The military conflict in Syria that stretched in Iraq, in Lebanon and influences in the remaining states of the region of the Levant was a result of a fight originally created by extraordinary conditions created by the Arab spring, a conflict between tyranny and freedom.

Unfortunately the long chain of interests affecting the Syria stopped a fight between the population who had hoped the end of the dictatorship and their supporters degenerates into a bloody conflict between defectors and Loyalists, who later was quickly seized by Islamists and other radicals.

After a few years, the former group of rebels created by deserters were swallowed in a struggle with a centrifugal fight against the of ISIS (the Islamist State of Iraq and Syria), the Shiite bloc of al-Assad and Hezbollah that would eventually ensure the survival of the regime of al-Assad and to maintain the link with Iran and Russia. Also the presence of the Islamists forced the European bloc and American to severely limit the support for armed opposition, afraid to be absorbed by the Islamists.

(What would eventually happen to a greater degree, except those that would gather with the secular Kurds, which operate in an almost autonomous conflict)

Meanwhile, in Damascus, for good or for evil, Bashar al-Assad still held a small part of the former Syrian territory, but with the majority of the population. The rest was left to ISIS and Kurds. But that day would definitely be one of the most bizarre of all history, as one of his Secretaries gave a strange letter from England, whose address was even more bizarre, The Royal Knights of Hellsing.

"Although our contacts with the West were never worthy of loyalty in recent years, I can't consider this joke of bad taste which appear like those "Knights" that profit buzzworks as a bizarre method to finish our fight against terrorists!", said Bashar.

"Although this letter arrived last week, it has not been possible to determine the origin of this organisation!", reply his faithful Secretary.

"The most bizarre of all, is the requirement for an answer today, arguing that an from Hellsing "will present personally!", the dictator sighed deeply, "Even the U.S. Secretaries needed to go through a rigorous inspection when they land in Damascus, how a stranger can show their presence directly?".

Suddenly the Presidential complex suffered a concussion that knocked part of the objects on the floor. The military unit of the presidential guard reported strange atmospheric phenomena which culminated in a black beam with ochre tones that descended towards the Presidential complex.

Without that al-Assad had even time to react, the entrance doors of Cabinet Room colapsed and their interior was busted and filled with black smoke. His Secretary had fainted with the impact. A few seconds later came a figure dressed in red, with gold-colored glasses. After a short suspense, the figure speaks:

"Good afternoon, your Excellency! Nosferatu Arucard presents itself on behalf of the Royal Knights of Hellsing! "

"But ... but ... What is this?! ", this time it was the dictator who really feels the terror on his soul.

"As fellow psychopaths, bloodthirsty we are, I believe that our proposal for peace in this warmongering kindergarten was seriously considered ... In fact, at least one human could have greater moderation! "

"But that pointless conversation," argued al-Assad.

"Our plan is as follows ... In Exchange for our peace plan, invite for now to a Duel of Darkness ... "

"My God!", the dictator froze with fear, "will be that this Eastern card game called Yu-Gi-Oh, which I have some experience, which drew this haunting?"

"Exactly!... Wonderful!... In exchange for a duel of Yu-Gi-Oh, actually two other duelists, can ensure eternal peace to your people! ", but Arucard thought," what an idiot and power-hungry to believe a lie like this ... "

As with an evil thought speelied by his words, they were both tele-transported for the sky, floating on top of a city of Damascus in flames (due to an illusion). After that, the land was sealed with signs of Alchemy that covered the entire city, and converged towards the Centre of the site, while they saw what would be the duel field.

"Since when that capital is burning?", al-Assad panicked, "and because we're flying in the middle of nowhere?!"

"Welcome to the Duel!" said Arucard, "I will present my rules you must agree with the contract ..."

"But that bad taste to a duel. This will be a new kind of holography technology? "

"The Duelists begin with 8000 life points, as in official tournaments. In the first round can I draw a card, but I can't attack. Like all Special Summons are permitted, the playing field has been updated to this end ... "

"Even the new Pendulum Summon?" asked Assad while get their Deck.

"Yes, of course, was that described on the letter."

Then the faithful dog of Arucard became involved around the right arm and transmuted it into a bizarre Duel disk, from which the multiple eyes now function to holding the cards and their teeth covering the Main and Extra Decks. Arucard said simply, "Duel Disc, Ready!"

The Duel disk of al-Assad was simpler, consisting of two rows of cards, an extra for the pendulum cards, and the different grooves to the Decks.

"Bashar al-Assad!" said Arucard, "Welcome to the world of endless nightmares, of madness and insanity of humans. Sacrifice your country, its people even more insane in this wonderful Duel of Darkness! In this field of Cromwell, all nightmares, cards, monsters and effects are real, and merge with the Duelists. So fight like a human you want to smash your destiny! "

"Insane", the dictator was almost silent.

"Monsters, Effects and Duelists!", continued Arucard, "gather round everyone because this Duel of Darkness will begin."...

There was about ten seconds of silence until they both shouted, "DUEL."

Nosferatu Arucard: LP 8000

Bashar al-Assad: LP 8000

The First Duel had started ...

Turn 1 (Arucard)

"First round, which is to me, geting a card ... Draw. "

After a few seconds of suspense, invoke:

"Activate the Field's Magic Card, Cromwell's Seal!"

The alchemical seals within the Duel Field are expanded, and after that Arucard argues:

"Once per turn, can invoke in place of a Normal Summon, any Monster from Level 7 or higher without sacrifices, provided that it is used in a Special Invocation on the same turn."

"I summon the Dark Tuner Nightmare Hand due to effect of Cromwell's Seal!..."

The Dark Tuner Level 10 Dark Type summons successfully.

"When the Nightmare Hand is summoned either which way, can invoke especially a monster Dark type of Level 1 or 2. So I invoke Cat of Ill Omen of Level 2! "

A malicious Meow was barely audible by this cat who was invoked in the field, but still hadn't completed his shift!

"For special effect of the Cat of Ill Omen, I swift a Trap Card from my Deck to the top ..."

"But ... by the effect of Cromwell's Seal, once per turn can I draw an additional card for each monster on the field that will be used in a new Special Summon of which the monsters present were invoked by another effect of Cromwell's Seal in the same turn. "

Since Arucard had two monsters on the field, it took two cards from the Deck. One would be a Trap Card, another would be another monster.

Al-Assad was confused with this mantra to continue... But he still watch more special invocations.

"Now ... I Summon the Combat Pistol Jackal Scale 0 and the Casull ARMS Scale 9 in their respective Pendulum Zones! ", his two favorite weapons raised upwards, following two beams of light colored dark red. After appearing the stylized numbers 0 and 9, Arucard spell their enchantment:

"Blessing my two weapons intended to send all to eternal damnation all corrupt souls, balance with all the glow! Pendulum Summon! Invoke my servants!"

The gate opened and freed two monsters, eventually depleting the hand of Arucard, saved the trap that stands apart.

"Dark Tuner Chaos Rogue!", Dark Type Level 8, "Relinquished", Dark Type Level 1.

"Finally! Now synchronize the Chaos Rogue with the Relinquished!... "

Arucard spells, "Sailing the seas of darkness, crush all the silly hope of humans."

"Dark Synchro Summon! Crush it! Level 7 negative! Unfair Magician! "

"Still the terror continues! When the Chaos Rogue is successfully invoked and used on Dark Synchro Summon, the opponent should discard 5 cards of your Main Deck to the graveyard! ", al-Assad served the penalty, but said," what so horrible their monster's effect! "

"And just to finish it, synchronize the Cat of Ill Omen with the Nightmare Hand!", the monsters were undone by the stars of its Levels, "paving the road to hell with the divine will, make way for revolution. Dark Synchro Summon It. Revolutionize! Level 8 negative! Hades Jugdement! "

The two Dark Synchros and two Pendulum monsters ended this way of the initial turn of Arucard.

"Put the last card I got and end my shift. Turn End! "

On the Arucard side the first wave of summoning results the following monsters:

Hades Judgement: Dark Synchro, Level -8, Dark, ATK: 3500, DEF: 2500

Unfair Magician: Dark Synchro, Level -7, Dark, ATK: 2500, DEF: 2000

Combat Pistol Jackal: Pendulum, Level 4, Pendulum Scale 0, Dark, ATK: 1000, DEF: 1000

Casull ARMS: Pendulum, Level 5, Pendulum Scale 9, Dark, ATK: 2000, DEF: 2400

-Meanwhile the beginnings of other duels-

Meanwhile elsewhere in the region controlled by ISIS, the best agent of the Vatican section XIII, the dreaded butcher of the Iscariot, known simply as Alexander Anderson was wondering on the ground to get his next victim, Abu Bark al-Baghdadi, nom-de-guerre of the self-proclaimed emir of the wahabist empire of ISIS.

The location of the duel was in an uninhabited zone, although the site has grounded by a security perimeter formed by armed men of ISIS, in order to save the location before beginning the dark ritual to protect the duel from the outside.

Anderson was an extremely dangerous man, a butcher so extreme that he considered worthy as an adversary only those with equal shredder capacity.

So the emir of ISIS would be the enemy's butcher Duelist as they are equally bloodthisty.

When Anderson arrived in a shed tucked away in the middle of the desert of the Levant, he was genuinely surprised by the reception of al-Baghadadi, who was virtually alone, except a few supporters holding the equipment supplied in advance from Hellsing with help from the Vatican: a system that would register the progress of Duel of Darkness.

"Of all my enemies, his Excellency the Emir, just miss with my archrival Nosferatu Arucard," argued Anderson.

"If it wasn't for the fact that their religion has a little different from ours, it would be one of our most feared generals of the Emirate!", thanked al-Baghadadi.

"But that would be perfectly resolved with some goodwill. But what I want now is we confront forces, because this conflict is in danger of finishing with all heads cut off. "

"Of which is your speciality. Right? "

"What are the rules for this duel?"

"You know the Action Duels?".

"For a soldier who walks in hiding, I believe it is the best style of combat ..."

"So, the first round is reserved for Mr Andersen and can't attack or take any card in the same. The two individual's Field Zone can be activated simultaneously. However, when the Duel begins it will be scattered around the Duel Field a set of special cards, called Action Cards. Once per turn, a Duelist can get one of these cards and activate its effect immediately. ", explained the self-proclaimed emir.

"Preparing the Duel disks!", Anderson opened his Holy Bible whose pages folded and formed the structure and slots where the cards would be placed.

"Done!", the al-Baghdadi's Duel Disc was created from a metal base which was also used for the support of the scrolls from the Quran, but was not as sophisticated as the first.

Anderson activated the power of the Spear of Longinus that he brought from the Vatican to create a field governed by occult forces, creating a trap of darkness. Later, al-Baghdadi triggered a special card called Action Field Magic Card's Duel that would be thrown against the spear:

"Now, active the Magic Field Card for Action Duel: ISIS Emirate Field!"

Just after the magic ritual are done, a few partners that accompanied the event chanted:

"By the Grace and Honor of God, two Sublime Duelists will fight with all their souls and desires, so that in its glory is resolved the dispute in. .."

"Action...," said al-Baghdadi

"Duel!...," said Anderson, who later said a muted "Amen!"

The Actions Cards spread in the field and the second Duel had begun.

Alexander Andersen: LP 8000

Abu Bark al-Baghdadi: LP 8000

The third duel was inside an abandoned Castle in Eastern Iraq in broad Shiite area, but this time the duelist was a wondering soul that haunting the dungeons of the sanctuary of Qoms, and also one of the most important figures of the 20th century, when it was alive, the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini.

Given his greatness and righteousness, only the heads of opposing organizations could duel each other, so it would be Sir Integra Hellsing the qualified person to duel against Khomeini.

Integrata was invited to get in on the Castle without much opposition just by following the instructions which he had received in advance by a referring unknown. When it hit the inside of the complex, was surprised by a figure, dressed in modest form, which was in line with the Shiite clergy attire: the great Doctors of Islamic Law that were known as the Ayatollah.

"Sir Integra Hellsing Fairbanks?", questioned the figure.

"Ayatollah Khomeini?", said Integra, although ceptic.

"I am the agent of Khomeini, but operate in full sync with the soul of the great Khomeini."


"A wake-up call for the duel should be held here...", did some suspense.

"The Lord is conservative, this means some Special Summons must have been restricted."

"We operate only according to the noblest: 40 cards on the Main Deck, 15 on Extra Deck. I admit some Fusion and Xyz, the rest is strictly forbidden. "

"I don't see any joke to Synchro, nor those bizarre Pendulum. I love my subordinates that bluster, but for me I'm a dragon Duelist exclusively with Fusions and Rituals Summoning. Maybe a Xyz in the middle. "

"I can say that I agree with Mrs. Integra since I don't like the way this game was spoiled with these new rules. Therefore, let us prepare our Duel disks and start without delay! ".

Duel disks were very simple and similar to the models that have emerged on the market when the Yu-Gi-Oh was released in the beginning. When they both shouted, "Duel!", the third duel had begun.

Sir Integra Hellsing: LP 8000

Ayatollah Khomeini: LP 8000

-Return to First Duel -

While the other duels had started almost simultaneously, the first ever prowled in the second round. However, al-Assad was genuinely surprised by the first blow of his enemy, but after few thoughts he smiled:

"Very well, Arucard!...", the vampire answers with a bow for the recognition, "But the fact that you use the symbolism of Alchemy does not mean that your opponent can intimidate you, quite the contrary...", Bashar gave a sigh, "because my Deck was built for the Alchemy."

"As I suspected...," said Arucard, "to justify their behavior over the years, probably under the influence of the Xyz Alchemist Deck... Accepted? "

"The Lord Arucard has an excellent knowledge of my Deck...," whispered al-Assad.

"That compliment, but nobody wins a duel only to meet the guy, because whoever wins are the Duelists. Now ... We can continue our duel? "

Turn 2 (Bashar)

"Now it's my turn now! Draw!..." , said Bashar.

After a brief reading, Bashar smiled and argued, "The 5 cards that were sacrificed by your monster effect will be of some use."

"I summon the Ritual Magic Card, Transmutation Circle!".

This card created a circle of Alchemy similar to that of Hellsing, but was not as powerful as the Cromwell's Seal of Arucard.

"This card allows you to gather up to two cards from my hand or my graveyard of type LIGHT and/or DARK that will be invoked especially and used as tributes to a Ritual Summon."

According to the effect of the magic card, the Bashar invokes from his graveyard "Seed of Life", Level 2 of type Light and the "Alchemist Grimoire", Level 4 of the Dark type. Then removes those cards and the magic card from his Magic Card Zone and explains: "By the effect of the Transmutation Circle, the Fusion Monster invoked by Ritual Summo only enter on my field in the next turn."

"Good move", thought Arucard.

"Now I'm invoking the Tuner Monster, Flamsteed Aprentice, Fire type of Level 4!"

The new monster quickly would apply their special skill:

"When Flamsteed Aprentice is invoked successfully, this can summon a Level 4 or lower monster from my hand ...", which shortly after Bashar invokes, "Therefore, it will be a monster type Water Level 3, Oricalchus Warrior! "

"But I'm not stop here because I'm going to synchronize Oricalchus Warrior with Flamsteed Aprentice..."

The stars of the monster Tuner became rings involving the other monster, while Bashar chants,

" Exploring the hiddens Laws of Nature, following the Flow of Live, Understanding the Mysteries of Knowledge!".

"Synchro Summon. Appear, Level 7! Paracelsus Magician! "

The monster was a Synchro with 2500 ATK, Level 7 and type Fire.

Instantly Bashar declares the attack, "Paracelsus. Attack the Unfair Magician! "

"The attack are equal!...", exclaims Arucard soon before react, "Activate the Pendulum Effect of Asset Casull!"

The weapon fires a hail of bullets, just before Arucard explain your purposes, "once per turn, Casull can prevent the destruction of a monster who targets on the my field, and any difference of points of attack or defense in the respective context would be applied as damage to opponent!"

"But as the attacks are the same, nothing has changed," Bashar concluded dryly, "So, I put three cards face down and finish my shift. Turn End! ".

Turn 3 (Arucard)

"I start my shift. Draw! ", the vampire stood waiting already that the duel would be complicated," Put another card face down. "

"As I have no more cards in hand, the Pendulum Summon is impossible ...", sighs a little, "so I'm going to use the Unfair Magician to attack the Paracelsus!"

"Became stupid, Arucard?", al-Assad surprised themselves, "Will repeat the same situation before."

"Active the Quick Trap Card, Quick Power Shift!" said Arucard, "the enemy monster attack will be reduced to zero."

"Damn!", Assad responded, "I summon a Counter Trap Card, Negate Attack!", the damage was avoided, "However, the Paracelsus Magician was the attack reduced to nothing."

"Now I attack the Paracelsus with Hades Jugdement!", Arucard had two monsters on the field.

This time were 3500 points of attack against zero, which would result in a great harm, however:

"Active the second effect of the Transmutation Circle!", this time Arucard got really amazed, as Bashar explains, "During opponent's turn that occurs during the fusion ritual, can once this turn select a monster on the field and during the Battle Phase the opponent monster attack points are added", the attack was again neutralized, "and in the event of a tie the two monsters are not destroyed."

"Again?!" exclaimed Arucard, suspecting that he was preparing something, "I finish my turn."

Turn 4 (Bashar)

"I start my shift. Draw! ", now Bashar was optimistic," by effect of the Transmutation Circle, the Ritual Monster is invoked especially. "

"Arising Here. Ouroboros Slime! ", was a Ritual Monster Level 7, Dark Type with zero points of attack and defense.

"Two monsters with the same Level and... My God!..., "exclaimed Arucard.

"Excellent intuition, Arucard!," said Bashar, "Sacrifice Ouroboros Slime and Paracelsus Magician of Level 7 to build an Overlay Network!"

The monsters were disintegrated and sucked into a golden Galaxy which then exploded everywhere.

The chanting ritual was quite an ovation of Full Metal Alchemist:

" From the darkness of human's soul and unlimitted sins, revive the true self of powerfull tyrants!"

"Xyz Summon!", smiled Bashar, "Appears. Rank 7! Homuncolus Pride! "

Arose a Xyz monster type Earth with 3000 of ATK and DEF 3000, accompanied by 2 Overlay Units.

"That's my fault in not having seen your strategy, since from beginning you want to invoke an Xyz that required those monsters as sacrifices!", Arucard hit the table, "but I never think that I shall be unable to invoke a Xyz!"

"Sorry!", Bashar was a great laugh, "Discarding an Overlay Unit, can destroy an opponent's monster on the field and inflict damage based from the target's original monster attack points!"

"Hold down! Activate the Pendulum Effect of Casull. So the destruction of one of my monsters will be denied! "

"So, discount the second Overlay Unit against Unfair Magician!"

"In this case I activate the Jackal's Pendulum Effect...", Arucard responded, "once per turn, I can change the target endorsed by the enemy's monster and activate their effects at the time. Therefore, change the target to Hades Judgement. "

"Another one of your fucking tricks!" said Bashar, "Active now the Counter Trap Card, Quick Shift Xyz!"

"But what the hell...", Arucard never saw a duel so prone to using spells and traps.

"This card swifts a Xyz monster from my field and replaces with another from my Extra Deck with the same Rank, and then the same card makes from his own an Overlay Unit to my new Xyz Rank 7 monster, which is now Homuncolus Greed with 3500 of attack and defense."

"We stall again with Hades Judgement!..."

"Calm Down! When disposing of the Overlay Unit of Greed, after the battle with the monster in question, all the remaining cards of the enemy will be destroyed and in the event of a tie the same enemy's card will also be destroyed! "

The impact of the battle destroyed the Pendulum, the Dark Synchro Cards and Cromwell's Seal, which later would be ordered, "and for each card destroyed pointing upwards, will apply 500 points of damage!"

"Really ...", Arucard was furious, "Lose 2500 points of life ..."

"But I can activate the special effect of Hades Judgement at the Graveyard!", Bashar was surprised this time, "When I have monsters in the Graveyard including Hades that were defeated by effect in the same turn, I can invoke them especially at the end of turn of the enemy. Come On ... Hades... Casull... Unfair... Jackall... "

"But apparently you lost the ability of Pendulum Summon because these were invoked in the row of Monsters.", reply al-Assad.

"However I have to use a Special invocation for all those monsters, so I activate a reversed card, Instant Dark Tuner Maker!"

"What kind of Magic Card is this?!"

"With this card I can give the attribute of dark tuner cards to all monsters on my field that are not itself a Synchro, Fusion or Xyz Monster!"

Sighing a little chant, "Then I will synchronize the Dark Synchro Hades Level 8 negative with Dark Tuner Jackall Level 4 and the Dark Synchro Unfair Level 7 negative with Dark Tuner Casull Level 5 ... it. Double Dark Synchro Summon! "

"Come out, two Dark Synchro Level 12 negative! Master of Impalation! Twice! "

Master of Impatation had Zero points of attack and 4000 of defense.

"Indeed! I put a card face down and finish my turn. "

The duel on this turn follows the following result and active monsters:

Arucard: LP 5500

Master of Impalation: Dark Synchro Monster, Dark, Level -12, ATK: 0, DEF: 4000 (x2)

Bashar: LP 8000

Homuncolus Greed: Xyz Monster, Dark, Rank 7, ATK: 3500, DEF: 3500

To be continued...