Chapter Five - Meanwhile, Back In The Past

The Doctor was not a happy Time Lord. There were three reasons for this.

The first was his confusion. The Doctor didn't like being confused, especially since others were better-suited for it. Still, he couldn't see any obvious explanation as to why, one second, he'd been at UNIT with Jo Grant and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and the next, he was being manhandled by some red-haired lady. Rather than unleash his Venusian Aikido on her, he'd taken the gallant action of running away, out of the Tardis, past some statues. He remembered rushing up some stairs in the dark, feeling something brush against his ankle, and then, when he reached the top of the stairs, he'd turned on the light and looked down, only to see that the statues and the Tardis had now disappeared.

That was another reason he wasn't happy. He missed his Tardis. Since leaving the basement, he'd wandered far and wide, but found not a trace of it. It seemed that the wicked red-haired lady and her brown-haired baby-holding accomplice had absconded with it. Imagine stealing a Tardis, the nerve of some people.

And, of course, there was the real reason he wasn't happy. The bow tie, the tweed jacket - it just didn't suit him. Fortunately, at this point in his travels, in the dead of night, he found himself passing a second-hand shop, and there in the window - he always checked shop windows, you never knew when Autons might invade - he spotted some clothes worthy of him. A bit worn and shabby perhaps, but definitely an improvement on his current ensemble.

A smile finally replaced his frown, as he brought out the unfeasibly-large sonic screwdriver that he'd found in his pocket, and made short work of breaking in. First, he grabbed the suit from the window display, and then, since no cloaks were available, he decided to help himself to a hat. In return, he'd leave the horrendous tweed jacket and the far-too-tight trousers, though he doubted anyone would want to buy them.

As he pulled off the tweed jacket, he suddenly noticed a sticker on the back of it. He shone his sonic screwdriver on the sticker and looked at the words on it, handwritten in blue biro: "If lost, please return this man to a big blue police telephone box." But there were other words afterwards, so The Doctor shone his screwdriver on those, as he read the next sentence: "Otherwise, please return to Amy Pond in Leadworth."

The Doctor rushed to get changed, then ran out of the shop and into the road, straight into the path of some headlights. The oncoming car would have just enough time to come to a halt, he calculated, and he was right.

"What in blazes do you think you're doing?" asked the driver, getting out of his car. He was bearded with shaggy brown hair and an unmistakably-American accent.

"I need to get to Leadworth," said The Doctor, looking at the driver, who was now calming down. The face seemed awfully familiar. "Do I know you?"

The driver just looked at him in confusion. "Never seen you before," he said, "but I'm going there if you want to share a ride."

"Marvellous! What are the odds?" wondered The Doctor, as he adjusted his new hat. "Better get a move on though. It's starting to rain."

"Sure thing, Mr. -"

"I'm The Doctor," replied The Doctor.

"I'm a paramedic," replied the man. "But you can call me Rory."

And with that, they both got into the car and set off towards Leadworth.