This is a little Drabble I wrote for The Better in Texas Fiction 2015 awards.

All character's belong to S Meyer.


Looking out of the ice covered bedroom window onto the small walled garden in the castle Bella shuddered with the cold. It was a rare snowy day in Volterra and even though she was no longer effected by the cold, all she wanted to do today was snuggle in front of a warm fire, in her pyjama's, wrapped in a duvet with a cup of steaming hot chocolate smothered in marshmallows. And just stay there.

"Well why the hell not?" She thought to herself as she turned away from the window with another shudder. Going to the bedroom door and throwing it open she looked around for whichever guard was on duty today.

"Ah Felix thank god." She whispered as he came into view. "I would like the fire in my room lighting, some hot chocolate, with marsh mallows. Oh and a thick duvet please."

The puzzled look on his face was a picture.

"Of course Bella." He answered slowly. "At once." And turned away to see to her requests.

"Don't forget the marsh mallows." She called after him.

"Of course not." He replied disappearing from view.

Rushing back into her room she quickly changed into some warm flannel pyjamas with fluffy slippers and settled onto the floor in front of the empty fireplace.

When Felix returned with the requested items he couldn't help but laugh at her excitement as he lit the fire and the eager way she grasped the hot mug in her hands blowing on the contents to cool it. Chuckling to himself he left the room and was still laughing when he entered the throne room.

Caius was having a bad day. The Cullen child was winding him up to the point of dismemberment. Aro was far too cheerful by half and Marcus was laughing at his impatience. All he wanted was to execute the petitioners before him and re-join his mate in their bed. So when Felix came in muttering something about Bella and a duvet he decided enough was enough. Standing he left the room without a backward glance, accidently knocking the Cullen idiot to the floor as he passed him.

Entering his bedroom he was not prepared for the sight that greeted him. His beautiful Bella was on the floor in front of a roaring fire, cocooned in pyjamas and a thick duvet, only her head, hands and slippers showing, a mug of some hot drink with pink floating things in her hands. She looked so happy he couldn't help but smile.

"Please tell me you aren't going to drink that." He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Her answering glare was icy.

"What are you doing?" He asked as she gazed into the flames.

"Warming up." She answered.

"Of course you are." He shrugged. "Why?"

"It's snowing" she stated as if that was answer enough.

"Yes. And?"

"No clothes allowed."

"Now that sounds like my kind of fun" He said as he stripped and snuggled in beside her.