The hissed whisper caused the Latina to spin on her heel, a frown creasing her forehead as she tried to uncover just who had spoken her name. It didn't take long before a hand was extending from the nearest utility closet, pulling her in so swiftly she skipped a breath;
"Hey, you practising your kidnapping skills or some shit?"
A smile appeared upon pink lips as he registered her words, "Don't think I'll need them, unless once you get out of here you decide you don't want me, then I'll have to take things into my own hands…"

"Funny man, huh? What's the emergency?"
"Caputo knows; I told him…"

Plump lips parted in shock, sure she had pushed him, prodded him and basically emotionally blackmailed into doing so, but now he had done it, she couldn't help feeling that she was horribly wrong.

"Are you here to say goodbye? Oh God, John. Fuck. I didn't mean it, I don't want you locked up, I want you to be here…so I can see you every day, I want you to take care of the baby, our baby…and I-"

Cut off by a lifted hand, she was unable to drag her gaze from where it had settled on the polished floor of the closet.

"Calm down, it's fine, it's okay….It went, well, let's just say I was expecting to be carted off like a deranged animal…but he just kept repeating 'it's my second day, it's my second day'. He told me to keep it to myself, that it's been dealt with and unless I want you put in Max, I should just stay quiet. He understands that it's love, Daya. He didn't even accuse me of attacking you, he asked me if I love you. This could really work, you know, I'll get to be the one to assist you to the delivery room, I'll get to bring you to scans…provided Caputo agrees to leave the facility for them…"

How could Daya say anything negative? Her chest tightened in happiness, her left hand lifting to cover her mouth.
"I knew my mom was wrong about you, and maybe I was a little wrong too. You're not a pussy, you're a good man, way better than anyone I've ever known."

"I didn't want you to think I didn't care, because I do, Daya. More than I've ever cared about anything, I want a family with you. Maybe it came a little sooner than planned, and maybe this isn't ideal but we're about to have a baby, part you and part me. I want to bring it up from day one, it's not going to live with Caesar, it's coming home with me. I'll pay for a nanny to watch it during my work hours, okay? It's living with me."

Nodding her head, the Latina reached up to adjust her hairnet, more than overwhelmed with the male's sudden turn.
"Fine, but you gotta' take pictures every single day and bring them in to show me.."
Grinning widely, Bennett's hand extended to touch the female's elbow, edging her a little closer, "Promise.."
Pursing her lips, Daya cocked her head to the side happily, if she wasn't glowing before, she certainly was now.
"Do you iron your shirt yourself? Or do you get Laundry to press it?"
"I do my own laundry, it shouldn't be the inmate's job to wash my clothes, so yeah, I iron my shirt…why? Is it creased?"
"No, no, it's perfect…blue looks so good on you…I mean it's all I've really seen, blue and white…but they suit you…"
"And you always smell so clean, and look so soft…not like fat, I mean your face is kind…"
All the while the inmate had been inching herself closer to the guard, a small playing across her voluptuous lips.

"Ah, your mother warned me you were a bit…"
"A bit what?"
"Affectionate lately, said that you've never been the hugging kind, but that she's been getting several daily. Told me to watch out in case you tried to jump me in a public setting…"
"Shit. Maybe I have, I just feel so like…you know when you can't settle?"
"It's fine, I told her I tried to wrangle you into a private place if there was any chance of you getting handsy.."
"Please don't discuss us getting physical with my mom, it's humiliating…"
"Like the time Mendoza told me you had finally shit?"
"Sorry, sorry….you know I don't mind, you can be as graphic as you like with me…"

Lowering his hand to her other arm, he drew her in, tucking his chin in to look down at her.
"Yeah well, I read that pregnant women can get super horny so I'ma' need you on standby anyway…"
"Standby, huh? In case your other suitors aren't available?"
"Hilarious, and hey, I'm saying you get off more often, quit complaining…"
"I'd never complain about that and you know it, I'm an easy to please kind of guy.."
"I've noticed, I mean sometimes all it takes is a look for you to get it up.."
"Hey! Don't make fun of me, it's not my fault you are incredibly sexy when you're turned on…and plus, you are the only thing that gets me off. I go home, I try and…you know, but it doesn't fucking work. Then, as soon as I see you it's impossible not to get hard…"
Trying to smother a laugh, Daya pressed her face into his shoulder, hands moving to rest against his ribs as she chuckled.

"Oh yeah? Very funny, huh? Glad I can entertain you."
Tilting her chin upwards, she cocked an eyebrow, glaring at him before closing the distance between their lips. The officer instantly stopped mock sulking, his left hand sliding around to graze the small of her back, tongue pushing insistently against closed lips in order to gain access.
A small noise escaped the female as her own tongue came into contact with his, hands gripping tighter at that impeccably ironed shirt.

The moment was ruined by some unclear rambling coming from his personal radio, separating them by a couple of inches.
"It's okay. I'll leave your lunch on the back counter, and um, can we meet here, after I'm done dinner clean up duty? I have a feeling I'll be in need of a little stress relief…"
"It's a date…"
"It's not the most redneck date I've been on, is that bad?"
One last kiss was planted on her lips before he slips past her form, letting fingers brush across the starting of a bump against her stomach.