Flicking on the light, Bennett turned to face Daya who was currently lounging in Caputo's old chair, elbows leaning on the desk as she watched the other form lock the door.

"Catalog's are in the third drawer to your left, stashed them there during my lunch break.."
The Latina leaned down to yank it open, freeing the stack of glossy pages and setting them atop the desk, "Are you gonna' tell me how your weekend went? Or was it so bad that you can't bear to?"
The guard sat himself down on the desk, shaking his head ever so slightly; in all honesty, it had gone better than expected.
"Well, at first they thought I was joking," he reasoned, flipping open one of the catalogs and retrieving two highlighters from his pocket, passing one to his other half.
"Bet they wish you were.."
"No, Daya look, it took them a while, took a lot of explaining…but they understand that love is love, no matter where you find it…She wants to come see you on Sunday, if that's okay with you. Dad actually wanted to join her but I think meeting one is enough for now.."
Daya didn't say anything, just opened the front page of the catalog, chewing nervously on her lower lip.
"That's still okay with you, right?"
"Yeah, I mean it makes me nervous but I wanna' do it," she insisted, glancing up at him. Reaching down, he grasped her chin fondly, "It'll all be fine, and once she's met you, I know everything's going to fall into place."

Spinning through the pages, the inmate let out a soft coo, "This shit is all so cute, isn't it? Like fuck."
"Is it bad that I don't know what half of these things are?"
"Sounds like someone needs to start reading pregnancy magazines.."
"Maybe I will, though some of the pictures I've seen online have scared me a little."
"What kind of pictures?"
"Like…blood and tearing, and like…more blood…"
Staring at him for a moment, she scoffed, "You didn't see a birthing video in sex ed?"
Cocking his head to the side, he thought for a moment, "Uh, nope, don't think so. They did however, make us roll condoms onto bananas…"
"Shame you weren't so keen to roll it onto your own banana.."
John didn't reply, unsure as to whether or not; this could be a sensitive subject depending on her mood.
"Now that I'm not stressed about you getting arrested or me getting sent to max, I'm kind of excited about this baby, aren't you?"
Letting out a sigh of relief at her words, he nodded his head, "Sure am, I mean I always saw kids in my future, maybe not quite so soon but, yeah…I also never intended to find my wife in prison…but, I'm not complaining…"
"Wife? Did you just say wife?"
Bennett's mouth shut tight, brown eyes widening so much that he really did resemble a deer in headlights, "Sorry, I didn't mean to…I wasn't….shit, I just…"
"Easy there," she grinned, lifting a hand to his knee, squeezing tightly, "You want to marry me?"
"Yes, but this isn't a proposal, I wouldn't do it so casually.."
Dropping the catalog, "So, basically instead of leaving here and going back to the life I had before, I'm going to go and have the perfect life?"
"You haven't heard me snore, your life will be anything but perfect once you hear that…"
"Oh please, it can't be that bad.."
"You just gotta' roll me over onto my side, or smother me with a pillow, I'll give you the option."
"I don't want to end up back in here when I get out, so I think I'll have to stick with the rolling you over thing.."
"Kind of you…"
"You being a smartass?"
"Mm, never…"
Sliding her hand a little further up along the inside of his thigh, she let her nails dig in playfully, "I can think of a better way to stop you snoring too…"
Like usual, Bennett went silent, watching her hand like a hawk, his adam's apple bobbing visibly in his throat.
"What? Let me have my fun.."
"Fine, let me turn off the lights then, looks too clinical in here," he reasoned, shifting as she reached up to palm him through his pants. Batting her hand away, he stood up, making his way over to flick the switch.
"Hurry up and get over here," she hissed, drumming her fingers upon the desk as he made his way back.

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