Author's Notes: Read Blood Fetish? I have a thing for psychos with a liking for blood, can't help it.
Category: Anime, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yaoi, TWT (timeline-what-timeline)
Warnings: violence, angst, rape, reference to shonen ai
Pairings: Biula x Hiei, will be Kurama x Hiei
Author: Arigatomina
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Blood Lust

Part 1

Hiei's teeth clenched when the black fire was ripped apart, familiar pain tearing through him as if the kokoryuuha really were an extension of himself. Cold blue eyes flashed at him, then the demon's mouth opened in a loud, toothy guffaw that hurt more than the physical pain. His knees wavered for a moment, then he crouched, glaring at the enemy.

"You fool!" Biula accused, his grin baring numerous fangs as his eyes shone on the slight figure. "I'm stronger than Mukuro. That pitiful attack is useless against me." Lunging forward, he crossed the short distance between them in a second, fist cracking against Hiei's chest. The small demon seemed to fly back, but he grunted when Hiei managed to stay on his feet, skidding on the ground. He smirked at the dark spot where he'd hit the youkai, spotting a slight wound and watching the trickle of blood reach the demon's waistband. "How many ribs did I break?" Hiei glared darker and he threw his arms out, laughing again. "It's useless!"

Blood was coating his tongue, thick and coppery, but Hiei was more worried about the sharp pain that accompanied each breath. His jagan burned hotter than his chest as he raised his youki, black power surrounding him in vicious waves. Now was not the time to feel the discomfort, not when the demon was enjoying the fight so very much. With a shallow breath, he launched forward, eyes narrowing when the demon matched his speed with seeming ease.

Catching the small, burning fist, Biula held Hiei's right arm as he buried his own fist in the demon's stomach. Those red eyes widened abruptly, then closed tight, the black-haired youkai's expression a twisted grimace. "You're wasting your time and mine," he murmured, holding the light figure a few feet off the ground. His claws dug into thick black hair and he twisted Hiei's arm suddenly, sighing at the sharp crack as the bone snapped. The youkai gave a mangled cry that filtered through clenched teeth and he pulled the male closer, claws closing over that slight wrist. "You see? I get what I want, and not you or anyone can stop me." The young upstart had the nerve to glare at him, but his eyes dropped to the bright glint of bone in Hiei's arm, his tongue swiping out to catch the ribbons of blood that fell to his hand. "Not that I don't appreciate the effort." He licked his sharp teeth before turning Hiei, twisting the broken arm behind his back and crouching so those black booted feet were touching the ground. The demon sagged briefly, but he retained hold of that thick hair as he lapped up the blood flowing down Hiei's arm.

Hiei's head jerked down until his chin was pressed against his chest and he bit back the scream that tried to break loose as those long teeth sank into his arm. He wondered if the demon were going to bite it off, but he had no strength to retaliate, his tightly closed eyes burning at the pain. The teeth tugged at the broken bone and he hit his knees, legs unable to hold him. Gasping in too much air, he choked on the liquid that hit his throat, nearly doubling over with only the hold on his hair and arm keeping him off the ground.

Bright blood specked the ground as the small demon coughed and Biula's eyes snapped up, his tongue swirling against the torn flesh a moment longer before he opened his mouth. The break was clean, the tip of bone protruding through skin, but now it was marred by the holes his teeth had left and he gave another lick at the crimson flow before turning Hiei to face him. Slitted red eyes told him the demon was still set to fight back and he smirked, licking his lips. "You still don't get it?" His hand closed around Hiei's left wrist and he nodded sharply, noting the way the muscles clenched beneath his claws. "If you can't stop *this*, you'll never stop anything I do." The demon's hand was a curled fist but he undid that with little effort, raising it to his mouth as he caught wide red eyes. There was a glint of something there now, fear maybe? His teeth closed sharply, cutting through Hiei's hand, and that low scream came again, not cut off nearly as quickly, this time. The demon sagged, his mouth falling open as those red eyes clouded over and Biula's gaze snapped to the parted lips. They were flecked with blood, and he had to remind himself of the plan as he longed to shove his tongue inside. But not yet, not if it were going to work. "It's over," he said softly, hiding how difficult it was to tear his eyes away.

Biula stood, lifting Hiei and turning him again so he could cross the demon's bloody wrists behind his back. One large hand closed over those, the other secure in thick hair, and he stepped past the dark cloak the demon had discarded earlier. "Do you know where we're going now?" he taunted, drawing the dark head up so his voice hit the demon's ear. "You couldn't stop me, but at least you'll get to go with me. Imagine his face when he sees you like this. He'll be so determined to save you from more pain that he'll do *anything* I tell him to."


The low voice was little more than a growl, but it made Biula's lips pull back into a wide smile. If there was one thing he was certain of, it was that Hiei didn't know the meaning of giving up. "You disagree? I admit, I'd planned to simply enjoy him, and then kill him, but you've made it so much easier. With you as my hostage, I can draw it out."

Hiei's eyes flicked open, his vision only slightly blurred. "You know nothing," he growled, barely wincing when the claw tightened around his wrists. "You think Youko Kurama cares? Baka."

"Youko Kurama...takes what he wants with no regard." The demon almost seemed to wince when he gave a sharp laugh and Biula shook him gently. "He sounds like me, doesn't he? But I hear he's gone soft since fusing with that human form of his, we'll see if I'm not right. I think he'll try to fight me first, but when that fails...he'll save you the only way he can." Lifting Hiei higher against him, he let his head move close to the youkai's neck, breathing in the scent as he grinned. "And a youko has such a long lifespan, think how long he'd last."


"Oh, don't pretend," Biula snapped, walking faster as if he were in a hurry to find the youko. The truth was that he'd already made certain Kurama was nowhere near them before he'd instigated the battle. It wouldn't do to have him walk in on them, not yet. "You know you'd sacrifice yourself for him if I gave you the chance. Well, now's your chance. All you have to do is beg and promise to obey me. You aren't what I wanted, but I'd be willing to put off the youko for as long as you last." He didn't slow, but he was waiting expectantly and he frowned when the demon when limp in his grasp. Silence was his only answer and he didn't have the patience to wait it out, jerking Hiei's head back so he could see the youkai's face. He'd heard that Hiei was rendered unconscious after using his powers, but he hadn't given him a chance to use much, he'd expected more time. But those red eyes were open, and they focused on him readily from within a blank face.

He'd expected the young demon to leap at the offer. After all, he hadn't hesitated in accepting his challenge. But he couldn't read that closed expression. If Hiei didn't accept then his ruse had been for nothing. The whole point was to convince the youkai that he had to keep coming back if he wanted Kurama safe. From the looks of things, though, that didn't seem to be working. "What's wrong?" Biula asked, his voice sounding careless. "I thought you wanted to protect your beloved from me." A glint shone in those red eyes, but Hiei's voice was cold and void.

"I have no beloved. And I do not beg." Even if it were Yukina, he couldn't have begged. He'd explained to Kurama before. Fighting to the death for someone was fine, but he didn't understand sacrificing one's self. But Kurama did. He remembered the redhead's words when Kuwabara had done so for Yusuke, giving him his energy, so very long ago. He'd said the ningen had 'won' for that. Whether he'd won or not, he'd certainly come close to losing his life, only without a fight. Despite the time that had passed since then, Hiei still didn't understand. But he knew himself and he'd never beg, he'd gladly die first.

The small demon seemed lost in thought and Biula glared, squeezing Hiei's wrists to remind him. "Then you don't care to save him? I admit I'm surprised, but that's like you." Pulling Hiei's face close to his, he smirked. "Are you going to watch then, as he makes the sacrifice you're unwilling to make?" Those red eyes narrowed.

"I'll kill him first."

Biula laughed, blinking at the hateful expression. "I'd heard that you were the result of an ice maiden, but I didn't think you'd be so cold. But you'd kill him yourself? All because you won't take pain in his place."

The demon was taunting him, but Hiei's expression remained fixed in a glare. "I didn't say that. I said I wouldn't beg." His hand and arm were screaming at him, and his chest burned with every breath, but he still felt a dull throb in his forehead. While he hadn't used the kokoryuuha on himself, his body was trying to shut itself down, a natural instinct to restore him. But now wasn't the time. He preferred to be conscious when he died, and he needed to know what would happen to Kurama. To think, the demon had said Kurama was in the Makai.

Months had passed in the Ningenkai since he'd last seen Kurama, and they'd parted on cold terms. Kurama wouldn't leave the human world as long as his mother needed him, and he had already bonded with his young brother. Hiei saw the pattern and he doubted if the reborn human would *ever* leave the human world, especially for him. While Kurama had been honestly regretful, he hadn't tried to get Hiei to stay with him. The most he'd offered was an invitation to visit, anytime, and a promise to seek him out in the Makai, someday. It was all very vague, no concrete commitments, but even that goodbye was more than Hiei had been willing to give. Someday was too far away and there were no certainties in the Makai. Today proved that without a doubt.

The demon seemed convinced that he could use him against Kurama, but Hiei knew he had the wrong hostage. If Biula wanted to have Kurama at his mercy, he should have taken the human mother, that was Kurama's weakness. No, he knew Kurama wouldn't 'sacrifice' himself, not for him. But the youkai *would* challenge the demon since they were comrades, and Hiei knew Kurama would fare no better than he had. Either way, one of them would be in the demon's hands, but he wasn't going to get a willing victim.

"Then you *do* want to take his place?" Biula asked, hiding the satisfaction behind a mocking tone.

"You would never have Kurama willingly," Hiei stated, his voice flat. "What do you want?"

"I want you to come back." The youkai blinked at him and Biula smirked, shaking his head. "If you live, I want you to come when I call. That's not much." Hiei was frowning at him, but his smirk widened. "To save me the trouble of fighting you each time we meet. In return, I'll leave your precious kitsune be, as long as you live."

Obviously, the demon didn't expect him to live very long, but Hiei knew he would. He'd been born to survive so long as he had a goal in sight. And he had a new goal now, to kill Biula. He hadn't strengthened much since he'd last been in the Ningenkai, but Hiei knew he was capable of more. He had no limits. He just had to survive long enough to get stronger. Blanking his expression suddenly, he stared into Biula's bright blue eyes. "I'll come back, but I won't promise not to attack you."

"You'll just make me hurt you even more," Biula warned, "but that's fine. You have such a tolerance for pain." He accentuated the words by setting Hiei to his feet and twisting his broken arm. Unlike before, he was rewarded with nothing. Those calm red eyes didn't even blink as if the demon had completely blocked out the pain. But it hurt, he was sure of it, and he intended to push the little youkai's pain threshold to the limit and beyond, maybe not this time, but soon. "Rumor has it that you've a weakness besides the kitsune," he drawled suddenly, watching Hiei carefully.

He would have wondered at the fact that the demon seemed to know so much about him, but he assumed he'd done his homework. It was common knowledge that he'd become the first in charge beneath Mukuro, and most of the Makai had witnessed his battle with her. But there was a fault in the youkai's statement. He didn't consider Kurama his weakness. If he had one, it was Yukina. Luckily, though, few people knew of her existence, fewer of her ties to him. Rather than answering, he continued to stare at the demon bending over him, his legs stiff to keep him from wavering.

"How soon before you fall asleep?" Biula murmured, noting that Hiei glared at the question. "I'll be lenient this time, but I wonder if pain won't keep you conscious." Red eyes stared without shifting and he grabbed Hiei's shoulders suddenly, careful not to cut him with his claws. "Let's find out." The black-haired youkai didn't move and he let go almost immediately, shoving the palm of his hand against Hiei's chest.

He'd thought himself ready, but Hiei reeled back, barely staying on his feet as he felt something tug within his chest. If he'd doubted the ribs were broken before, he knew at least one was, now. He could practically feel bone cutting something, his breathing suddenly wetter. One cough would lead to another and he swallowed sharply, wincing at the metallic taste. Biula was there abruptly and he jerked despite himself, his eyes widening when those claws closed over his arms, sharp-toothed mouth moving toward his. The one thought that screamed in his mind asked if the demon was going to bite his tongue off. Brave or not, Hiei prayed he wouldn't.

Biula closed his eyes when the short demon held still, not resisting as his tongue swept Hiei's mouth. It wasn't that he needed the blood for strength, though it did help, but he craved it. Humans had been off-limits for so long that he'd grown accustomed to youkai blood and the little demon had a distinct flavor he couldn't get enough of. He'd taken an ice maiden before, back when he'd killed indiscriminately without any plots. But that wasn't the taste he found now, rather, it must have come from the unnamed sire of the small jaganshi. Whatever that demon had been, Biula wished he'd have met him, if only to drain him completely. He didn't dare do that now, or he'd ruin the plan. He was certain Hiei could last for weeks if he controlled his hunger.

He wasn't being bitten at all, and Hiei tensed as a long tongue squirmed in his mouth, revulsion making him want to shudder. It even probed into his throat so he nearly gagged, unable to breathe. Minutes passed before he could draw a breath and his vision was more than foggy, it was waving. But his thoughts were clear enough and he realized the demon planned to either eat him, or simply drink his blood. And that at the same time as the torture. But if he'd been afraid before, it would have disappeared at the realization. No matter how strong Biula was, Hiei had dealt with his kind before. The demon wasn't the first to be attracted to his blood; another curse of being a half-breed. Although, he did wonder why Biula had been after Kurama first. Oh, he could see why the demon would want Kurama, that wasn't the problem, it was that the blood of a youko was dangerous, intoxicating. And a plant manipulator could poison the blood to any demon aside from himself. If blood were the main thing the demon was after, he wouldn't have wanted Kurama. Unless he could control him.

There was a dull flash in the blue-violet eye on the dark-haired demon's forehead, and Biula glanced at it, momentarily distracted. But Hiei didn't move and he looked down again, his tongue rubbing the underside of his teeth. He was trying to think of a way he could drain the youkai as much as possible and still have him live. He'd never tried that in the past, but he knew a few ways blood could be replenished if a demon were too low. A smirk passed his lips and he shoved Hiei onto the ground, the sudden pressure on the demon's chest causing blood to trickle down his chin. He lapped that up quickly, then tore through the small white belts that bound the male's pants. His claws cut too deeply, but he didn't mind the sharply drawn breath, or the soft cough as he jerked the pants aside, moving his mouth against the stripes down Hiei's stomach.

Too many wounds and they wouldn't be able to heal, not if he left the demon with as little blood as he intended. That was the only thing that kept him from sinking his teeth into the muscled stomach. His blue eyes flicked down, taking in slender legs. They weren't soft, though, he could feel the hard muscles that enabled the demon's lightning speed. Not fast enough, he thought as he bared his fangs. Those red eyes were watching him, void of any detectable emotion, but he smirked, not minding Hiei's lack of reaction. Careful not to cut the small demon, he turned him suddenly, noting that Hiei braced himself with his mutilated hand. That wound was bleeding freely, but he had another source in mind as he grabbed the demon's right wrist, jerking his arm back until a slight growl came from the bowed head. He hadn't paid any attention before, but the dragon tattoo was ripped and he wondered briefly whether the youkai could still use it, when bone was showing through the serpent's tail. But that didn't matter since the kokoryuuha had been useless, anyway.

He closed his teeth over the spot he'd bitten before, both holding the demon up and allowing him to suck on the open wound. That left his hands free to undo his pants and get a firm hold on the little demon beneath him.

A low cry ripped from Hiei's throat as the demon shoved into him. A long arm snaked around his waist, jerking him back until he was nearly sitting on Biula's lap. But each thrust sent him forward again. He could feel rocks and dirt digging into the holes in his palm, clotting the bloodflow, but tearing the flesh even more.

Hiei's right arm was nearly numb, but the angle pulled on his chest, pressure tight enough to send liquid into his lungs. He was drowning on it, yet his heart was pounding furiously in his ears. It was demanding he breathe faster, to counter the burning loss of so much blood, yet he couldn't breathe at all.

It hurt. Too much pain, too fast, too many sources. Hiei's mind rebelled against it and he couldn't hold back the moan that tore past his teeth.

His vision turned black, his left hand clenching a handful of dirt as he strove to hold himself up, to keep some sense of control. Heat was curling around him, some final, desperate release of youki that increased steadily until it eased some of that pain. Then it was cut off, a hand clamping over his forehead and shutting out the only sight he had left.