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One year later…

Peace had finally settled over Fiore after the war with Black Eclipse and Acnologia. A lot of things had changed, but most stayed the same as well. For instance, after I had woken from my coma, the entire guild begged and harassed Natsu and I for two months straight to just drop the charade and finally get married. No matter how much arguing we held against them that we didn't need to since we were mates, we finally caved and gave in to their demands. The day of the Harvest Festival on October 15th, we tied the knot near the lake beside my mansion and I officially changed my last name from Wyvernia to Dragneel, regardless of how much I fought teasingly with Natsu beforehand that I wanted to keep it the same. What surprised me the most was the fact that Natus and Gajeel worked together to create the ring, Natsu making a sapphire that seemed to secretly hide a small flame within it and Gajeel creating the band itself that had intricate designs along the side. I hugged them both when I found out, making Natsu growl and pull me away from the other Dragon Slayer.

That night, instead of taking part in the Fantasia Parade, we picked out a spot on a rooftop that was high enough that we could see the whole parade but low enough to see each and every detail. I had promised him a long time ago that I would watch the Fantasia Parade with him one year and now I could finally keep it. I sat beside him as he wrapped an arm around me to pull me closer and we enjoyed the sights before us until it was time for us to head back to my mansion for some alone time. I had never been so happy in my entire life as I had when I stayed up with him all night.

That next day, Sorceror's Weekly discovered that we had just married each other and sent a reporter down to do a story on us. Even though I was tired and sore from our late night activities, I still let them take our picture for the front page and their first story before we left on our trip. We decided to visit my brother for a day at the village that was between Fairy Tail and Sabertooth before heading to Akane Resort since one of our wedding presents from Lucy, who was still trying to get back in my good graces, were tickets to go there.

When I saw Rogue, who happened to bring Sting along, he actually seemed happy for me. Sting, on the other hand, pretended to be hurt by my decision to marry Natsu and sulked for the rest of the day. We had a makeshift party before we rested for the night, then parted ways the next morning. We made our way to Akane Resort, where I tormented Natsu to no end by dragging him on a roller coaster. His motion sickness instantly kicked in, no matter how many times I laughed and told him that a roller coaster technically wasn't transportation. All he did was grumble mean things about me while trying not to be sick while the ride was in motion. When it was sadly over with, he told me that he was never going on a roller coaster with me again because I got too much enjoyment from his pain, which I informed him with a smile that it wasn't true at all. We even tried out some gambling that night, Natsu making me his Lady Luck even though we were supposed to be competing to see who could win the most. Surprisingly enough, I was the one who lost that night, both of our partners teasing me for it the entire time.

The rest of the days at Akane Resort were spent at the beach since I couldn't drag him on any more rides. We lounged out on the sand, enjoying the sun and sometimes taking a nap. When it got too hot for me, I would go jump in the water and swim, splashing Natsu and forcing him to give chase. We would play out in the water for hours before heading back to the beach to relax some more. It was a pretty lazy vacation and it was a memory I still cherish.

A few weeks after we came back from our vacation, I made an important discovery that shocked the whole guild. One morning, I woke up extremely early to discover that something about me just felt… different. The next thing I knew, I was immediately feeling nauseous and had to run to the bathroom to throw up. After I was done, I rinsed out my mouth with water from the sink, flushed the toilet, and was immediately so tired that I fell asleep next to the bathroom wall. When Natsu woke up and found me passed out still, he immediately carried me to Fairy Tail and demanded that Makarov help me. It was around that time that I woke up and just knew without a doubt what was different about me now. I immediately looked up at Natsu and told him that I was pregnant. He looked shocked yet happy at my proclamation, hugging me tighter to him and resting his forehead against mine as he smiled.

Makarov sent for Porlyusica to confirm this fact, who did just that but glared at everyone but me the entire time. She congratulated me and then immediately left, telling Makarov that it better be an actual emergency next time if she is sent back here. The guild threw a huge party for us that lasted all day and night. This was yet another fond memory I had from the year that had passed.

A few months later when I began to actually look pregnant, I was forced to stop taking jobs for the guild by Makarov and Natsu, so to circumvent their decision I worked with Mira to take care of the Fairy Tail Building. I wasn't allowed to take place in the 24-Hours Endurance Road Race so to keep me happy, Makarov and I collaborated to come up with the punishment for the loser. Due to that turn of events, no one wanted to lose since they had a feeling that I would make the punishment sick and twisted. We weren't sure how it happened, but we had another year where the same four people came in last. The losers of this race were Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, and Jet. The punishment was that I used them all as my workhorses all day, however I saw fit. Neither of them looked very happy as I forced them to clean the guild hall after a particularly bad brawl and then my mansion.

I was even forced out of going to the S-Class Promotion Trials, which Natsu had been chosen to be an S-Class Candidate. I was told that I shouldn't fight like a wild woman when I was soon to have a baby and no matter how much pouting or begging I did would change that fact. I was, however, allowed to go with them for moral support as long as I stayed with Makarov the entire time while Natsu competed. After it was all said and done, Natsu became an S-Class Wizard and we headed home. Even Zeref, who had left to come back to Tenrou Island for a few months after the war with Black Eclipse, decided that he would come back for the baby to be born with a friend of his. It turned out that Mavis Vermilion, the long dead first guild master of Fairy Tail, had an Ethereal body and was pretty much haunting Tenrou Island. She was bored of the island and wanted to come back with Zeref to see how her guild was doing.

Now during the present day, I was heavily pregnant and due any day to give birth. I knew for a fact without having any doctors around that I was having a baby girl and no one was going to change my mind about that fact. A mother just knows these things. Every morning, I woke Natsu to a stream of curses as I tried to roll out of bed, feeling like a turtle flipped over onto its shell and that only made me even angrier. Whenever he tried to help me, I would growl and then snap my teeth at his fingers, once biting him hard on accident and drawing blood. I grabbed a black dress from the dresser since dresses were all I could really fit into right now and changed, pulling the thing on and adjusting the straps on my shoulders. I brushed my hair free from knots, noting that my hair was pretty long since I stopped cutting it a year ago. It went down my back until the ends reached the top of my Fairy Tail mark. I adjusted the dress over my stomach so the ends of the dress dangled down above my ankles, feeling the baby kick a little and making me smile. I went over and woke up Natsu, who immediately sat up and pressed his lips to my stomach before pulling away with a smile.

"One of these days, she's going to kick you when you do that," I laughed.

"Our baby is definitely a fighter," he said with a grin. "We'll have to train him so he can beat Gray easily."

"I've told you a thousand times, our baby is a girl!" I told him, poking him in the chest and making him fall backwards on the bed.

He laughed at my stern expression before saying, "I know that, but it's so much fun to tease you!"

I let out a frustrated growl as he laughed again, picking up my sleeping cat and waking her in the process. I wrapped my arms around her and carried her out of the room, giggling a little when she sat down on my swollen stomach. The baby loved Tyger already, kicking at a constant pace at my ribs whenever Ty sat on me when we walked around. Natsu woke up Happy and they both ran after us.

"Ty, don't sit there like that," Natsu said with a frustrated sigh. The moment I whipped around to bare my fangs at him, he backed up away from me with his hands in front of him to show he meant no harm.

"Tyger can do as she pleases," I told him with a glare before walking to the stairs.

I was thrilled that there was a railing that I could hold onto as I walked down the stairs since I refused to give up my independence while I was pregnant. I walked down into the living room to see four people waiting for us, two of which had an amused grin on their faces. Lounging in the chairs near the fireplace were Sting and Rogue, their partners sitting on their laps as they watched us enter the room. On the sofa opposite the one in front of the window were Zeref and Mavis. Regardless of the fact that I wanted to stand so I didn't have to deal with trying to force my body up, Natsu made me walk over to the couch in front of the window and sit down next to him, our cats taking the floor in front of our feet.

"So, Natsu, I heard you had an eventful night," Sting said as he leaned back further in the chair, throwing his arms on the back of the chair itself.

"I don't think I would call it that," Natsu grumbled, shooting a glare at me and for the first time I noticed the dark circles under his eyes.

"I really am sorry," I told him sheepishly, avoiding eye contact as I smiled a little.

"What happened last night?" Mavis asked me curiously. She had temporarily given the two Sabertooth Dragon Slayers a leather bracelet to put on that was infused with her magic so that they could see her, figuring it would save us all a lot of time explaining what she said to them.

I decided that I might as well explain the happenings of the night to her since Natsu looked too miffed to do it and Sting would exaggerate it to epic proportions. In the middle of the night, I happened to wake up to my stomach growling like a wild beast and knew I needed food. However, I had a craving for something that was a bit unconventional at this time of night. More than anything, I wanted deer jerky and I was going to have it. I came up with a crazy plan to go hunting on my own and somewhat sneakily got out of bed without Natsu waking. After that, I snuck out of the house and into the forest before anyone noticed that I was gone. I found a herd of deer in a meadow and spotted the largest deer, deciding right from the start that he was going to be my snack. Nothing was going to stop me from catching that deer and I burst from my hiding spot, using my magic to bound after it and then making a shadowy rope to take it down.

It seemed dazed when I caught it, letting me drag it behind me back to the mansion without too much of a struggle. I saw Zeref standing outside the front door with a worried look on his face and demanded that he help me drag it inside. We got it into the living room and were debating on how best to kill it, whether it should be done with his magic or mine, when Natsu heard the deer stamping about in fear. He came downstairs, froze at the sight of us both with the deer, then sighed before walking over to me. I told him that once we killed the deer, he could turn it into jerky for me with his flames since that's what I really wanted right now. Instead, he grabbed the rope attached to the deer, led the poor creature to the front door, and then released it back into the wild. I yelled at him, using my magic to run at him surprisingly faster than he could see and sending a punch at his jaw. I wasn't as fast as I used to be though since he dodged it easily and pinned my arms to my sides, waiting for me to calm down a bit before releasing me. The rest of the night was spent with Natsu and I arguing, occasionally a fight breaking out for a few seconds before he could pin me long enough to get me to calm down again.

Mavis giggled, covering her mouth with her hand as her eyes crinkled at the edges with her mirth. "So you really caught a deer and brought it back home?"

"I'm nothing if not determined," I told her with a smile while Natsu huffed.

"That's a huge understatement," he said under his breath as I heard Sting laugh loudly.

"This is why I like your sister, Rogue!" the White Dragon Slayer said to my brother. "She somehow became even more spirited than she already was. I blame it on the baby."

"So what are you going to name him?" Rogue asked me. "Sting and I have been here for an hour and no one will tell us."

"First of all, shut your face," I told him with a growl as he smiled a little. "This baby is a girl. Second, Natsu and I are the only ones who know what her name is going to be and you'll all find out when she is born."

They sighed but nodded, not wanting to bother arguing with me anymore. I figured it was time to go, Natsu getting to his feet much faster than me and helping me stand as well, making sure I had my balance before we left for Fairy Tail. As I looped my arm through his, not bothering with fighting him about it for the third day in a row, he led me out of the house with our partners in tow and down the path towards Magnolia. He kept his gaze on the path ahead of us, occasionally looking back to me to see if I was tired out yet before looking back towards town.

"We should stay at a hotel in Magnolia for a while until the baby comes," he told me. "I don't like the thought of you walking all the way to Fairy Tail from here."

"I think you're just delusional from lack of sleep," I said.

"I am not!" he said grumpily. "I'm being serious, Timara. What if you go into labor while at the mansion?"

"Guess I'll be flying myself to the hospital since I refuse to let Ty carry me."

"You will not fly yourself to the hospital! You might have a bad contraction in midair and focus on that instead of your magic," Natsu informed me. "I don't want anything bad to happen to you or our unborn child."

"You're tired and overprotective, even more so now that I'm pregnant," I told him.

"I think I have a right to be overprotective when my pregnant wife insists on sneaking out of the house to go hunt down deer!" he yelled. "I'm going to get a bracelet with bells attached and strap it to you so I can know while I'm asleep when you try to sneak out on me!"

"I already told you, I just wanted jerky," I grumbled.

"I can't wait until those crazy cravings you have go away."

We walked the rest of the way in silence, both of us irritated with the other as we approached the gate into Magnolia. The man who owned the mansion came over and unlocked the gate for us, noticing that we both looked angry and giving me a smile. He asked what the matter was and I told him about the craving I was having, which he immediately ran into the house and brought out a baggy of jerky for me. I grinned and hugged him the best I could before going back over to Natsu, digging into the baggy and pulling out a strip. I gnawed on one piece the rest of the way to Fairy Tail, now content that I could get one craving out of the way. Natsu just shook his head, grinning a little when I snapped my teeth at him for trying to steal a strip of jerky from me. I ripped a piece in half and handed it to him instead.

When we walked inside, he kissed my cheek quickly before walking over to Gray for their daily insult match. I kept gnawing on the jerky as I walked over to the counter where Mira and Makarov were talking. They both turned to look at me and laughed a little at my latest craving. I walked behind the counter where Mira was standing, only to have Makarov yell at me.

"You are not going to be working back there anymore, Timara!" he told me. "I can't have a pregnant lady who looks about to burst standing behind a counter all day."

"Oh, for the love of—" I started to say before I glared at him. "Fine, I will take a few breaks, but you aren't stopping me from working! You already banned me from doing fun stuff like taking jobs, so you're not taking this away from me!"

"The moment I see that you're tired, you take that break," Makarov said. "If I have to bring Natsu over to force you into that break, then so be it."

Mira turned to me and smiled. "Don't worry, Timara! I've got it covered! Now, can I feel the baby kick?"

I nodded and she placed her hand on my stomach, waiting for a few seconds before the baby lightly kicked her hand. She giggled a bit and let go, then I happened to turn around to see a large crowd of people wanting to feel the baby kick as well. Ty, who was sitting on the counter, laughed a little as Natsu rushed over to me. He then kept a careful eye on everyone who came close to me, glaring occasionally at a few people. Finally, Gray stepped forth and Natsu growled at him.

"Really, pyro?" Gray said, glaring daggers at Natsu. "You didn't growl at anyone else!"

"I don't really want you around her or my kid, you pervert," my husband said as they both got closer for a stare down. "You're a bad influence."

Before a brawl could start up, I grabbed Natsu by the scarf and Gray by the collar, forcibly pulling the two of them apart as I yelled, "Both of you, shut the hell up! I swear, if I see either of you fighting, I'll rip you limb from limb!"

There were a few snickers behind me as a few people saw me stopping the fight before it started. Gray looked horrified and took off, but Natsu stayed beside me with a lazy grin. "You and I both know you wouldn't do that to me."

"Yeah, but he doesn't need to know that," I said, nodding in the direction that Gray just ran to and smiled evilly.

"You're so devious," he said, placing his hands on either side of my face before kissing me softly and then smiling back. "It's one of the many reasons why I love you. Hopefully, our daughter isn't as mischievous as you."

"No, she'll be a perfect angel, I'm sure," I told him. "We're both pretty bad, so our child has to be different."

For some reason, it was decided that yet another party was going to be thrown for the baby, only this time it would be held at my home. Everyone grabbed food and began to follow us to the gate that led to the mansion, I even invited the man who opened the gate for me every day. He said he would love to join us, but wanted instead to spend some time with his family. I nodded and opened the gate before letting people through. I was pulled along by Natsu after and all I could do was sigh.

Once we reached the mansion and began to get set up nearby the lake, I had this weird feeling deep in my gut that unsettled me. I knew it had nothing to do with the baby and yet my maternal instincts kicked in. Being a pregnant Dragon Slayer meant I was more Dragon than human in instinct to protect my unborn child and I let out a chilling growl, startling everyone else before the other Dragon Slayers finally sensed the same thing I did a few seconds later. They formed a circle around me, Natsu staying close to me when we could hear a roar in the background. I saw three massive shapes rushing towards us from the horizon that landed with a thud near the water's edge, towering over us easily as I caught sight of them. Three Dragons regally looked down upon us, staying still in what I thought might be an attempt to seem nonthreatening. One was red, one was white, and one was a metallic black.

The other members of the guild gasped and I knew that they were all remembering Acnologia. They must be thinking about how evil he is and wondering if these three Dragons were the same as him. I watched the middle Dragon, the one that was red, and tried to figure out why he was so familiar when it hit me. This Dragon had red scales covering his entire body except for his lower body, which was beige. He had a large X-shaped scar on the center of his body and huge bat-like wings. His head was triangular compared to the other two Dragons and had horns stretching out near the base of his skull, also one sharp horn that pointed upwards on his nose. He had black spikes that travelled down his spine and to the tip of his tail, then long sharp canine teeth. I saw him staring down at Natsu and me with extremely intelligent yellow eyes and I felt Natsu shaking almost unnoticeably. I looked over at him and saw that he was staring at the red Dragon in shock, then I noticed that Gajeel and Wendy had frozen up as well. That was when I knew for sure who these Dragons were.

"Igneel…?" Natsu murmured, then took off at a run to the Dragons with Gajeel and Wendy in tow. "Igneel!" he yelled this time as he jumped at the Dragon, who chuckled lightly when the Fire Dragon Slayer hugged him the best he could. The other two Dragon Slayers did the same, although Gajeel's Dragon looked slightly miffed at his behavior. I knew that the white Dragon must be Grandeeney and the metallic Dragon was Metalicana.

For some reason, I felt really angry all of a sudden as I began to walk in the direction of the Dragons. Sensing that something was about to happen, Sting and Rogue walked behind me like my own personal bodyguards, our cats trailing beside us as we walked. I could see that the three Dragon Slayers were happy, but I just couldn't believe the fact that they didn't care a bit about the fact that their Dragons had been gone for so long. As I walked up to Igneel and Natsu, the Fire Dragon gazed down at me expressionlessly, assessing me right on the spot.

"I can smell Natsu's scent all over you. You must be Timara Wyvernia," the red Dragon said.

"Actually, it's Timara Dragneel now," I told him, my face just as expressionless as his so I wouldn't give anything away on purpose. If this was the game he wanted to play, then I would beat him at it.

"Ah, yes, I forgot the human tradition of marriage. So you're his wife," Igneel said.

"And his mate," I said as I pointed to the fiery red tattoo on my neck and shoulder. I felt the two Dragon Slayers behind me move a bit closer as the tension seemed to rise. "Now, here's what I would like to know. Why the hell did you Dragons just up and leave your children? You guys must be terrible parents."

All three of the Dragons let out growls at me, but I stood my ground. Natsu looked back at me, looking torn between wanting to run over to me and stay with Igneel, finally choosing to run to me and try to pull me away from them. "Natsu, stop," Igneel said and he instantly froze. The great Dragon glared down at me, moving his head down to my level to make the glare seem even more intimidating but I remained unfazed by it. "I am The Flame Dragon King, girl. I am one of the strongest Dragons alive and I suggest you hold your tongue lest you are faced with the consequences."

"Yeah, and I'm the Shadow Queen," I retorted. "The way I see it is that there was one Dragon you weren't able to kill and that was Acnologia. I couldn't either, which means that technically we are on the same level and I really don't feel afraid of you, so you can stop trying to intimidate me any time now. It won't work and it's just a waste of time for the both of us."

There was a peal of laughter from Grandeeney and Igneel glared at her to avoid showing me his silent mirth. Natsu made me look at him and said, "Don't antagonize him, Timara!"

"I wasn't," I said as innocently as possible. "Besides, he started it. I just finished it."

"Please," he said, grabbing my chin and making me look him in the eyes.

"Hey, I know what I'm doing," I told him with a smile as he moved closer to lean his forehead against mine. "I'm proving to him that I'm more than worthy to be his son's mate and wife. Besides, he secretly likes me already, he's just acting like a stubborn old man right now."

"I can hear you, you know," Igneel grumbled in an undignified fashion, but I could see amusement in his eyes. The baby started kicking fiercely when Natsu placed a hand on my stomach, looking more than proud and joyous. Next thing I knew, Igneel leaned his head down once more and touched his nose to my stomach as well, the baby moving excitedly and kicking my ribs, which hurt a bit but I kept that fact to myself. Then, Igneel reached over and grabbed Natsu, sitting back on his haunches and watching as Natsu tried to get free. "You and I are going to have ourselves a little 'talk' now before that baby comes," the red Dragon said, shooing me away when I moved closer curiously. "Don't worry, Timara, it's just a father-son talk. No harm will come to him."

I wasn't entirely convinced, but then Wendy came over to drag me over to meet Grandeeney. She wasn't like other Dragons, most of which having scales. Her body was covered in tissue similar to bird legs and her feet looked like a bird's talons as well. Her head was covered in what looked like fur and her skull was somewhat broad and flat. The fur on her head extended down to her neck and upper chest region. Her white wings were feathery and reminded me a bit of Acnologia's. She also had these bright blue eyes that looked like they could see down to your soul if she wanted.

"I figured that you wouldn't want to listen to them bonding," the white Dragon said. "I also wished to thank you for watching out for my Wendy while I was away. I am grateful."

"It was nothing," I told her. "Wendy has been a dear and is always very helpful."

"And another thing," the Sky Dragon said hesitantly, "I wanted to say that I'm sorry about what happened to Skiadrum all those years ago. He was a good friend of mine. If you or your brother ever needs anything, I'll be there to help. I'll consider you both as my own children in Skiadrum's memory."

"Do you know how he got to be so sick?" I asked her quietly.

"Of course," Grandeeney said. "The same way that Igneel's not-so-secret mate was discovered to be sick. He was suffering from blood poisoning due to a lost fight with Acnologia. I'm guessing that he didn't tell either of you that fact because he knew one of you, or both, would make it your life's goal to kill the evil Dragon. He didn't want for either of you to be destroyed by him like he had been."

"That stubborn fool," I whispered under my breath before looking back up at the Dragon before me. "Thank you for telling me. It's good to finally know what happened to him that made him so sick."

"You're welcome, child," Grandeeney said, bowing her head slightly.

I smiled and then walked away, seeing that Fairy Tail already had everything set up and were now enjoying the party when I felt a strange pain course through me. I stopped walking and I gasped a little, placing a hand on my stomach when I felt the baby shift uncomfortably. The pain went on for a few more seconds before it slowly faded away. I saw Rogue and Sting come over to me, twin worried looks on their faces as they watched me. Ty flew over to stand on my shoulder, looking just as worried as the other two cats that came to stand by their partners.

"Timara, is everything ok?" Rogue asked me, placing a hand on my other shoulder.

"Yes, I'm fine," I told him, smiling a little in an attempt to alleviate their concern.

They didn't look very convinced, but didn't say anything as they walked with me up to where the tables and chairs were set up. Food was being put out and I could only smile as Sting took care of things for me, refusing to let me get up from my chair and I could see that he was still worried about me. All I could do was sigh and let them do what they wanted. After about fifteen minutes had passed, that same pain hit me again, only this time it was much worse. I hunched over, whimpering a little as I placed my hands on my stomach and Ty leapt off my shoulder to yell to Rogue. He took one look at me and then immediately looked over at Natsu and Igneel.

"Natsu!" Rogue shouted and I watched as he looked over at us. "Get over here now!"

He immediately began to struggle to free himself from Igneel's grip, the Dragon then let go and Natsu dropped to the ground before taking off towards us. "What's wrong?" he yelled as he slid to a stop.

"Nothing is wrong," I said. "Rogue is just getting a bit carried away."

"That's a lie and you know it!" Sting groaned as he covered his eyes with his hand in frustration.

"Timara here is going into labor and she's in denial," Rogue said to Natsu as they both glared at me.

I tried to protest and defend myself when Natsu cut me off. "Stop trying to deny it. We're going to the hospital right now."

Immediately, everything was thrown into chaos as everyone shouted a bunch of different ways to get me there the fastest, even going so far as to have one of the Dragons, most likely Grandeeney since she was the smallest of the two, fly Natsu and me to the hospital. With a sigh, another wave of pain went through me and I stood up, no one noticing me walking away down the path towards Magnolia until a Dragon leapt through the air and in front of me, growling to stop me in my tracks. Crouched down in front of me was Metalicana, his tail whipping back and forth as he watched me.

"Nice try, missy," he said, the sun shining brightly off of his metallic hide as he pulled his wings tightly against his spin. "How about you wait for a plan to be made before trying to sneak off?"

"How about you just let me by now and I won't be forced to make you?" I asked him blankly, feeling a bit angry.

"Ohhh, scary little Dragon Slayer," the Iron Dragon growled in amusement. "I'd like to see you try. Just because you're having a child very soon, doesn't mean I will take it easy on you."

"Reedus, make a wheelchair for Timara now before she gets into a fight," Makarov said with a sigh as the other wizard agreed, creating the wheelchair using his Pict Magic.

Natsu ran the wheelchair over to me, forcing me to sit down on it and then wheeled me away past the Dragon as fast as he could. Our partners flew after us as we sped along and I hissed as I felt the pain starting back up. I yelled at Natsu to slow down but he ignored me, growling in irritation with me and I knew that I wasn't going to get anywhere with him. I was pretty sure we made it to the hospital in record time, Natsu collapsing in the lobby floor in exhaustion as the doctors rushed to me. I refused to let them move me anywhere until I knew Natsu was ok, lashing out with my magic to keep them away from me until he got to his feet and walked over to me. He took my hand and I finally let the doctors take me to a room on the second floor. They let me stay there, saying that the baby wasn't quite ready to arrive yet, and handed me one of the gowns to put on. The moment they left me with Natsu, I changed into the gown that I found extremely stupid, got up onto my feet, and began to pace back and forth in the room, hissing in outrage the entire time.

"Timara, just relax," Natsu sighed as he sat down on the bed and watched me.

"I don't want to," I told him, still pacing in defiance. "The baby might not be ready to be born but I'm certainly ready for it. I refuse for my child to be more stubborn than me."

He finally grabbed my wrist and dragged me over to the bed to sit next to him, growling at me when I threatened to bite him. I grumbled in irritation and settled down next to him. After several hours of the pain increasing and me making sure not to make noises to worry Natsu too much, the doctors finally decided that it was time. They placed magic sealing bracelets on my wrists to keep me from attacking them with my Dragon Slayer Magic, but by this point I didn't care. All I could remember after that was it was a haze of excruciating pain and I tried not to scream, but I couldn't help it anymore. Natsu held a cold washcloth to my forehead whenever I took a break for a few seconds and I would sigh in relief as the pain subsided for a bit.

"I know you're tired, but you're almost done," Natsu whispered in my ear as he stroked my hair, pressing the cold washcloth to my forehead again while I relaxed for a little while. "Just push a little more and we'll have our daughter in our arms."

"He's right, you know," the doctor said. "One more big push and that's it."

I growled a little to bite back a whimper as the pain came back, starting to push as hard as I could when I heard a tiny wail. I collapsed back onto the bed in exhaustion, closing my eyes as Natsu hugged me proudly. I tiredly wrapped an arm around him and just tried not to fall asleep when a few minutes later I heard the doctor come over with the crying baby girl that was now all cleaned up. The doctor smiled as I opened my eyes, the man handing her over to me so I could hold her. The very moment that she was in my arms, she stopped crying, opened her eyes, and looked up at me. She had her father's pink hair that looked darker and fluffy, a few even duskier streaks mixed within, but she had dark tawny gold eyes that were a mix of both Natsu's and mine. I couldn't help the smile that forced its way to my lips and she mimicked me, her eyes crinkling as she smiled back.

"Obviously, you already know it's a baby girl," the doctor said. "What are you going to name her?"

"Saphira," I said reverently, kissing the top of her head as she cooed. "Saphira Dragneel."

"Can I take her out for the rest of the guild to see while you get some rest?" Natsu asked me quietly as the doctor left the room.

Even though I didn't want to part with my newborn daughter just yet, I nodded and handed her over to him. I saw the same sense of wonder on his face as he looked at her, a slow grin forming as he gazed at her. He leaned over to kiss me quickly before carefully leaving with our baby. I turned my head towards the window, noticing that it was nighttime just before I passed out from exhaustion.

A few days later and we could finally leave the hospital with Saphira. There was a party waiting for us back at our home, although I was pretty sure that no one let me know about that idea. I just figured that Natsu told them it was ok. Unfortunately for him and me, Natsu didn't want me to walk the whole way home so we had to take a ride in a horse drawn carriage back. We both groaned as our stomachs protested, but Saphira didn't protest at least so we took it as a win. The trip back didn't take as long as we expected and we were greeted by everyone from Fairy Tail and the three Dragons. The party was in full swing, I was refusing to let anyone hold Saphira just yet, when the Dragons began to look like they might leave. Natsu caught sight of their behavior and ran towards them.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Natsu yelled as I held the baby closer to me. She seemed entranced by the Dragons.

"We just came back to see the newborn," Igneel announced. "It's time for us to leave."

"You can't do that a second time! It's just wrong!"

"This is not something that can be changed, Natsu! We are leaving now whether you like it or not!"

"No!" Natsu shouted, baring his fangs as he rushed at The Fire Dragon, his fists ablaze as he ran.

I had a bad feeling that, even though Natsu was much stronger now than he was back before Igneel left the first time, he still wouldn't be able to beat his father. Just as Natsu leapt into the air to punch Igneel, the Dragon whipped around quickly and smacked him to the ground with his tail. The Dragon Slayer got to his feet quickly, almost as if he was used to an attack like that, and then used Crystal Dragon's Roar, which sent shards of crystals at the Dragon. In retaliation, Igneel used his own Roar and completely melted the crystals in midair.

"Nice try, Natsu, but my fire burns hot enough that I can melt anything," Igneel said with a laugh. "I suggest you just fight fire with fire or you will lose quickly."

Both of them immediately used their Roars again, fire against fire. It wasn't long until Igneel's flames pushed back at Natsu's and then exploded on him. I gasped in surprise but Saphira still watched on, captivated by the fight between the two. I saw Natsu jump from the flames, using them for speed as he launched himself at Igneel, only to have the Dragon grab him before slamming him to the ground to pin him there. Natsu stuggled fiercely even though I could tell that he knew the fight was done.

"Enough, Natsu," Igneel said quietly. "We've just got to leave now. I know you don't want us to go, but we have to."

"I know," was all Natsu would say, his struggles stopping.

Igneel and the other two Dragons moved closer to Saphira and me, each of them getting just close enough for the baby to squeal in joy before hugging their noses the best she could. All three of the Dragons looked amused by her behavior before they walked over to the lake. They all said goodbye to their children one last time before jumping into the air and flying away at a rapid pace. Saphira whimpered a little, saddened by the fact that they left, but Ty walked over to cheer her up. Saphira giggled a little and hugged the cat, Ty yowling a little when the baby yanked on her tail. I felt a bit sorry for her but my attention was then focused on Natsu as he walked dejectedly back over to me, the talking amongst Fairy Tail members picking back up again.

"Are you going to be ok, Natsu?" I asked him worriedly, watching him as he sat down beside me. He leaned over to kiss me, then the baby as she smiled at him.

"I'll be fine so long as I have both of you with me," he told me, grinning happily to make my concern wash away.

Never before had I felt this happy in my entire life. I may have had a terrible start to my life, one that began with memory loss, but this part of my story was one I never wanted to lose. I had a family now and there was nothing I wouldn't do to protect it. If there was one thing I did know then it was that this wasn't the end and it never would be. We would keep on going until the bitter end and I would have Fairy Tail, my brother, and Natsu to be there for me. This was all just the beginning.

It took me a while to come up with the name for the sequel, but I found the one I want to use. If you want to know what happens next for our beloved characters, then look out for Dark Dragon Wars.