Goodbye my world

BY: Tanith Bri

~ Contains spoilers to the manga, but you don't care anyway. Right??? ~_^ ~

I can remember. that night..the night I gave up on everything I knew. I wonder why I did that?

Because, I was betrayed by one of my most trusted friends. Katsumi Liquer.

It happened last December 25 2029, It had been six months since Katsumi's disappearance.

I had missed her so. The reason she had vanished, was because her fiancée, Robert De Vice was

Brutally murdered in his apartment, we were all shocked at the news. I recall, looking at

Katsumi's face when he had received the news. It hurt me deep down, to see Katsumi like this.

I noted most of the feelings she had expressed, hurt, anger, but most of all, she had sadness.

Tears trailed down her cheek, she bit her lower lip, and asked to be excused. We allowed her,

And we sadly watched her trail away. Another shock was waiting for us, after that.

The next day, we saw her apartment empty when we visited her to comfort her. She disappeared

Just like that. We were shocked at this, we looked all over Tokyo for her, but, we never found

her. We gave up, all was lost. Six months later, Christmas, I was lounging in my apartment

quietly drinking tea noting how long it had been since Katsumi's mysterious disappearance.

I was relaxing a bit, when I suddenly received an e-mail. I opened in, and was frightened when

I saw who had sent it: Katsumi Liquer. I was shocked!! Was she still alive?? This gave me new

Hope, I immediately dressed up, and went to the place instructed by the e- mail.

Robert's Apartment.

I soon found out, I wasn't the only one who had received the e-mail. The rest of the A.M.P had

too. We all received the same e-mail from the same person, Katsumi. We waited, when, we

suddenly saw the sender, Katsumi!! She stood on a pile of rubble and towered before us. She

still looked like the same Katsumi we knew, but she had an eerie look. I was so happy when

I saw her, and I ran to her to give her a great hug. Foolish me.

As I was about to embrace her, out of nowhere, she stabbed me!! She had brought out a dagger,

And stabbed my right shoulder, I was shocked. She maintained her cold disposition.

I could only stare at her in amazement, as I crumpled to the floor, bleeding profusely.

I was too shocked after that incident. It had brought me immense sadness and utter

Shock. I can remember Kiddy enraged at what Katsumi had done, and charged at her, before Finally closing my eyes, and falling to a world of darkness. The shock was to much for me.

I was so sad, I did the only thing I could. I shut my brain down.

I don't want to come back to this world. Never. I see no purpose in living, if my friends will

Only hurt me. Laugh if you want, I don't give a damn, I don't care.

So, I say to you, Good-bye Rally, good-bye Mana, Good-bye Lebia, Kiddy, and Nami.

Good-bye Katsumi, Good-bye, my dear world.

I don't know, when I'll be coming back, maybe, never...