Night of the Wolf
Pt 4: Assassination

During the Chaotic Century Days...

"Prozen doesn't want Schubaltz to live another day. He's getting to much to be a troublesome pest."

"Yes, I personally agree." Marcus returned the statement, he walked with Hardin down the hallway. "He's getting too much to be a problem."

"Schubaltz has costed the Empire millions with his tactics, by the time this campaign is over, we'll be bankrupt."

"We cannot let him live."

They didn't see a pair of indigo eyes staring down at them from the ventilation shaft.

Mjr. Schubaltz put his uniform hat back on his head as he exitted his room. His soldiers were waiting for him to arise from the land of the dead to lead them to victory. His green eyes narrowed upon seeing Marcus nearing him, the crafty, underhanded soldier grinned at the handsome Imperial Major.

"What a fine morning this is, Major."

"I'm not in the mood for any pleasantries." He snapped at Marcus, then walked down the hallway with his soldiers behind him. "We must get to briefing ASAP."

"But surely, Major... you do need coffee. That's always been a ritual for the Great Karl Lichen Schubaltz to sulk needlessly over a cup of black coffee."

"Not today." Karl frowned as they entered the briefing room, they sat down at their seats and waited patiently for the briefing to begin. Karl had one hand in his pockets, he was fingering his old, beaten-up good luck charm, the TARDIS keychain from his youth. The door to the TARDIS was on the verge of collapse, but it could open to hold something. Inside was a small clay figurine of a wolf. That wolf had a deep personal sentiment. The lieutenant went to work briefing everyone in the room, it was a raid on a base somewhere south of Mount Gabianni. Karl folded his arms, his eyes staring intensely into the holoscreen.

He was dog tired, no doubt about it. Marcus was right, he did need coffee. But he wasn't bound to leave briefing just to get a cup of coffee. Karl sat up from his seat and lo and behold, a cup of coffee sat in front of him. And it was in his standard Dr. Who mug, he didn't recall it being there. Dipping his finger in the hot liquid, Karl tasted it for poisons. It was okay to him, so he sipped the first life-giving sip and continued to listen to the briefing. No one saw the pair of indigo eyes staring at them from the ventilation shaft. But the figure inside was stared angrily at Marcus and the lieutenant. Then as quickly as it arrived, it was gone.

Karl stepped out of the cafeteria when he was met up by Marcus. The crafty soldier patted him on the back, grinning. Karl growled upon Marcus's hand on his back, the black-haired second-in-command pulled his hand away. The blonde Major walked toward the hangar, he took his hat off his head to run his fingers through his hair. Placing it back on his head, Karl almost tripped over something. He stopped to see it was a soldier, Karl frowned but turned around to see four more there, aiming their guns at him. The soldier he nearly tripped over rose from the ground with his gun in Karl's face.

"This way, Major."

The soldiers shackled Karl's hands together and they escorted him through a dark hallway. Karl's eyes glared with anger and yet he donned the look of helplessness. His gun was ripped from its' holster as is was his dagger. The blue-haired soldier pushed Karl into the cell and closed the door, they aimed their guns at the blonde Major.

"You will never get away with this." Karl growled, his expression deepening with anger.

"I think we just did." Marcus appeared from behind the soldiers and aimed his gun at Karl. "No one will save you, no one knows you're here."


"Sorry, Major. Nothing personal."

When the soldiers opened fire, something appeared in front of Karl. Karl opened his eyes to see a dark figure in front of him, it was hard to see who it was since it was dark here. The figure was taking the bullets for him, Karl sat up and called out. "NO!!!"

The soldiers lowered their guns to see that the figure took no damage from that heavy fire. The mystery man was draped in Old Wild West clothes along with a black cloak tied together in a bow. The man's face was covered with a stetson and he was wearing round shades with no nosepiece, but they were attached together at the top. Half of his handsome face appeared to be covered by black hair with a blue streak.

"I said kill me, mon ami... not tickle me."

"What the hell is that!?"

The man dove at the soldiers, phasing through the bars as if they weren't there. With wolf claws drawn, he sliced into the soldier closest to him. He twirled around, getting the other two in the face. The other two pulled out grenades when the figure jumped up with a balletic back roll behind them. He sank his claws in their necks and ripped them out. Marcus ran off in a flash, leaving the figure and Karl behind, the man grabbed the bars and ripped them off with no trouble at all. He picked the locks of the handcuffs on Karl's wrists, letting them click. Karl rubbed his wrists and looked up at the man, his face was hugged by nice long black hair.


"Hello, Karl, mon chéri." Leon's accent was definately Cajun, he must have been with those Gypsy-like nomads since that day...

"You're alive."

"Oui." Leon smiled and kissed Karl deeply, they wrapped their arms around each other. "Look at you, a Major in the Red Coats."

"You hadn't changed a bit, Leon."

"I know. That is what makes me me, eh?" Leon helped Karl off the ground, they walked toward the lighter hallway.

"I'm so glad you're okay." Karl smiled at his long lost lover, his hands in his pockets.

"I'm so happy that you hadn't gotten killed yet. But then again, I always had faith in you." Leon slipped his fingers under Karl's chin. "I can never get enough of those green eyes."

"Leon... I wanted to ask you before I left for the training camp... join me."

Leon smiled and let out a light-hearted laugh, he stroked Karl's hair with his long, slender fingers. "I can't, mon chéri."

"Why not?"

"You know what they say, all work and no play makes Jacques a dull boy. Besides, I don't feel I have a place here, I love my life on the open road. Gives me all I need."

"Except me."

"...except you." Leon's arms slid around Karl's waist, he pressed his forehead against Karl's. "I never looked at anyone the same way I look at you. I love you, Karl."

"Do what you like, Leon. I won't stop you." Karl's arms were around Leon as well, his gaze met with Leon's. "But stay with me, just for tonight."

"I will. Anything for you."

They kissed again, their arms around the other in a loving embrace.