Our Little Sword Dance

The red swords shot straight towards Ash and the others, but it didn't get far, as Serena ordered her Fennekin to shoot another flamethrower attack towards it.

"Fen! FEN!" the fire type cried, sending a group of flames towards the spinning swords. The swords quickly stopped spinning and shielded themselves in a cross-like fashion, blocking the flames with their metal.

Schink—Chank! the Pokémon cried out, its metal voice echoing across the room. It glared at the small fox Pokémon with its yellow eyes.

"Froakie! Bunnelby! Help Fennekin out, you two!" Ash cried, not waiting for the swords to attack once more. The two Pokémon nodded quickly, jumping in the air; Froakie let a group of bubbles fly from its mouth, while Bunnelby shot balls of mud from its mouth. Neither attack hit their target as the swords Pokémon appeared in thin air. It reappeared quickly and before anyone could react disappeared into its own shadow and attacked Serena's Fennekin sending it crashing towards the Froakie and Bunnelby, appearing just inches away from the two trainers.


"Damn it!"

"Ches! Ches!"

"Wroof! Woof!"

The three remaining Pokémon attacked the swords Pokémon quickly before it could hurt either Ash or Serena; Chespin tried to tackle it, but found the attack had little effect on it. Fletchling pecked it in one of its eyes, only for the Pokémon to tackle it back and send it to the ground, but the flying type quickly recovered and tried to peck it again. The Furfrou used the fallen Honedge as a weapon, only to be tackled back. Fletchling went for another peck as the Furfrou fell, but the swords were quicker and hit the bird fast and hard. The small Pokemon fell on top of the Furfrou, causing both Pokémon to groan in pain.

"Fennekin, try another flamethrower to get the Pokémon away!"

"Froakie! Try a water pulse!"

"Chespin!" Clemont yelled from across the room. "Use a vine whip to keep it in place!"

Chespin nodded, and quickly released a pair of vines from each side of its head, that grabbed quickly unto the hilts of the swords.


Froakie and Fennekin nodded quickly, and released their respective attacks; Froakie letting the ball of water crash against the two swords, before Fennekin released a shower of flames, as Chespin let go of the Pokémon's swords hilts. The flames collided against the Pokemon, sending it to the ground as smoke came out of it. It immediately disappeared into the ground, as if melting into the floor itself.

Ash and Serena, including the Pokémon, all looked around to see which way the strange Pokémon had ran off to.

Schink! Schink!

"Serena! Ash! Look out!" Clemont cried in panic, pointing. Ash didn't waste any time, and grabbing Serena by her waist, threw them both unto the ground before the Pokemon's blades could hit either of them. Fennekin and Froakie quickly sent and Ember and Bubble attack to defend their trainers, but the swords disappeared before the attacks could connect.

"Are you okay, Serena?" Ash asked. The girl nodded, blushing.

"I-I'm ok—ah! AH!" Ash was confused at what had made Serena panic, but he quickly got his answer as he looked below him. Staring back at him was a pair of yellow eyes, glaring, as the form of the two swords appeared below them, and sent them crashing towards the other Pokémon; Fennekin tried to ember it back, but was tackled by the two swords.


On the other side of the room, a few butlers had gotten smart and began hoarding the panicked crowd towards the exit, while Clemont, Lord Shabboneau and Matilda aided Parfum, while behind them, Allie, Herault and his lady friend stood watching the battle before them.

Herault groaned as he watched the two trainers collapse against their fallen Pokémon; and then groaned louder when Lady Ashley's hair fell off, revealing short, jet black spiky hair.

"Well, that's unexpected," Francine commented as Herault began muttering to himself. "Lucky you, Herault, guess you're not getting the girl tonight."

"Shut up, you!"

"You two, knock it out!" Allie cried, as she watched, worried as the girl's Fennekin was sent to the ground by the two blades, before the latter turned to face the two trainers. "Herault! Do something!"

"My Litleo is too weak to hold it off! You want that thing to start attacking us, now!?" Herault cried back.

"Herault's right, Lady Allie," Francine spoke, looking worried. "We won't stand a chance against it."

Allie opened her mouth to speak, but didn't know what to say. Francine was right. Her only Pokémon was back at her room in its Poké Ball, and the Bisharp guards had been knocked out the sudden attack on the palace. If these peasants couldn't stop that Pokémon…then what was going to happen, now? What was going to happen to all of them if that ghost won?


Fennekin cried out in pain as it hit the floor once more. It glared at the swords Pokémon, as it quickly got up, sending a look of worry towards both its trainer and Ash. The small fox's eyes grew wide as it noticed the small mark of blood on Serena's back, it whimpered and then, glared back at the two swords, who were eyeing the two trainers, before it began spinning in its place.

No way was it letting that Pokémon hurt its trainer or its friends. It growled menacingly at the ghost type, before going towards it, slowly opening its mouth.

"Fennekin!" Serena cried in worry, as Ash turned to his Froakie.

"Go after Fennekin, Froakie!" The water type didn't need to be told twice as it rush to back up its friend, but it knew it wouldn't reach the fox in time.

"Croak! Croak!" Froakie cried back, trying to get the fire type to turn back and attack the swords from a distance but Fennekin was beyond listening. It was mad (plus it was dirty, too!) and this thing was not going to stop unless Fennekin made it stop.

"Fen! Fenn!" Fennekin cried opening its mouth as soon as the spinning Pokemon went in to attack. The fire type let out a flamethrower attack that hit its target, causing a small explosion in the process that engulfed the area in smoke and small embers.

"Oh! Oh no! Fennekin!" Serena cried, as she stood up and almost ran towards the smoke if only Ash and Bunnelby had not held her back.

"Hold on, Serena! It's too dangerous!" Ash told her, looking at the scene. He was worried for Fennekin too, but he couldn't allow Serena to jump and save her Pokémon…not with that wound on her back. She could barely stand as it was.

They stood there, with Serena struggling to get off of Ash's grip, as they watched the smoke, hoping that the Fennekin came out unscathed. But as the seconds passed and the fire type didn't appear, Serena began to worry and struggle once more to get out of their grip. "Let go!"

"I'm sorry, Serena I ca—"

Suddenly the smoke began to twirl in place and disperse, as the two red swords appeared once more, spinning round and round. Fennekin was nowhere to be seen and the trainers and Pokémon worried that it was on the ground, hidden by the smoke.

Schink! Schink! Schank!

Ash quickly pushed Serena behind him, as Chespin and Bunnelby stood before them, with the Furfrou and Fletchling covering from behind them. Froakie stood its ground, glaring and glancing at the ground to see if it could find its fallen comrade.

The spinning swords spun and spun and they rushed towards the Pokémon; Froakie tried to counter attack with a Bubble attack but was brush aside by the ghost Pokémon, who made its way towards Ash and the others.

"Ash! Serena!"


"Ches! Chespin!"

Clemont's two Pokémon stood before the two trainers, the Fletchling and Furfrou quickly following behind, stood defiantly towards the coming Pokémon. It would either be stopped by the team of Pokémon, or cut them all in two.

Schink! Schi


A glow coming from the smoke caught the attention of the two trainers for a few seconds, as flames came from inside it, heading straight towards the spinning swords. The Pokémon had little time to react, as it was hit from behind.

"Everyone duck!" Ash and Serena quickly pushed themselves to the ground, with the other Pokémon following suit, as the swords rushed above them, pushed by the raging flames. A loud crash seconds later sent it falling down, smoke coming from every part of the two swords, its yellow eyes closed. It tried to get up only to fall to the ground again, the small clothes that held the two sheaths letting go of their prizes, as the swords fell with a loud thud to the ground.

Ash and Serena turned towards the fallen Pokémon, before the girl got off of the ground, and stepped towards the still lingering smoke. "Fennekin!?"

"Xen! Xen!"

"Huh?" Serena wondered who that Pokemon was…it certainly didn't sound like Fennekin…unless…

Serena soon got her answer as the smoke began to spin and spin, revealing a larger fox, standing on its hind legs with a small wooden stick on one of its hand, spinning it around to get rid of the smoke. The Pokémon looked back at Serena, smiling and sighing in relief upon noticing her.

"Braixen!" it cried, going towards its trainer in delight, and hugging her. Serena returned the hug back to her newly evolved Pokémon, tears rolling from her eyes.

"Oh!...I'm so glad you're okay! Fen—Braixen!"

"Brai! Brai!"

Tried to involve all the Pokemon in the fight, but I guess that Pokemon was just a little tough. And also, hope you guys enjoyed that surprise at the end; originally it wasn't going to happen, but I got inspired after seeing the preview of a recent Pokemon XY episode.

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