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Teen Vampire


He tasted blood.

He could smell it, feel it on his skin. Stiles held a blood covered hand over the gushing bite wound on his neck. His breath was labored and he felt weak, using only the base of the tree as support. He didn't know where his phone went or even where he was. He knew he was somewhere in the woods but he didn't know where exactly. It was pitch black outside, not even the moon shone.

Stiles couldn't remember why he came into the woods but he was deeply regretting it right now. Something with glowing eyes had come out of nowhere and bit him. His first thought was that it had been a werewolf but all the werewolves he knew were bitten on the side not the throat and the bite was never too deep. The wound was gushing blood and was showing no sign of stopping.

There was also on other major problem about his hunch of it being a werewolf, it wasn't a full moon. The thing's eyes too, they weren't red. They were a bright, vibrant blue with white pupils and black scleras. Yeah, definitely not a werewolf.

The thing was a man and he was crouched in front of the bleeding teen. He seemed to observe him for a moment before reaching for his pocket. Stiles watched the man in horror as he took out a blade. The teen's eye went wide in fear, thinking the guy was going to kill him but instead, the supernatural man, thing slid the blade over his own wrist, drawing blood.

The coppery smell hit the air like a heavy perfume, causing Stiles's nose to twitch. He had never known blood to smell so strong and he was currently covered in it. He let out a weak gasp when the man smiled, showing off pearly white fangs that were coated in a layer of blood. They weren't like werewolf fangs. They were slightly longer, thinner, sharper, more curved and looked much more deadly. The man's lower canines barely grew out compared to the top ones. They were still too long and sharp to be human, but they didn't grow nearly as far out like a werewolf's did.

Stiles couldn't stop the yelp escape his lips when the man shoved his bloody wrist against the sheriff son's mouth, the taste of the man's blood coating his tongue in seconds. He tried to pull away but he was too weak and the man was way too strong. He struggled to breathe as blood slid down the inside of his throat, causing a strange surge to erupt throughout his body.

Something was very wrong here. Stiles already knew that there no way in hell that the guy was actually human and he wasn't a werewolf either, so what was he? Unfortunately, Stiles didn't have the strength or the willpower to ask at the moment. He did know that the man emitted an incredibly powerful, dominating aura that easily would have rivaled the demon alpha, Deucalion.

The strange man pulled his arm away, Stiles having already drank a good portion of the man's blood. Stiles stared in horror at the man as he laughed with glee, pleased with what ever he had just done. The teen didn't know what it was, but he knew it wasn't good.

Stiles suddenly choked. It felt like he couldn't breathe all the sudden. He felt his heart pick up speed at an alarming pace. His body started to tingle, like it was repeatedly being prodded with thousands of tiny little needles. Something wasn't right, the guy did something to him. He felt strange, like something deep within him was changing.

His body began to tremble, his choked gasps barely escaping his bloody lips. Oh god, he was going to die. He was going to die in the woods with a freaky eyed psychopath with fangs. The bastard was laughing at him. He watched in pure enjoyment as Stiles struggled to suck in air that he so desperately needed.

"Easy there, you don't want to send yourself into shock now do you?" The man's calm, toying voice sent uneasy shivers down Stiles's spine. "Don't fight it, let it take over and it'll be less painful."

He didn't know why, but Stiles's body practically forced itself to relax as the man's words washed over him. He went limp, his eyes almost completely shut. His body trembled as whatever supernatural force raged within him, twisting and changing him into something inhuman. He felt himself slipping. He was getting to weak and too tired to stay awake. He couldn't even move.

He wanted to call Scott, scream for help, but he couldn't. He felt so helpless. Consciousness was slipping through his fingers, making it harder for the teen to keep his heavy eye lids from closing.

He looked up at his attacker as the man- no- monster, stood up. "What did you-you do to me?" Stiles barely managed to slur out.

The thing grinned down at him, his bloody fangs practically glowing in the night.

"I gave you immortality."