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Teen Vampire

Chapter 14

The inside of the jeep was dead silent, save for the sounds of the tires on the road and Scott's soft breathing. The alpha was passed out in the passenger seat, dead to the world. Stiles couldn't really blame him, the guy was turned into a berserker against his will and then was nearly killed by his own pack. That would take the energy out of anyone. Lydia, kira, and Malia were all passed out in the back, their breathing soft and even. It was pitch black outside, save for the jeep's headlights and Derek's vehicle that was driving directly behind him.

Derek, Stiles mused.

He was a wolf again, a strong one at that. He could literally transform into an actual four-legged wolf at will now. Stiles could still remember the way his nostrils filled with the smell of fresh new wolf when Derek walked up him. He stared into his rear-view mirror at the other car. Everyone else was sat in it, probably passed out save for Derek. He could have sworn Derek had given him a suspicious look right as everyone piled into the cars to head home. He eyed Stiles like he just realized what Stiles was. Like now that his wolf senses were back in full power, knowing what Stiles was became incredibly obvious. Stiles didn't like it.

Stiles already knew practically the entire pack was suspicious, especially Lydia and Scott. Lydia he was more worried about. He wanted to tell them and he knew everyone would be focusing on him more now since the Deadpool was officially offline. Even still, he couldn't tell them. It wasn't time. He had to figure out what Roman was up to and end it before he could get his pack involved.

His pack

Even though the smell of dog drove him mad with disgust and he sometimes wanted to bash Scott's head into a wall, they were still his pack. Stiles grinned at the thought. He must be the only vampire in the world that would actually be happy in a wolf pack. The supernatural blood-sucking beast that now resided in him had become increasingly more tolerable of the werewolves around him, something he was silently grateful for. He became genuinely surprised when he realized that the bat was actually becoming a bit protective of the pack. It threw a fit when it realized what Kate had done to Scott and sighed in relief when Derek literally came back from the dead. He could still remember the way the bat roared in uncontrollable anger when that creepy-ass doctor tried to kill Lydia. He may be a vampire now, but he was still Stiles and he would always be loyal to his friends.

Stiles looked into the rear-view mirror, eyeing the car behind him. He could just barely make out Derek's outline in the windshield. He wondered what was going through the older wolf's head when he looked at Stiles. He knew something and it was putting the fledgling on edge.

He jumped slightly when his jeep dinged at him. His eyes shifted to the dash. Low fuel. Shit. He looked around, trying to find lights in the horizon, indicating a town. There was a cluster to the East. It wasn't too far from them. Oh thank god.

Stiles flashed his hazards for a split second, letting Derek know what he was doing. The road split into a four-way; Stiles slowed and turned right. He watched Derek turn as well. He really hoped there was a gas station right as they got into town, he really wanted to get home.

Scott's breathing became uneven; he was waking up. "Are we home?" The alpha asked, his thick with sleep.

"Not yet, buddy;" Stiles kept his voice low, trying to keep the girls from waking. "We're making a pit stop, baby needs fuel."

Scott shifted in the seat. "Oh, okay." He rolled on his side and fell back asleep. Stiles grimaced a bit at the position, that didn't very comfortable. The seat belt was digging into the alpha's neck.

The inside of the jeep filled with orange lights as they made it to the outskirts of the little town. Just as Stiles had hoped, there was a gas station right on at city limits. He turned into the station and parked the jeep next to a pump.

"That thing guzzles gas." Derek said as he climbed out his own vehicle. He had parked at another pump but made no move to fill his own vehicle. It didn't really matter, the was a ghost town at the moment. It was the middle of the night.

"She's not a thing," Stiles shot back, offended. "She's just old, that's all." Stiles could practically hear Derek's eyes roll in his sockets. He didn't turn to the older man when he felt him walk up to his side. He opted to keep his eyes on the pump. The thing dinged at him. He pulled the nozzle off and began filling his jeep.

"I think we need to talk." Derek said, his voice low. Stiles looked at him through the corner of his eye. The wolf was eyeing the pack sleeping in Stiles' jeep.

"About what?" Stiles kept his voice even.

"You know what?" Derek sent him a weak glare.

"Do I?"

"Stiles." The wolf warned. Stiles was still for a moment, silently trying to find the best way to react. "Well?" Derek nearly snapped at him.

The vampire sighed and turned to the wolf. "This isn't really the time for this conversation." Stiles watched with mild curiosity as an array of emotions flickered in Derek's eyes.

"Will there ever be a time?" Derek said, sounding confused more than anything.

The nozzle clicked, the jeep was done fueling. Stiles turned away from Derek and pulled the nozzle out of his jeep. "There will be, just not yet." Derek had to strain his ears to hear him, Stiles voice was barely a whisper.

"What are you hiding from us? It's faint, but I can smell it on you." Oh good. So Derek didn't figure it out, he was more suspicious now. "I don't get it. You're obviously hiding something, you're not even lying about it anymore. So why won't you tell us?"

Stiles sighed again. I wonder what he would do if I just stopped breathing all of the sudden. "It's complicated, okay? And now just isn't the time."

"Complicated how?" Derek stepped closer invading the vampire's personal space. Stiles' eyes darted up to the wolf's. He glared at Derek, the blood-sucker him may be getting tolerable of the wolves, but it still didn't appreciate being intimidated. Derek's wolf smell was still new to the bat, unfamiliar, making it slightly more on edge. Stiles moved to bare his fangs at Derek, as warning to back off, but stopped himself. That would expose him in an instant. Derek still caught the slight move. His eyes narrowed. "You're not human anymore, are Stiles?" His voice was low, barely above a whisper.

Stiles kept his mouth shut, not trusting himself to open it. They glared at each other, waiting for the other to make a move.

"What are you?"

"You need to take a step back." Stiles warned lowly. His response was immediate, taking the wolf by surprise. Stiles knew he was acting very out of character but he didn't care. Derek needed to understand that he couldn't threaten him anymore, no matter how small the threats were. The bat writhing in his chest just wouldn't allow it. He held his ground. This wolf was out of line. His bat screamed, begging to show Derek his place. Stiles kept the angry bat in check, allowing only a small fraction of it's anger to escape to the surface.

Derek did what he was told. He took a full step back, watching the vampire with suspicious eyes. Stiles felt his whole body relax. He didn't realize how tense he had gotten.

"What just happened?" Derek asked, utterly confused.

"Like I said, It's complicated." Stiles opened the driver. "Let's just get home. I don't want to be in Mexico any longer than I have to be."

He began climbing in the jeep but Derek's voice stopped him. "This conversation isn't over, Stiles."

The vampire turned to him, staring dead into Derek's eyes. "It is for now." He planted himself in his jeep and slammed the door shut. He wasn't dealing with this right now.


They eventually left the gas station, back tracking to get on the right road home. Derek took a deep, quivering breath. He hated not knowing what was going on. His conversation with Stiles put him on edge. Whatever Stiles was now, whatever was inside him, it didn't appreciate Derek getting too close. His mind drifted back to the moment he had shifted to the wolf. His senses were so incredibly heightened in that moment. When Stiles had showed up, his scent in range of the wolf's nose, every alarm bell in Derek's body sang out. Threat! His wolf was threatened by Stiles. His wolf screamed. Stiles was dangerous. Derek nearly bolted at that very moment, the instinct to get away from the possible danger almost too great.

Derek reeled in his wolf, forcing it to calm down. He opted to focus on Stiles' scent instead. It was normal for the most part. He still carried that familiar scent of cinnamon and laundry detergent. The smell of Adderall that usually clung to his was missing as well the smell of fast food. They had been replaced by something else. Stiles now had the scent of forest and... was that blood and... death?

The knew array of scents confused his wolf. It was familiar but very different at the same time. Something else was missing. What was it?

Derek's eyes widened in realization. The strong smell of human that always clung to Stiles' was missing, replaced by that strange scent of blood and death. He almost smelled like a corpse without the smell of decomposing flesh. Like someone who had passed way just moments ago. It confused the hell out of him. It made no sense and he couldn't any supernatural creature that smelled quite like Stiles did.

That was another thing. Stiles reeked of this new smell but there wasn't as much as drop of something supernatural on him. Derek thought back the conversation he with Scott. How Lydia said she had sensed something on Stiles but it was being blocked.

When he finally shifted back to his human form, he couldn't stop the suspicious look he sent Stiles' way. He knew Stiles saw it, but he couldn't tear his eyes away. Stiles had very quickly moved as far away from him as the teen possibly could. No one seemed to notice this action but Derek. Everyone was too busy hugging and holding each other, checking for wounds and making sure everyone wasn't too traumatized.

When everyone finally piled into the cars, ready to head home, Stiles gave him a look. Derek nearly bristled in self-consciousness. Stiles wasn't happy. He knew Derek had smelled something and it had put the teen on edge. Derek was so confused, what the hell was the kid hiding?

He glared into the back window of the jeep, trying hard to read Stiles' mind from his spot in his seat. He wanted so bad to know what Stiles was hiding. Admittedly, so far his secrets had yet to cause any real harm to the pack. Nothing was attacking them, not yet at least. That just raised more questions for Derek. If Stiles' secrets weren't putting the pack in harms way, then why hide it? What reason could he possibly have from hiding this from the pack? Was he ashamed of the thing he had been turned into? What was he now, anyway?

So many questions. Derek felt lost. Now he knew Scott was so worried when he had come to him when Stiles had started acting of. Derek understood now. He understood when Scott had felt when Stiles suddenly turned on him, acting as if he had no place getting in the teen's space and demanding answers. He had experienced it first-hand at the gas station.

Stiles' entire demeanor had shifted when Derek had taken that step too close. He, admittedly, had threatened Stiles in that manner quite often in the past. Stiles always flailed around like a scared spaz and quickly gave in. He always got in a few sarcastic remarks, but he still gave in. This time was different. Stiles didn't back down. He did the exact opposite. Derek could still remember the way he watched Stiles' entire frame rear up, like he was ready assert his dominance. He had immediately gone rigged, his eyes immediately glaring into Derek's like a silent warning. Then there was that split second where Stiles' acting as if he was bare his teeth at him, much like a wolf did. Stiles had stopped himself. He didn't back down, he didn't even budge. He held his ground much like an alpha would, ready to show Derek that he was in charge and wouldn't be threatened.

Derek's head swirled in confusion. He was so frustrated. Stiles wasn't a werewolf, that much he knew. He tended to act like one, though. He didn't smell like one. His never shifted into one. That unfamiliar smell and this new unfamiliar personality only left him with nothing but confusion. What ever Stiles was, he had never run into one personally. He had never this strange supernatural creature Stiles was now.

How strong was he? Was this creature dangerous? His wolf thought so. That was another question. Why did his wolf react so badly to Stiles? Scott mentioned that his own wolf had done the same thing.

Derek gripped the steering wheel so hard that could hear the fabric protesting under his palms.

"Derek?" Liam shifted for the first time in the passenger seat. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He whispered. "Go back to sleep." Liam simply nodded, he shifted once more and was asleep in seconds. Derek wondered if he actually woke up at all.

The thought quickly left his mind, his thoughts going back to the teenager driving the old jeep in front of him.

He needed to figure out what Stiles was and he needed to figure it out now.


Back in Beacon Hills, a new figure wondered throughout the woods. Their eyes glowed a deep, blood red. Their eyes scanned the forest, searching for something. The figure moved silently. Not a single leaf crunched. No twigs broke under the figure's feet. They walked silently, finally finding what they were looking for. Before the being, stood the Nemeton. The being bent down over the large stump. The old tree's power pulsated, making the figure grin. So much power. So many mysterious.

Everything that was happening, the Nemeton was at the center of it.

Truthfully, the real fun had yet to start. The figured wondered what would happen when the wolf pack returned. When Roman finally set his plan in motion, it would mean only chaos for the poor pack. The figure wondered how soon they should get themselves involved. Stiles was sure to end up dead if they didn't. No, they couldn't allow that. They couldn't allow to get any stronger than he already was.

Soon then. Very soon.

The wind shifted. The figure spun on their heels. Someone was coming. It had to be Roman. The figure took one last look at the stump, almost hoping the tree would do something. The Nemeton stayed silent. A twig snapped in the distance. He was getting closer. They quickly turned in the opposite direction of the new visitor and took off. They were gone in an instant, leaving nothing but a small gust of wind their wake.

The leaves crunched under Roman's boots. He made no effort to hide himself from the intruder. He walked toward the Nemeton, scanning the tree-line. Who the hell was in his territory? Their scent seemed familiar but they had made the effort to hide it.

Roman hummed in thought. He wasn't impressed by this intruder. He couldn't have another vampire butting in his business, especially now. Besides, vampires knew to stay out of Beacon Hills. What the hell drove this one to come? Roman scented the air. They weren't that strong, Lamia maybe. They would be easy to get rid of if the proved to pose a problem to his plans. He didn't appreciate them hanging out near the Nemeton, though.

He scanned the trees one last time, the intruder was long gone. Good. He spun on his heel and headed back from where he came. He had plan to set in motion. He could sense Stiles getting closer. He should be back just before dawn. He grinned as he felt his fledgling moving closer.

The little hit list was over now. Roman could finally focus on getting Stiles ready. The second the fledgling got back, he would get started.