Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy lived a very happy life together for all of their many remaining years. In addition to Anne Elizabeth, they went on to have two more daughter and three sons, all of whom were loved and cherished.

Their life together was not without sorrows and difficulties, but they met the challenges of life together and survived all of them with a deeper love. That is not to say they never fought or disagreed, for they did in fact have many arguments. However, in each dispute there was an undercurrent of love and an understanding that they would ultimately reach some compromise.

They spent most of their time at Pemberly, but when they did spend time in London, Elizabeth always sought out the company of Miss Fairchild, who became one of her dearest friends. Eventually, the two would become cousins as well, as that lady was joined in marriage to James Fitzwilliam, the Viscount of Matlock.

Mr. Robins married Lydia soon after his proposal, and the two did settle on a farm near Pemberley. In addition to Joseph and Fitzwilliam, they also had three children of their own. Lydia found that she was well suited to the roles of farm wife and mother.

Bingley and Jane eventually purchased an estate not thirty miles from Pemberley and frequently came to visit the Darcys. They eventually had three daughters, but no sons. Thankfully, their estate was not entailed.

The rest of the Bennets lived quietly on at Longbourn for many years, though Kitty and Mary both eventually married. Even as the years passed, though, Mrs. Bennet's favorite pastime remained talking of the splendid matches that her daughters had made and basking in the glory of them.

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I have written this story as an anniversary present for my husband. The interactions between Darcy and Elizabeth in this story are mostly based on events that happened between my husband and I before we were married. I tried to adapt the events to fit the time period and characters as best as I could, but that is why some of the interactions may seem out of character.

Happy Anniversary Dearest! I could never have imagined that day when you showed up at my door needing a pencil, that you would become the love of my life. I will never forget the way you came to me to comfort me after I had spent so many days locked in my room, and you helped me to remember who I was. And I will always regret that I was not at home when you showed up at my door covered in soot.

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