"Neville?" Hermione asked, pushing open the door. If she was honest with herself, then she would admit that she was worried.

Neville had been distant since Christmas. Since a little before that, actually. And while she was brushing that off in her head as he was researching Black, since he was the one to find most of the information they had-

(more than you have)

-but he had just pulled away even more since Black attacked. Hermione didn't even think he came back to the tower anymore, not even to sleep in the dorms. Glancing up at the rafters of the abandoned classroom Neville had told her to meet him in, she could see the tell-tell signs of Neville making a nest. It was a familiar sight from SHIELD, she knew, even if she couldn't bring up any actual memories of it. Her pet hawk Bullseye was even up there too-

She glanced down and froze a few steps in.

Distantly, she heard Bullseye cawing, but that didn't matter to her. All that mattered, all that she could look at, was Neville's dead body in front of her.

Maybe, maybe, she thought, he was just hurt-

(you know he's not)

-but she knew. She didn't remember how she knew, but she that he was dead.

(too much blood)

She knew that there was too much blood, much too much blood, surrounding him for him to alive. She couldn't see the wound that caused the blood, but she didn't want to step towards the much too still body to look for it. Not when she would see his empty eyes and know he was dead for a fact.

(you already know that though)

Unbidden, memories of other dead bodies started to play out in front of her eyes. She knew, she remembered damn it because they were her memories, that she was an assassin, and that she had killed many of these people, that she was trying to make up for it in SHIELD, that that was the point-

(but you haven't remembered for a long time)

Some memories came easier than others- the ones from the Avengers, the ones from SHIELD. That was all she needed-


-and felt herself get her breathing calm down a little. She couldn't panic, not when someone had killed Neville, had killed Clint, and could be going after any of the others right now-

(yes focus on that instead)

-and then a movement from the corner caught her eye. She whirled around, cursing herself for not seeing him when she came in, and just leaving herself open like that-


She froze again.

She didn't know this man, but he still made her uneasy.

(Stay away from him)

He wasn't a teacher, and she was sure that she didn't know him from anywhere.

(Get away)

He had no reason to be in the school. It was obvious that he had been the one to kill Clint.

(Get away or kill him.)

The man smiled at her and stepped forward.

"Mаленький паук." He said-

(The accent is wrong)

-and she automatically translated, little spider, even though she didn't consciously know Russian-

(That isn't him-)

That isn't who-?

Suddenly, everything snapped back into place. She hadn't realized that she- she hadn't realized how jumbled-

She was hyperventilating.

The man disappeared, and in place of the illusion was Clint- was Neville- and she wanted to yell at him for scaring her like that, but she was having a difficult time sorting through her memories. During second year, she had just stuck the memories at SHIELD and after- but then she needed context on memory that involved the Red Room. She hadn't even realized that the memory had dis appeared after that, that she didn't worry about it anymore. One by one, memories disappeared, and one by one more black spots appeared in her memories in the past year. She hadn't remembered the conversation with Harry about his crush until just now, nor had she even remembered half the things they had discussed about Black. She hadn't realized how jumbled everything got, until she was suddenly, violently, forced to remember everything. Clint dead reminded her of SHIELD, and that reminded her of the Avengers. Seeing that man- that awful man- reminded her of a few Red Room memories, but once a few were loose, they all came crashing down.

She had just gotten a full violent lifetime plus shoved back into her head, so she felt that she was justified in her panic.

"-ione! NATASHA!"

Her head snapped to look at Clint- Neville- at the sound of her name. She realized he had been called her name for a few moments. She hadn't even registered the name Hemione as hers. Shit, what did she do to herself?

"Nat, Tasha, best partner ever," Neville rambled, clearly using old nicknames to keep her attention once he saw she only reacted to her old name. "You need to breath ok? Breath."

She closed her eyes and made herself take a shaky breath. She shouldn't be panicking right then. Panicking would only lead to passing out from lack of oxygen, and she didn't want nor need that.

What she needed was for him to stop talking. Neville was only trying to help, she knew that, but hearing her old name was just making it harder to place her old memories in the past. She needed- she needed-

She needed to be alone.

She jumped up and ran out of the room quicker than she thought Hermione even did. Quicker than she ever did as Hermione, she meant.

She ignored Neville's cries and just quickly ran.


"I need you to hide me,"

Draco looked up, startled. There was Neville, blanked faced, just sitting on top of a suit of armor near the entrance of the Slytherin dorms. He frowned.

"Hide you from what?" Draco asked, glancing back at the dorms. He honestly didn't care about most of the bullying- he was a grown adult in memories, he wasn't going to be upset by children- but he didn't want Henrik to come out and start a fight with Neville. The older boy was still upset about the loss fight earlier in the year. He also didn't want Crabbe, Goyle, or Pansy to come out and see Neville, and then write to his father that he had shown a Gryffindor where the common room was. Actually, most Slytherins would write to his father about that, to get brownie points from a noble family.

In fact, the only Slytherin he was ok with showing up would have to be Blaise. The boy was the only one to not say anything about his friends, and even was his partner in Potion class when Slytherins and Gryffindors had to be on opposite sides.

(Ugh, why did he have to be the only Slytherin in the group? He knew for a fact that Ginny would have been here with him if she hadn't been a Weasley)

"No one." Neville said, quickly. Too quickly. Draco looked back at him and narrowed his eyes. Neville shrugged. "Just think of it was payment for staying at my house again this summer."

"…. I'm not." This was an awful time to bring this up. "I'm going back home to my parents."

"You're-" Neville cut himself off, looking at him in astonishment. He jumped off the armor and continued before Draco could explain why. "Alright. Than I guess I'll see you later."

"Wait-" Draco tried, but Neville had already run down the hall. Draco, of course, ran after him, but Neville fucking jumped off the side of a staircase to land on a lower one and nearly gave Draco a heart attack.

Neville was already gone when Draco got to the staircase, and who knows where he would be in the giant castle. He sighed and leaned against the railing.

Why can't anyone in the team actually fucking talk to each other?!


Just to be clear, because I'm not sure if it was, the thoughts in parentheses was Natasha. At first she was just pointing things out, then she was trying to keep memories from Hermione, then she had realized that the man wasn't real as they started to merge. I was trying to be clever and I don't think it worked.

Also, I think either Natasha or Hermione by their selves would have panicked less at Neville's body, but together it was just a mess. Natasha would have froze for a second, but she was an assassin and would probably quickly shift to the revenge thought process and mourn him later. Hermione… would still have panicked, but not as bad without Natasha in the back of her head giving off such different emotions.

So Hermione's merged! Yay! She's going to be so scattered brained for a while though…. And avoiding the others, just like Neville…. And George… shit, all the assassins are avoiding people. That can't be good.

And yes, the biggest issue the Avengers face is not talking with one another. Neville just assumed by Draco's tone that he didn't want to hide him, and his bargaining chip was gone to. He also couldn't understand why someone would go back to the Malfoys, and just left before Draco could explain. Draco could have opened with why, instead of just being like, "nah."

So… everything is going good for them, don't you think?

Last thing, someone in the reviews brought up the Iron Legion, and you're right. Rhodey finding someone new for Iron Man, with the help of Jarvis, plus the Iron Legion, plus Spiderman, and the Black Panther, and I guess Dr. Strange and Ant Man, would make a solid earth defending team.

Still doesn't save Asgard. Oh well.

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