Ok, this is my first Torchwood fic and I hope I can do it justice. I own nothing, except for Jacqueline Cooper. Everything belongs to their perspective owners.

One note is that, I don't use strong language, so don't be surprised if some of the characters have undergone a bit of a minor scrubbing. Certain words, will stay in if they're used in the Bible or were used by certain writers in the 1800's. I also don't write slash either.

Also, Jacqueline is mute, so whenever you see something in italic, that's her 'talking' and if it's bold italic, she's thinking it, if it's underlined italic, she's written it.

Chapter one: Captain Jack Harkness

Jacqueline Philomela Cooper, inhaled the rich night air deeply as she held onto her groceries, it was a beautiful night. She should have been in a hurry to get home, but why rush when there'd be no one home to welcome her? She'd moved out of her parent's home last week in a moment of craziness; craving some sort of independence and found herself alone in Cardiff.

She worked at the post office, sorting mail, the only job that she could get because she wasn't required to speak. She'd befriended the grocer by her flat and he always helped her with her purchases. He was a kind, older man, who seemed to know how the world could be cruel to one who was different without meaning to be. She was able to paint; her art teacher thought that in a few months she'd be good enough for an exhibit. Her painting though, like her, were too safe though, there was nothing wild or crazy about them. Her idea of fun was taking an argentine tango lesson; after all, the tango is a very sexual dance.

Her older sister, Gwen, had moved in with her boyfriend Rhys Williams, several years ago. Gwen was the perfect daughter. She had a successful job, she had a boyfriend, and she was making a name for herself while Jacqueline was the virtually invisible daughter. But she suspected that the real reason for her invisibility was the possibility that she was the result of an affair her mother had many years ago. No one confirmed it, nor was it denied, but little hints would sneak out from time to time.

Shaking her head out of the clouds, she began to look where she was walking and she saw Gwen standing a few feet ahead of her, holding a jacket. She paused and observed Gwen for a moment. After all, she was bending over, gasping for breath and talking to herself. She was standing directly outside of a tube station. She frowned as Gwen began searching the jacket's pockets. Gwen then pulled out an unusual shell-like object in her hands. She examined it for a moment, before straightening up slowly and pressing a button.

When Gwen froze, Jacqueline decided that she'd approach her. She set her groceries down when Gwen showed no sign of recognition. Her eyes appeared to be partly glazed over as she stared off into the distance. She frowned as she waved her hand in front of Gwen's vacant face. Then, she placed a hand on her shoulder as Gwen came slowly out of the trance. She slowly turned her head, sweat dripping down her forehead. She didn't seem to feel her touch at all. Actually, she was more in tune to the sound of running footsteps behind her.

"Sorry," she glanced at this tall, very handsome man who had run up to Gwen, sweat painting his brow. She fought to keep from ogling him, but frankly, with those bright blue eyes, she didn't really have a chance. She loved his WWII army coat; it was a good look for him. "that damn gate cut us off. Gwen, are you all right?"

She blinked and looked at Gwen. Who was this person? He wasn't her boss, he wasn't in a police uniform and even if he were undercover, he wouldn't wear this kind of coat because it drew way to much attention. She hoped that Gwen wasn't having an affair with this guy, not that she'd blame her, but Rhys deserved better, he was a good man.

Gwen stared at him in total shock, swaying slightly on her feet. Tears puddle behind her wide eyes as she whispered out. "I've just seen a ghost."

Both men looked at Gwen in surprise. The other man, she'd hardly noted him, he was rather non-descript when compared to this other man. She shook her head, deciding to focus on her shell-shocked sister. She tapped her shoulder again and Gwen turned to look at her, recognition in her eyes. "Jacqueline? What are you doing here?"

Are you all right? She frowned in curiosity at the object in Gwen's hand before reaching out and touching it curiously before signing with one hand. What is it? The guy in the WW2 Army coat grabs her hand and she whips her head up to look at him.

His blue eyes are strict at first, but they soften as he takes in the sight of her. She fights the shiver that runs down her spine and settles in her stomach at the look in his eyes. The feelings that flood her body are almost enough to knock her down. Those captivating blue eyes of his seem to twinkle and dance as he studies her.

Gwen clears her throat. "This is my sister."

Jacqueline tugged, trying to get free from this man's grasp. "Really?" He shoots her a smile that lets her know that he is definitely flirting with her. "Captain Jack Harkness. You don't look anything like your sister."

She flushed crimson and allowed a few flustered sounds to escape her mouth. She glances at Gwen and signs with a free hand. A little help here, please.

Gwen finally was able to find some sense and speak coherently. "My sister…is mute."

Jack's brow arches before grinning. "And here I was thinking my charm had rendered her speechless." Her mouth dropped as he released her hand and turned to Gwen. "Now, what's all this nonsense about a ghost?"

Gwen held out the odd object to him. "I pressed this button…and…I went into like, a sort of other world." Her eyes bugged and she stared at Gwen who cleared her throat. "Probably shouldn't have said that."

"Yeah." The other person says from directly behind her. She jumps slightly as she glances at him. "Brilliant Gwen cooper." He glances at her. "Now what do we do with her?"

She shifts away from him, feeling uneasy at the way he said that. It was as if he was suggesting that she get bumped off. She reached down and picked up her groceries. There was a can in there if she needed to beam him with it.

Gwen scowled. "My sister Owen, we're not going to do anything to her." Gwen glances in her grocery bag and smiles. "You were making pizza?" she nods. "You know, one of these days you're going to have to share that recipe for your crust with Rhys and me so we can have it."

She shook her head. It's a secret.

"So, why don't you go home and I'll talk to you later, ok? We've got some work to do."

She shook her head stubbornly and Gwen stared at her in surprise. No way.

Gwen's eyes widened. "What? Can we discuss this later?"

No. I want to know and I'm going to follow you.

Jack speaks up. "You really are her sister, aren't you?" she flushes as she realizes that he must know how to read sign language as well. He smirks as she diverts her gaze. "We couldn't get rid of her either. You know what, let's take her back, give her the tour and then Gwen can take her home later." he turned on his heel and walked off. "Let's go, I parked the car a short distance away. You can explain everything to your sister on the way there." He touched the speaker in his ear. "Toshiko, I want to see the footage when I get there."

She touched Gwen's shoulder. Is he always like that?

Gwen nods. "Yeah. And don't worry, he flirts with everyone, it doesn't mean anything."

She hikes up a shoulder. I'm not worried. I just wanted him to let go of me.

Gwen laughed and bumped her shoulder with hers. "I bet. I tell you," she lowered her voice into a tone that was suggestive of a secret conspiracy. "don't ever let him get too close to you." She flushed at Gwen's observations as she whispered. "Your heart couldn't take it. God! Imagine if he was going to give you a shooting lesson. Imagine him all close to you."

She smiled and kept her hand clenched in a fist. No need to tell Gwen that she already knew how to shoot a gun; in fact, she was classified as a sharpshooter in her class. She followed Gwen, her blood tingling in her veins as she moved towards what could possibly be her greatest adventure ever.