Knight of the Wolf
Act I: Green Eyes White Angel
Part One: Transfer Student
Written by Colonel Karl L. Schubaltz

The Guylos Military Academy was only so far away, but it was still on the same route as the Hillsdale High School, a decent civilian High School that Thomas Richard Schubaltz attends. Karl Lichen Schubaltz, Thomas's brother attends the Guylos Military Academy, he has to... he volunteered himself to take on the family name into battle. Thomas rode his hoverboard alongside his brother's bicycle, a pair of earphones stuffed in Thomas's ears.

"So I heard there's a new kid in the Academy." Thomas spoke, his hands in his pockets.

"Yes, unfortunately. He's a very intelligent boy but he's somewhat of an upstart."

"Upstart?" Thomas smirked, his hands still in his pockets, he stopped the hoverboard a few inches away from the curve.

"Yes, he claims he knows it all yet he can back up those boasts almost to a fault. He's not very liked by the others, but he is super-quick to combat their jeers and taunts with his own. He even sent one girl crying to the clinic because he said something about her uncle molesting her when she was 7 and no one else knew about that."

"Wow, sounds like a real brute." Thomas looked around and signalled to his brother. "Well, I'm off to school now, take care."

"You too, Thomas."

Karl pedaled his bike as far as he could get to the gates, four large cadets walked over toward him. They had mocking grins on their faces, they tore Karl from the bike. Struggling, Karl was thrown against the brick wall of the gates, the wind was knocked out of him. He hunched over but was soon lifted back up by the bullies.

"Hey, faggot. Hand over your lunch money!"

"G-get your hands offa me." Karl tried to speak through his recovering diaphram.

"Whacha gonna do about it? Call daddy and tell him to lecture us to death?"

"He gives repeated lectures..." A smooth, seductive voice spoke from across the pathway. "...I make my point in one sentence and I feel no need to repeat myself."

The four large, beefy jocks turned toward a very handsome young man with black hair with one large blue streak, the most seductive indigo eyes and a killer smile. He had a wolf's claw earring in his right ear and a mark on his left cheek. He folded his arms and smirked again, the jocks advancing on him.

"It's that crazy punk tranfer reject from Hillsdale." The red-headed jock cracked his knuckles, and grinned. "Let's get him and send him back to Hillsdale via UPS!"

Leon looked at the four men with his right eye, there was a feral sparkle in his indigo hues. He slid his hands in his pockets and lounged back against the wall. "I warn you. This will hurt."

When they swung at him, they saw Leon vanish suddenly before their eyes. The swinging jock blinked with total confusion and looked down. They saw Leon kneeling there with a grin on his face, he had wolf claws in his fingers. With a very feral grin, he spoke in his low tone. "I got a feeling you won't be missing these much." With a quick swipe of his razor-sharp claws, the area between the offending jock's pants turned crimson. He toppled over, screaming bloody murder. Leon leapt out of the way from the falling jock and with a balletic back roll, he landed daintly on his feet. The other three charged at him, causing Leon to do a series of fast-paced backflips. When he saw he wass cornered by the crowd and the jocks, Leon did NOT lose his cool fa├žade at all. In fact his smile got more intense in its' ferocity. The crowd cheered the jocks to punch his lights out and wipe the grin off his face. One of them pulled out a stilleto and grinned at Leon just the same. Leon wasn't fast enough to dodge a slice to the chest and to the gut.

"Stop!!" Karl shouted through the crowd, his voice unheard. "You're hurting him!!"

The jocks sliced into Leon a few more times, and laughed with sadistic glee. When they turned away to revel in their victory, they didn't see that Leon didn't even budge upon being cut. "I said kill me, not tickle me."

They turned around to see Leon standing there with a big grin on his face. He didn't even falter upon receivng such punishment, Leon dipped his fingers in one slash mark and licked them of the blood.

"You are idiots. Didn't your crackslut mamas teach you that silver kills werewolves?"

Before they knew what hit them, the jocks fell down with bloody clawmarks on their bodies. Leon holstered his wolf's claws and looked at the cuts as the wounds completely vanished without a scar. He turned toward the crowd and smiled, then with a calm, seductive voice, he spoke: "Boo."

The crowd ran away, leaving Karl standing there rubbing his ribs. Leon turned around to see him standing there with a relieved look on his face. "You were worried about me, weren't you?"

"Well, kinda. Those were Acer's boys."

"Acer, huh?" Leon picked Karl's books off the ground and gave them to him. "The captain of the martial arts team Acer?"

"Yes, he'll kill you, literally." Karl was very concerned about the safety of the new boy, Leon could see it in his green eyes.

"You have nothing to fear, he can't kill me even if he hurt me." Politely, Leon extended his hand. "I'm Leon, you are...?"

"Karl.... Karl Lichen Schubaltz."

"You're Thomas's older brother, aren't you?"

"Well, yes. Did you know him from Hillsdale?"

"Kinda." Leon walked alongside the strawberry blonde teenager as he escorted his bike to the rack. "We weren't really that best of friends. I helped him with his Arcane Lore, he helped me with Modern Science."

"Why were you transfered to the Academy?"

"Truthfully? I was expelled from Hillsdale. Picked too many fights. The Guylos Military Academy was the only place that would accept me. They thought I was an unruly horse that could be tamed by the cracking whip."

Karl gently took Leon's hand in his and rubbed the cutical around Leon's index finger. The wolf's claw popped up suddenly and without warning. Leon signed and popped the claws back in, then put the glove back on. "You're more of a wolf to me."

"Yeah, I guess I kinda am." Leon smirked, his blue and black strands of hair slid over one side of his face. "Although, I can't really say for sure how long I can use my powers outright in front of other people. My brethern were burned at the stake for being who they are."


"I am more than a werewolf, Karl." Leon silently spoke to the blonde teenager. "I am an arch-mage and a psionicist. I am practically a walking genocidal bomb..."

Karl's silence was shattering, but it at least gave Leon the comfort knowing that he's finally understood. They entered the hallways of the Academy and down the hallway.

"I got Algebra before Phys Ed." Karl opened his locker and looked back at his new friend. "And after that is lunch, my family's friends owns a restaurant west of Lecia Town, join me."

"You're inviting me?"

"What does it sound like to you?"

The teenager smirked and ran his fingers through his hair. "A date's a date. Meet me at the statue of Rudolph Zeppellin II at lunch time."

"Gotcha." Karl smiled, then let his TARDIS keychain dangle shinely in the light of the hallway. That's when the bell rang and the two parted ways. Karl closed his locker and thought to himself. //I give Leon more credit than I used to. He is an honorable guy... just a bit unruly.//

Leon scraped his nails against the lockers on his way to class, his feet were walking to Geometry, but his mind was carrying him to La-La Land. //That Schubaltz snob isn't such a bad kid... a little sheepish, but hey... that's what wolves are for, right??//