Rikki's POV

"There, now it's all ready" I said standing back to admire my work. The banners were hung, the lights working, the mini stage set. Emma's welcome home party was going to epic.

"Great job" Zane complimented and pulled me in for a quick kiss.

"We'll have time for that later. We still have a lot to do" I said giggling. I was so glad that I was back with Zane even if Emma wasn't. I was always happier when we were together and I trusted Zane.

"Hey guys, what's going on here?" Emma said coming up behind me.

"Emma! What are you doing here?" I asked trying to act casual.

"This is Mako island, our usual hang out. Of course I'm going to be here" she said laughing. "Next time if you're trying to throw someone a surprise party you might not want to do it at the place they spend most of their time."

I laughed. "I supposed you're right. Keep this between the three of us please? Cleo and Bella worked really hard and I don't want to spoil it for them" I said and Emma nodded.

"Our secret" she said smiling.

Three hours later the party had begun and fireworks were lighting up the sky. There was nothing we can't do when we work together. And let's just say Emma does not have a career in acting.

"A surprise party for me? I'm so...surprised?" Emma said in a very weird and high tone. I closed my eyes briefly and sighed.

"Well don't just stand there, let's dance!" I said. Suddenly everything got all quiet and awkward. I soon noticed that Cleo was standing less close than Lewis and Bella was standing there staring at the ground like she was an outcast, like she didn't belong.

"I better get up onto the stage and sing. It's a bit smaller but I can still perform" Bella said and quickly ran over to the stage and began to sing.

"Whoaa! My baby see me, he likes to see me dancin'. I feel the beat go through me. Dancin' all night baby. And when I hear you talkin' my mind start actin' crazy. Don't tell no fancy lies. I'm dancin all night baby. Maybe, baby. You ain't no trouble. And I need to feel the power on me, maybe, baby. I get excited, feel the music as it takes me higher. Ah you makin' me crazy. I see you smiled and I'm dancin' all night baby. Maybe, baby. You ain't no trouble and I need to feel. The power on me, maybe baby. I get excited feel the music as it takes me higher. You makin' me crazy!"

I smiled and clapped loudly for her as she continued to sing. The rest of night continued with that awkward phase. Every time I questioned it Bella went to sing another song and Cleo went to get punch. What was going on with my friends? Something was fishy and I had to find out.

Once she finished another song I pulled Bella away into the woods. "Okay what is going on? And don't tell me there's nothing going on because there certainly is" I said crossing my arms.

Bella sighed. "Okay okay. Will cheated on me. But then Cleo went to talk to him and found out he was just practicing on dummy to tell me he loved me. But while she was gone Lewis comforted me and well...we kissed. Now I'm afraid Will is going to tell me he loves me and I can't return those words because I have feelings for Lewis now" she blurted out.

"Whoah whoah wait what?" I exclaimed. "Cleo and Lewis have been together for years how could you betray her like that? Just think how Cleo would feel if she knew. She went to save your relationship with Will and this is how you repay her?"

Bella looked down ashamed. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to kiss Lewis, it just happened" she said sighing.

"It's okay. I won't say anything, but you need to find a way to fix this" I said and we walked back to the beach. Bella got back up on stage and sang another song.

"Though I'm far away, across the sea. This moon keeps haunting me. As I spread my wings. And soar above, it's you, you're guiding me. And the morning sun still shines on me. I feel your power too. No turning back, from what must be. Slip through the darkened moon. The fire and ice, beneath my skin. Burn straight from me to you."

Emma's POV

I slow danced with Ash as Bella sang the beautiful slow song. I had to admit, that girl could sing really well. The moon shined down and time felt as if it was going in slow motion. I leaned in for a long needed kiss when suddenly I heard Cleo.

"Can we talk?" she asked. Perfect. Timing. Ever! (not).

"Sure" I said and we went over towards the shore away from everyone.

"I cheated on Lewis" she said and began sobbing.

"You did? Why?" I asked. I would never have expected this to come from Cleo. Rikki sure but not my sweet and shy friend.

"I didn't want to. But I did. I was trying to help Bella and Will get back together after a misunderstanding. Bella thought Will was cheating on her but it was just him practicing. But now we've kissed and now he really had cheated on her, with me" Cleo explained.

I put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "It's okay. We'll get through this. You may have feelings for Will but who's the one that has been loyal to you through and through. Lewis did, he's the one for me" I said and Cleo sighed.

"I don't know...I just don't know." It was then we heard the shouts and screams. Preceded by a loud thundering boom. It sounded like some kind of explosion. And lights burst up into the sky. It was coming from the direction of the volcano.

"The volcano! What if it's erupting?" One girl asked. I knew that simply couldn't be the case, we had been in the volcano's moon pool hundreds of times and been perfectly safe with no signs of lava.

"It's been dormant for 20,000 years, I think we're safe" I said.

"But it is something" Cleo said.

"And we're going to find out" Rikki said walking over to us.