The grandfather clock in the large decrepit hallway could be heard chiming loudly, signaling it was twenty-five minutes past three.

The charmingly dreary kitchen upon which Mrs. Addams was currently occupying, wreaked of rotting fish - specifically, the pungent odor of the pufferfish cadavers emanating into the air. (It had been exported from the Fiji islands a month ago. Its freshness was kept intact through the freezer, and a light coating of Uncle Fester's spray-on preservative - just to keep.)

They were in a large black ceramic bowl, glistening with a cheerful Grey sheen. They have already been washed with salt water, and removed of their sharp spines and organs.

Lurch was helping Morticia haul a medium cauldron over the cooking area, when Uncle Fester walked in.

His sunken eyes stared at his niece as Morticia set an extremely old and over-sized book a few meters away from the archaic cooking stove.

Fester blinked before speaking, "Gee Morticia, that looks like a lot of food. Who are ya' cooking for?" He asked with a light squeak of his voice.

Morticia opened the book rather abruptly, causing thick dust to rise from within its pages. (It was Mama's favorite cooking book, and was usually only used on special occasions.)

"Nonsense Uncle Fester. Its a perfectly reasonable amount of food for the family," Said Morticia as Lurch placed the large bowl containing the pufferfish in front of her.

Fester watched as Morticia took a piece of pufferfish, and deftly allowed it to drop into the aged cauldron with a small sloshing noise.

Morticia's Uncle eyed the fish curiously, "Are you sure you've cleaned them properly? They don't look Grey enough to me." Asked Uncle Fester once more, setting down his bat net on the black marble counter.

"Of course, dear." Morticia replied absently as she turned a page from the decaying cooking book. (The book was so old, it was partially molding on the sides.)

She was double checking all the preparatory procedures in the ingredient list, just to make sure she missed nothing. (Pufferfish is quite an exotic delicacy in other countries; such as Japan, or Jamaica. But it could be quite dangerous - even lethal if not prepared correctly. But Mrs. Addams on the other hand, considers it a perfectly harmless - if not, pointy, sea creature.)

Morticia smiled lightly as she came to the end of the page. It seemed everything was in order.

She then dropped the final piece of fish into the cauldron, as Lurch ignited the old burner with excessive amounts of kerosene and wood. Then their tall butler quietly excused himself so that he could set the table.

"Say, Morticia, what kind of fish did you say that was?" Said Fester, who made his way from the counter to stand next to her, as she stirred the watery soup with a long wooden spoon.

"Why, its pufferfish of course." Replied Mrs. Addams whilst sprinkling a dash of salt into the murky liquid below.

"Isn't pufferfish the kind of creature that produces the kind of venom that drips from its fangs?"

"Oh Uncle Fester, that's a sea-cobra you are referring to," Morticia answered, dropping a spoonful of toadstool into the mixture.

"Besides," Spoke the raven-haired beauty, "The kind of poison a pufferfish carries, lies within their internal organs, specifically the liver. It paralyzes a person for over forty-eight hours or even can cause death, if not prepared correctly." She stirred again, the flames licking beneath the bulbous cauldron. "Isn't that absolutely fascinating?" She remarked gleefully.

"Yes...very interesting..." Fester acquiesced dreamily. "So you're sure that's safe to eat?"

"Of course, darling. Now, all I need is a pinch of pepper." She sprinkled a dash of lizard eyes before turning to the man beside her.

"Uncle Fester, could you be a dear and hand me the pepper? Its on the counter."

Fester took the small glass bottle from the counter and handed it to her. He watched with amusement as Morticia doused a generous amount into the dark soup. The water was just beginning to boil as vapors of steam floated into the air above them.

She sighed happily. "I just adore pepper. Its"

A few minutes later Gomez enters the kitchen.

He inhaled deeply, an invigorated smile on his lips. "Something smells wonderful."

Morticia glanced at him with a subtle half-smile.

Gomez then proceeds over to the counter and noticed Fester's bat net.

"Going bat hunting today old man?" Gomez said casually as he placed an already lighted cigar into his mouth.

"That reminds me. I need to get my bat traps in order! Do you know how cheap rifles are nowadays? Its offensive!," Said Fester as he remembered, "I'll see you two lovebirds when I get home."

Uncle Fester left in such a haste that Gomez forgot to remind him to take his bat net with him.

But as always, in the presence of the woman before him - all is forgotten.

"How is the stock market today dear?" Asked Morticia politely, her back facing him.

Mr. Addams found it remarkably hard to concentrate on the answer.

What was the question again?

His eyes were distracting him with the view of his wife's luscious black hair that cascaded delicately down her back; the sensual curls ending just above her perfectly round posterior.

"Beautiful..." He replied with a dark and intense affection.

Even without seeing her lovely face, he could tell she was smiling from the way she held her stance, even in the most inconspicuous way that she projected it. Almost unconsciously responding to his touch before his hands actually roamed her body.

Gomez continued to smoke his cigar, a cloud of smoke surrounding him. His own personal air of aristocratic elegance.

But as he sat there, his mind was beginning to wander. Wandering with a deep pleasure to the more carnal events that occurred last night.

They had stayed up for the majority of the late evening making love.

Why wouldn't they be? There was a prolific storm after all.

Their bedroom was dark, seeping with the blackness from the evening firmament. The only light came from the hearth of the ancient fireplace; it radiated a soft glow of fiery tones of gold and red, the restless flames dancing in the darkness.

Everything was silhouetted in an amber glow. From the hunting knives mounted on the walls, to the oversized antlers that was the mantle piece.

They were in their own world. A world of hidden pleasures and illicit desires.

There was an old record playing in the farthest corner of the room, an old Hungarian gypsy tango that echoed from the phonograph.

The the sound reverberated against the walls; its music was seducing the vehement cries of the lightning outside to dance, to be a slave to its rhythm.

The melody was hypnotic, insatiable, haunting the senses with a fervent tenacity. But most of all, it was - inescapable.

And so was Morticia.

Gomez was on the bed, his back resting against the thick wooden headboard. The embers from his cigar glowed lowly as he puffed the smoke through his lips.

Morticia had been standing near the window earlier, admiring, ravaging the storm with immense pleasure as the rain poured itself onto the earth.

His eyes followed her as she stepped away from the window, wearing nothing, nothing except for his silk dressing robe.

The crimson from its cloth and the contrast from her dark hair proved to be

an intoxicating combination. The robe was handsomely masculine down to the infinitesimal embroidery on its lapels, but on her, it was exquisitely feminine in every sense of the word.

The room was growing colder from the storm. The icy chill seething into the atmosphere.

Gomez watched knowingly as Morticia shivered lightly, despite wearing his robe. She decided to head for the fireplace one more time to gain some semblance of warmth before returning to bed.

It was a moment like this when he enjoyed watching her the most. In all her womanly beauty, the outlines of her delicate breasts peeking from beneath the generous opening of his robe.

He took another long drab, his eyes glistening like black diamonds as he looked on. The gypsy music was reaching its pivotal height; the drums banging with a tenacious beat, the tambourine clinking wildly as the violin sang its music with lustful proclamations.

Morticia began to sway with the music; her arms outstretched gracefully as her hips became one with the rhythm. The melody surging throughout her whole body, rising from her toes and up to her fingertips. Piercing the very core of her soul, urging her, beckoning her to dance.

Morticia spun briefly in deep revelry, lost in the music and the storm; the robe flowing freely with her nubile movements. The light from the fire traced every curve of her body, as she casted shadowy figures dancing around the room.

It was one of the most sensuous moment of his life.

His eyes devoured her image in his mind; from the arch of her back, to the curve of her bosoms.

She was a temptress.

An erotic maniac.

His wife.

The thunder outside was beginning to cease, together with the music after a while. There was a deep silence that flooded the room, settling together with the cold; the rain beginning to subside as well, but the storms of desire within him was awakened once more.

"Tish' come to bed." His voice was deeper as he spoke, and it came out as a demand, rather than a feeble request.

She was still facing the fireplace, the back of her hair was tousled from her dancing. But then turned slowly, a subtle smirk tugging at the corner of her red lips. She did not move, but instead stared at him challengingly. Teasing him, taunting him till it drove him completely mad with arousal.

When she was in this kind of mood, it was he that came to her, not the other way around.

The passion was mounting heavily on his chest and deep inside of his body.

He could not take it anymore!

Gomez pushed the covers aside, (Dressed in nothing but his silk black pajamas.) and strode defiantly towards her. His eyes gleamed with a wild animalistic fervor. Morticia held his gaze and returned it with an equally primal glare. She kept her head high, her confidence hiding her inner pleasure at the state she has put him in.

In one swift movement, he ferociously stripped the robe from her body, rendering her bare and naked - for his eyes only.

And in the act of grand passion, took her in his arms and carried her with him back to their bed.

"Mon amour..."

She whispered.

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