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Chapter 6:

A Walk in the Park

"He's sort of Sonoko's boyfriend." Ran was saying. "And he convinced me that it's not all what it seemed. He said that I have to think it over really, really hard and decide whether I'm willing to give up everything for the Olympics."

They ended up taking out the ice cream and walking in to nowhere in particular.

"And you weren't?"

Ran shrugged. "Well, he said that I have to give up my friends, my family, my school, even my love life. He said that even if other athletes were with you, it still gets a little lonely," she laughed. "I'm sure he's thinking about Sonoko when he said that. He said that sometimes he doesn't even

have the energy to call her, let alone write her a letter."

Tell her, you cowardly baka.

Though the two were walking side by side at a leisurely pace, a battle was going on inside of Shinichi.

But she might laugh at me, or worse, beat me up. I mean, after accusing her of getting married, this is hardly the time for a romantic stroll in the park.

"Is something wrong, Shinichi?" Ran asked.

"Huh? What?"

Ran laughed yet again. "Your face," she replied. "It's like you've got a migraine going on."

"Oh," he said. "It's nothing."

"I know." She snapped her fingers for effect. "You're probably wondering if this is the right time and place to declare your dying love and affection for me,"

The effect on Shinichi was just what Ran hoped for. His eyes became as big as saucers. His mouth seemed to have lost its hinges and just fell open. His face became as red as ripe apples.

Ran's laughter became louder. "Relax," she said. "I was just teasing."

It took a few more moments before Shinichi could compose himself. "You're in an awfully good mood today," he grumbled.

"Of course." Ran told him seriously. "After all, it isn't everyday that I get to spend an afternoon with my best friend, you know."

"Ran, I--"

"Yes?" Ran asked as she looked at him expectantly.

"About the case I'm on," he began. "It's fi--"but before Shinichi could finish his statement, a spasm of pain shook him as he fell to his knees in pain.
"Shinichi?" Ran asked worriedly as she scooted down and placed her arms around Shinichi. "Are you alright? You suddenly look pale as a ghost."

"It's nothing," he replied. "I just lost my footing for a second." Shinichi grimaced as he gritted his teeth as he stood up, pretending that nothing was bothering him. It's that blasted cure. Haibara failed yet again. "I'm sorry Ran," he said as he tried to conceal the pain that he was feeling. "About the case I'm on, I better get back to it. They're probably wondering where I am."

Ran's face clearly stated that she didn't believe him. But all she said was a quiet, "I understand."

"I have to go now. I'll call you as often as I can," he said as he half-limped, half-ran away from the woman he loved more than life itself. "'Bye Ran. And I'll see you as soon as I can."

"'Bye," Ran called after him softly.

* * *

"It's span was less than the first cure," Conan was ranting at Ai Haibara after the effect of 'the cure' wore off.

Ai frowned. "I wonder where I went wrong."

Conan sighed in frustration. "I wasn't even able to tell her anything, not even about Conan,"

"At least you were able to stop the wedding." Professor Agasa said brightly.

"There wasn't even a wedding in the first place." Conan grumbled. "And it took Sonoko's boyfriend to convince her otherwise. I just made a fool out of myself."

"Professor!" A sweet, singsong voice called. "I'm here to take Conan home."

Almost immediately, the dark cloud on Conan's head disappeared, replaced by a pair of innocent baby blues and an extra-wide smile. "Ran-neechan!" He called.

"Did you have fun today, Conan-kun?" She asked as she affectionately ruffled her hair. "I know I did,"
Conan nodded.

"'Bye, professor, and thanks for keeping an eye on him," Ran said as she took Conan's hand.

The pair was fairly quiet as they walked home, one filled with thoughts of another, while the other was still stewing over his fallen hopes.

Today was supposedly Conan's last day.

"Dad, we're home." Ran called as they entered the house.

Conan's eyes widened as they stepped inside.

"Good, Ran you're home." Kogoro Mouri grumbled. "This came in after you went out. I didn't know what to do with them. Then, he wandered off, muttering something about the place being a detective agency and _not_ a flower shop.

Inside, the room was filled with bouquets of flowers of all colors. And on the coffee table was a giant box of chocolates.

Ran reddened. "I wonder who they're from." She said as she tried to look for a card.

"Are you looking for this, Ran-neechan?" Conan asked innocently as he plucked the card from an arrangement of red and white roses.

"It's from Kurashige-sempai." Ran read the card. "This is so romantic. Wait 'till I tell Sonoko..."

Conan groaned. Not again...

* END (or as they say in the Land of the Rising Sun, OWARI) *

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