Garak and Bashir abandoned their dining and stood, with Garak grabbing Bashir as soon as he was clear of the table. Their next kiss was less sweet and more fevered, with Garak's hands gripping the soft, fine fabric of Julian's clothing and Julian unabashedly planting his hands on the Cardassian's ass. Bashir backed the Cardassian against a wall and lowered his lips to Garak's shoulder ridges.

The Cardassian groaned and slammed his head back against the wall, sending a painting crashing to the floor. Bashir chuckled and pressed himself flush against Garak.

"I'd read that the ridges of a Cardassian were their most erogenous zones. How kind of you to leave them exposed for me." Bashir bit down on one of the painted ridges and Garak hissed.

Garak shoved Bashir away from him and took a deep breath, before grabbing the doctor and bringing him back in for another kiss.

This time it was Garak who took control, pulling Bashir's legs up around his hips and carrying him to his bed. Just as he was about to toss the Doctor down, Julian shifted his weight and spun them around, forcing Garak to sit with Julian in his lap.

"Well Doctor." A kiss. " You're far more agile than you look." Julian chuckled and returned to the Cardassian's neck. This time with light teasing kisses that had Garak within. "Doctor."

Julian pulled away and placed a hand on Garak's chest, his fingers gripping the fabric of is top.
"Call me Julian." Garak nodded and brought his lips to the Doctor's jaw.

"Julian it is." He kissed there, dragging the roughness of his tongue up to Julian's ear. "Julian."

The doctor hummed, his hands working their way under the Cardassian's shirt to caress the cool skin beneath.
"Is it true that-" Garak ran a hand down BAshir's side. "HUman's have hair." His hand slid across Julian's hips and cupped his crotch. "All the way down here?"

Bashir's breath caught in his throat and he let out a soft whimper.

"Well Garak. YOu'll just have to find-" He rolled off of Garak on flopped back onto the bed. "out."

Garak grinned and stood, leering over the doctor who lay prone on the edge of the bed. He bent over Julian, kissing him softly and slowly before dramatically tearing the front of Bashir's shirt.

"Garak!" Bashir sat up on his elbows and glared at the Cardassian, who simply shoved the doctor back down. Absentmindedly running his hands over Julian's chest, he muttered.
"I'll make you another one."

The Cardassian lavished every centimeter of Julian's chest with attention, memorizing every plane and curve. Julian's moans when the Cardassian's fingertips brushed over his nipples warranted further examination. He pushed Julian further up the bed and straddled him, before lowering his lips to the doctor's chest and biting the tender flesh around his nipple.

Julian groaned and dug his fingers into Garak's back.

Garak smiled around the mouthful of flesh and sucked in, eliciting a moan from Bashir.

In retaliation, Julian hooked his legs around Garak's hips and flipped them over,accidentally slamming Garak's leg into his nightstand with a sickening thud.

Garak hissed and the doctor winced and got off the bed, letting the Cardassian sit up. There was an awkward pause before both men burst into laughter.

"Really, Doctor?" The doctor shrugged and kneeled down in front of Garak.

"Heat of the moment. Now budge up and let me take a look at it." Garak sighed and lifted his hips as the Doctor peeled down his trousers .

"Honestly. You could have just asked for me to take my clothes off you didn't have to injure me." Julian smacked Garak's other thigh playfully and turned him so that he could properly examine the fresh bruise forming on the Cardassian's outer thigh ridge. His fingers kneaded the skin delicately, applying only a gentle amount of pressure to make sure that there was no more damage than what was evident on the surface.

Garak inhaled sharply as Bashir pressed against the ridges of his thigh, less out of pain than out of arousal. The instant change in Bashir's mannerisms, from rough, hot sex to caring physician,was just the sort of thing that the Cardassian had grown to admire in the doctor.

Julian seemed oblivious to the sudden shift in mood as he sighed and carefully pulled Garak's trousers back up. Garak let him, and watched as the doctor peeled off the torn remnants of his shirt and sat next to him on the bed.

"You'll be fine Garak. Some moderate bruising of the ridge cartilage seems to be the worst of it. I can go grab a dermal regenerator if you'd like." Garak laughed and placed a hand on Bashir's thigh.

"Good to know that I'll live." He slid his hand up Julian's thigh and watched as the doctor shivered. "Would you also say that I'm cleared for rigorous activity-" He palmed Julians dick through his trousers. "Doctor?"

Julian rolled his eyes and leaned over towards Garak, so that his cheek was pressed against the Cardassian's shoulder.


"Yes doctor?" Bashir sat up and smiled warmly at Garak.

"Take off your clothes." Garak chuckled and leaned back, pulling off his top and tossing it carelessly into the floor.

Bashir gasped.

"But Garak, it's Silara Makbar." The tailor shook his head and pulled off his trousers once more, making a great show of throwing them as far as he could out of the room.

"Silara Makbar, Julian, means nothing to me right now." The Cardassian stood proudly before Julian, a grin on his face.

Bashir took his time admiring the view, his eyes traveling from the sharp plains of his shoulders to the softness of his stomach, to the scaled bed of Garak's genitalia. The doctor let his gaze linger there before Garak reached his hand down his own body and stroked the scales.

"Garak." Julian whispered as he stood his eyes rising to meet the Cardassian's. "May I?"

Garak smiled and took Julian's hand in his guiding it down his own stomach and the between his legs.

Bashir leaned into Garak as he felt for the small cluster of nerves that would allow for Garak to be fully exposed. He knew the moment he found it as Garak quivered and his knees gave slightly. The doctor wrapped an arm around him and laid him gently on the bed, before laying beside him.

Bashir took another moment to simply admire how beautiful Garak was in this moment, vulnerable and open in every way. It wasn't until Garak reached out and hooked his fingers in the waistband of Julian's pants that he was brought back into the moment.

Garak helped Julian shimmy out of his trousers and then wrapped an arm around his shoulders, bringing the doctor flush against him.

Bashir moaned at the sensation of his hot flesh pressing against Garak's cool skin. He pushed himself up until his hips pressed against Garak's and he relished in the sensation of Garak's hot wet cock pressed against his own. He braced an arm against Garak's chest and rut against him, his lips moving across the Cardassian's jaw. He brushed his lips against Garak's shoulders once more and peppered every ride with a light kiss, licking the divots between each ridge and bring Garak further and further into a state of fervor.

Finally, the Cardassian had had enough. Garak grabbed Julian and rolled him over, grinding into him one final time before sliding his whole body down and bringing his lips to Bashir's hip. He chuckled darkly and curled his fingers in the dark curls surrounding Julian's cock.

"I suppose some rumors are true." Julian laughed and reached a hand down to comb it through Garak's hair. That hand became a fist as Garak unceremoniously took the whole of Julians penis into his mouth.

"Garak." The doctor mumbled incoherently as Garak bobbed and sucked, bringing Bashir to a state of near climax. .

Just as Bashir felt himself on the edge, he pulled Garak's head away and sat up, kissing the Cardassian firmly before rolling himself over and presenting his ass to the Cardassian, with a coy glance over his shoulder.

Garak ran his hands over Julian's back and down his sides, stroking the tender flesh of the Doctor's thin hips before grabbing handfuls of Julian's ass and pressing himself against it.

Julian whimpered at the sensation and bit his lip to keep from pleading for Garak to take him.

Garak shifted to the nightstand where he had stored his lubricant, poured a large quantity onto his hands and slid one finger inside of Julian, prepping him as quickly as he dared.

It wasn't until Julian was whimpering with impatience that Garak slid himself in, his girth filling Bashir. Garak moved slowly, shifting his body forward. There was no moment of hesitation before Bashir started thrusting himself back against Garak, silently demanding to be fucked.

Garak obliged, beginning and keeping a steady rhythm with one hand holding Julian's hip and the other stroking his cock.

Julian balled his hands up in the silk sheets of Garak's bed and bit into Garak's pillow until Garak's thrusts became erratic and his grip on Julian's hip tightened. He bent over Julian's back and sunk his teeth into the flesh of his shoulder, which brought Bashir over the edge. With a few more shallow thrusts, Garak came and collapsed , his vision blurring and heart racing.

They lay there, Garak on top of Julian with his arms curled around him. Julian blinked sleepily, drifting into a half doze. Soon, a soft snore emitted from the human.

Garak smiled and stood, languidly moving to grab his blankets from the shelf beside his bed. He laid back down and curled up against Bashir before tossing the shimmering silk blankets atop them, and settling in to sleep.