It was mid-October, and normally around this time the weather would be cold, cloudy, and just miserable. But the sun was shining, causing the weather to warm up more than a few degrees. The breeze was light, adding just enough circulating air. Any rain showers that would be happening at this time of year were missing today, keeping the ground dry and not muddy.

In summary, today's weather was perfect, and Remus was stuck inside.

He sighed quietly. He shouldn't complain. He still had papers to grade. Even if he could go outside to enjoy the beautiful day, he would be stuck grading the papers somewhere.

"Do you have anything to report about your students, Minerva?" Dumbledore meowed, smiling at her. Even the month-long prank hasn't managed to dampen his spirits. Everyone else's spirits….not so much.

"No. Nothing." McGonagall roared shortly, looking away crossed. It was the same answer the other Professors gave, and it would be the same answer Remus gave when it was his turn to avoid speaking in yips for as long as he could. He sighed again.

Nope, he was wrong. Grading papers would be so much better than this.

Dumbledore sighed and looked at Remus. "What about you Remus?" Remus didn't even speak, just shook his head. Normally he wouldn't be this rude, but the prank was getting on his nerves. In both the yipping, and the memories it dragged up.

Of course the year he came to teach, there was a prank war. All the professors seemed to have agreed that one side was the Weasley Twins, but everyone had a different opinion of the other side. Snape, of course, blamed him, as if he would get into a prank war with students. Snape also seemed to blame Harry, which was ridiculous. James' son he may be, but Harry wasn't anything like that as far as he could tell. Sprout and Flitwick thought that it was maybe Draco Malfoy, since he was obviously having a fight with his group at the time that the prank war started. McGonagall was the only one sure, even though no one else believed her.

"It's Ginny Weasley. I know it, even without proof." She had told him. "She a lot more mischievous than the others give her credit for. They all still think of her as the girl that got kidnapped last year. And her brothers turned her hair green. That requires some punish in her eyes."

"You did a class on Boggarts didn't you?" Dumbledore tried again. "Any fears you're worried about?"

He was going to make him talk wasn't he? He sighed and scratched the back of his head. "Not many…." He yipped, ignoring the look Snape sent him. Snape hissed. He couldn't say anything about his yipping. "I learned that Boggarts could turn everything a blue tint. That was surprising."

That was surprising. Neville Longbottom's fear was the color blue apparently. He would almost find it humorous if Neville hadn't look so startled then angry. He said the spell with such venom that it took him by surprise.

"Oh yes, I heard the rumors of that. Mr. Longbottom yes?" Dumbledore asked. Remus nodded. The conversation seemed to catch everyone else's attention.

"That rumor's true?" McGonagall asked surprised. "I thought that was false. The color blue?" She paused before narrowing her eyes. "So the rumor that Ron and Ginny Weasley fear the same man?"

Remus winced a little. More had gotten out than he thought. "It wasn't the exact same man. They did look a lot alike but one of them was blue." The expressions looked different too, but he wasn't sure how to explain that. Ron Weasley's fear had smirked malicious at him and began to taunt him in another language. Ron's expression had closed up on the spot and the coldness he said the spell sent a shiver down Remus's spine. On the other hand, Ginny Weasley's fear had said nothing, just stared at her with a blank expression as the ground around him froze. Ginny didn't stutter or stammer or lose any time in casting the spell, doing so in a calm and quick manor, but he still had noticed how Luna was trying to comfort her after.

"Did you recognize him?" She asked, something that Remus couldn't place in her tone. "If both of them fear the same man, then we need to make sure that something isn't amiss!"

"No," Remus said quickly, trying to get her to calm down a little. "I didn't recognize him."

But he recognized the smirk, somewhere. He just wasn't sure where.

"And Mr. Potter's? A woman?" She asked, sighing. Remus nodded. It had been a woman, in an elegant 1940's dancing dress. She had just smiled and asked if they were still on for their date. Harry had stepped back a little before lifting his wand to get rid of it. But before he could, Hermione had stepped in front of it, glaring. The boggart started to change, but it stopped in the middle, causing it to look like a moving ball of wadded up paper.

Hermione had rolled her eyes and turned to get back into the crowd before the boggart finally seemed to make up its mind. It was her. The boggart had turned into an almost exact copy of Hermione, with a happy smile, holding a book. The real Hermione's eyes had widened before she casted the spell, causing it to turn into Neville in make-up. It made Remus worry, but he felt telling the other professors wouldn't do much for it.

Now that he thought about it, Colin had done the same with Luna. Remus couldn't describe what Luna's fear was. It was a large green humanoid that seemed to possess immense superhuman strength. It made Luna's eyes go wide with fear and made her step back many more steps than a few. The monster had ran after her, and both Remus and Ginny was about to step in when Colin, of all people, did instead. The boggart had turned into an older man with an eye patch quickly, giving a somber speech about how Colin wasn't useful anymore. It had quickly started switching to various other people, all telling him the same thing, before Colin had said the spell. The second year's feathers looked only slightly ruffled, but that was before the boggart turned into a muggle car of all things. Everyone, including Colin, had looked confused before the car had fallen apart.

He had to push Colin away because he wouldn't stop crying about "Lola."

"And Mr. Malfoy?" Snape hissed suddenly. Remus jumped, but he wasn't the only one. They all had forgotten he was there. It didn't help that he had left his seat at the table and walked to the window part way through Remus's explanation. "His fear?"

Remus didn't answer him for a long time. Draco's fear made him more than a little sad after all, and his was a fear he felt was personal and shouldn't be shared without him. But Snape was his Head of House, and Draco need some adult right?

"Voices. A lot of voices talking over each, calling him "inadequate" and "never as good as his father". He looked….used to it." Remus yipped at him quietly. Snape hissed something under his breath and looked away. The black haired man tapped on the window seal before turning away from them. Remus watched as he left the room.

"….dismissed." Dumbledore said, sounding slightly less cheerful than before. The other professors never saw Remus shoot so fast out of a room since he himself was a student.


"Uncle Severus says I need therapy."

His friends stared at him.

"Really?" Neville asked bored, looking at his book of charms. "About time somebody said it."

"What?" Draco yelled. "What do you mean?!"

"You never been all there. Mostly as Stark, but whatever." He shrugged and went back to what he was doing. Draco glared and huffed.

"I think he was talking about my fear idiot!" He said.

"Oh yea?" Harry asked, trying to stop the argument. They were in the library for pete's sake. "What was your fear?"

"Voices putting him down." Hermione said instead of Draco. The others looked at her, Draco glaring. She blinked. "There've been rumors everywhere." She looked at Luna. "Yours' was the Hulk right?"

Luna looked up from her book and nodded slowly, biting her lip at the memory. Ginny looked at her before laughing.

"And Colin's was a car!"

Colin blushed. "But it was Lola!"

The librarian shushed them then and they spent the rest of the time silently staring at their books.


On the way out of the library, Ginny caught Ron's arm.

"I need to talk to you brother." She said with a serious expression. Ron blinked before frowning.

"What's the matter?" He asked quietly, standing closer to the wall so not to be caught by the people using the hallway.

"You fear me." She said simply. Ron looked at her sharply and she rolled her eyes. "The rumors are everywhere, brother, you just don't look. Everyone says that we fear the same person."

"The…same person?" He questioned under his breath, looking at her worriedly. "Ginny, are you afraid of yourself?"

"So you admit it!" She snapped. "You're afraid of me!" She huffed and turned to leave.

"Wait!" He caught her arm. She glared at him and ripped her arm away. "I'm not afraid of you, sister! I'm afraid what you were!" She stared at him hard, waiting for him to continue. He took a deep breath and switched to speaking in quiet Asgardian. "I'm afraid of you being evil. I'm afraid of what I pushed you to. But I could never be afraid of you Loki. "

She looked at him before looking down. "Don't be stupid…" She muttered. "It was Odin that pushed me to that, not you."

Ron nodded and smiled at her. "Now about the fearing yourself part…"

"Whoops!" She said in English, waving her hand nervously. "I need to leave before I'm late for class!" She smiled at him. "Love you Brother!" She said as she ran off. He blinked before glaring and yelling at her.

"There isn't any classes left tonight!"


"You're afraid of yourself."

Hermione looked up and scoffed. "That boggart had no idea how to represent my fear."

"So it turned into you?" Neville asked, sitting next to her. She shrugged and petted Bullseye. He sighed. "Hermione…."

"It's really nothing-"


Hermione sighed and focused on Bullseye. "What do you want me to say? I'm not sure what it meant, ok?"

"It means you're afraid of yourself." Neville stated. Hermione bristled.

"I just said that I didn't-"

"Not you, Nat." He interrupted. She stared at him. "Yeah, I know that look in your eye. You're using Natasha's memories, not Hermione's. You aren't afraid of Natasha, you're afraid of Hermione." She narrowed her eyes.

"That's ridiculous-"

"Is it? You haven't merged like the rest of us. You are either Hermione or Natasha, rarely both. First I just figured you were having trouble but maybe you're just scared."

"I am not afraid." She said, standing up to look at him. Bullseye flew off. "There isn't anything for me to be afraid of."

"You're afraid of the innocent girl you were here. You're not sure what would happen when you merged so you just didn't." He said bluntly. She stared at him. He shrugged. "I know you the best Mione. It isn't a hard guess when I know you so well."

She scowled and walked past him, out of the owlery and out of his sight. He sighed. He figured this was how the conversation would end. But at least he had breached the subject. He had been worried for months, seeing flashes of either personality at different times.

He wasn't sure how this reincarnation thing worked, or how merging even worked really. But he was afraid that his friend would gain a split personality the more he watched her this semester. Her two sides were different to begin with really, and they were shaping up to be even more different as time goes on.

Oh well, he was going to have to do it. He was going to have to talk to Ginny, even if it killed him inside.


"How did you get permission for this?" Luna asked Draco in a whisper as they stood in the front of the Great Hall. It was Halloween, but instead of sitting down for the feast like they should have been, the group of superheroes had gotten themselves convinced by Draco to participate with his "Malfoy Expo." It wasn't much, couldn't of been much on such short notice, but it was still impressive. There was exhibits all around the tables of food, each with a different hero stationed there. Each had something to do with muggle technology, something that even the Slytherins were enjoying learning about.

"Uncle Severus said I needed something that was my own, not my father's." He whispered back. "I couldn't tell him that he had the wrong father of course, so I took advantage of the situation." He smiled at her. She rolled her eyes. "So how are the charms coming?"

"Eh." She shrugged. "I haven't been working on them much, sorry. The prank war took some time up. But so far, Hermione's is coming along the best. Harry's just doesn't want to work without me using my second magic source, which he doesn't have."

Draco nodded thoughtfully. "What if we put a rune on something to store energy?"

"I was thinking that, but it may become cumbersome to make sure it's charged, especially during a fight."


The Expo was interrupted suddenly when the doors flew open and Percy ran in, out of breath. Draco was suddenly had a flashback to Halloween in 1st year. Dumbledore stood up, quieting the mutters.

"What's the matter Mr. Weasley?"

"The Fat Lady had vanished from her portrait and her canvas has been destroyed." He explained panting. "Peeves said it was Sirius Black!"