow device each time he performed an about-face. The hiss of his pneumatic door had him whirling towards it. Most of the light was obscured by a big figure.

"Yo, B, Robin said you freaked out on him." A familiar voice boomed across the room, forcing his ears back down against his skull.

Relief and panic intermixed had the boy bounding over to him, arms flailing. "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap. Cy! Thank goodness you're here!"

The metal man took a step back, arms raised. "Whoa there! What's going on?"

"I said she was pretty! She's going to throw me into another dimension! Why'd I say that?" Deciding the arm flailing wasn't enough, Beast Boy resumed his pacing.

Cyborg dropped his arms and moved into the room, motioning the door shut behind him with a sweep of his palm. "You said what to who now?"

The green man looked up from his sneakers, fixing his emerald gaze on his friend. "I told Raven she was pretty on the coms. Ra-ven. You know, dark dimension-launching half-demoness, Raven. Aw, man! Me and my big stupid mouth!"

The metal Titan scratched the side of his face with his index finger. "So, I take it she's mad at you?"

Beast Boy hesitated half-way through his circuitous round of his bedroom. "Yes. No. I dunno! She didn't seem to notice I'd said it."

The big man trundled over to him and clapped a hand down on his shoulder to prevent him from moving any further, forcefully redirecting the boy to his bed until he sat down at the foot. Adopting a position in front of him, he spoke, arms crossed over his chest.

"Hang on now. Tell me everything that happened in this phone call from the beginning."

Beast Boy groaned and dropped his face into his hands. Speaking mostly to his palms, he relayed the entirety of the communicator conversation to his friend.

At the end, Cyborg leaned back, tilting his gaze towards the ceiling as he thought aloud, "You said she didn't seem to notice. Maybe she didn't hear you?"

"But she's calling me back!"

"Are you sure?"

He looked up from his hands then, "Well... Not really..."

"Well then why are you freaking out?"

"Because!" The green boy gasped. When his friend continued to look non-plussed he added. "Nngah! Cuz I said that thing and she's gonna think I have a thing for her!"

"You don't?" Cyborg struggled to keep his expression innocently curious.

Color flared across his green cheeks as he shook his head emphatically. "What? No!"

"Kinda' sounds like you do." He couldn't stop the grin from quirking one side of his lips upwards.

That got Beast Boy moving again. His feet hit the floor as he ranted and waved his arms. "Just 'cuz I'm following her old scent trails everywhere in the tower and I'm waking up at the same time she is and I'm waiting for her on the roof every chance I get..."

"I wasn't even talking about that but wow" Now both sides of his lips were up in the threat of a smile. God, the kid could be dense.

His head swiveled around towards his friend, eyes wide, jaw flapping. "Dude! That's not that! That's, that's instinct!"

"Instinct?" His one eyebrow soared high on his brow as he regarded the changeling.

"Yeah." He crossed his thin arms over his chest, head cocked to the side. "It's separation anxiety. It's common in social animals."

"So you miss her because it's instinct to miss her." A thought occurred to him and a sly smile twitched to life on his organic features. "But then, why'd you call her pretty?"

He'd had one index finger raised over his elbow as he explained the facts as he saw them. The digit drooped as he was blindsided with that tricky reason thing Cyborg had a way of pulling on him. "Uh. What?"

The metal titan stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Your theory is all well and good… but it doesn't explain why you called her pretty."

Beast Boy's jaw dropped as he stared at his friend. "Are you kidding me? Of course she's pretty! How else would anyone find her? I mean, yeah, the purple hair and the skin and all that… but. Well, duh, man isn't it obvious?"

"Obvious to you, maybe."

"What? What're you talking about? It's super obvious! She's mysterious and those legs, and the eyes… and… and… What? Why're you looking at me like that?"

Cyborg clapped a hand over his eyes. "You're hopeless, man."

"How am I hopeless? Does that mean you think she's mad at me? Hey! Wait!" Beast Boy scrambled after his retreating friend.


Cyborg was no help. In fact, if Beast Boy were honest with himself, he was pretty sure his best friend was making fun of him on top of not being helpful. Every comment out of the metal man's mouth held the lilt of mirth. The sparkle in his dark eye hinted at some hidden knowledge he was happy to keep from his friend. Pacing the hall outside Raven's bedroom (the only place he could go where his animals weren't clambering for attention) he let his human mind wander.

It was the perfect storm of frustration for the green boy. He wasn't about to tolerate any more teasing from his metal friend, yet he felt no better about the inevitable communicator call from Raven. He had to be able to explain himself if she asked about the whole… pretty thing. At the moment he knew he'd only wind up a blubbering mess of awkward expressions and nonsense syllables.

"Augh!" Fingers clawed through green hair, tugging his face down to follow the movement of his feet. "What do I do? What do I—? "


Beast Boy plowed head first into someone soft. By the high, feminine squeak he knew it had to be Starfire. He turned his face up into the green stare of his teammate. He had somehow managed to head butt her crossed arms. It seemed like as appropriate a place as any to rest his chin.

"Uh, hi Star." He flashed her a nervous, lopsided grin. "What're you doing here?"

The Tamaranean princess cocked her head to side. "Did you forget that I live here?"

Her arms moved away, hands catching his head between them before it had a chance to fall. The green boy stumbled as he was pulled forward and up, nearly nose to nose with his friend.

"Are you unwell? You have not forgotten me, have you?"

Beast Boy grimaced inwardly. He hated to see the perkiest member of their team frown. It never suited her as well as her smiles. "Ah, n-no Star, I'm fine. Just freaking out a little."

He nearly groaned aloud as the words slipped out, knowing full well Starfire would push him for details.

"Freaking out? What is disturbing you, friend?"

He chewed on his lip, weighing his options. Cyborg hadn't been helpful for him. Robin was flat-out out of the question. But Starfire… she was a girl. Maybe she would know how to help him?

"Um…" he winced as he broke through the skin on his lip with one of his extra-sharp fangs, drawing blood. He quickly swiped at the spot with his tongue before continuing. "If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell the others?"

Peridot eyes literally glowed in excitement. "Of course! The sharing of secrets is a great honor among my people!"

She dropped his head to clasp her hands together in front of her chest. The sudden shift in his center of gravity nearly sent him face first into the carpet. His arms pinwheeled for several seconds before he managed to recover and right himself.

He pinched his uniform near his bicep and tugged downward. The fabric had bunched uncomfortably at his armpits from waving his arms. It gave him a few precious seconds to compose his answer carefully.

"Okay, good." He scratched the back of his head, fighting the rising heat in his neck. "Uh, if I called a girl pretty—on accident—what would that mean, exactly?"

He released a relieved sigh when the princess appeared to ponder his words carefully, rather than tease him. "Do you call many girls pretty? Because then it would mean nothing."

"No. Not really. I mean, I guess there are pretty girls out there but I haven't noticed."

"Well then, calling this girl pretty means you having the special feelings for her!" The pitch of her voice rose several octaves. "Beast Boy, do you have the special feelings for someone?!"

His heart thumped heavily in his chest. "Is that what that is?" he muttered weakly, clutching a hand to the spot where his sternum might crack with the pressure his heart was applying.

"Yes!" she squealed, floating now on her own glee. "Tell me, who is this lucky girl, Beast Boy?"

The hall was suddenly empty.

"…Beast boy?"

Had Starfire been looking, she might have seen the green mouse scurrying away in the direction of the changeling's room. She hadn't, and the Tamaranean was left where she was, scratching her head.

Back in the safe confines of his room, Beast Boy resumed human form and pressed his back against his locked door. His heart had not yet slowed from its frantic beating.

"S-special feelings?" He asked a Super Ninja Monkeys poster to his right. "No way. It can't be."

The poster said nothing. The wall holding it up was equally unhelpful. Still, the wall couldn't possibly have any worse revelations for him, so he continued.

"The heck am I supposed to—"

He yelped as his communicator, safely clipped to his side, began to vibrate. Nerveless fingers fumbled with the belt clasp as the device continued to vibrate, heedless of his trouble. The clasp gave unexpectedly way, causing him to fling the disc away from his hip. Hurling his torso forward, arms outstretched, he managed to get both hands around the device. His chest hit the floor with a soft thump and the cover popped open on impact.

His pulse jumped as Raven's expressionless face greeted him. "Huh-hey R-Raven."

"Beast Boy." Her eyebrows drew together and lifted. "Why are you out of breath? Are you in battle? Do I need to let you go?"

The screen's view tiled as she made to push the button to end their conversation. Panic had words out of his mouth before he could take them back. "NO!"

Had he seen her jump when he shouted? He wasn't sure. What he could tell for certain was that she was very confused. Why did I say that? I could have said yes and let her go! UGH! "I'm such an idiot!"

Confusion melted into an amused smirk. "Well, that's obvious."

"What? Oh." Heat flared across his cheeks as he realized he'd said the last thought out loud. "I uh, s-sorry."

Amusement shifted back to confusion again. "Uh, are you okay, Beast Boy? You seem a little… weirder than usual."

Has she always been so expressive? Or is it just me? And why does that make my chest feel funny?

"Beast Boy? Hello? Earth to Beast Boy!"

He started, her voice shattering his thoughts. "Who me? Weird? Ahahaha! I-I'm not acting w-weird."

Am I sweating? He pressed a shaky hand to his brow and his glove came back damp. Crap I'm sweating!

Raven frowned, the fingers of her free hand lifted to tuck a lock of purple hair behind one ear. He tried hard not to think about how fascinating he found the move and the curve of her neck. He failed. Beast Boy swallowed hard.

I'm in so much trouble…

Amethyst eyes narrowed on him. She wasn't a raven; she was a hawk zeroing in on prey. Mesmerizing. His elbows shifted uncomfortably against the carpet, the fibers had pressed against his skin for so long it felt like sandpaper through his suit. He barely felt it as a thought bubbled up to the surface from the back of his mind.

Crap. I like her.

"Yes you are. What is with you today?"

His eyes darted away from the screen, shoulders hunched. "Uh… just… um…"

"Does this have anything to do with you calling me pretty this morning?"

Beast Boy froze. Thoughts, words, even important bodily functions like breathing log jammed in his brain. His lips flapped open and shut, gaze flitting around the screen but never quite looking right at it. His fingers trembled on the screen.

"Beast boy?"


"Dah! Um… losing you. Y-yeah, that's it! Signals-bzzt-cutting out… gotta… -shht—go. Bye, Raven!"

Ignoring her protests, Beast Boy snapped the lid of his communicator shut. The yellow disc immediately began to buzz again as Raven attempted to call him back. Panic set him in motion. He scrambled up to his feet, trying desperately to ignore the insistent hum of the device in his palm. His eyes settled on a large pile of laundry near the foot of his bed and he dove towards it, burying his communicator up to his elbows. Withdrawing his hands, the green boy beat a hasty retreat out of his room.